The Red Shamrock: Happy Thanksgiving And Week 12 NFL Picks


The Red Shamrock: Happy Thanksgiving And Week 12 NFL Picks


Ah Thanksgiving. That time of year where adult men try to help with the minimal cooking tasks (especially if you are deep frying your bird) so we can watch three football games between six teams on short weeks spread across 10 or so hours. I’d ration a guess and say males between the ages of 25 – 48 will be interested in the games (and anyone wagering as well) along with anyone else who enjoys a good beer to float on top of the three or so pounds of food we will all eat.

jzjkxjv1The Red Shamrock’s Thanksgiving plans are pretty much summed up in this picture

When I was a kid, it was a Himes brother’s tradition to play football before our Thanksgiving feast. There were only three of us, and not very many neighborhood kids to play with most of the time, so yours truly would play Dan Marino for both of my brothers. We would laugh and tackle each other, but things would ultimately get heated between the three of us and we would start throwing pinecones at each other. Not the giant “soft” ones, but the medium sized spiny ones that could really do damage to you. That would be the end of the game and ultimately the law would be laid down with the original “hand of fate” from our parents.

j3htnnt1The weapon of choice among the Himes boys growing up

Thanksgiving is also the signaling of the pending arrival of Christmas, and most importantly, at least back in my day, Christmas television specials. But I won’t get into those until next month (I feel dozens of you shaking your heads). But I would like to leave you with the only real Thanksgiving song that I know and hope you and yours enjoy the holidays and my week 12 NFL picks.
Who knew this guy would go on to become a millionaire and fleece Netflix for 100 million and five shitty movies?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Week 12 Picks (home teams in caps)

LIONS -2.5

Redskins +7


Titans -4.5

Jaguars +7.5



Giants -7


49ers +7.5


Buccaneers -6

Panthers +3


Last week: 9-4-1

Season record: 81-72-8 (.528)

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