Oxford Dictionary Word Of The Year Is Something No One’s Heard Of

Oxford Dictionary Word Of The Year Is Something No One’s Heard Of

The folks over at Oxford Dictionary have announced their word of the year and everyone is pretty shaken up with their decision.

Days after Merriam Webster were praised widely for dubbing ‘feminism’ the word of the year – 365 days during which feminism has been more than a bit of a talking point – the Oxford Dictionaries have weighed in too.

The word of 2017, according to the people who understand words the best, is… Drumroll… ‘Youthquake’:





…Tumbleweed? Is that a verb? How does one youthquake?

If you’ve never, ever, heard of a ‘youthquake’, fear not for your vocabulary. You’re not alone. No one has a clue what the word means.

According to the wordsmiths, who publish their findings via the Oxford University Press, the word means:

A significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people.




Oxford Dictionaries’ Casper Grathwohl said it was ‘not an obvious choice’ but claimed the use of the word ‘youthquake’ in everyday speech had increased five-fold during 2017… Presumably from zero times to five.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines youthquake as the ‘series of radical political and cultural upheavals occurring among students and young people in the 1960s’.

Apparently, it was first coined in the 1960s by Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, who used it to describe sudden changes in fashion, music and attitudes.

Grathwohl continued:

In the UK, where it rose to prominence as a descriptor of the impact of the country’s young people on its general election, calls it out as a word on the move.

In principle, the choice is a good one.


This year kicked off with thousands of women marching on Washington after reality TV star and businessman Donald Trump was elected to the presidential office.

Millions of young social media users spoke out in a tidal wave of tweets against sexual harassment as part of the #MeToo campaign.

Young British voters rallied support for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to deliver better-than-expected results for the party.


It’s just a shame the Oxfordians seem to have made up a word to illustrate the young people power we’ve witnessed this year.

Twitter has reacted accordingly, and strangely enough, I think it’s fair to say the lexicographers’ decision has actually cause a bit of a youthquake online.


7 Things That Made Us Laugh This Week


7 Things That Made Us Laugh This Week

This has been another long week (just like every week). Net neutrality has been repealed and Roy Moore, the loser in the Alabama Senate race, refuses to concede, even at the urging of President Trump. But hey, it's not all bad — the internet is still funny. Enjoy these seven things that truly made us laugh out loud this week.

7. This store in Japan that thought the word "fuckin'" meant "excellent."


Holy fucking shit, check out that fuckin' sale.

Twenty percent off everything?! That is quite a fuckin' sale!

It would be so great to see signs like these in America. Some possibilities: "Goddamn BIG ASS Sale" or "Black Fucking Friday Sale Bitches." Just a thought.

6. This note that someone received from his mother while watching his parent's farm.

She's no William Carlos Williams, but it's not bad.

The note reads,

If a chicken dies

Throw in woods

Across street when

No one is looking

The way it's written, it could be a poem. A lovely poem about throwing chicken corpses into the woods, which is, of course, the legal, responsible way to dispose of them. I wonder what these folks do when a family member dies. Probably just toss the body off a cliff when no one's around. Seems fine.

5. This drone that got destroyed when it flew over a Renaissance Faire.


Anachronism! DRONE DOWN, m'lord!

Imagine how excited that dude was that he got to use his weapon! You know he's secretly been hoping for an opportunity like this ever since he got it.

4. This couple who responded to a picture of their niece in their own special way.




The sister of the person who tweeted this sent a sweet picture of her baby, celebrating one month of being alive. Her family hilariously responded by recreating the picture with their own ages. The bottle of wine is a particularly nice touch.

3. This exit that is not an exit.

Caught in an existential loop.

This was posted on Reddit, along with the caption "Schrödinger's Exit." This is an allusion to "Schrödinger's Cat," which is a very complicated concept about a possibly dead cat in a box. Trust us, this one involves less poison and is much funnier.

2. This savage burn on Reddit. DANG!

Rectum? I barely know 'im!

In case that picture is too hard for you to see, here's what's going on. A screengrab of a conversation was posted to Reddit with the words, "She really rectum," and goddammit, she did.

The picture shows a woman who grew up being bullied for her illness (which apparently requires a colostomy bag) who was brave enough to post a beautiful picture of her body on Reddit. She said that she always thought she was ugly, but now she's happy with how she looks. Great!

But, since Reddit is Reddit, someone replied to her post, "Sooo does that mean anal's out of the question?" He added that it was a just a joke.

But the original poster got him back good, writing back, "I still have two inches of my rectum left, so you'll fit." OUCH! He's going to need some ice for that burn. But she added a happy face and wrote "also just a joke," so no harm, no foul.

1. This kid's kindergarten picture from 20 years ago that his parents still keep framed in the house.

Perfection. Sheer perfection.

Reddit user posted this picture along with the caption, "My friend's boyfriend was not happy about his kindergarten picture. His parents still have it framed in their house 20 years later."

This is easily the best kindergarten portrait I have ever seen. The scowl, the folded arms, all of it just screams "childhood tantrum." This picture could be a movie poster.

The fact that this guy's parents won't take down the framed picture is even better. Who can you annoy if not the ones you love most?

Mia Khalifa And Reporter Britt McHenry Trade Insults Over Net Neutrality

Mia Khalifa And Reporter Britt McHenry Trade Insults Over Net Neutrality


In case you missed it (although you probably didn’t), yesterday the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality, a decision that the majority of sane people obviously weren’t a fan of. One of the people that isn’t a fan of this decision? Former porn star Mia Khalifa. Just look at one thing she tweeted.



Well, that’s actually not a terrible idea.

But there was one person who was all about Ajit Pai’s decision to shit on the internet, and that person is conservative ex-ESPN sideline reporter Britt McHenry, who decided to tweet this instead.


Khalifa then decided to come back pretty damn hard by replying to McHenry:

And if you don’t know what Khalifa is referring it, it’s all about the time McHenry verbally bashed a parking attendant — an act that got her suspended from ESPN for a week. Here’s the clip if you don’t remember.


Damn. Things weren’t done there as in a now-deleted tweet, McHenry said this:

“Net neutrality repeal might make your disgusting adult videos a little harder to access…” 

And then Khalifa ended McHenry:



And people were loving this exchange. Just look at some of the responses below:







Khalifa may not be the brightest bulb, but she’s Einstein next to McHenry, who is clearly dumb as rocks.

12 Ways The Internet Is Changing How We Think

12 Ways The Internet Is Changing How We Think

The Internet has fundamentally changed human life. It helps humans navigate. It connects them to other people across the world. And it's having some unexpected effects on the human brain.

How does the Internet impact thinking? Some experts suggest that easy access to all the information stored on the World Wide Web is shortening people's attention spans, and potentially making their memory worse. It might even be making people less empathetic, since they're communicating more through screens. But while it's tempting to write off all the ways the Internet changes how people think as negative, that's just not the case. Surfing the web can possibly make users more intelligent, and it helps them become more aware of others' viewpoints as well.

Researchers are still determining exactly how the Internet affects the human brain. Thanks to innovations like smartphones, tablets, and social media, that technology will likely continue to re-shape the way people communicate, feel, and think. Though society is (probably) still some ways off from plugging straight into the mainframe a la The Matrix, the Internet has most definitely impacted everyday life


Internet's SHOOK By Ryan Reynolds' New Photo For Deadpool 2


Internet's SHOOK By Ryan Reynolds' New Photo For Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds knew that he was about to stir up an expected sh*tstorm when he shared this godly picture for the Deadpool sequel.






These Are The 13 Weirdest Dating Apps We've Ever Seen

These Are The 13 Weirdest Dating Apps We've Ever Seen


For worse or for better, dating apps have become an integral part of our popular culture.

This was only made more clear when Match Group, the parent company of dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid, went public in November. Today, Match Group's market cap is $3.3 billion.

We're already shown you the most popular dating apps — like The League, Tinder, OkCupid, and Coffee Meets Bagel.

But now we're rounding up the more niche dating apps.

From dating apps for farmers to websites that cater to the 1%, these dating apps prove there's something for everyone.


Bristlr is for bearded men and the people who want to date them.


Do you have a beard? Do you want to date someone who has a beard? Look no further than Bristlr, a dating app and website for bearded men and the people who prefer facial hair. It started as a joke website, but now Bristle founder John Kershaw says the app has 100,000 registered users, and he claims even with the press, 90% of users have heard of the app through word-of-mouth.



Farmers Only is online dating for farmers and ranch hands.


Farmers Only is an online dating site boasting the tagline, "City folks just don't get it!" As such, it pairs up livestock owners, ranch hands, farmers, agriculture students, and other people who prefer the country life. If testimonials on its website are to be believed, Farmers Only has led to at least 100 marriages.



3nder is Tinder for threesomes.


As its name suggests, 3nder markets itself as the Tinder for threesomes. Pronounced "thrinder," 3nder is a Facebook-authenticated dating app that's more open-minded than the average dating app. It provides a wealth of options for gender identity and sexual orientation. As of October, 3nder had about a million downloads.



Sizzl connects you with other bacon lovers.


Have you always wanted to meet a romantic prospect who shares your love of crispy bacon?Sizzl is the answer to your dating app prayers. Owned by Oscar-Mayer, the not-entirely-serious dating app uses your preferences for bacon to find you a match. Instead of asking how you feel about politics or religion, Sizzl asks if you prefer turkey or pork bacon, and how crispy you like your bacon.



Gluten-Free Singles matches you up with other people who also don't eat bread.


Don't let your Celiac's disease keep you from being in a healthy relationship. That's the premise behind Gluten-Free Singles, a dating website for people who don't eat gluten. Gluten-Free Singles also offers an online community for people who don't eat gluten, so it's not just about romance. "Our website is a welcoming place where people can find gluten-free dating partners, friends, and activity groups," its website says.




Tindog lets your dog meet others in the area.


This summer saw the launch of Tindog, an app that connects dog lovers and their dogs based on location. It's not really clear who this app is for — you're swiping through cute pictures of dogs, but you know nothing about their owners, so maybe it's best for using if you think your dog could stand some canine companionship, or if you're a dog breeder.



Seeking Arrangement is the notorious "sugar daddy" dating site.

Jaysin Trevino/Flickr

SeekingArrangement is a "sugar daddy" dating website that helps older, wealthy men meet younger women. Its users largely seem to agree on one thing: what they're doing on SeekingArrangement — meeting up and exchanging money and gifts for sex and companionship, primarily — is just another kind of relationship. Some critics have compared its services to prostitution.

"SeekingArrangement is like a sociology project that touches on anthropology," SeekingArrangement CEO Brandon Wade, who started the site in 2006, told Business Insider a few years ago.



Wingman is an app for joining the mile-high club.


