15 Celebrity Tweets That Were Deleted Quickly - But Were Still Caught

15 Celebrity Tweets That Were Deleted Quickly - But Were Still Caught


We’ve all been there, going out on the weekend, having a few drinks with friends. Things get late, things get sloppy and before you know it you’re heading to the social media frontier to.. Well what are you going to do? Surely it’s a not good idea to confess your love, or do misguided acts of friendship or kindness. Maybe you weren’t drunk and you just had a passing lapse in judgement and said something regrettable. Some of us are lucky enough to have just missed the era of eternal posts where seemingly nothing can be deleted. Most of us are lucky enough that, even if we do it now, we don’t have millions of people able to screenshot and report on it in an instant like politicians and celebrities. For celebrities, it’s carved in stone the moment they click that little “post” button. Some have been brazen and in the face of controversial tweets just kept them up, others caved to the PR back lash; some offering apologies, others double down.

This pairs nicely with the Streisand Effect, where someone wants something like a picture deleted or erased from the internet, and the ironic result of that very act gaining a larger audience for the picture or post at hand. Today we’re going to be looking at the racist, racy and regrettable posts that celebrities and politicians (is there a distinction?) have goofed and tried to erase.

15. CeeLo Green’s First Lapse In Judgement

Pciture (bodyheightweight.com) Tweet (dailymail.co.uk)

Okay so this isn’t going to come as a shock to anyone but CeeLo will be on this list a couple of times. Let us just say he seems to have a lapse in judgement a little more frequently than other celebrities. It just so happens we are in the midst of a powerful #MeToo movement where women and men like Terry Cruise are speaking out against people using their power to abuse others. Well in 2012 CeeLo was accused of spiking a woman’s drink where he pleaded no contest.

He then took to twitter and said some pretty insensitive things like, “Women who have really been [assaulted] REMEMBER!!!” Wow, CeeLo. But that wasn’t all he said on the matter, in what seemed like he was aiming to double down he followed that up by saying, “If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent,” before deleting his account and apologizing. We think you said it best in your uncensored “Forget You” single.

14. Rita Ora’s Failed Re-Tweet Campaign

Picture (billboard.com) First Tweet (dailymail.co.uk) Second Tweet (complex.com)

Well that was unexpectedly heavy. Let’s lighten it up by talking about Rita Ora and her blatant desperation. No one’s a stranger to being a slave to your notifications when you post a status or a new picture of yourself. We can only imagine this is magnified when you’re a singer and have thousands if not millions of fans worldwide. It can be easy to forget just how much there is to scroll past on a twitter feed. It can be even easier to have a poor gauge of your followers. Are they there for news, are they highly interactive or are they paid click-farms your manager bought to give you a boost?

We don’t have a definitive answer in Rita’s Case. On Halloween of 2014 Rita tweeted “dropping my new song Monday if this get 100,000 retweets.” Which was deleted after the campaign was a massive failure. In one of the largest cases of “oops, didn’t mean to” the 23 year old singer tweeted claiming she was hacked. Aw, girl.

13. Hulk Hogan Tweets His Daughter’s Legs


A picture is worth a thousand words but the description does a pretty great job explaining itself. Sure President Donald Trump said at one point that he would date his daughter if he could, and on more than one occasion commented on her “tremendous figure”, although he still hasn’t gone so far as to actually tweet out a picture of her legs, and that’s where Hulk Hogan decided to say “Hold my beer, brother.”

In 2008 Hulk Hogan tweeted a picture of his daughter’s legs with the simple caption “Brooke’s legs” and caused a pretty understandably large uproar. He took to interviews and twitter again calling people perverts and saying “..Go back to your farm animals.” This is an interesting way to react considering he accompanied Brooke to the unveiling of her PITA portrait which was of her in the buff, in a cage. In the future we suggest you try and keep those posts wrestling related, brother.

12. Reggie Bush On “Hitting” What?

picture (redbull.com) tweet (pressroomvip.com)

Like it was said in the intro, we all have lapses in judgement. Have you ever been in a group of people and you’re all joking and having a good time, laughing. You get into that round-robin style of conversation where everyone is throwing in quips and banter and when you decide to say something it just falls utterly flat? Perhaps it’s one of those thoughts that keep us all awake. Well the next time you’re brought on with one of these terrible cringe-afflictions simply remember that at least you didn’t do it to 3.14 million followers like Reggie Bush did.

After watching the UEFA’s Champions League finals where Didier Drogba fired a winning penalty kick like a missile, Reggie Bush Tweeted “Shoot Drogba might even hit a Nazi chick tonight in Germany! LOL!” You can practically feel the room go silent, can’t you? You could employ Gordon Ramsey for a year with the amount of poor taste that went into that tweet. Reggie Bush would call the offended cry-babies before back pedalling and apologizing.

11. Russell Brand Tweets Out Of Misguided Love

Picture of Couple (billboard.com) Picture of Katy (Metro.co.uk)

Remember when Russell Brand was a comedian and not a philosopher? Remember when he dated Katy Perry and it was an unexpected relationship? We remember, we also remember when he posted a makeup-less Katy Perry to Twitter as a sort of misguided pledge towards her beauty. A sort of “I think the real Katy Perry is beautiful the way she is” sort of memento. But here’s the thing, Katy Perry’s brand relies heavily on her appearance. She markets herself first by her music, second by her look, and that’s not something you can be laissez-faire about when you’re an international pop star.

We know he meant well, this is definitely in the misguided acts of kindness/lapse of judgement category, but I think it’s safe to say it wasn’t exactly a shocker when things started to go downhill for them. Apparently, these days they rarely speak to each other outside of texts requesting divorce.

10. Denise Richards Posts Private Phone Number

Picture of Denise Richards (uselessdaily.com) Tweet (ifixyouri.com)

Ever given out a fake number to someone being a little too persistent at a bar? Even worse, have you ever received an unwanted phone call whether it’s a persistent telemarketer, crazy ex or new stalker you met downtown last weekend? Now imagine having 2.4 million followers, all of varying levels of sanity and attachment to you, and you just gave them all your number. Sort of an open invitation to have phone calls which exclusively consists of heavy breathing or weird/threatening remarks. A who’s who of telemarketers, news agents, bloggers, vloggers, and weirdos, all incapable or unwilling to go through proper channels.

Denise Richards did just that. In 2009 Denise Richards thought she was sending a private message to a friend and ended up tweeting out her number. It is tough enough being as flawless looking as Richards (and famous to boot) without a litany of weird phone calls. She quickly realized her mistake tweeting out “Number changed!! Won’t make that mistake again.”

9. Hayley Williams (Accidentally?) Showed Too Much

Hayley Williams is a tiny chick with large pipes. A lot of us know her from her first major hit with Paramore, Misery Business or any of the other incessantly catchy songs she came out with since then like the mega-hit Airplanes, featuring B.o.B and Eminem. But does anyone remember the time she posted a photo of herself in the buff?

Well, let us be clear, aside from the racy pictures being deleted there was never any explanation as to what had happened. Was it a malicious attack from someone who hacked the account, a very poor slip up? Needless to say, the pictures were deleted within 10 minutes of being posted and never spoken of again. Despite massive celebrity photo leaks, Hayley hasn’t been involved with any since.

8. Sean Spicer Tweets Password. Twice.

Sean Spicer (mediamatters.org) First Tweet (boingboing.net) Second Tweet (gizmodo.com)

Okay so accidental or not, posting any part of your privates for the world to see when you don’t mean to can be uncomfortable to say the least. How about the digital version of exposing yourself? In a popular subreddit known as Old People Facebook, you can see frequent examples of the geriatric community using Facebook in atrocious ways. Posting statuses as personal messages or posting inappropriate replies to things like funeral or relationship statuses. But not very often do they straight up post the password given to them for their twitter page. And they especially don’t usually do it twice.

That’s right, Sean Spicer tweeted out his password, not once but twice over the course of his time as Press Secretary. The first time he did it was January 25th of this year, but the next time he did it was the next day.

7. CeeLo Makes Another Poor Judgement Call

Cee Lo Green (getty images/ John Shearer) Tweet (complex.com)

We really couldn’t help but throw CeeLo on the list twice because his twitter record is ridiculous. In this case he decided to take to the mean streets of twitter and defend himself against music editor Andrea Swensson, who had criticisms about a recent performance of his. CeeLo must have been sitting to have enough blood flow through his head not to make half his characters exclamation marks, but that’s about it.

