The Red Shamrock: Random Musings And Week Eight Picks


The Red Shamrock: Random Musings And Week Eight Picks


The Red Shamrock: Random Musings And Week Eight Picks


6q8qunq We promise you will wait less time for this week’s picks than the next season of GOT


Okay people. I’ve got nothing this week. I could crow about my now .500 record picking against the spread, but that would bring the bad luck, so I won’t do that. Plus, this is what happens to people that crow:


vbc7sd6-imgur No bragging here or the karma po po hauls you off real fast


We could talk politics, but that’s not what this column or website is about. Voting is important however, and I personally love the way South Park has summed up our two main candidates this year:


k3sf9vg1 The Red Shamrock would never tell you who to vote for, but can we all agree we don’t want to eat this sandwich or drink from this bottle?


Does England really want NFL games? We only seem to send the lowest level teams to play and they got to experience a tie game last week. Two ties already this season, which ties an all time record since overtime was instituted in the league in 1974. Great way to grow the brand!


5hykxid1 Do we really need tied NFL games in 2016? This has to be what it feels like, right?


I have a working theory on live sporting events and television now, specifically as it relates to the NFL’s declining ratings. Do you notice that watching a single NFL game on a Sunday takes over three hours with 11 minutes of actual action shown during that time? Basketball? About two and a half hours. Baseball? About three hours and that’s not counting a scoreless game, position changes or rallies. Hockey appears to be the quickest at a little less than two and a half hours. Anyway, I think the reason these games take so long (not counting team time outs) is due to commercials. Live sporting events are really the only thing I watch “live” on television (there is a bit of a delay thanks to censors) and since our culture avoids commercials as much as possible when viewing these events, we get bombarded with as many commercials as possible. Just a thought.


91yitcg1That moment when you try clicking to another game during a commercial break and all the games are on commercial breaks


I turn in my columns on Wednesday, so the results of tonight’s World Series game seven won’t be talked about here. I’ve purposely have been avoiding discussing the Cubs (I’ve been a Chicago Cubs fan thanks to cable TV since 1984) in my column and on our shows for the most part (with a few tweets here and there). I damn near jinxed them in the third and fourth innings of game six. So whatever happened last night, I’m just happy the Cubs extended the series to seven games and played their hearts out.


qilzwzn This is exactly what watching the MLB playoffs has been like for The Red Shamrock this year as these two Cub fans say it all


That’s it. Time for this week’s picks.


Week 9 Picks (home teams in caps)

Falcons -3.5



Jaguars +9



Lions +6

Panthers -3

Saints -3

Titans +5

Colts +7


Bills +7


Last week: 8-5

Season record: 57-57-6 (.500)


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