Think of Wingman as Tinder at high altitude. Wingman was designed to help you get lucky while flying or otherwise meet people while you're traveling. Here's how it works: You create a profile with your picture, first name, age, occupation, flight number, and airline. Of course, you specify whether you're traveling for business or pleasure. The app then shows you a list of travelers on the same flight that you can potentially start a conversation with. Just make sure you pair up before you have to put your phone on airplane mode.



Luxy matchmakes for the 1%.


There's now a dating app geared toward millionaires, supermodels, celebs, CEOs, and others in the 1%. It's called Luxy, and it once referred to itself as "Tinder, minus the poor people."

New users to Luxy will be prompted to select their favorite high-end brands such as Prada, Gucci, and Cartier. Your favorites show up at the bottom of your profile so that when you're shopping for a date, you can bond over your preferred brands.




SaladMatch wants you to meet your salad soulmate.


You only get a few minutes to dash out from your office in the middle of the day to grab lunch, so maximize that time by grabbing lunch at the Just Salad near your office with another salad-eater. New York-based fast-casual restaurant chain Just Salad made the SaladMatch app in 2013, and its Tinder-like interface lets you swipe left or right on other salad-loving singles based on their salad preferences, their Just Salad location, and what time of day they usually go to Just Salad.



Trek Passions connects sci-fi fans.

Star Trek's original series.NBC

If you're looking for a lover who shares your interest in Star Trek, and you can't find what you're looking for in person, Trek Passions might be able to help. "Whether you are just looking for like-minded friends, someone fun to attend a Sci Fi convention with, or maybe something more, Trek Passions is here for you," its website says.



Tall Friends finds other tall people for you to date.

Tall Friends

Tired of going on dates with short people? Meet other tall individuals on Tall Friends, a website for tall people. “Welcome to the best, largest and most effective tall dating site in the world," its website boasts. "This is the best place for looking for tall dating relationship or marriage. We bring together tall-dating minded singles from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and more."



Equestrian Cupid is like OkCupid, but for people who love horses.

You live in the city, but you love horseback riding, and you're itching to get back to the country and meet the cowboy of your dreams. Look no further than Equestrian Cupid. "Keep away from the city — enjoy rural & country life," Equestrian Cupid boasts on its dating site. The dating service refers to itself as an "exclusive community for cowboys & cowgirls and equestrian singles to meet horseback riding enthusiasts, discover uncharted trails, pursue the country lifestyle, and locate the best riding areas."


12 Weird Things People Used To Do Before Wi-Fi Existed

12 Weird Things People Used To Do Before Wi-Fi Existed


It can seem hard to fathom now, but there was a time before computers were a central part of our everyday lives, and there are even a few of us dinosaurs left who remember that time well. In reality, it wasn't that long ago, but reflecting upon the weird things people did before Wi-Fi, it seems in many ways like a completely different world. Dial-up connections made logging onto the Internet time-consuming and frustrating. The scarcity of computers in general - schools, libraries, and a few privileged households - made them rare, exciting, and thrillingly new. What we now view as outdated technology from before Wi-Fi was once considered the fast lane on the "information superhighway" (a phrase both archaic and quaint in its throwback to another era). In short, computers were a delicacy, the notion of speed was in the eye of the beholder, and the idea of walking around with a portable, handheld phone/radio/television seemed like something straight out of science fiction.

Google's Year In Search 2017


Google's Year In Search 2017

 Google looks back at some of the top searches of 2017, and reflects on the moments that shaped the year, in their annual "Year in Search" video.


Bullied Kid’s Mom Now Going Viral After Being Exposed As A Racist

Bullied Kid’s Mom Now Going Viral After Being Exposed As A Racist

This whole story is getting more and more weird and crazy. We went from a feel-good story that went viral. That may not be a feel good? Which then added a racist mother to the mix.

If you haven’t seen the viral video this is what was shared on Facebook by the mom:

A Tennessee woman’s heartbreaking video of her tearful son recounting being bullied at middle school has prompted a wave of support from athletes and entertainers.
Kimberly Jones said in a Facebook post on Friday she had just picked up her son, Keaton, from school because he was too afraid to go to lunch.

According to Barstool:

Maybe this will change her views about people and she’ll raise her kids to be more accepting of others with differences. Or maybe she’ll cash out from her Go Fund Me.


Here is an IG post:

The post was shared and supported by TONS of people online. LIKE TONS! Here are just a few:

From celebs:



To pro athletes and teams.


This all escalated pretty quickly:

Jones became internet famous when his mother, Kimberly Jones, posted a heartbreaking video of him describing bullying and harassment by his classmates. But soon after, people on social media began circulating photos they said were posted to her Facebook page of people holding Confederate flags.

We can’t tell you if the pictures are real, because her Facebook page has been wiped of everything but one post, and she has not responded to messages seeking comment. Both “Keaton” and “Go Fund Me” were trending Monday because of a GoFundMe account created in the boy’s name had raised nearly $60,000. (Update: The campaign has been halted amid the racism accusations.)

JR Smith, as expected, reminds us that Keaton is a kid and isn’t responsible for the action of his parents.

Now the GoFundMe might also be canned:

The administrator of a GoFundMe drive that has collected nearly $60,000 for bullied child-turned-viral sensation Keaton Jones has halted the drive after Jones’ mother, Kimberly Jones, was accused of racism.


Joseph Lam, the 37-year-old New Jersey man who initiated the campaign, said he didn’t know the family, but wanted to make sense of the situation and make sure everyone had Keaton’s interests at heart.

He said he had heard from “a lot of people with concerns” about whether the mom was racist, but added: “I’m more concerned with the kid.”

And her profiles were deleted ?

Update: Dec. 11, 2017 6:13 p.m. EST:

It seems as though no one can verify the authenticity of the alleged Instagram account belonging to Kimberly Jones. The previous Instagram account below, has now been wiped of its profile photo, and a Wayback Machine search, showed that it once belonged to a teenager, who may be playing an Instagram hoax and selling verified Instagram accounts.

Update: Dec. 11, 2017 3:10 p.m. EST:

Apparently Kimberly Jones is now the owner of a verified Instagram account and Joe Schilling was communicating with an alleged fake profile:


The Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos In 2017 Might Surprise You

The Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos In 2017 Might Surprise You


If you’re like me, there’s nothing more that you want than for 2017 to be over. I mean the world is pretty much ending. But in the midst of all the chaos, here’s the top ten most viewed YouTube videos in 2017:

1) Until We Will Become Dust – Oyster Masked | THE MASK SINGER 2

As well as collecting over 183 million views in just over six months, the video has a 94 per cent thumbs up rate.


2) ED SHEERAN – Shape of You | Kyle Hanagami Choreography

With 118 million views, the video is the most watched choreography video ever posted to YouTube, the firm has said.


3) Ping Pong Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect

US troupe ‘Dude Perfect’ are famed for their amazing videos in which they make seemingly impossible throws and catches look easy.


4) Darci Lynne: 12-Year-Old Singing Ventriloquist Gets Golden Buzzer – America’s Got Talent 2017

The video of her first performance on the talent show, which later she went on to win, has garnered over 41 million views.


5) Ed Sheeran Carpool Karaoke

During Sheeran’s appearance, the singer songwriter admitted he was ‘an unfortunate looking kid’, leading to God granting him his talent.
The 26-year-old’s Carpool Karaoke cameo has over 40 million views on YouTube, and a 99 percent thumbs up rate.


6) Lady Gaga’s FULL Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show | NFL

Viewers were treated to a 13-minute show that included some of Gaga’s biggest hits, performed alongside stunning pyrotechnics and dance displays – and her spotlight shines on. This video racked up a whopping 37 million views.


7) ‘INAUGURATION DAY’ —A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s Inauguration

One of my absolute favorites – lip reading. I’m shocked this video isn’t first cause it’s absolutely hilarious. Still, 35 million views is pretty damn good.


8) history of the entire world, I guess

This one surprised me, because I was not one of the 35 million people who watched it. And apparently, it’s worth a watch – it’s comedic, fast-paced summary of how humanity got to where it is today.


9) In a Heartbeat – Animated Short Film

The mini-film is the first animated short to make the list since 2011, with 32 million views since it was posted in July.


10) Children interrupt BBC News interview – BBC News

On live TV, where just about anything can go wrong, a toddler bursts into the room in a bright yellow top and performs a comical dance behind the TV reporter. It’s a classic and it gathered more than 25 million views.



A University Group Has Sparked An Intense Twitter Debate Over The Proper Way To Cut Toast

A University Group Has Sparked An Intense Twitter Debate Over The Proper Way To Cut Toast


Move over, Kim Kardashian - it looks like a Sheffield Hallam University's student union is poised to re-break the internet. The group, Hallamnation, is known for serving students toast after club nights to sober them up. This past Saturday, the student union took to twitter to ask how the reveling undergrads would like their toast cut - and they got more than the bargained for.


10 Mysteries Solved By Google Earth

10 Mysteries Solved By Google Earth



No matter how much we find out about the earth, it always has more questions to answer. But thanks to Google mapping the entire planet, we're a lot closer to answering them than ever before. Here's 10 Mysteries Solved By Google Earth.


15 Celebrity Tweets That Were Deleted Quickly - But Were Still Caught

15 Celebrity Tweets That Were Deleted Quickly - But Were Still Caught


We’ve all been there, going out on the weekend, having a few drinks with friends. Things get late, things get sloppy and before you know it you’re heading to the social media frontier to.. Well what are you going to do? Surely it’s a not good idea to confess your love, or do misguided acts of friendship or kindness. Maybe you weren’t drunk and you just had a passing lapse in judgement and said something regrettable. Some of us are lucky enough to have just missed the era of eternal posts where seemingly nothing can be deleted. Most of us are lucky enough that, even if we do it now, we don’t have millions of people able to screenshot and report on it in an instant like politicians and celebrities. For celebrities, it’s carved in stone the moment they click that little “post” button. Some have been brazen and in the face of controversial tweets just kept them up, others caved to the PR back lash; some offering apologies, others double down.

This pairs nicely with the Streisand Effect, where someone wants something like a picture deleted or erased from the internet, and the ironic result of that very act gaining a larger audience for the picture or post at hand. Today we’re going to be looking at the racist, racy and regrettable posts that celebrities and politicians (is there a distinction?) have goofed and tried to erase.

15. CeeLo Green’s First Lapse In Judgement

Pciture (bodyheightweight.com) Tweet (dailymail.co.uk)

Okay so this isn’t going to come as a shock to anyone but CeeLo will be on this list a couple of times. Let us just say he seems to have a lapse in judgement a little more frequently than other celebrities. It just so happens we are in the midst of a powerful #MeToo movement where women and men like Terry Cruise are speaking out against people using their power to abuse others. Well in 2012 CeeLo was accused of spiking a woman’s drink where he pleaded no contest.