In a response to Andrea, CeeLo posted “People enjoyed last night! I’m guessing you’re gay? And my masculinity offended you? Well f*** you!” And this is the part where we slow clap. This is a salad of distasteful statements tossed haphazardly together. Do we start with him assuming his masculinity is what’s offensive? Well good thing he apologized later by saying the celebrity 2011 version of “it’s just a prank, bruh.” CeeLo tweeted, “I always expect people to assume that everything I do is part of my character and sense of humor.” 5 years later CeeLo has refined his taste by releasing “Jay-Z’s Girl” after attending the Grammy Awards in all gold.


6. Drake Bell Induces Facepalming

Photo (by Vivien Killilea/WireImage) Tweet (dailymail.co.uk)

It’s not news to anyone that Caitlyn Jenner went under her sensational transformation a couple of years ago, starring in the Vanity Fair cover with the headline “Call me Caitlyn.” What might be surprising is how Drake Bell, former Nickelodeon star responded to this news. While a lot of us remember the charming and slick Drake Bell, further contrasted by the goofy, slapstick Josh in Drake and Josh, he’s anything but slick or charming when he sent out this tweet, “Sorry….still calling you Bruce.”

That’s almost insensitive enough to be sold as a numbing cream. What turned this from insensitive to a moment that (hopefully) makes Drake cringe in bed at night is his response where he tweeted, “I’m not dissing him! I just don’t want to forget his legacy! He is the greatest athlete of all time! Chill Out!” 2 years later and we have come a long way in terms of vernacular and pronouns, let’s hope Drake’s (or is PR’s) Hindsight is at least

5. Ashton Kutcher Stands Up For JoePa

Picture (intouchweekly.com) Tweet (nesn.com)

Put your hands up if you remember the Penn State scandal of 2011. If you don’t it’s certainly worth the Wikipedia read, but a quick recap is this: Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky was charged and convicted in 2012 of for engaging in the abuse of children as early as the 1990’s. If you’re not familiar you’re probably wondering how JoePa or Ashton Kutcher tie into that. Well Joe Paterno was found to have obstructed the case and actively covered up the actions of Sandusky in an E-mail chain the FBI found. This lead to the taking down of Paterno’s statue and a redacting of his NCAA wins.

And here’s where our boy Kutcher punks himself, in maybe the most ironic tweet in 2011 after JoePa was fired he says, “How do you fire JoePa #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.” We agree with the hashtags, we don’t agree with their context.

4. Oprah Begs For Views

What awful times are these we live in when a respectable and classy lady like Oprah is begging for views on Twitter. You’re not Rita Ora, you’re better than this. Remember when you were giving free cars to your audience? Desperate times indeed. In 2012 Oprah tweeted, “Every 1 who can please turn to OWN especially if u have a Neilson box.”

Now, for those of you who don’t know, a Neilson box is what helps television networks like OWN track viewership. Oprah later removed the tweet, apparently at the request of Nielson and apologized to the company. Things haven’t been much better since, her talk show of 25 years ended and she’s had trouble finding her feet. The spiritual leader and philanthropist is currently producing a few of her own shows while hosting Oprah: Where Are They Now, with rumours of a run for presidency in 2020.

3. Anthony Weiner Tweets His… You Know


Tony “The Mongoose” Dubs is not a politician who has the indestructible super-cape of criticism that Trump dawns. His political career is similarly plagued by inappropriate texting, pictures and other material sent to minors and college students, with claims and slip ups starting as early as 2011.

Anthony Weiner started a pivot in his political career when he was quoted saying “I’m just one of the jobs created by Obama.” But now he’s famously quoted saying, “I’m strong, like a mongoose.” In one of the largest cases of “oops-didn’t-mean-to” to have occurred on the internet, Anthony Weiner posted a picture of his underwear clad junk that was later found to be meant for a college student he happened to be flirting with while his wife was pregnant. At the time it occurred, Weiner claimed to have been hacked, saying, “Stranger things have happened.” Like, for instance, his political career.


2. The Deleted Tweet

Donald Trump Speaking (sickchirpse.com) Tweet (avaaz.org)

Regardless of your political leanings, it is safe to say a few things about Donald Trump. This is a person who has had scandal; drama and controversy follow him around since the 1990’s. He wears these traits like a superhero might wear a cape. It seems to protect him, where other politicians have made an odd sound or single passing remark to end their career, Donald Trump’s career only seemed bolstered and certainly not slowed by any of the remarks that sparked headlines. Even if he does post or say something shocking, he rarely redacts or corrects himself.

However, in a rare move of deleting a tweet, in 2015 while he was still just a candidate, Donald Trump re-tweeted, “If Hillary can’t satisfy her husband what makes you think she can satisfy America?”

1. Ambitious Politician Posts To Reddit Confession Thread

Picture (wired.com) Post (reddit.com)

If you’re familiar with the popular link aggregating website Reddit.com, you’re probably familiar with some of the so-called historical moments that have occurred on the website. Since politicians and celebrities alike often pop over to the website it can often feel like you have the potential to mingle with high society. Val Kilmer, for instance, posts in movie trivia comment sections and sometimes even posts. Snoop Dogg has a cult community following where he’s known as /u/Here_Comes_The_King.

One of these historical moments is a thread that took place in 2012 labelled “Throwaway time! What’s your secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out?” And in it a user who’s name will be left out, commented, “I posted several dozen obscene pictures of myself on the internet as a minor, because I’m a dumba**, and now I’m on my way to a career in foreign diplomacy. If you ever hear about a scandal involving a Foreign Service officer and her own child –, you’ll know.” With one of the top replies being an eerie “This just made me realize that future presidents are probably on Facebook and Twitter right now.” The post was deleted within 8 months as the thread became more legendary with time.


Suspect Escapes From A Police Car After Bungling Officers Leave The Door Unlocked

Suspect Escapes From A Police Car After Bungling Officers Leave The Door Unlocked


A suspect was caught on film escaping from a police car after two bungling officers left the driver’s door open. Footage shows two cops wrestling a man to the ground by the side of the marked vehicle at around 8.20am on Wednesday.

20 Facebook FAILs From The Morons Of The Internet

20 Facebook FAILs From The Morons Of The Internet



25 Mindless Idiots That Are Dangerously Stupid

25 Mindless Idiots That Are Dangerously Stupid




This Rejection Letter From 1928 Is Absolutely Brutal

This Rejection Letter From 1928 Is Absolutely Brutal -


If you’re a writer who submits your work to publications then you probably know all about rejection — hell, some of the greatest authors out there today were once rejected, too. So you are going to be able to relate to this just-found letter from 1928 that might just be one of the most brutal rejection letter’s we’ve seen.

The Twitter “Letters of Note” shared a typewritten rejection letter written by the publishing house of Angus & Robertson LTD in 1928. The letter, addressed to F.C. Meyer, is right to the point — the point being that Meyer will not be getting published by Angus & Robertson LTD.

Check out the letter below.




As you can see the letter reads:

Dear Sir,

No, you may not send us your verses and we will not give you the name of another publisher. We hate no rival publisher sufficiently to ask you to inflict them on him. The specimen poem is simply awful. In fact, we have never seen worse.

Yours faithfully,

Angus & Robertson LTD

Yours faithfully? That’s rough. But don’t worry because there’s some good news: Meyers actually ended up getting published:


And if you’re wondering the type of writer that Meyer was well here is a taste of it:


Um…OK…perhaps that publisher was right. I mean, Meyer did get a special historical mention in the 2001 Artscape Terribly Bad Verse & Awful Poetry Competition.




But hey, never give up on your dreams, folks.


Texting Woman Mistakenly Walks Into Parking Carousel And Gets Hit By A Car

Texting Woman Mistakenly Walks Into Parking Carousel And Gets Hit By A Car


By now, people with smartphones should know better than texting while doing something else, like driving or simply walking around. But unfortunately, some are still not aware of the dangers posed by this.


Biker Plays Chicken With Light Post And Loses

Biker Plays Chicken With Light Post And Loses



Always wear a helmet!


The 10 Biggest Movie Mistakes Of 2017

The 10 Biggest Movie Mistakes Of 2017

Beauty and the Beast

When Belle finds her father locked up she's holding her stick with one hand, then the angle changes and she's using both. We switch back and she's using one hand again.

Fast & Furious 8

Dom escapes his crew by crashing through a flower stall, leaving flowers and other debris on his car. Just seconds later we see his car again and it's pristine - it looks like it's just been washed.