He then took to twitter and said some pretty insensitive things like, “Women who have really been [assaulted] REMEMBER!!!” Wow, CeeLo. But that wasn’t all he said on the matter, in what seemed like he was aiming to double down he followed that up by saying, “If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent,” before deleting his account and apologizing. We think you said it best in your uncensored “Forget You” single.

14. Rita Ora’s Failed Re-Tweet Campaign

Picture (billboard.com) First Tweet (dailymail.co.uk) Second Tweet (complex.com)

Well that was unexpectedly heavy. Let’s lighten it up by talking about Rita Ora and her blatant desperation. No one’s a stranger to being a slave to your notifications when you post a status or a new picture of yourself. We can only imagine this is magnified when you’re a singer and have thousands if not millions of fans worldwide. It can be easy to forget just how much there is to scroll past on a twitter feed. It can be even easier to have a poor gauge of your followers. Are they there for news, are they highly interactive or are they paid click-farms your manager bought to give you a boost?

We don’t have a definitive answer in Rita’s Case. On Halloween of 2014 Rita tweeted “dropping my new song Monday if this get 100,000 retweets.” Which was deleted after the campaign was a massive failure. In one of the largest cases of “oops, didn’t mean to” the 23 year old singer tweeted claiming she was hacked. Aw, girl.

13. Hulk Hogan Tweets His Daughter’s Legs


A picture is worth a thousand words but the description does a pretty great job explaining itself. Sure President Donald Trump said at one point that he would date his daughter if he could, and on more than one occasion commented on her “tremendous figure”, although he still hasn’t gone so far as to actually tweet out a picture of her legs, and that’s where Hulk Hogan decided to say “Hold my beer, brother.”

In 2008 Hulk Hogan tweeted a picture of his daughter’s legs with the simple caption “Brooke’s legs” and caused a pretty understandably large uproar. He took to interviews and twitter again calling people perverts and saying “..Go back to your farm animals.” This is an interesting way to react considering he accompanied Brooke to the unveiling of her PITA portrait which was of her in the buff, in a cage. In the future we suggest you try and keep those posts wrestling related, brother.

12. Reggie Bush On “Hitting” What?

picture (redbull.com) tweet (pressroomvip.com)

Like it was said in the intro, we all have lapses in judgement. Have you ever been in a group of people and you’re all joking and having a good time, laughing. You get into that round-robin style of conversation where everyone is throwing in quips and banter and when you decide to say something it just falls utterly flat? Perhaps it’s one of those thoughts that keep us all awake. Well the next time you’re brought on with one of these terrible cringe-afflictions simply remember that at least you didn’t do it to 3.14 million followers like Reggie Bush did.

After watching the UEFA’s Champions League finals where Didier Drogba fired a winning penalty kick like a missile, Reggie Bush Tweeted “Shoot Drogba might even hit a Nazi chick tonight in Germany! LOL!” You can practically feel the room go silent, can’t you? You could employ Gordon Ramsey for a year with the amount of poor taste that went into that tweet. Reggie Bush would call the offended cry-babies before back pedalling and apologizing.

11. Russell Brand Tweets Out Of Misguided Love

Picture of Couple (billboard.com) Picture of Katy (Metro.co.uk)

Remember when Russell Brand was a comedian and not a philosopher? Remember when he dated Katy Perry and it was an unexpected relationship? We remember, we also remember when he posted a makeup-less Katy Perry to Twitter as a sort of misguided pledge towards her beauty. A sort of “I think the real Katy Perry is beautiful the way she is” sort of memento. But here’s the thing, Katy Perry’s brand relies heavily on her appearance. She markets herself first by her music, second by her look, and that’s not something you can be laissez-faire about when you’re an international pop star.

We know he meant well, this is definitely in the misguided acts of kindness/lapse of judgement category, but I think it’s safe to say it wasn’t exactly a shocker when things started to go downhill for them. Apparently, these days they rarely speak to each other outside of texts requesting divorce.

10. Denise Richards Posts Private Phone Number

Picture of Denise Richards (uselessdaily.com) Tweet (ifixyouri.com)

Ever given out a fake number to someone being a little too persistent at a bar? Even worse, have you ever received an unwanted phone call whether it’s a persistent telemarketer, crazy ex or new stalker you met downtown last weekend? Now imagine having 2.4 million followers, all of varying levels of sanity and attachment to you, and you just gave them all your number. Sort of an open invitation to have phone calls which exclusively consists of heavy breathing or weird/threatening remarks. A who’s who of telemarketers, news agents, bloggers, vloggers, and weirdos, all incapable or unwilling to go through proper channels.

Denise Richards did just that. In 2009 Denise Richards thought she was sending a private message to a friend and ended up tweeting out her number. It is tough enough being as flawless looking as Richards (and famous to boot) without a litany of weird phone calls. She quickly realized her mistake tweeting out “Number changed!! Won’t make that mistake again.”

9. Hayley Williams (Accidentally?) Showed Too Much

Hayley Williams is a tiny chick with large pipes. A lot of us know her from her first major hit with Paramore, Misery Business or any of the other incessantly catchy songs she came out with since then like the mega-hit Airplanes, featuring B.o.B and Eminem. But does anyone remember the time she posted a photo of herself in the buff?

Well, let us be clear, aside from the racy pictures being deleted there was never any explanation as to what had happened. Was it a malicious attack from someone who hacked the account, a very poor slip up? Needless to say, the pictures were deleted within 10 minutes of being posted and never spoken of again. Despite massive celebrity photo leaks, Hayley hasn’t been involved with any since.

8. Sean Spicer Tweets Password. Twice.

Sean Spicer (mediamatters.org) First Tweet (boingboing.net) Second Tweet (gizmodo.com)

Okay so accidental or not, posting any part of your privates for the world to see when you don’t mean to can be uncomfortable to say the least. How about the digital version of exposing yourself? In a popular subreddit known as Old People Facebook, you can see frequent examples of the geriatric community using Facebook in atrocious ways. Posting statuses as personal messages or posting inappropriate replies to things like funeral or relationship statuses. But not very often do they straight up post the password given to them for their twitter page. And they especially don’t usually do it twice.

That’s right, Sean Spicer tweeted out his password, not once but twice over the course of his time as Press Secretary. The first time he did it was January 25th of this year, but the next time he did it was the next day.

7. CeeLo Makes Another Poor Judgement Call

Cee Lo Green (getty images/ John Shearer) Tweet (complex.com)

We really couldn’t help but throw CeeLo on the list twice because his twitter record is ridiculous. In this case he decided to take to the mean streets of twitter and defend himself against music editor Andrea Swensson, who had criticisms about a recent performance of his. CeeLo must have been sitting to have enough blood flow through his head not to make half his characters exclamation marks, but that’s about it.

In a response to Andrea, CeeLo posted “People enjoyed last night! I’m guessing you’re gay? And my masculinity offended you? Well f*** you!” And this is the part where we slow clap. This is a salad of distasteful statements tossed haphazardly together. Do we start with him assuming his masculinity is what’s offensive? Well good thing he apologized later by saying the celebrity 2011 version of “it’s just a prank, bruh.” CeeLo tweeted, “I always expect people to assume that everything I do is part of my character and sense of humor.” 5 years later CeeLo has refined his taste by releasing “Jay-Z’s Girl” after attending the Grammy Awards in all gold.


6. Drake Bell Induces Facepalming

Photo (by Vivien Killilea/WireImage) Tweet (dailymail.co.uk)

It’s not news to anyone that Caitlyn Jenner went under her sensational transformation a couple of years ago, starring in the Vanity Fair cover with the headline “Call me Caitlyn.” What might be surprising is how Drake Bell, former Nickelodeon star responded to this news. While a lot of us remember the charming and slick Drake Bell, further contrasted by the goofy, slapstick Josh in Drake and Josh, he’s anything but slick or charming when he sent out this tweet, “Sorry….still calling you Bruce.”

That’s almost insensitive enough to be sold as a numbing cream. What turned this from insensitive to a moment that (hopefully) makes Drake cringe in bed at night is his response where he tweeted, “I’m not dissing him! I just don’t want to forget his legacy! He is the greatest athlete of all time! Chill Out!” 2 years later and we have come a long way in terms of vernacular and pronouns, let’s hope Drake’s (or is PR’s) Hindsight is at least

5. Ashton Kutcher Stands Up For JoePa

Picture (intouchweekly.com) Tweet (nesn.com)

Put your hands up if you remember the Penn State scandal of 2011. If you don’t it’s certainly worth the Wikipedia read, but a quick recap is this: Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky was charged and convicted in 2012 of for engaging in the abuse of children as early as the 1990’s. If you’re not familiar you’re probably wondering how JoePa or Ashton Kutcher tie into that. Well Joe Paterno was found to have obstructed the case and actively covered up the actions of Sandusky in an E-mail chain the FBI found. This lead to the taking down of Paterno’s statue and a redacting of his NCAA wins.

And here’s where our boy Kutcher punks himself, in maybe the most ironic tweet in 2011 after JoePa was fired he says, “How do you fire JoePa #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.” We agree with the hashtags, we don’t agree with their context.

4. Oprah Begs For Views

What awful times are these we live in when a respectable and classy lady like Oprah is begging for views on Twitter. You’re not Rita Ora, you’re better than this. Remember when you were giving free cars to your audience? Desperate times indeed. In 2012 Oprah tweeted, “Every 1 who can please turn to OWN especially if u have a Neilson box.”

Now, for those of you who don’t know, a Neilson box is what helps television networks like OWN track viewership. Oprah later removed the tweet, apparently at the request of Nielson and apologized to the company. Things haven’t been much better since, her talk show of 25 years ended and she’s had trouble finding her feet. The spiritual leader and philanthropist is currently producing a few of her own shows while hosting Oprah: Where Are They Now, with rumours of a run for presidency in 2020.

3. Anthony Weiner Tweets His… You Know


Tony “The Mongoose” Dubs is not a politician who has the indestructible super-cape of criticism that Trump dawns. His political career is similarly plagued by inappropriate texting, pictures and other material sent to minors and college students, with claims and slip ups starting as early as 2011.

Anthony Weiner started a pivot in his political career when he was quoted saying “I’m just one of the jobs created by Obama.” But now he’s famously quoted saying, “I’m strong, like a mongoose.” In one of the largest cases of “oops-didn’t-mean-to” to have occurred on the internet, Anthony Weiner posted a picture of his underwear clad junk that was later found to be meant for a college student he happened to be flirting with while his wife was pregnant. At the time it occurred, Weiner claimed to have been hacked, saying, “Stranger things have happened.” Like, for instance, his political career.


2. The Deleted Tweet

Donald Trump Speaking (sickchirpse.com) Tweet (avaaz.org)

Regardless of your political leanings, it is safe to say a few things about Donald Trump. This is a person who has had scandal; drama and controversy follow him around since the 1990’s. He wears these traits like a superhero might wear a cape. It seems to protect him, where other politicians have made an odd sound or single passing remark to end their career, Donald Trump’s career only seemed bolstered and certainly not slowed by any of the remarks that sparked headlines. Even if he does post or say something shocking, he rarely redacts or corrects himself.

However, in a rare move of deleting a tweet, in 2015 while he was still just a candidate, Donald Trump re-tweeted, “If Hillary can’t satisfy her husband what makes you think she can satisfy America?”

1. Ambitious Politician Posts To Reddit Confession Thread

Picture (wired.com) Post (reddit.com)

If you’re familiar with the popular link aggregating website Reddit.com, you’re probably familiar with some of the so-called historical moments that have occurred on the website. Since politicians and celebrities alike often pop over to the website it can often feel like you have the potential to mingle with high society. Val Kilmer, for instance, posts in movie trivia comment sections and sometimes even posts. Snoop Dogg has a cult community following where he’s known as /u/Here_Comes_The_King.

One of these historical moments is a thread that took place in 2012 labelled “Throwaway time! What’s your secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out?” And in it a user who’s name will be left out, commented, “I posted several dozen obscene pictures of myself on the internet as a minor, because I’m a dumba**, and now I’m on my way to a career in foreign diplomacy. If you ever hear about a scandal involving a Foreign Service officer and her own child –, you’ll know.” With one of the top replies being an eerie “This just made me realize that future presidents are probably on Facebook and Twitter right now.” The post was deleted within 8 months as the thread became more legendary with time.


People Think The 'Cash Me Outside' Girl Got A Full Ride To Harvard

People Think The 'Cash Me Outside' Girl Got A Full Ride To Harvard


The "Cash Me Outside Girl" is still a few years away from us being able to use her real name, Danielle Bregoli, in a headline. And she's probably a decade out from name recognition on her rap name, Bhad Bhabie.


But the 14-year-old girl who got famous for sassing Dr. Phil is definitely a marketing genius. She turned one viral clip into a massive social media following, a clothing line, a music career, and a surefire future in reality T.V. Harvard would be lucky to have her, although they won't, because she's 14.

Not that that stopped the internet from seeing this Instagram...

...and immediately gasping that Bregoli was Harvard-bound.

In the gullible net's defense, Bregoli captioned the (now deleted) photo, "Keeping da t-shirt, but giving away my full ride scholarship to Harvard to da best fan video" of her song "I Got It."

So what were we supposed to think? That she just happened to be on Harvard's campus, joking around like any teenager would? Come on. That's less reasonable than immediately running articles like: "Danielle Bregoli: Accepted to Harvard?!"

TMZ accosted caught up with Bregoli on the street to clarify:

"I didn't get no scholarship, dog! ... I'm not going to Harvard!" responded Bregoli to the frenzy from her Instagram, ignoring the interviewer's fun suggestion that she could party with Malia Obama.

"Seriously, I'm too good for Harvard."

Seriously, watch the video that made her famous again. She's too good for Harvard? She's too good for the White House.


Nonetheless, Bregoli for President.

20 Facebook FAILs From The Morons Of The Internet

20 Facebook FAILs From The Morons Of The Internet



25 Mindless Idiots That Are Dangerously Stupid

25 Mindless Idiots That Are Dangerously Stupid




Dating Site For Conspiracy Theorists Helps Believers (Or Deniers) Find Love

Dating Site For Conspiracy Theorists Helps Believers (Or Deniers) Find Love

These folks might not believe in 9/11 but they do believe in love.

We all have a few ‘non-negotiables’ when looking for the love of our lives; a mate in monogamy, a partner in crime. But while some are searching for someone to make them laugh, and others are just grateful to find any non-f*ckboy, there is one community of young, awake daters trawling the web for a partner in conspiracy.

Awake Dating’s in-house Cupid explains in the video below:

Not to be confused with a 'woke' sense of social justice, those who are awake are more commonly found 'looking at the root causes of the symptoms of social injustice and aforesaid issues affecting humanity', Awake Media founder, Jarrod Fidden told UNILAD,adding the community is widely opposed to the term 'conspiracy theorists'.

Jarrod explained an awakening is to accept 'inconvenient truths':

Often people who identify as 'woke' become awake through personal research of public record facts, then being able to push past 'cognitive dissonance' to ultimately accept a number of inconvenient truths.

Seeing the problems of our world, and knowing things just aren't right, is often the precursor to researching the reasons why.

Being awake is being knowledgeable about a number of empirical and observational truths not commonly known nor accepted by the majority of the populace.

Jarrod was 'lucky enough' to experience his own awakening alongside his wife, when they noticed the 'chem trails' above their home in rural Ireland, and embarked on research that led down the rabbit hole.

But he explains the awake community are often shunned socially for their views, and he has made it his mission to 'help the awake find someone to share life and their inconvenient understandings with'.

Where you wouldn't discriminate against someone's background, race or political beliefs, the awake often are subjected to some damning labels, like 'crazy tin foil hat-wearing bunker-building paranoid nutters', according to the Fiddens.

This much-maligned lifestyle choice generally leaves so-called conspiracy theorists pushed to the margins of social interactions.

Admittedly, we who don't seek the 'inconvenient truths' generalise the awake as cynics who can't let go of their beliefs long enough to enjoy a £4 pint without commenting on the New World Order, 12-foot lizards, and their manipulation of how we spend our money on £4 pints.

It's something Jordan Moreland, 26-year-old barber and 'liver of life', knows only too well, stating he is 'persecuted' for 'reprogramming and not interacting with the norms of society'.

He told UNILAD his awakening allowed him to see 'things truly as they are, not how we would like to think of them', adding he began to question the system upon the death of Princess Diana, citing 'unseen work' at the hands of 'global leaders meeting in secrecy and manipulating the world's super powers'.

Jordan also questions the evidence of the 'most recent' 9/11 tragedy, saying he 'saw an evil face come out of the smoke' while he watched the planes hit the Twin Towers on the news.

At that moment, Jordan said he experienced his 'proper realisation that the world is run by Satanists and everything is a synthetic version of God's design'.

The self-confessed 'intense hopeless romantic' joined Awake Dating and said he not only 'loved the functionality' but had met some genuine people - as well as a few 'motherf*ckers' - and was still in touch with some of the women he'd met.

Jordan, who has only encountered a tiny cross-section of women offline, added:

I can only speak for myself... People want to live in la la land. Folk hate the truth.

Most women I know want to speak of cute cats in sweater or Kim K.

I'm raw and real, so I like transparency and no games.

He explained his previous relationships suffered with a 'conflict of interests', recounting a particularly heated encounter with a woman who whose number he asked for when she was working in Nando's.

Even though the 'nice girls' he met on Awake Dating didn't pursue a romantic relationship, he's not disheartened and is still on the search for his 'Mary Magdalene'.

What Jordan dubs 'the misconception that folk who think outside the box are crazy' is not unique to his romantic experience.

One woman - with arguably less extreme interests than Moreland - broached the unconventional narrative of her own beliefs on a mainstream dating site and was met with familiar accusations.

This is what she got - and why she 'gave up' on mainstream dating:

Okay, so it's pretty hard for most of us to swallow the idea that 9/11 was an 'inside job'.

But then again, I once dated a guy who wouldn't shut up about Madden and I couldn't hack that either, not when GTA Vice City is obviously the most complete game ever made. Common interests are all relative.

And there was no need for the comment on her 'pretty face':

Okay, so it's pretty hard for most of us to swallow the idea that 9/11 was an 'inside job'.

But then again, I once dated a guy who wouldn't shut up about Madden and I couldn't hack that either, not when GTA Vice City is obviously the most complete game ever made. Common interests are all relative.

And there was no need for the comment on her 'pretty face':


The awake community, in Jarrod's opinion, has a wealth of diverse and varied interests, including - but not limited to - Genetically Modified Organisms, The Cancer Conspiracy, natural health alternatives, and so-called mainstream media manipulation.

Other topics up for debate are the 'illegitimacy of private owned central banks', renewable energy, geoengineering, extraterrestrials, 'corporate lies and poison products', WiFi and cellular phone damage, and earth model theory.

And who could forget UFO and USO contact and communications?

Jarrod continued:

There are many more - our database has hundreds added by our members which can be searched for directly by other members.

If you want to talk to someone about 'flat earth theory', 'the illusion of money' and 'vaccine truth' you can directly search for someone interested in those exact topics.


Dating is hard. It's a veritable minefield of traps, collusion, red flags and withheld information, a conspiracy the likes of which the Illuminati themselves couldn't muster.

For some, religious diktats confine people to same-faith relationships. Some Republicans couldn't imagine dating a Democrat, and vice versa. I couldn't date someone who exclusively listened to house music and denied the superiority of the guitar as a key component in every and all songs, for example.

Awake Dating is making the no longer necessarily organic process of picking a mate a little easier for their own community of conspiracy savvy young singletons.


Meanwhile, Jarrod is gearing up for world media domination with the launch of a new responsive site, iOS and Android apps 'with the industry first ability to send real world gifts to another member', and a marketplace working in cryptocurrency, as well as branching out into broadcasting documentary and comedy television.

... And he promises the NSA won't get their grubby mitts on your personal details.

13 Satisfying Times Phonies Got Busted Telling BS Lies

13 Satisfying Times Phonies Got Busted Telling BS Lies





A Hilarious Parody Of The 'Thinly Veiled Metaphors' Of Viagra Commercials

A Hilarious Parody Of The 'Thinly Veiled Metaphors' Of Viagra Commercials -



This is a real ad for a real company that provides ED pills, but we appreciate that someone finally lampooned the innuendo of Viagra and Cialis ads.


The 16 Weirdest Subreddits On Reddit

The 16 Weirdest Subreddits On Reddit

21 Funny Un-Motivational Quotes From the Unspirational Instagram Account

21 Funny Un-Motivational Quotes From the Unspirational Instagram Account

Motivational quotes are so banal, so boring, so eye-rollingly corny. And Instagram is a depository for treacly quotes about carpeing the diem and enjoying the sunset or whatever the sh*t. 90 percent of the planet seem to positively jizz for motivational quotes, but some of us need a little something different — we need recognition that motivational quotes are f*cking stupid, just like almost everything else in life. Here are 24 funny un-motivational quotes from the Instagram account Unspirational:














































Study Says Facebook Will Make You Feel Like Trash

Study Says Facebook Will Make You Feel Like Trash

Do you ever go on Facebook and see that another one of your friends is engaged or having baby number two? You despise them for it because, while they’re creating a life and a family, you’re probably sitting on your couch eating takeout alone watching a romantic comedy. Even though it stings to look at their overly excited status, you like it. And you even comment something along the lines of, “Congrats! You two make such a great couple!” But inside, you’re raging. You hate the fact that this status made you feel like trash and you hate that you commented AND liked it.