Wonder Woman

As Diana is translating in the General's office, one of the buttons on her coat is undone/missing. As she approaches his desk, it's suddenly visible on her coat where it should be.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

When Spidey first interrupts the criminals on the ferry, there are 2 motorbikes behind him on the left. When he throws one of the bad guys around with a web, the bikes have moved to the right, along with the yellow markings they were on, showing the shot's been flipped. They then move back.


When Beverly is in the bathroom she puts out her cigarette on the cubicle wall using her right hand. The shot switches to overhead and she's now using her left.


Before crashing the limo into the fence, there are two bullet holes in the rear windscreen. Afterwards, there are five. Then from an inside shot as they start backing up, there are only two again.

John Wick: Chapter 2

After the motorcyclist crashes into John's car, in the wider shot all John's headlights are on, then as he gets out, all but one are off.


As the lone Spitfire trails and attacks the German bomber, he hits the right engine, which starts smoking but the trail quickly fades. He then hits the left, which smokes a lot. We then see the same attack from below, and from this angle the both engines are smoking equally badly.

The Circle

When Mercer tells Mae to look at these people, there are people seen filming them. Towards the left of shot are two people filming, with one slightly behind the other. When one of the people filming says why doesn't he just kill some more deer, that person filming is all on his own, with no-one else shown near him.


The red Ferrari moves 2 feet to the left after being pulled over.

13 Satisfying Times Phonies Got Busted Telling BS Lies

13 Satisfying Times Phonies Got Busted Telling BS Lies





48 Shamelessly Honest Tweets And Pics About The Struggles Of Marriage

48 Shamelessly Honest Tweets And Pics About the Struggles Of Marriage -









THIS IS NOT HOW YOU BACK UP A TRAILER - This Piggly Wiggly Truck Driver Gave No Fucks!

THIS IS NOT HOW YOU BACK UP A TRAILER - This Piggly Wiggly Truck Driver Gave No Fucks!

On meth, no sleep, driving for hours on end.  Could any of us give a fuck?


There Are Trains In The UK That Shouldn't Exist

There Are Trains In The UK That Shouldn't Exist -


There are many ghost trains in the UK, and the government is to blame.

12 Morons Who Believe They're Albert Einstein Reincarnate

12 Morons Who Believe They're Albert Einstein Reincarnate -


The internet makes it easy for people to feign genius since there's an endless pool of information that can be looked up in less than a minute.

But it's good to always remember, just because you know how to search for synonyms doesn't mean you're actually using the words correctly, nor does it make you sound remotely smart.

Don't let us discourage you to take pictures of "The Catcher and the Rye" so you can post it with a vintage filter on IG with the hashtag "#sosmartiputmydickinbooks".








15 of the Worst Things Teachers Have Ever Said At School

15 of the Worst Things Teachers Have Ever Said At School

Teachers hear a lot of shit coming from students, especially when they have to deal with angsty boner machines in high school.

But, on the rare occasion, a teacher will do a real big whoopsies and say something terrible in front of their students that can never be forgotten.

Too bad we can't give ol' teach a suspension or an entire week of after-school suspension.

1. bassolune has a trashy teacher:

When I was about 9 our teacher asked the class what we wanted to be when we grew up. One kid said he wanted to be a bin-man (a garbage man, for US readers?). The teacher went into a rant, saying that jobs like these were for the lowest, most unintelligent people in society, and that he should aspire to be better than that. Finally she asked why he wanted to be a bin-man anyway. "Because my dad's one", said the kid, by now in tears.

2. Rushton6 hears a proper roast:

I was at rugby practice and we were doing stretches and we were all lying on the ground and my friend has his head positioned​ close to my other friends crotch. My friend says quite loudly "it looks like you're about to suck my dick" when he realised that our coach (who is also a teacher at out school) heard him he started to apologize for swearing when our coach says "he wants a meal not a snack"

3. Ydocnosila knows a creep:

Male teacher was talking about the dress code to me and a friend of mine during lunch. He stated he doesn't like "seeing a bunch of fatties in short shorts" but then gestured towards a thin girl in short shorts walking up the step and said "but that.. That I don't mind"

4. Bageeka throws paper:

"Whoever threw that paper.... your mom's a hoe"

via shutterstock

5. wenwo16 learns a dark secret:

One day in a history class my professor (who is at least 80 years old) was talking about bed fellows in Victorian England, and was saying how common it was for men to sleep together. He used himself as an example and said that he used to sleep with his grandfather all the time as a child. After he said that, though, he looked at the ground and said to himself, audibly, "I still wonder to this day if he molested me..." Then he looked back at us, shrugged, and said, "Oh well, too late to know for sure now!" It was fascinating to see someone overcome deep-seated trauma so quickly.

6. aberrasian had a sadistic elementary school teacher:

"Congratulations, you're a marriage of dumbos made in heaven."

I had a teacher in elementary school who after every test would pick the lowest scoring girl and lowest scoring boy in the class and force them to hold hands, perform a brief marriage ceremony on them in front of the laughing class (without the kissing part obvs), and have all the other kids sing "Here comes the Bride".

Then she'd have the two kids sit together at the side of the classroom for rest of the lesson, and they weren't allowed to stop holding hands until bell rang.

The answer is yes. That did happen to me. Three weeks was about how long the teasing lasted, and six years was roughly how long me and the "groom" avoided speaking to each other after that out of residual humiliation.

Edit: This was around the early 00's. I'm not from the US, I didn't tell my parents, I honestly didn't think it was such a honking huge giant deal. Kids get punished all the time, right? I'm from a culture where teachers are considered authority figures to be respected, so no adult would have defended us (unless I was being physically hurt or something, probably).

I'm surprised so many of you are so outraged on my behalf! You're sweethearts. I'm not permanent scarred by this, just kinda salty. Can't speak for the other kids affected though, but after a days' worth of angry crying nobody seemed overly traumatised.

MOST IMPORTANT EDIT: Did it work? Were you a better student from then on? Did you studiously avoid getting the lowest grade in class?


7. troha304 is a thumb sucker:

This wasn't said directly to me but... In middle school I had a teacher grab me from the lunch table and drag me to the principals office. After grilling me for awhile and telling me I know what I did, they finally revealed to me that the teacher stated she witnessed me suggestively sucking my thumb while staring at a female friend of mine.

I was just biting my nail.

via shutterstock

8. wearethefreaks gets a lesson in alcoholism 101:

Used to have an alcoholic teacher who, when handing out textbooks, slammed one down in front of a larger boy in our class, pointed at him and said 'don't eat it.' Yeah the kid cried.

9. TrinixDMorrison's professor is racist af:

One of my college professor straight up said one day "From my experience, African American students tend to drop my class the most. It's probably too hard for them. Any of you notice how we haven't seen that one black chick who used to sit in the front row for weeks now?"

Guy was immediately shot down when the "black chick" raised her hand from the back row saying she'd been here the whole time; she just moved to the back row cuz that's where her boyfriend was sitting.

10. neekix witnesses a real facepalm:

Not really the worst but once in high school my teacher legitimately asked the blind girl in our class why she wasn't going up to check her grade on the grade sheet.

11. Tess_Mac's teacher has a heart of stone:

Age of 9, lost my father in a horrific accident. I returned to school a few days later and after attendance was taken the teacher said to me in front of the class "The class got together and sent flowers to your father's funeral, I paid your share so make sure you bring in $2 tommorow as I need to be paid back". She then went on with the lessons

(As many have asked what happened, I asked to see the school Nurse and was sent home. Once home I told my Mother. Returning to school 2 days later I never saw the teacher again. I don't know how my Mother handled it)

12. bloodbeardthepirate witnesses the end of a man's reputation:

My 8th grade science teacher would pick on this one girl in the front row. One time he was going to make a joke about her breath being so bad he could see it. Instead he said " I can see your breasts" to a 14 year old girl

13. SethPatton1999 sees a teacher give up:

Chemistry teacher that got annoyed easily with my class specifically: "alright fuck this, you're all going to fail this exam." People in my class would never shut up, and it was the last week of school so he was just done with us.

via shutterstock

14. crittybobitty gets a new daddy:

My history teacher called himself big daddy

15. RukusNZ experiences the cruelest teacher of them all:

"I know it's the last day of term but we will be working right up to the bell."