A two-year study done by researchers Holly B. Shakya and Nicholas A. Christakis, from the University of California and Yale University, has revealed that every link you click on and every like that you give out decreases your well-being by 5-8%. How is that possible you might ask? Well according to Shakya and Christakis, “We found consistently that both liking others’ content and clicking links significantly predicted a subsequent reduction in self-reported physical health, mental health, and life satisfaction.”



Not only does all of that liking and link clicking bring down your quality of life, but your well-being also directly correlates with the quantity of time spent on Facebook. It is estimated that people spend at least 50 minutes a day on Facebook. If you have a Facebook, which I’m sure most of you do, you know that Facebook that is mostly people bragging about their success or people posting their unwanted political opinions. Imagine looking at people’s success and irritating opinions about politics for 50-minutes a day. Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine it because you probably do it.

Shakya and Christakis also concluded that “the danger of prolonged social media use is when users believe they are engaging in human interaction, when in fact they are receiving none of the benefits of face to face interaction.”



While you might subconsciously love answering the call of your Facebook addiction so you can look at those cute cat videos or chat with an old friend, if time starts to pass you by really fast and 11:00 AM turns into 3:00 PM, you have a problem. Keep your likes limited and the links that you click on scarce. And if your one friend posts a new profile picture and gets mad at you for not liking it and commenting, “so pretty!”, remind her that it’s for the sake of your well-being.



14 Horrifying Real Crimes And Deaths Inspired By Creepypasta Stories

14 Horrifying Real Crimes And Deaths Inspired By Creepypasta Stories


Guy Sends His Mom A Photo Of His Girlfriend, Forgets Naughty Things Are Clearly Visible

Guy Sends His Mom A Photo Of His Girlfriend, Forgets Naughty Things Are Clearly Visible


If you’re going to send a photo of your girlfriend to your mom for some reason, you better make sure that there is absolutely nothing in the photo that will make everyone cringe and consider not talking to each other for months. I’m telling you this because now 22-year-old Maison Vallance has that problem.

Maison, from Tennessee, was asked by his mom to look for a certain tee she had given to him in the past. When Maison found it, he decided to send her a photo of the shirt, but with his girlfriend, Meghan posing with it. Mason even shared it with Twitter.

Have a look.




Only one problem. There are ropes attached to the headboard and Maison realized his mistake soon after.







Then again, did Maison really send this photo to his mom like he claims, or did he just want to prove to the world that he has sex? Who knows. Although it’s tough not to lean towards the latter with the way folks on social media act these days.

That said, Maison:


10 Of The Most Disturbing Message Boards Hiding In The Darkest Corners Of The Internet

 10 Of The Most Disturbing Message Boards Hiding In The Darkest Corners Of The Internet



PHOTOSHOPPED FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE: Crazy Kid Winning Jackpot At Chuck E Cheeses

PHOTOSHOPPED FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE: Crazy Kid Winning Jackpot At Chuck E Cheeses



THIS... This is why we need net neutrality

23 Insane Individuals Who Shouldn't Be Using Facebook

23 Insane Individuals Who Shouldn't Be Using Facebook






Facebook Bans Artist’s Christmas Cards Because Birds Are Too Sexy

Facebook Bans Artist’s Christmas Cards Because Birds Are Too Sexy -



Facebook has been known to block a lot of things, but a pack of Christmas cards featuring a robin redbreast because of its “sexual” and “adult” nature? That’s a whole new level of pitiful.

An artist from Scotland named Jackie Charley made a post on her Facebook page featuring multiple works of hers she was offering to sell for Christmas cards. She said she could “not stop laughing” when she found out Facebook immediately blocked her post.

Here’s the disgusting artwork in question.

A cute squirrel hunting for nuts.


A stag with an impressive rack.


And a robin redbreast.



But Facebook blocked the aforementioned paintings, labeling them as “adult” items.

Via her Facebook page, Charley said she was sent the following message from FB: “It looks like we didn’t approve your item because we don’t allow the sale of adult items or services (e.g. sexual enhancement items or adult videos).”

Charley said the move had left her mystified, as she could not understand why the paintings were considered inappropriate.

She said: “There’s obviously nothing in the images themselves which is inappropriate. Similarly, there were no ‘trigger’ words used in the cards’ descriptions that I’m aware of. For instance, the robin card was simply called ‘Robin’, not ‘Robin Redbreast’ as some people have wondered.


Hilariously, Facebook has blocked my Christmas cards from becoming a product in my shop due to their shameful, sexual nature! ?

"It looks like we didn't approve your item because we don't allow the sale of adult items or services (e.g. sexual enhancement items or adult videos)."

Please judge for yourself! ? (Can't stop laughing!) 


Charley never heard back from Facebook but their gaffe has since led to a lifting of their initial ban.

Charley is now selling the paintings on her Etsy page. And we can only assume this little blunder will only exponentially help her business.


Be careful with posting those nativity scenes this year, folks!


Council Gritter Named 'Gritsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machiney' After Public Poll

Council Gritter Named 'Gritsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machiney' After Public Poll


Remember when Boaty McBoatface happened last year? When a new scientific ship for research in the Antarctica decided the best way to name their new boat was by poll and the public went for Boaty McBoatface. The scientists weren't so keen on the name and changed their minds - renaming the boat the RRS Sir David Attenborough.

But let's face it, he has enough things named after him.

But Doncaster Council is way more fun than those boring scientists.

They name all their road equipment in the same style. They've got two gritters (very important in the upcoming winter) Gritney Spears and Usain Salt.

Credit: Doncaster Council

But they were set to outdo themselves for gritters number three and four.

Doncaster held a poll for the names Gritsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machiney' or 'Spready Mercury', and the other 'Basil Salty' or 'David Plowie'.

Epic names.


And then, in the name of fairness, they had a live draw, putting ping pong balls in a bowl (technical) and then picking them out at random, taking the names out of the running one by one.

The tension was palpable:


And really, it's rather fitting that David Plowie won the first - it's what David Bowie would have wanted. I hope he's enjoying this from beyond the grave.


'Gritsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machiney' came out on top for the second vehicle name.

Doncaster council followed the announcement up by claiming that they are now going to throw the 'biggest party local has ever seen'.

How One Bank Robber Made It Through 32 Years Behind Bars


How One Bank Robber Made It Through 32 Years Behind Bars

This is the story of former bank robber and career criminal, Noel 'The Razor' Smith. Imprisoned from the age of 14, Noel's experience behind bars helped shape his criminal career. He went from teenage tearabout to armed robber. He founded numerous gangs, including the Laughing Bank Robbers who famously robbed a bank next to a police academy. As one of Britain's most distinguished criminals it took a life-changing moment to confront the consequences of his crimes and when it arrived even he wasn't prepared for it.


Meet the People Building Their Own Internet In Detroit

Meet the People Building Their Own Internet In Detroit

When it comes to the internet, our connections are generally controlled by telecom companies. But a group of people in Detroit is trying to change that. Motherboard met with the members of the Equitable Internet Initiative (EII), a group that is building their own wireless networks from the ground up in order to provide affordable and high-speed internet to prevent the creation of a digital class system.

33 Ridiculous FAILs From the Morons of Social Media

33 Ridiculous FAILs From the Morons of Social Media










18 Times Reddit Was Wise AF

18 Times Reddit Was Wise AF

Like most places on the internet, Reddit can be a mixed bag. While it has a pretty seedy underbelly, Reddit is also home to some wonderful people with rich lives who are willing to share what they’ve learned online. And so, here’s some of the site's best advice.



Third Grader’s Math Problem Baffles Even Adults

Third Grader’s Math Problem Baffles Even Adults

Look, I didn’t get through years of schooling just so that when I became an adult, I would have to do math problems. Why else do you think I write on the internet about sneakers and monster trucks? Short answer: they don’t involve crunching my brain with fractions.

But then things like this happen — a math problem somehow goes viral on the internet and baffles everyone (including me) and I’ll never get away from this wretched subject.

I’m a smart adult, I swear. But this math problem meant to be solved by 8-year-olds has me scratching my head and questioning every year I sat through public school.

A mother — obviously a woman just as confused as the rest of us — uploaded this image to the world wide web and captioned it, “This 3rd grade math problem…”

The question reads, “Janell has 15 marbles. She lost some of them. How many does Janell have now?”

What the what? Is there a correct answer for this that’s not an algebraic equation? And if it’s algebra, why are you putting it on a third grader, educators? Soulless a-holes.

This left a bunch of people wondering who the hell wrote this problem as they tried to figure out the answer. Some mathematicians gave their takes, including one who said the answer is “x-15,” and another who wrote “< 15.” These answers may very well be right, but don’t count on me to verify. I’m still in a place where my answers to math problems look something like this…

9 Creepy YouTube Videos Might Contain Hidden Messages That Want To Control You

9 Creepy YouTube Videos Might Contain Hidden Messages That Want To Control You

20 Facts About The World Of Porn To Arouse Your Interest

20 Facts About The World Of Porn To Arouse Your Interest


Girl on girl porn is by far the most popular genre on the planet. Who watches it the most? Heterosexual males.

Hentai is a worldwide pornographic phenomenon that involves animated sex.

An average of 50% of hotel guests will order porn on their televisions.

Shemale porn has become increasingly popular over the years, and is mostly watched by heterosexual males.

“BBW” and “BDSM” porn are also in the top 10 most popular categories in the porn world as far as popularity goes.

13,000 adult videos are produced annually, amassing over $13 billion dollars in profit. By comparison, Hollywood released 507 movies and made only 8.8 billion.

The porn industry also makes more money than The National Football League, The National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball combined and more than NBC, CBS, and ABC combined.

In Sweden, porn is legal for all ages to watch.

Film production of pornography began immediately after the invention of the motion picture in 1895.

Thanksgiving is the least popular day of the year for watching porn.

The reason why Australia has a ban on “small boob” porn is because they fear that it will promote pedophilia.

In North Korea, if you dare watch or distribute porn, death awaits. They’re a little less sketch in China, with the punishment only being 3 years served in prison.


MILF porn is among the top 5 most popular categories. Actresses used as “MILFS” can be as young as 25 and as old as 50.

In Brazil, all male performers must wear a condom during shooting.

Via WikipediaHirsutism porn is a sub-genre of porn that promotes having all of your body hair hang out all natural.

Milking porn involves women either milking themselves or having people milk them.