13 Knockoff Products That...Tried Their Best

13 Knockoff Products That...Tried Their Best

1. Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

via chris776x

2. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

via expertminecraft

3. Wow, so this is all it takes, huh?

via midDev7

4. Hope you have amazing gifts prime

via -breadstick-

5. New trailer for Infinity War looks good

via thatsfishy123

6. Also, make sure you stay after the credits of Infinity War to catch

via Kartoffln

7. M'pizza

via Fishooked

8. Lawsuits are the least of your concerns Movie Stop, you opened a movie store

via the1gameaddict

9. Honestly, this is better than Tic Tacs

via PM_M_P_C_U

10. Gmail brand soap: Remove The Spam From Your Body™

via LeQuack42

11. *chef kiss*

via Efto

12. Ah, my Monica is involving into a Chandler

via AndreMcCloud

13. Go ahead kids, build yuh bear

via yettie_master_365



Guy Sends His Mom A Photo Of His Girlfriend, Forgets Naughty Things Are Clearly Visible

Guy Sends His Mom A Photo Of His Girlfriend, Forgets Naughty Things Are Clearly Visible


If you’re going to send a photo of your girlfriend to your mom for some reason, you better make sure that there is absolutely nothing in the photo that will make everyone cringe and consider not talking to each other for months. I’m telling you this because now 22-year-old Maison Vallance has that problem.

Maison, from Tennessee, was asked by his mom to look for a certain tee she had given to him in the past. When Maison found it, he decided to send her a photo of the shirt, but with his girlfriend, Meghan posing with it. Mason even shared it with Twitter.

Have a look.




Only one problem. There are ropes attached to the headboard and Maison realized his mistake soon after.







Then again, did Maison really send this photo to his mom like he claims, or did he just want to prove to the world that he has sex? Who knows. Although it’s tough not to lean towards the latter with the way folks on social media act these days.

That said, Maison:


11 Dumb Tweets That Scream Alarming Levels Of Stupidity

11 Dumb Tweets That Scream Alarming Levels Of Stupidity

For the sake of humanity itself, we hope these morons are kidding.



I'm … Batman?



10 Predictions That Sci Fi Got Hilariously Wrong

10 Predictions That Sci Fi Got Hilariously Wrong

There are plenty of sci-fi movies that have inspired the creation of some of the most innovative inventions of all time. These however are 10 examples of where sci-fi hasn't exactly predicted the future accurately.

Legalizing Marijuana Could Lead To A Communist Revolution In Canada

Legalizing Marijuana Could Lead To A Communist Revolution In Canada

Jason Kenney’s culture and tourism critic says legalizing marijuana could have ‘astronomical’ consequences


Alberta Conservative MLA Ron Orr is worried that legalizing marijuana could send Canada down a slippery slope into communism.

Standing in the Alberta legislature Wednesday to denounce the legalization of cannabis, the culture and tourism critic for Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party said “smoking marijuana” has become a “fashionable, refined pastime amongst the young.”

And the Alberta lawmaker warned the “human, social cost of this is going to be astronomical,” but “nobody’s taken a moment to think about it.”



Orr, apparently, has thought about the recreational use of marijuana and he sees a “direct historical connection” with the use of opium in “seventeenth century China,” observing opium “was just a flower, and it was smoked, just like marijuana was smoked.”

As Orr went on to argue, the “historical parallels” should be cause for alarm when thinking about legalizing marijuana, because the opium trade led to “a number of serious wars” and set the stage for “the Chinese Cultural Revolution under the communists,” a road he says he’s “not really willing to go down”:

“Their whole society was so broken down and debilitated by it that it contributed to the Chinese Cultural Revolution under the communists, the execution of thousands of people, dealers were executed, fields were plowed under and planted with real food and I, for one, am not really willing to go down this road. The human tragedy of what’s going to happen with this has yet to be revealed. Yes, opium smoking, like marijuana, was a fashionable refined pastime especially among the young – but I’ll tell you something, it doesn’t lead to the good life. It’s an escape.”

34 Married People Share Suspicious Things They Found On Spouses Phones That Ended Up Being Innocent

34 Married People Share Suspicious Things They Found On Spouses Phones That Ended Up Being Innocent

10 Of The World’s Most Ridiculous Lawsuits

10 Of The World’s Most Ridiculous Lawsuits



When we think of lawsuits, many of us picture attorneys in expensive power suits trying their cases in solemn courtrooms. It all seems so serious, with dramatic issues of justice on the line.

Then there are the less serious cases. We’ve all heard about the ridiculous incident where a man tried to sue Red Bull for false marketing after he discovered that the energy drink did not give him wings. Not surprisingly, he claimed that the drink had not enhanced his physical or intellectual prowess, either, even after a decade of gulping it down.

Here are 10 more ridiculous cases that have clogged the justice system over the years.

10 Sperm Theft

In 1998, a man from Albuquerque filed a lawsuit against his former girlfriend for impregnating herself without his consent. Plaintiff Peter Wallis accused defendant Kellie Smith of fraud and breach of contract for “intentionally acquiring and misusing his sperm.”

According to Wallis, Smith had given her word that she would use the Pill. Then she intentionally stopped taking it to have his baby. This resulted in Wallis being the father of a baby without his knowledge or consent to the plan. His plea for money was based on the grounds that he would have to pay the expenses to support a child whom he did not want.

On the defendant’s side, lawyers argued that Smith could not have “stolen” the sperm because it was transferred during a voluntary act. Therefore, it should be legally classed as a gift and Wallis no longer had any right of possession.

Upon hearing of the pregnancy, Wallis proposed to Smith and requested that she get an abortion.[1] However, Smith declined both offers and moved in with her parents instead. Contrary to Wallis’s argument that women have all the choices and that it wasn’t fair for him to have to pay up, Smith was within her rights with both rejections and therefore won the case.

9 McDonald’s Under Heat

In 1992, 79-year-old Albuquerque resident Stella Liebeck was a passenger in her grandson’s car when they ordered coffee at a local McDonald’s drive-through window. The coffee was served in a Styrofoam cup with a plastic lid. Liebeck attempted to remove the lid so that she could add cream and sugar to her beverage.

She placed the coffee cup between her knees and peeled at the lid, which resulted in the contents of the cup being spilled on her lap. Unfortunately, the situation was made worse by her attire as her sweatpants absorbed the boiling hot coffee, held it against her skin, and worsened the burns. She suffered third-degree burns on her inner thighs and was hospitalized for eight days while she underwent skin graft procedures.

Upon filing the lawsuit against McDonald’s, Liebeck wished to settle for $20,000 to cover her medical expenses and lost income for her daughter (who took time off from work to care for Liebeck). However, McDonald’s refused the offer. The case unveiled a previous 700 claims over burns from the coffee between 1982 and 1992, some of which also included third-degree burns.[2]

Liebeck’s lawyers used this to prove that the organization was aware of the risks of the temperature of their coffee and tried to sue further for negligence. At the conclusion of the case, the jury awarded Liebeck $160,000 in compensatory damages and $2.7 million in punitive damages. The punitive damages were later reduced to $480,000 after information was given that the temperature of the coffee had been recorded wrong.

8 Godly Powers

In 2005, Minnesota resident Christopher Roller sued illusionist David Copperfield for $50 million. Roller was convinced that he was God, and the acts of several magicians led him to honestly believe that they were stealing his powers and improperly using them to perform magic.

During the dispute, Roller addressed reporters to inform them that he would withdraw the lawsuit if Copperfield could prove how he performed his magic without using the powers of God.[3]

Following the dismissal of his lawsuit, Roller applied for a patent for exclusive rights to the use of godly powers on Earth. He argued that he is a god entity and that others have been receiving unethical financial gains from the use of his powers.

The former US Navy nuclear engineer stated in his application that he realized the potential of his supernatural gift when he noticed millions of spirits entering his soul in 1999. Obviously, the patent application was rejected.

7 Victoria’s Secret

In 2008, 52-year-old Macrida Patterson, who was employed by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, filed a lawsuit against retail giant Victoria’s Secret. The story behind her case is that she suffered damage to her eye after a metal fastener snapped off a thong and scratched her cornea, causing an injury that did not require surgery.

The plaintiff argued that she was using the product as intended by the defendants. However, there was debate about a sizing issue and the fact that the product had been worn and laundered several times.[4]

Patterson’s attorney said that the injury would affect his client for the rest of her life. Although Patterson sought compensation of at least $25,000 for lost wages, medical expenses, and damages, her lawyer stated that the case was not about money but about making retailers aware that they are accountable for the products they sell.

6 The Work Is Too Boring

In a 2016 case, Frenchman Frederic Desnard filed a case against his former employer for 360,000 euros after using the phrases “descent into hell” and “nightmare” to describe his boredom levels at work. The defendant was French perfumer Interparfums where Desnard was an employee for eight years before apparently being forced out of his job by increased levels of boredom.

He believes that the company intentionally cast him aside after losing a major contract. Then, after seven months’ sick leave for health issues like epilepsy and ulcers, he was fired.[5]

The case went on to include workplace harassment by Desnard’s superiors, including name-calling and insulting duties like picking up their kids from school. Desnard’s lawyer stated that “bore-out” is considered harassment and that the company should be required to pay for any mental torment caused to their employee.

The case was finally considered by a labor tribunal in Paris. Although they were supposed to issue a decision on July 27, 2016, they set the case for a new hearing instead.

5 False Weather Prediction

Ever been in one of those situations where you’re really looking forward to a day off that has been forecast to be sunny—and then it rains? An Israeli woman had this unfortunate experience, too.

However, instead of moving on with her day, she filed a lawsuit against the TV weatherman for malpractice. After hearing the weather prediction of a sunny day, the plaintiff dressed lightly. She got caught in a storm, contracted the flu, missed four days of work, and forked out $38 on medication.

For compensation, she sued for $1,000 dollars due to added stress. She also demanded an apology from weatherman Danny Rup. The TV station settled out of court and paid the woman $1,000. Oh, and Rup apologized.[6]

4 Smelly Feet

In 1999, Netherlands student Teunis Tenbrook was expelled from Erasmus University due to the smell of his feet. No joke. He was removed from the institution on the grounds that the smell of his feet prevented students and teachers from focusing and they could no longer be around him.[7]

Tenbrook, who had been studying philosophy at the time of the incident, filed a lawsuit against the learning institution so that he could be reinstated. After a 10-year fight in court, the judge ruled that the university had to reinstate the student and learn to deal with the issue of his smelly feet. No word on whether he ever graduated.

3 Radio Station Prank

Photo credit: OSX

In 2000, Catherine McGowan, single mother and manager of a local videoshop, called up a radio station to enter a contest that offered a brand-new Renault Clio as a prize. Little did she know that her prize was actually a toy model of the car, which left her infuriated and humiliated. So McGowan sued the radio station.

As a result of the lawsuit, Chris Constantine, the radio DJ behind the stunt, was sacked for breaching the station’s governing rules that competition should be conducted ethically. The station manager then contacted reporters to admit that McGowan had been incorrectly led to believe that the competition was legit.

Luckily for McGowan, she won the case and was awarded enough money to buy a real, brand-new Renault Clio.[8]

2 Too Scary Halloween

Every year, thousands of people cross the world to attend Universal Studios’ famous Halloween Horror Night. They expect fear, thrills, and excitement to be thrown their way. In 1998, Cleanthi Peters, however, was not ready for the fright she received, later claiming that she was assaulted by a chainsaw-wielding maniac.

She filed a lawsuit against Universal Studios for emotional and physical damage caused by one of their haunted houses, which she had attended with her 10-year-old granddaughter. After receiving a fright from the chainsaw-wielding man, the duo fled to the exit. Both slipped on the floor, which was moist from a mist used by Universal to cool visitors after their trip though the horror house.[9]

The suit demanded over $15,000 dollars for unspecified injuries and mental trauma. Universal settled out of court.

1 Dangerous Nike Weapon

Photo credit: oregonlive.com

A judge was made to formally dismiss a $100 million lawsuit in which convict Sirgiorgio Sanford Clardy claimed that Nike should have warned him that his Air Jordans were a dangerous weapon in disguise. Clardy was given a 100-year prison sentence after stomping on the face of a man outside a Portland motel. The victim required stitches and plastic surgery on his nose as a result of the incident.

Clardy then made international headlines when he filed a suit to shift the responsibility for his attack on Nike for their alleged failure to warn him of the shoes’ dangers. The 24-minute hearing included a short response from Nike’s attorneys. They explained that there was no defect in the shoes and no danger of causing such grievous bodily harm if the sneakers were used as intended.

The judge denied Clardy a free attorney because it was a civil lawsuit. Eventually, the judge also had to ask Clardy to be quiet so that he could make a judgment. Although Nike obviously won the case, records show that they spent over $1,400 in court fees.[10]

15 'Justice League' Questions I Can't Stop Thinking About

15 'Justice League' Questions I Can't Stop Thinking About

We just saw the release of Justice League - the culmination to the first act of the DC Film Universe, bringing together all of the primary heroes that will go on to continue building out DC's slate from here on. The only problem is that, uh, it's not being too well-received by the box office. And while it's largely being blamed on the poor reception of the heavily-hyped Batman v. Superman, that's a little unfortunate, since this film is a much less grim 'n tedious affair.

Still, we have questions about it. A LOT OF QUESTIONS...

1. Are they saying Superman prevented harassment and homelessness?

There's an opening montage in Justice League meant to show us the cost of Superman's sacrifice at the end of Batman v. Superman and the effect his absence has had on Metropolis and the world at large - harassment and crime are up, homeless is up, and generally everyone feels a little more hopeless (so hopeless, that 'Everybody Knows' by Sigrid plays). Except, I honestly have no idea what in the world any of this is in reference to - Superman was BARELY a symbol of hope between Man of Steel and BvS - by BvS, there were a huge amount of people who felt Superman bore some of the responsibility for bringing Zod and his followers to Earth (and the resulting destruction of like fifty 9/11s they wrought) and even more who felt that he was an alien element who was not to be trusted. Hell, they spent a good portion of the film showing that people sincerely believed Superman was gunning down African villages (with "experimental bullets") and blowing up Congress! How was THAT a symbol of hope?!

Beyond that - the montage seems to indicate that all of these bad things are happening because Superman isn't around anymore. WHAT?! Superman's absence is leading to homelessness and crime?! In Batman v. Superman (the last time Superman was an active presence) there was sex trafficking, wanton gang violence, AND plenty of poverty to go around. Superman's existence wasn't doing THAT MUCH to stop these malignant societal issues - so why is the movie pretending his absence has anything to do with them?

2. Wait - so the Parademons are wandering around Gotham, randomly attacking anyone who's "afraid"? But also kidnapping employees of STAR Labs?

The introduction to Batman in the film - involving him using a criminal as bait for parademons - is actually pretty cool, until you consider what the film is implying: the Parademons are just wandering around, totally aimlessly, randomly attacking anyone who "shows fear"?WHAT?! Given Steppenwolf seemingly dispatched them without ANY idea of where the Mother Box entrusted to mankind is hidden (it's in Metropolis, but we see at least one in Gotham) and one attacks the criminal Batman dangles over the building, they're just randomly attacking anyone who is afraid?

But also - they're expliciting targeting employees of STAR Labs?! So, they DO have fairly explicit instructions of who to target and why, but are also attacking random fearful individuals in random cities (the Mother Box they're after is in a different city)? Frankly, I think Steppenwolf needs to get his minions in line.

3. Batman discovers there are aliens invading Gotham - so he immediately takes a two-week trip to Newfoundland to ask a guy who's good at swimming to help him?

"Ah, bug-aliens have invaded my home city and are randomly attacking anyone who is afraid. Better abscond for several weeks, grow a beard, and try to make fishman help me out. No, I have no idea why having a fishman on my team would help with this bug-alien invasion thing, but....seems like a good idea to totally abandon Gotham for several weeks, regardless."

4. The only Mother Box Steppenwolf can't IMMEDIATELY find is one in a closet in an apartment - mayyyybe the Atlanteans and the Amazons shouldn't have placed their Mother Boxes in elaborate special rooms with them on pedestals?

"Ahhhh hey, we have these incredibly important artifacts, and this helmeted axe-guy really wants them. Better keep them in insanely obvious locations that he can easily teleport to (by the way, he can totally teleport with these things called 'boom tubes') and not hide them in any way."

5. Why did Steppenwolf wait until NOW to attack Earth? Why not during ANY PERIOD OF TIME BEFORE SUPERMAN CAME AROUND?

The general explanation for why Steppenwolf chose this moment to attack Earth again was that there were "no Kryptonians" or other protectors, and because fear was at an all-time high (due to Superman's absence). The problem with this thinking is: a) there were also no Kryptonians for the ENTIRE period between his last invasion and 35 years ago (or whenever Superman landed in Kansas), and b) "worldwide fear" is kinda a broad, relative topic, but like...World War II mighta been a pretty fearful time for folks, given it was the largest war ever waged and entered us into the nuclear age. Just saying, Steppenwolf, if you woulda attacked then, you would have had no Kryptonians OR superfast nerds OR robot-football players OR extremely rich furries to deal with (still woulda had to deal with Atlanteans and/or Amazonians though, presumably).