For acting in scenes with “unusual fetishes” a female performer gets an extra 15% bonus.

20% of American men admit they access pornography at work.

Via WikipediaFor male performers, being attractive only matters in gay porn. In straight porn, the attention is almost always geared towards the female performer.

About 50% of women in porn respond erotically to being bitten.


17 Facebook FAILs and WINs That Will Make You Laugh

17 Facebook FAILs and WINs That Will Make You Laugh





18 New Urban Dictionary Terms People Will Be Using In 2018

18 New Urban Dictionary Terms People Will Be Using In 2018



Weeping Woman 1937 Pablo Picasso 1881-1973 Accepted by HM Government in lieu of tax with additional payment (Grant-in-Aid) made with assistance from the National Heritage Memorial Fund, the Art Fund and the Friends of the Tate Gallery 1987 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T05010

The world loves slang. A way of speaking that was once considered taboo, these days, some people only talk using informal words.

Urban Dictionary does a pretty stellar job of keeping up with the changing vocabulary and times.

The website is a crowdsourced online dictionary of slang words and phrases that was founded in 1999 as a parody of Dictionary.com. But what started as a joke has taken on a life of its own. The website is now the go-to source for kids and adults to find out the definition of a new term they heard a friend, co-worker or character on TV use in conversation. It’s now one of the top 200 websites in the entire world.

Urban Dictionary is constantly adding new terms and even allows users to vote on which slang stays or goes. Some of the terms are downright hilarious, while others, well they’re just trying too hard.

Here’s a list of Urban Dictionary terms sure to catch fire in 2018 so start using them before anyone else. (And then stop using them when everyone else does).

Urban Dictionary Terms To Use In 2018

Late shift wank

When working shift work and on a late shift, one uses their free morning to repeatedly abuse themselves until they leave for work.

“Sorry I’m late, I was enjoying a late shift wank”


Being actively distracted in such a way that it activates ideas that motivate or inspire.

“I was so distractivated at work today, I had the perfect idea for Rhys’s birthday.”

Smartphone dead leg

The loss of feeling in the legs due to prolonged smartphone use whilst sitting down, in particular on the toilet.

“Whoa candy crush just gave me mad smartphone dead leg on that last poo break!”


Waging a war on Christmas!

“Dude, those people took down their Christmas decorations the day after Christmas! They’re totally Starbucksing right now! SO insensitive. Damn.”

Blind Cite

A citation to some authority where it is clear the author has either not read, or fails to comprehend on a basic level, the cited authority.

“Jeff regularly cites to articles that directly contradict his premise. One could say his blind cite is 20/20.”

Collecting Receipts

Taking screenshots/pictures/video/any form of footage or audio to be used against someone. like when a lawyer provides evidence in court.

“Girl, I was collecting receipts on what’s going on between her and Bob.”
“Oooooh, I want to see!”

Pupper necking

The act of slowing down traffic to look at a cute dog.

Guy: “Why is this guy in front of me going so damn slow?!”
Girl: “He must be pupper necking, look at that adorable doggo on the sidewalk!”


Schrödinger’s Text

The philosophical thought exercise used by men and women, waiting for a text that states “If you turn your phone off the text is both received and not received untill you turn it back on and see”. This thought exercise is exceptionally useful when you are waiting and obsessing over a text.

Person 1: “Hey aren’t you waiting for a text? Why is your phone off”

Person 2: “Schrödinger’s text. If I have my phone off I don’t know if that hot girl in chem class replied to my dinner invite and as a result, I can’t worry about not getting a reply.”


That kid who is kind of shy and kind of holds back, but once you get to know him you realize he’s a really great person that you shouldn’t forget. He’s one of the few people out there who really cares about stuff and while he doesn’t always show it; stuff affects him. His only flaw is that he often looks at people the same way, which means ties can be easilly broken and it is really hard to be a best friend. but it’s all worth it in the end.

“Christoph is really cool. I just wish he thought of me more.”

Trump Bump

The painful knot on your forehead that develops from repeatedly banging your head against the wall out of frustration, disbelief and/or abject horror at Trump’s inability to form complete thoughts & sentences, tell the truth, treat people with respect, etc. Basically, anything he does.

“Dude, your Trump bump looks wicked”
“Yeah, I just listened to his latest thoughts on the Russian hack. I’m seeing double and have to repair the living room wall again.”


Sleep for hours and hours in advance for coming days.

“I’ll binge-sleep this weekend, exams are coming.”


A young girl who has overdosed on LSD because she is always seen talking to inanimate objects, such as, her backpack and a map.

Person 1: “Why is Natalie talking to her backpack?”
Person 2: “It’s telling her where to find the map. She’s gone Dora.”

On seen

When you text somebody and they read it but don’t text back.

“Bryan guess who I was texting last night.”
“Shanice but she left me on seen after I asked her for head.”


To be passively aggressive towards someone

Driver: “Grr. That guy is totally riding my bumper. I’m going to drive slower.”
Passenger: “Way to get paggro on his ass.”

Do a Picasso

When you have taken so many drugs your mouth is at the other side of your face to your eyes

“I’m going to do a Picasso tonight, my face will be a picture.”

Full Send

When you are about have the gnarliest of nights

“Kyle, what’s the forecast looking like?”
“Full Send baby lets go!”

One-eyed Angry Pirate

The One-Eyed Angry Pirate is when you are having sex with a woman doggy-style, and you are about to come, then you pull out and spit on her back so she thinks you came. So she turns around to face you, then you ejaculate in her eye, and kick her in the shin. She will then chase you hopping around on one leg, seeing out of one eye, like a One-eyed Angry Pirate.

Dude: “So, My girlfriend turned into a One-Eyed Angry Pirate again.”
Dude2: “Man, I can’t believe you did that again, you’re such a bastard.”
Dude: “I know.”

Super Cranky Guy Gets Mad At Lebron James For Taking Video Selfie With Him On NY Subway

Super Cranky Guy Gets Mad At Lebron James For Taking Video Selfie With Him On NY Subway

The last thing that Lebron James was ready for when he playfully started recording some of him and teammates' ride on the NY subway after a shootaround, was for a fellow passenger to flip out on him for recording a selfie video together. Some people on Twitter are suggesting that the guy was kidding, but we're kind of thinking the dude was actually pissed. You'll notice he moves seats by the end of the video, after complaining to Lebron.

Naturally, the trolls and Lebron James fans on Twitter, seized the moment and roasted the guy; going so far as to float a conspiracy theory that he was so pissed, cause he was being unfaithful to his SO.













This 10-Question IQ Test Is Driving The Internet Wild

"A sense of humor is worth about 95 IQ points."




Green Alien Thing That Grew On My Band Aid. What Is This Thing?


What Is This Demonic Looking Creature?


I've Met An Old Man In Germany And He Sent Me These Little Coat Of Arms, Telling Me To Visit Each Of This Location Before I Die. What Are These Exactly Used For?


An Old Samsung Pc Keyboard... What Is The Coffee Cup Key For?


What Is This? Found It By My Toaster. Please Don't Tell Me It's Some Kind Of Cockroach Molt


What In The Absolute F*ck Is On My Car?


This... Thing... Showed Up Inside The Humid Jar Of My Carnivorous Plants. What Is This Thing?


What Are These Circles On A Window Of A Bus And What Do They Do?


Saw This Guy Crossing The Street In Dc. What Is It?



Relative Found These Eggs In Her Yard In Georgia, Hanging From A Tree. What Is This Thing?


A Coworker Found A Hive On Her Balcony. She Is Convinced That Is A Beehive. I Am Not But I Don't Know What Insect It Is


I Was Off-Roading With My Kids Today And Found This In The Path Blocked By A Giant Rock. Any Ideas?


This Was Given To Me Maybe 25 Years Ago Because I Collect Knives. No One Knows Where It's From Or The Purpose Of The Stick (There's Space For 2 Sticks, But Only One Was In It When Given To Me). Us Quarter For Scale


I Came Home Yesterday Afternoon To Find This Tucked In My Car Door. Anyone Have Similar Experience?


Odd Square Metal Imbedded In A Rock. What Is This Thing?


Found This On A Beach In New Zealand- There Were Thousands Of Them At The High Water Mark. What Is It?


I Need Your Help! What Is This?


Oxycodone Bottle Found In The Woods With Electronics Inside. What Is This Thing?


Super Small Mini Flask? The 'Needle' Screws Into The Flask. What Is This Thing?


Took This Weird Bean Home, Now It's Opening Up And Has Me More Puzzled. What Is This Thing?


Found This Guy Freezing To Death In Southern Michigan This Morning. What Is This Thing?


White Circlet With Purple Dots On Top Of A Headdress. What Is This Thing?


Seen In The Sky Over Wisconsin Last Night. What Is This Thing?


Found At Dead Relatives House. What Is This Thing?


What Is The Purpose Of A Door Like This?


My Friend Found This Weird Rock On The East Coast Of England. What Is It?


Found On An Apple In East Germany. What Is This Thing?


Found On Beach (Ocean) In Ma, Usa. (Iphone 5 For Reference). Skull? Sternum?


Seen In The Sky While Hiking In Manchester Today. What Is This Thing?


Interesting Cloud Formation, What's Going On Here?


My Mom Found This On The Floor Of Her Beauty Salon, She Calls It A Cockapiller. What Is This Thing?


This Little Girl Was Photographed In The 1860's With Her Dog. What Is She Holding In Her Lap?


These Were All Over The Beach In S. Maine. Think They Were Alive. What Is This Thing?


A Gift To The Sultan Of Brunei. What Is It?!


What Did I Catch?


Twitter Suggests 25 'Honest' Slogans For Social Media

Twitter Suggests 25 'Honest' Slogans For Social Media

Social media companies almost never advertise. Seriously, when was the last time you saw an ad on television for Facebook? I guess the idea is that Facebook ads are Facebook ads. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but what do I know?

Since companies like Facebook and Instagram don't have an ad campaign they have never needed to create a slogan for themselves. However, earlier this week users on another social media platform, Twitter, took it upon themselves to make ads for these companies and you know what? I now see why companies did not have their own slogan before.



























'Blue Planet II' So Popular It 'Slowed Down The Internet In China'

'Blue Planet II' So Popular It 'Slowed Down The Internet In China'




BBC figures have shown the new Blue Planet series has attracted around 80 million viewers in China alone, making Sir David one of the 'most viewed creatures on earth'.

The Sunday Times has reported that the shows popularity with Chinese viewers on the Tencent Video online channel, temporarily slowed down the country's internet, as people rushed to download it.

The second episode of Blue Planet II was compared to a 'horror movie' by viewers. Credit: BBC/Blue Planet II

Following its release, Muhou Jun, a film blogger from Beijing with a following of four million, wrote: "I watched with my mouth hanging open.