6. What was the point of keeping the Mother Boxes if they weren't going to use them? Why not just DESTROY THE EVIL BOXES THE GIANT AXE MAN DESPERATELY WANTS?

Here's the thing - I'm almost certain the underexplanation of the Mother Boxes is a result of the 2-hour runtime, since there seems to be a LOT MORE going on with them than the movie bothers to explain. Why does Steppenwolf keep referring to them simply as "mother"? Why does he tell Hippolyta that she will love him once the Mother Boxes are reunited? And - most importantly - since NONE of the races that fought to stop Steppenwolf's initial run at the Mother Boxes have bothered to DO anything with them? WHY IS EVERYONE JUST HANGING ONTO THEM?!

It never makes sense why each race didn't DESTROY their respective Mother Box - they serve NO value to any race, and just prove a constant liability in case Steppenwolf returns. If they were serving as a source of power or something, I'd get it - BUT THEY DON'T. They're just lures for a giant CGI axe-man to pop into your world and mess up your shit.

Destroy that shit. Or, uh, hide it in an apartment, which makes them extremely hard to find, for some reason.

7. Why was that Russian family storyline in the movie AT ALL?

To give the audience some semblance of a POV to Steppenwolf's decision to take over some random abandoned Russian nuclear facility as his home base, we are introduced to a Russian family hiding in their tiny home from the swarms of Parademons outside. And what does this plotline, introduced relatively early in the film, lead to?


All that happens is that they continue to hide, eventually leave their home, and their truck stalls a bit - so Barry saves them. That's it. They're supposed to provide some actual faces to the potential victims of Steppenwolf's scheme, but wind up feeling totally extraneous - especially in a movie that's only 2 hours long and lost some SEEMINGLY IMPORTANT PLOT-RELATED SCENES...just to allow 6 minutes dedicated solely to this random family who don't do anything important.

Semi-related question: why were the Parademons unable to break into their rickety, old house? Not even break through the windows? We saw Parademons tear apart the friggin' Batmobile!



9. Why did JK Simmons get hyper jacked to show up in two scenes where he was wearing a full suit and overcoat?

One of the bigger disappointments in this film is how underutilized JK Simmons is. Not only one of the most compelling character actors of our time, he's also possibly THE GREATEST character actor to ever be in a superhero film, with his spot-on perfect turn as J. Jonah Jameson in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films - a performance so daunting and flawless that no other Spider-Man movie has since even bothered to try recasting the role.

So the thought of JK Simmons taking on a grizzled and weathered Commissioner Gordon was pretty exciting - especially when he started releasing pics of him getting HYPER-JACKED for the role. Was Gordon going to be getting into some of the fighting? Was he going to get heavily involved in the story?

Nope. In fact, he's barely in the film - with a few brief scenes on a rooftop to give the crew some exposition and nothing more. Hopefully he'll have more to do in an eventual Batman solo film, because I WANT TO SEE JACKED COMMISSIONER GORDON.

10. Why didn't Bruce Wayne help out Martha (Kent) BEFORE the bank foreclosed on her farm?! Also, why didn't he just pay off her mortgage or purchase her property back - why did he have to buy the entire bank?!

Bruce Wayne keeps tabs on everything - the entirety of Gotham, various meta-humans he hasn't even met yet, and everyone in between. So, one would assume he'd keep an eye out for MARTHAAAA (sorry) Kent, his sorta-friend's mom whose life he saved and who would presumably mean a great deal to him (as someone still entirely unable to get over the grief of his own parents' death). We saw pretty clearly in BvS that moms named Martha are very important to Bruce - so how did he not know the bank was foreclosing on the Kent Farm?

As Gotham's richest playboy vigilante, it wouldn't have been a huge deal for him to casually pay off the bank without Martha ever having to know about it. Hell, you'd think he'd be visiting her pretty regularly to talk about Clark and make sure she's okay, since this iteration of Bruce has basically no one else to commiserate with on the matter (except Alfred). Thankfully, he does eventually help her out - by buying the bank that was foreclosing on her and undoing that. Which...is a little extreme. Probably coulda just gotten her property back and called it a day and not spent several billion dollars (and insane amount of paperwork and meetings) to accomplish the same thing.

11. Why was the League's first instinct after getting beaten one time to RESURRECT A DEAD KRYPTONIAN?! That exact thing happened in Batman v. Superman and IT WENT VERY POORLY. THERE IS SO MUCH PRECEDENT FOR NOT DOING THIS.

Listen, I know Lex did some funky stuff with adding his blood to the Genesis Chamber and finding some info on Kryptonian genetic modification, but the resurrection of General Zod (and his rebirth as Doomsday) serves as literally the ONLY point of reference to Batman and the rest of the League. To IMMEDIATELY think bringing Superman's corpse back to life in the Genesis Chamber as the ONLY OPTION feels...a little short-sighted. The movie addresses this (both Aquaman and Flash seem hesitant, with some explicit Pet Sematary references), but goes on with it anyways AND HAS IT TURN OUT OKAY. Which is REAL lucky for them, because it's more than a little weird we saw a totally 100% dead person come back to life and have their brain still working fine.

Note: I know that Superman showed signs of not being dead at the end of BvS, with the dirt shaking and rising - but that now seems....completely irrelevant? Almost like just a random red herring - making us think Superman was just in a bigtime coma and needed the sun to re-energize him again to bring him back to 100% (ya know...like in the comic version of Death of Superman). Here, it now just looks like he was straight up dead, but not decaying, and that's it.

12. Speaking of - why is that Kryptonian ship still in the middle of Metropolis?

Uhhh miiiight be time to move that weird alien ship from the MIDDLE OF THE CITY. You'd think after a giant raging monster came out of it last time, city officials would be like "yeah, we should move this to the uninhabited island not far away" or something. Because, ya know, THE EXACT SAME THING ALMOST HAPPENS AGAIN HERE (and who knows what Evil Confused Resurrected Clark would have done if Lois hadn't showed up).



14. How did Superman know to go to the random Russian nuclear power plant village?

So after a messy resurrection and a little squabble with Batman, Clark gets calmed down and decides to chill at the ol' Kent Farm for a bit to get his bearings on the whole "being alive again" thing. He's pretty jovial and chill, especially for someone who has seen the other side of existence and also has an insanely messed up upper lip - but Lois tells him that there's another end of the world scenario playing out, and Clark's like "well, guess I'd better go help with all that." And then...he does, arriving in Russia in the nick of time to help wallop Steppenwolf.

But how the hell did he know where to go? No one left him instructions or directions or even the mildest inkling of where they'd be heading or why. And before you say "superhearing and supersight" or whatever, keep in mind that ONE MOVIE AGO Superman was completely unable to find his own mother in a 5 mile radius.


Here's the thing - I think I really liked the new take on Superman presented in this movie(outside of his mildly evil confused undead state). He's jokey, jovial, dad-like and HE'S SMILING. He's the kind of confident good guy that makes Superman such a timeless and wonderful character - and one that Henry Cavill seems great at playing, despite the previous movies making him into some grim cynical uncertain bore.

I prefaced all of that with "I think..." because it was SO HARD to watch most of his scenes when his upper lip was so noticeably messed up in practically EVERY SCENE HE WAS IN. I understand there were some unavoidable issues that Warner Bros. couldn't get past - Paramount was forcing him to keep his mustache during reshoots due to his commitment to Mission: Impossible 6, so WB figured they could just CG it out and no one would notice. The problem is that it's impossible not to notice - it's your standard uncanny valley nightmarefuel, and it detracts from every scene involving Superman.

The really weird thing is that they had the PERFECT WAY TO AVOID THIS - give Superman a beard. A big deal is made out of his body not decaying despite his death, so why not just have his beard and hair continue to grow? That way he can keep his mustache, WB can save money on last minute special effects, and it's not a horrifying weird uncomfortable experience every time Superman smiles. It's baffling they thought this key character in their $300 million tentpole franchise climax could look like this and it would be okay.

BONUS QUESTION: What's the deal with Flash's weird run?

I'm not alone in this, right? Flash's run (primarily thinking of the one from the closing montage) looks EXTREMELY WEIRD - like he's just flailing his limbs aimlessly. It almost looks like someone making fun of the track team by miming a bad running form and yelling "Ooo! Look at me! I like running FOR FUN!"

Only Warner Bros. could spend several million dollars just to make one of their most timeless characters look like the QWOP guy.

10 Idiots That Misdiagnosed Themselves Spectacularly Wrong

10 Idiots That Misdiagnosed Themselves Spectacularly Wrong

Find some peace of mind in these displays of utter stupidity. There's a whole lot of reasons that doctors are doctors....so don't go trying to be one on yourself....unless you are.

10 People Share The Worst Gifts They Ever Received

10 People Share The Worst Gifts They Ever Received




Top 10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos

Top 10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos

Gotta dislike them videos RIGHT NOW














7 Big Movie Franchises That Never Happened

7 Big Movie Franchises That Never Happened

There are few things Hollywood loves more than a safe bet. Franchise money is safe money, even when critics and audiences alike are fighting against the dreaded franchise fatigue. Even Transformers has started to bring in a few million dollars less than Paramount would like. But a lot of franchises don't get as far in as their fourth sequel. Some don't even make it past the first entry.

For every successful franchise like a Transformers or a Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's a handful of potential blockbusters that stalled at the gate. Maybe the box office didn't take off the way the studio wanted; maybe there was drama behind the scenes; maybe critics and audiences just didn't bite (And sometimes, they keep going despite all that). In the wake of Universal's Dark Universe slowly collapsing in on itself, here are eight different franchises that didn't even make it off the ground.

1. The Golden Compass

Armored polar bears helping defend orphans from goblins? The Golden Compass sounds like every fantasy lover's dream on paper. The production was extremely troubled from the start, with delays caused by directors coming and going and a hefty budget of $180 million. The original plan was to film the following two books in Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, but a disappointing box office (only $70 million domestically) ended talks pretty quickly.

Even considering the movie's massive $300 million+ internatonal haul, the international rights were sold to help fund the movie, which resulted in New Line losing a ton of money and eventually merging with Warner Bros. Pictures. So we'll never get to see what happened with all those polar bears.

2. Ender's Game

Orson Scott Card's sci-fi classic finally came to the big screen back in 2013. A story of children tricked into playing war games by their military academy teachers is a milestone in the genre, one that many people - including Card himself - didn't think would make it to the big screen. He cracked and eventually drafted a screenplay that turned into a star vehicle for Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, and Viola Davis.

It cost upwards of $110 million to make and grossed almost half that ($61 million) in the states. On top of the terrible box office, there were boycotts surrounding Card's opposition to gay marriage and financial support of vocal anti-gay organizations. A sequel based on the book Ender's Shadow was supposed to be filmed back-to-back, but the budget was too small.

3. The Lone Ranger

Oof, where to start with this one? Disney started work on this adaptation in 2008, but production came to a screching halt in 2011 when they went over budget. Production started again in 2012, with Armie Hammer set to play the title character and Johnny Depp to portray Tonto. By the time the film saw the light of day in 2013, its budget was $250 million and it barely managed to make $10 million more than that with its domestic and international total combined.

Critics ripped the film apart and the audiences that did show up to see it weren't much nicer. There was also much controversey around the fact that Depp, who is very white, was playing the Native American character Tonto. A bad movie that went overbudget and had racism front and center? Talk about a triple whammy.

4. Green Lantern

The DC Extended Universe is still struggling to get off the ground, but it was only a few years ago when things were a lot worse. 2011 saw one of the worst films - superhero or otherwise - of all time in Green Lantern, which starred Ryan Reynolds in an awful Green Lantern suit.

It grossed $116 million in the US on a $200 million budget and recouped just enough globally to not be a complete bust. Green Lantern was originally meant to be the start of a trilogy and the catalyst to the DC Extended Universe, but the extreme negative response to the film kept it buried in the back of comic and movie fans' minds for the last six years.

5. I Am Number Four

Imagine Transformers but with magic alien teenagers instead of giant robots and you've basically got a read on I Am Number Four. It's based on the first book of the Lorien Legacies series about a race of superpowered aliens on the run from mercenaries on planet Earth and starred Alex Pettyfer, Teresa Palmer, and Timothy Olyphant.

It cost $50 million to make and brought in $150 million globally and the studio decided against making more because they found the take disappointing. Considering the saturation of movies based on young adult novels at the time, this isn't that much of a surprise. People were angsted out.  

6. John Carter

John Carter is a book series that inspired a ton of pop culture across the 20th century, so expectations were high when Disney annonced a film adaptation. Taylor Kitsch was cast as the titular Carter, a Civil War vet teleported to the surface of Mars who becomes a superhero of sorts. That template alone laid the groundwork for characters like Superman, but unfortunately the movie just didn't catch on.

The film grossed $72 million in the US, a fraction of the $263 million budget. Disney planned on adapting more books in the series, but any chance floated away after that box office take.

7. Jumper

Hayden Christensen's role as Darth Vader in the Star Wars prequels made him one of the hottest actors on the planet at one point. He was snatched up for the lead role in Jumper very quickly, a story about a group of people who could teleport across the planet being chased by a group of religious zelots. It has all the trappings of a potential sci-fi franchise...until it wasn't. Samuel L. Jackson wthi snow white hair wasn't enough, I guess.

It barely made its $85 million budget back in the US but grossed over $200 million around the world, so even if the execution was a little off, people were expecting a sequel. Even Christensen himself was interested in returning, but it just never happened. It's probably better this way so we don't have to see how Jackson starved to death in that hole on the side of the mountain.

15 Idiots Plaguing Facebook With Alarming Levels Of Stupidity

15 Idiots Plaguing Facebook With Alarming Levels Of Stupidity

These people would be best served steering as far clear as possible from any social media usage.

Facebook Bans Artist’s Christmas Cards Because Birds Are Too Sexy

Facebook Bans Artist’s Christmas Cards Because Birds Are Too Sexy -



Facebook has been known to block a lot of things, but a pack of Christmas cards featuring a robin redbreast because of its “sexual” and “adult” nature? That’s a whole new level of pitiful.

An artist from Scotland named Jackie Charley made a post on her Facebook page featuring multiple works of hers she was offering to sell for Christmas cards. She said she could “not stop laughing” when she found out Facebook immediately blocked her post.

Here’s the disgusting artwork in question.

A cute squirrel hunting for nuts.


A stag with an impressive rack.


And a robin redbreast.



But Facebook blocked the aforementioned paintings, labeling them as “adult” items.

Via her Facebook page, Charley said she was sent the following message from FB: “It looks like we didn’t approve your item because we don’t allow the sale of adult items or services (e.g. sexual enhancement items or adult videos).”

Charley said the move had left her mystified, as she could not understand why the paintings were considered inappropriate.

She said: “There’s obviously nothing in the images themselves which is inappropriate. Similarly, there were no ‘trigger’ words used in the cards’ descriptions that I’m aware of. For instance, the robin card was simply called ‘Robin’, not ‘Robin Redbreast’ as some people have wondered.


Hilariously, Facebook has blocked my Christmas cards from becoming a product in my shop due to their shameful, sexual nature! ?

"It looks like we didn't approve your item because we don't allow the sale of adult items or services (e.g. sexual enhancement items or adult videos)."

Please judge for yourself! ? (Can't stop laughing!) 


Charley never heard back from Facebook but their gaffe has since led to a lifting of their initial ban.

Charley is now selling the paintings on her Etsy page. And we can only assume this little blunder will only exponentially help her business.


Be careful with posting those nativity scenes this year, folks!


18 Of The Funniest Thanksgiving Fail Gifs

18 Of The Funniest Thanksgiving Fail Gifs







Some confused netizens took to social media to mourn the death of “Beautiful People” singer Marilyn Manson. The problem with their bereavement was that the singer hadn’t died. Rather, it was notorious cult leader and mass murderer Charles Manson.

The misunderstanding between Marilyn Manson and Charles Manson, who was imprisoned in 1971 for orchestrating the 1969 deaths of seven people, likely stemmed from the rocker’s stage name. Marilyn Manson, whose birth name is Brian Warner, blended the names of actress Marilyn Monroe and the serial killer to create his public persona.

But some people missed the distinction. “RIP Marilyn Manson” became a top-trending Twitter topic on Sunday.



Trolls slammed people who confused Marilyn Manson for the infamous cult leader.




Marilyn Manson has been making music since 1989 and has been a fixture of the alternative scene since releasing his second album, Antichrist Superstar, in 1996. But it was the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado that brought him mainstream attention. He was widely blamed for that school shooting when it was revealed that killers Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, who killed 13 people, were supposedly fans of Manson’s music, and politicians conducted a modern-day witch hunt against the star.

Marilyn Manson gave a famous response when he was asked what he would say to the students at Columbine. “I wouldn’t say a single word to them,” the singer answered. “I would listen to what they have to say. And that’s what no one did.”