"Blue Planet contains a profound humanistic appeal to protect our environment.'

And Fankucha Zhendi, also of Beijing and with 1.4 million followers, wrote: "I've been crying all the time... it's just so beautiful."

Credit: BBC/Blue Planet II

Kelvin Yau, BBC Worldwide's manager for China, told the Sunday Times that Blue Planet was attracting families who watch it together

He said: "With the fast growth of cities, many Chinese, especially younger generations, want to reconnect with the natural world."

The news comes after it was revealed that Blue Planet II is the most watched UK TV show of the year, so far.

Credit: BBC /Blue Planet II

The first episode of Blue Planet II hit our screens on 29 October and reeled in a whopping 14.1m people, with the second episode reaching an audience of 10.8m.

The first episode was the third most viewed show of the past five years - beaten only by the 2014 World Cup Final and last year's Great British Bake Off.

The David Attenborough-narrated wildlife series is a follow up to Blue Planet, which aired in 2001. The long-awaited second series took ten years to research, film and produce, but has been well worth the wait.

Speaking about the show, Sir David previously told the BBC: "I am truly thrilled to be joining this new exploration of the underwater worlds which cover most of our planet, yet are still its least known."

People Are Creeped Out By This Giant Teddy Bear

People Are Creeped Out By This Giant Teddy Bear


Customers on Amazon have been receiving a serious surprise when they order a £83 teddy bear advertised as standing at a 6ft 5in tall.

Although from the pictures on the online retailers website, the Joyfay Giant Teddy Bearlooks like a far larger version of your average cuddly toy, there's a reason for the bear's height that only becomes apparent when it's delivered.

See, the tallness of the teddy isn't due to it simply being an over-proportioned Average Joe bear, an entire four foot of its overall height is due to its incredibly long legs.

Credit: Amazon

One customer wrote: "All of the pictures are taken at angles so you can't see that the bear is all legs. It's disproportional and creepy. I feel deceived by the pictures."

Another added: "Hideous! The legs are like 4 feet long making the bear look like a creepy gummy thing. I got this for Valentine's Day and would have rather had a cheaper more proportional bear, I mean this isn't even cute."

But the bear has been picking up traction on social media, with a number of people posting images of it, leading to it going viral:






Even though the suppliers have clearly been using some trickery of the camera in the pictures, the bear still has a 4.6 rating on the website, presumably because it's absolutely hilarious and looks so chill in the photos.

Plus, what's wrong with being lanky anyway, as one five star reviewer put it: "My boyfriend got my this for our anniversary and it is just amazing! It is so soft and very cute. Its legs are a little long and disproportionate but that isn't going to stop me from loving it."

This Mistress In Lingerie Can’t Runaway From This Funny Photoshop Battle

This Mistress In Lingerie Can’t Runaway From This Funny Photoshop Battle


Moral of the story: cheating takes practice

7 Unusual Life-Changing Experiments We Learned About On The Internet

7 Unusual Life-Changing Experiments We Learned About On The Internet

There are many people brave enough to break stereotypes and think outside the box. Some created a little experiment with their own lives and even inspired others to change.

Chaostrophic gathered for you unusual life experiments that changed people’s thinking and attitude to life.

She wore the same outfit to work every day for 3 years.

  • Experiment: Matilda Kahl solved the problem of choosing clothes for work quite radically. She decided to go ahead and wear the exact same thing every day for 3 years. She got tired of wasting time every day deciding what to wear. Matilda invested in several white shirts and several pairs of the same black pants. That was her everyday "uniform" for work.
  • Result: She kept all her fancy dresses for weekends and nights out. Matilda doesn’t waste time in the morning because she knows exactly what she’s going to wear. This experiment allowed her to save time and energy to meet with family and friends.

This man ate only potatoes for one year.

  • Experiment: Andrew Taylor ate only potatoes for one year.
  • Result: Andrew showed the whole world what happens to your body if you eat only potatoes. Look at him! He lost 110 lb and looks amazing! However, this severe diet is not for everyone.

A childhood without gadgets

  • Experiment: Mom of 4 and photographer Niki Boon lives on a farm with her family in New Zealand. She decided to raise her children in harmony with nature...without gadgets and TV. They’ve been living gadget-free for several years.
  • Result: Niki’s family showed with their own example that children don’t need gadgets to be happy. They need your love and a bit of freedom. They feel great growing up without laptops and smartphones. Niki created a photo series of her 4 children’s technology-free life called Childhood in the Raw.

A woman lived without money for 20 years.

  • Experiment: Heidemarie Schwermer realized that people are becoming too materialistic. She moved out of her apartment, gave away almost all of her stuff, and decided to do a little experiment: live without money for one year. She helped people in exchange for food and housing. She didn’t use public transport and carried the most necessary things and clothes in a small bag.
  • Result: Heidemarie lived without money for 20 years. By her own example, she proved that money is not the most important thing in the world. For many years, she was a public speaker and a regular guest on TV shows.

A Victorian era couple

  • Experiment: Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman decided to live as if they were in the Victorian era. They ditched the benefits of modern technology: they used a pitcher for washing, sewed clothes, relied mostly on oil lamps, and used recipes from a 19th-century cookbook.
  • Result: Such an unusual way of life made the couple see the world and people differently, better understanding their background. Many old things turned out to be quite convenient, and the recipes deserved special praise. Sarah wrote a book about their experience and the Victorian era way of living.

Life without trash

  • Experiment: Bea Johnson chose a life without trash for herself and her family. She refused to buy and use things that couldn’t be recycled: disposable packaging, household chemicals in plastic bottles, and a lot of unnecessary stuff.
  • Result: Bea showed by her own example that living an eco-friendly life is not hard — glass and paper can easily substitute plastic. Her family produces just 1 kg of trash in a year.

One year without the internet

  • Experiment: Journalist Paul Miller lived a year offline. He didn’t use any social network or mobile apps and replaced his email with a regular mailbox. Having been a constant internet user since the age of 12, Paul decided to find out what life is like on the other side of his browser.
  • Result: He started writing a book, lost 11 lb, and improved his concentration. After the experiment, he browses the internet more consciously. It’s just an instrument that should be used wisely.

The Lava Lamps That Help Keep The Internet Secure

The Lava Lamps That Help Keep The Internet Secure

At the headquarters of Cloudflare, in San Francisco, there's a wall of lava lamps: the Entropy Wall. They're used to generate random numbers and keep a good bit of the internet secure: here's how.


12 Of The Strangest Things You Can Buy Off Of Amazon

12 Of The Strangest Things You Can Buy Off Of Amazon


You can find literally anything on Amazon (including some very specific complaints). But one of the things you can't help but stumble across are its weird products. We've collected below the weirdest things you can find on Amazon — don’t worry, they’re all eligible for Prime!


Yodeling pickle


You might think to yourself, "When am I ever going to need a yodeling pickle?" But the real question is, when are you not going to need a yodeling pickle?


Nicholas Cage pillow


Your bed isn’t made until it’s accessorized with a Nicholas Cage pillow. His piercing eyes practically beg you to come to bed. It’s the perfect gift for the Cage connoisseur in your life!


Two adult Madagascar hissing cockroaches


Do you want only one adult Madagascar hissing cockroach? Then go somewhere else! These very real and very alive insects and they are not sold separately.


Glow-in-the-dark toilet paper


Glow-in-the-dark toilet paper pairs perfectly with the glow-in-the-dark toilet seat, which Amazon also sells. It makes it so much easier to see what you’re doing when nature calls at 3 AM!


Men’s handerpants


What are you supposed to wear under gloves? Why, handerpants, of course! Make sure your digits never go commando!


One pound of human body fat replica


Move over human skeleton replicas! Human body fat replicas are on the market! The only question is, does it weigh more than the human muscle replica?


Cat turntable


Trying to train your cat to be a DJ? Then you’ll need the cat turntable, of course! Mr. Whiskers will become DJ Mr. Whiskers in no time!


Salmon sushi pillow


When Jiro dreams of sushi, he dreams those dreams while resting his head on this salmon pillow. Don’t worry! It doesn’t have the same contamination hazards as raw fish!


Senior woman with asthma wall decal


This item is frequently bought with the Nicholas Cage pillow. Hey, some people are into some weird stuff, and that weird stuff is enabled by Amazon.


Life-size Yeti statue


At $2,565, this statue is a steal! It’s perfect for the prankster who wants to make hikers think they’re having a Bigfoot sighting. It is life-sized, after all!


Potty putter


Now your toilet time doesn’t have to go to waste! You can work on your swing from the comforts of your own crapper. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, then practicing your golf when you sh*t out that cake that you ate.




Amazon has everything... and nothing. Yup, you can literally buy nothing on Amazon. It’s a gift that will make the lucky recipient say, "Thanks?"


Immigrant Woman On Facebook Explains Why This Halloween Costume Is Extremely Offensive

Immigrant Woman On Facebook Explains Why This Halloween Costume Is Extremely Offensive

Come on people. I have gone through enough Halloween drama this year already. Now we have this? You cannot do anything without pissing someone off.

The internet tells us that: an outfit worn to create the appearance characteristic of a particular period, person, place, or thing is a costume.

Halloween costumes are costumes worn on or around Halloween, a festival which falls on October 31. An early reference to wearing costumes at Halloween comes from Scotland in 1585, but they may pre-date this.

WHY DO PEOPLE GET SO BENT OUT OF SHAPE. It is one day. And to make things worse, THIS ISN’T EVEN A BAD ONE!

I saw someone a few years ago have their kid dress like Ray Rice and carry around a doll. That parent can take a little hit but this… COME ON.

It’s harmless and funny. Here is the outfit.

“Not everyone will get it” was the caption and they were right.


Soak Up The Wisdom Of These 10 Profoundly Insightful Shower Thoughts

Soak Up The Wisdom Of These 10 Profoundly Insightful Shower Thoughts



Horrible Jealous Wife Asks The Internet For Relationship Advice, Twitter Obliges By Tearing Her Apart

Horrible Jealous Wife Asks The Internet For Relationship Advice, Twitter Obliges By Tearing Her Apart

Insecurity and jealousy can make otherwise normal people sometimes do inadvisable, bad things. Like, you might even find yourself tempted to snoop through your partner's personal belongings, phone, or emails. But hopefully, you never actually go through with it. This woman's jealousy drove her to do something truly unconscionable, and then she went on Reddit asking for advice.


Twitter user @ajlobster tweeted screengrabs of the woman's post on Reddit, and wrote, "This might be the most monstrous thing I've read on r/relationships and that is saying A LOT."

So, the woman falls in love with a widower and they get involved. The only hitch, a far as the woman is concerned, is that his first wife died, but the man didn't completely erase her from his life. There were pictures of her hanging up, and friends and the daughter talked about her fondly quite a bit. This was, understandably, rough for her. But what happens next, as they say, will surprise you.

After moving into a new home, the woman threw away ALL the pictures her then-fiance had of his first wife. She even deleted pictures from his computer. She also donated and/or threw away all of his first wife's possessions. He didn't notice for two years, but when the guy's mother asked for pictures of his daughter for a high school graduation ceremony she was putting together, the jig was up.


So not only are the pictures of the first wife long gone, so are some of her possessions that had a lot of personal value to both the man and his daughter. The poster's husband is now so angry at her that he can barely look at her. He won't sleep in the same room with her, and he's also refusing couples' counseling. Oh, and did we mention she's (apparently) 13 weeks pregnant?

This woman posted her story on Reddit looking for help, but has since deleted it. However, once the story was out there, and after it was posted on Twitter, people couldn't help but agree that what she did was just pretty damn selfish and cruel.










Forget marriage counselling, a therapist for yourself might be a good first step. This isn't a you and him problem, this is a youproblem. Your jealousy and impulsivity have done your relationship serious harm, so working on that seems like it should be a priority. And whatever you do don't you dare try and justify this to him in any way. Your best bet is to fall on your sword and admit you fucked up with no qualifications. Start adding little asides like "but I was jealous" or "but" anything, and that may well be the end of everything. This has nothing to do with him and everything to do with you, so own that 100%.

Edit: and whenever you address it with him or his daughter, focus on their feelings and what you basically stole from them. Let them express their unhappiness and anger however they see fit. Yes it'll be hard, but it's the only option here. Try and drag any sympathy out of them for your situation / feelings, or try and tell them not to feel however they feel, and you'll lose whatever molecule of respect or understanding they might have. Playing up your own guilty feelings is not the approach to take here.

Edit 2: Yeah, "I wasn't going to lie to him" and "I've felt guilty ever since" are what rubbed me up the wrong way (aside from, you know, the whole thing). You didn't feel guilty ever since. If you'd felt guilty even a day afterwards you could have retrieved the items, dug through the garbage, something. You're only feeling "guilty" now because you're finally facing consequences for your actions. And don't try and claim moral high ground with "I wasn't going to lie to him". I realise now why the idea of you trying to play for sympathy came to me, because that's what you're already doing. Your step daughter is likely going to resent you forever, whatever your husband does, or however you try to fix it. He's invested enough to maybe try if you're really lucky, because of marriage and a baby, but your step daughter? Consider yourself lucky if she ever even talks to you again.




This is more than a screw up. You knew exactly what you did. You not only threw away photos that can never ever be replaced but you cheated your step daughter out of one of the most important things that girl could have, memories of her mother. I dont care how jealous and insecure you were.you put your own feelings about a dead woman over a man and child you were supposed to love. Id never normally say this but I hope he divorces you. What you did is unforgivable.

-  StormyLlewellyn1

Hopefully he can forgive her, but it's going to take a lot of work, because WOW.

5 Video Game Creepypastas That Will Send A Shiver Down Your Spine

5 Video Game Creepypastas That Will Send A Shiver Down Your Spine

Back in the day, people would tell scary stories around campfires that seemed just real enough to freak everyone out. Suddenly, every innocuous rustling of leaves or sound of footsteps felt like the signal of a serial killer or terrifying supernatural entity. Now, we do it that with YouTube videos and fake chat logs. These horror stories that deliberately blur the line between fact and fiction using familiar online formatting are called "creepypastas." The most popular ones, like Slender Man or Candle Cove, tap into the deepest fears of the online generation and spread uncontrollably. "This is probably fake," you say, but you're never really sure.

As you might expect, there are plenty of popular and spooky video game creepypastas. BEN Drowned, for instance, is a well-known creepypasta about a haunted copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, a game that didn't need any outside help being totally unsettling. Join us for a journey into a hellscape that will make you question everything you know about the digital delights you've enjoyed your whole life.

1. The hellish nightmare that is Godzilla on NES

At some point, everyone has had to give up a favorite video game from their childhood for some reason or another. Maybe you hastily traded it for another game or your parents got rid of it when you moved out. Regardless of how it was lost, you want to get it back and relive one of your formative gaming experiences. Totally understandable.

In the famous and aptly named NES Godzilla creepypasta, author Cosbydaf tells the story of how he acquired a new copy of one of his favorite childhood games, 1988's Godzilla: Monster of Monsters for the NES. It's a simple action game where you move Toho's iconic kaiju around a virtual chess board and take on other movie monsters in sidescrolling action sequences. Nothing to be afraid of, right?

The only problem is that there's something deeply wrong with this new cartridge Cosbydaf found. At first, it seems like he's glitched into unfinished areas with new monsters that were cut from the final game. Through an incredibly lengthy series of posts, we see dozens of images showing the game's gradual descent into a pitch-black void of terror.

Graphical effects that shouldn't be possible on the NES, unspeakable monstrosities that aren't from any Godzilla movie and bone-chilling personality test segments are just a few of the oddities Cosbydaf encounters along the way.

NES Godzilla Creepypasta has eight long chapters and an epilogue, told from the first-person perspective with dozens of images to support the terror. It's well worth your time, but without spoiling too much, it eventually deals with some heavy topics like suicide. Just know that going in.

2. A lost quest too gruesome even for Fallout

Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas is commonly regarded as one of the best open-world RPGs of the last decade. Its invigorating post-apocalyptic world and nuanced storytelling made lasting impressions on tons of players. With worlds so huge and full of stories to find, you could make up a quest, post it on 4chan and people would believe in it. Such is the case with the sad tale of Lone Wolf Radio.

Lone Wolf Radio is a real location within Fallout: New Vegas. It's an abandoned trailer in the desert with what appears to be equipment for radio broadcasting alongside bloodstains and some dire graffiti. It's pretty typical video game environmental storytelling that seems to hint that whoever lived there before wasn't especially happy with the state of things.

via thenthapple

It's just vague enough that someone decided to turn it into a fun and shocking video game urban legend. A post that circulated on sites like 4chan spread the myth that this seemingly insignificant trailer was going to be part of a quest line with extremely disturbing subject matter. According to the legend, Lone Wolf Radio was to be hosted by Lone Wolf, a character who would go on unhinged rants throughout each in-game day before suddenly ceasing his broadcasts at 11:00 p.m. He would return at 3:00 a.m. with a different child each night, who he would murder live on-air.

This supposed quest line would task players with either stopping Lone Wolf or joining him. That unthinkable second option would give the players a perk that would allow them to kill other children in the game world, something the Fallout games don't let you do otherwise. The creepypasta claims the quest was cut because it was too shocking, but Obsidian still has recordings of Lone Wolf killing children on his radio show in their archives. To say "yikes" would be an understatement.

3. The unseen saga of Satanic soccer

Plenty of video game creepypastas twist aspects of real video games you either have or haven't heard of to make their chilling narratives work. We've seen two examples of that already with Godzilla and Fallout. What if some master internet storyteller crafted a horror narrative that leaves you questioning the very existence of the game it's about?

That's the story behind International Mystic Soccer Night Dominion, an oddball soccer game for the PlayStation 2 that supposedly reviewed and sold so poorly in Japan that it never got released anywhere else. Regardless of its reputation, author Aria Salvatrice wanted to shine a spotlight on one of their favorite lesser-known games, so they wrote game guide complete with art and screenshots.

Unfortunately, this is kind of an old one so the image links are now broken, meaning you'll have to use your imagination. Oh well. It's actually pretty fun that way because the game Salvatrice describes in this walkthrough is a bizarre, half-scary and half-hilarious assemblage of concepts unlike any other.

International Mystic Soccer Night starts off sounding like a goofy but totally believable Japanese sports game about a futuristic women's soccer league where athletes use special songs to gain abilities in matches. As you keep reading the walkthrough, the game keeps sounding more and more depraved. For example, one character's song "creates a directional cone of malady and sorrow at point-blank range."You know, soccer!

Eventually, there's talk of strategically murdering referees and using blood sacrifices to gain advantages.

International Mystic Soccer Night might not be the creepiest of pastas, but it's the one I wish was real the most.

4. The dire depths of Pokemon Lost Silver

Let's go back to the realm of horrible, depressing things happening in familiar video games we all love. Our next creepypasta is similar in nature to NES Godzilla, but about a much more popular game: Pokemon Silver.

Pokemon Lost Silver is a genre classic. It starts with the author stating his desire to replay the Game Boy Color classic Pokemon Silver in anticipation of its Game Boy Advance remake Pokemon SoulSilver. However, his mom threw out his old copy, so naturally he has to go find a used copy at GameStop. However, it seems GameStop never tested this used copy, because several things are amiss about it.

There's a previous save file already on the cartridge, which readers of a certain age will remember as one of the more fun parts of buying used games or renting games in the days before discs. The author loads the save and finds that it's played 999 hours, recorded every Pokemon in the Pokedex and beaten all the gyms. Oddly enough, though, the character is simply named "..."

The character's constantly changing party usually consists of Unowns, the mysterious Pokemon whose symbol-like shapes make up a whole fictional language. The author is a hardcore fan, so he can read this language and the party lineup usually spells out something ominous, like "LEAVE." As he traverses this empty, glitched out version of one of his favorite games, he finds a sad story about what happened to the previous owner of the cartridge hidden among the strange bugs and Pokemon nicknames.

Pokemon Lost Silver is one of the most enduring video game creepypastas for a reason.

5. An unsettling Let's Play of a Playstation game no one has ever seen

Our final creepypasta is perhaps the most bizarre and involved of all, and it's a recent entry into the video game creepypasta canon. Petscop is the story of an allegedly unfinished PlayStation game that is the subject of a YouTube Let's Play series run by a guy named Paul. He claims he came across a copy of the unreleased game and that he's not lying about any of it.

On the surface, Petscop looks like the kind of quirky, obscure games that came out all the time on the original PlayStation back in the 90s. You play as a cartoony blob man who walks around crude, 3D environments trying to capture a menagerie of weird looking pets. It doesn't take long, however, for things to get downright sinister.

Paul exits the game's happy-go-lucky first level and finds a dark, foreboding area full of strange sights and references to something called "rebirthing." According to Kotaku, that's a reference to the sad, true story of Candace Newmaker, an unstable child who was killed in 2000 when her parents put her through a junk science experiment called rebirthing therapy.

There are 10 videos in the Petscop Let's Play series and tons of extracurricular information to dig through when you're done with those. This is a classic internet rabbit hole that's fascinating whether the game is real or just an elaborate ruse made by "Paul."

Game Theory has a lengthy video you can watch right here if you want to learn more about the story surrounding the game. You know, if you don't feel like sleeping tonight.