The rocker claimed the shooting ruined his career and denied that his music influenced the killers. “If [the Columbine killers] had just bought my records, they would be better off. Certain people blame me for the shootings at schools—I think my numbers are low, and hopefully they go up on this record,” he said in a September interview with the Guardian. “That’s going to be a great pullquote for you. But, honestly, the Columbine era destroyed my entire career at the time.”


Marilyn Manson did not immediately respond to the people confusing him for Charles Manson.

Charles Manson, the true killer, died of natural causes on Sunday. He was given the death sentence in 1971; when that was deemed unconstitutional, he was sentenced to nine consecutive life sentences.

The sister of Sharon Tate, the actress who was killed by the "Manson Family" when she was eight and a half months pregnant, responded to Manson’s death. “I said a prayer for his soul,” Debra told People magazine on Monday.

Debra didn’t hold a grudge against Manson or his followers Tex Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten and Susan Atkins, all of whom were sentenced to life in prison. “Each one of these people and myself now have our spirits or our wills slightly entangled,” she said. Atkins died from cancer in 2009.


12 People Admit The Dumb Things Social Anxiety Made Them Do

12 People Admit The Dumb Things Social Anxiety Made Them Do

Living with social anxiety can be an exhausting endeavor. Even the simplest of tasks can become a stressful chore that you'll want to avoid for eternity. These 12 people know the struggle and attempted to alleviate some of their anxiety by sharing some of their most ridiculous, anxiety-fueled stories.

1. suarezj9 -- ONE LARGE DAY PLEASE

I was at a chipotle. The girl asked me how my day had been. I said "large please" because I got confused and thought she was asking what size I wanted. Then she asked if I wanted white rice or the other rice they had and I said "yes!"


2. trialobite -- So elaborate. Really helps you feel the awkward.

The other day at my small office I went to the bathroom to fix my shirt which I had worn inside out. When I went into the stall the bathroom was empty. As I flipped my shirt around someone walked into the stall next to me. I also used some toilet paper to wipe my nose (slight cold) and dropped the paper in the bowl. This triggered the auto flush sensor and it flushed. My predicament began when I realized I also had to pee, but since I had already used TP and flushed my twisted mind decided this would seem really weird to the person next door. "Why would someone use the bathroom, flush... and then stand up and pee again?" said no one ever... But I couldn't, they might recognize my shoes and know who I was.

So instead I hatched a clever deception. I left the stall and washed my hands to seem normal, despite that I hadn't even used ths bathroom. After drying I walked loudly to the exit and opened the door into the hall, then I said "oh excuse me" like I had accidentally bumped into someone else coming in, and walked right back in. I made sure to change the sound of my footsteps walking more quietly so that stall-man would think I was a different person and not some freak playing bathroom charades. Then I went to the urinal and peed and then washed my hands again, using the farthest sink so he couldn't spot my shoes.


3. deegates -- And you know what, it's probably gonna happen again next week.

Oh boy, my stomach is sinking as I recall this.

I did this twice in one week, by the way. I went over to my friend's house and when his dad opened the door and said, "Welcome!" I replied with "yes, welcome."


4. rakhira -- Technically you were.

Driving to a party, sat outside of it in my car the entire time, left. Next day, said I was there.


5. gametycoon -- A Pizza Pope. Now there's a religion I could get behind.

I'm from Ireland (a Catholic enough country). I deliver pizzas and one night a women said "god be with you" as I was walking away and I stumbled over my words and said "peace be upon you" like the fecking pizza Pope. Cringed pretty hard walking away as she just looked at me. Edit: toppings be upon you my children .


6. Chumbolex -- All friendships start somewhere.

After work, I decide to get a beer at a bar. I teach night classes on a side of town I'm not used to, so I go into random sports bar and I sit alone. I do not watch most sports. Later...

Me (in my mind): it's getting late. I should go home.

Random guy: hey, this Texans game is good! Can't believe (something footbally happened)

Me (pretending to know football stuff): yeah, these dudes are dope! The Texans are in for some trouble if they mess up!

Guy: FINALLY! Someone on my side!!

The guy buys me beer. We are now best friends. Turns out we are the only fans of whatever the other team is in this bar. We bond over our outsider status. I have no idea what to say and as the night goes on, he keeps buying beer. I have pretended to like football for too long to come clean now. I end up watching the whole game. Our team lost. I didn't get home until midnight.


7. Llebanna -- Trudge on, socially anxious warrior. Trudge on.

I went into a store I used to work at expecting to see my coworkers so I could greet them. A lady was there, but I had no idea what who she was. She asked me if she could help, and I stuttered a no.

Then I stood and kind of tapped my feet around like I was a fuckin tap dancer and I tried apologizing but instead said "I uh....I'm not looking for you." She looked so confused and I could feel my face getting red. I literally ran out. Not just walked quickly- ran and slammed into the door(its heavy) and hurt my arm.

Though injured, I trudged on. I heard her call out and ask if I was okay as I ran out. Now I can never go back.


8. StreetwearMarkie -- Same thing happens at Starbucks.

Bartender asked me what my name was....I forgot and had to think about it.


9. itsnotnormal21 -- "Yes we fucked in the bathroom once."

My girlfriend was a server at a restaurant called Bonefish and she was supposed to ask "Have you ever dined at Bonefish?" but instead she asked "Have you ever boned at Dinefish?" She was mortified but her customers thought it was hilarious.


10. killjoytrash -- Do not hide under sinks. You will hear poops.

I once hid from my family when they came over for the holidays out of fear of interaction. I hid especially from one of my cousins who was socially aggressive and just made me really anxious. I had nowhere else to hide where there wasn't people, so I went into my bathroom and hid under the sink (I was about 8) and just planned to stay there as long as possible. My cousin (the aggressive one) came in, took a long and winded shit and then left. I just stayed there and am to this day even more terrified of interacting with him. I saw nothing but I heard.... every... sound.


11. Sinnocent -- Let it be known that anxiety can literally kill you.

When I was about 11, I stood in a room with my mom and her employees after an office Thanksgiving luncheon. They were chatting away about various things and we were all snacking. I took a bite of turkey and as I went to swallow it, it lodged in my throat. I kept swallowing as hard as I could but it wouldn't budge and I couldn't breathe. I didn't have a drink near me, either. So, I stood there attempting to get it down while giving NO INDICATION that I was literally choking on my food... Because I didn't want to interrupt the conversation or draw attention to myself. My vision was starting to black on the edges and I was full-on panicking inside when I finally got it swallowed down. I remember breathing heavy through my nose and my eyes watering, thinking how stupid I just was but now I DEFINITELY couldn't say anything about it.

Sometimes it feels like anxiety will kill you, sometimes it almost does.


12. xXColaXx -- Is it hot in here or is it just the anxiety heat?

This moment haunts me still. It's kind of long-winded but I hope it paints the picture.

About 15 years ago I was a young teen browsing the electronics section of Walmart. As I was leaving that area this guy and girl around my age were coming into the electronics area. They saw me and both enthusiastically said "Hey!!" like they were happy and surprised to see me. I didn't recognize them but I thought maybe we had a class together or something so I was like "Hey!! How's it going?!" feigning cheerfulness as I tried to place where I knew them from. They both looked at me weird and made a face then walked past me to a guy and girl behind me, greeting them.

I was so embarrassed and anxious I just got out of the electronics department as fast as I could without running and went to the next department over... which ended up being ladies clothing, the bra and panty area. A female employee came over and asked if I needed help, looking at me confused because of the department. I was flustered and said, "Sorry just trying to find electronics" to which she replied "Oh it's over this way come with me". I didn't want to go back but now I was obligated so I followed her back and as we approached I saw the two teens i had the awkward interaction with and their two friends all look up and stare at me. "There ya go hun" the employee said then she started chatting with the cashier in electronics.

At that time Walmart's electronics section was like a big square with only one opening for entrance and exit go deter theft so now I'm trapped in this area with the people I just had the awkwardness with and the employee that just escorted me from women's clothes. I was so embarrassed and my whole body felt hot from anxiety. I just blankly stared at the videogames behind the glass until the other people left and then I took off.







19 FML Moments That'll Make Your Worst Day Look Survivable

19 FML Moments That'll Make Your Worst Day Look Survivable


20 People Reveal The Rudest Things Relatives Said To Them At A Family Function

20 People Reveal The Rudest Things Relatives Said To Them At A Family Function




Woman Crossing The Road Gets Run Down By Drive By Motorcycle

Woman Crossing The Road Gets Run Down By Drive By Motorcycle


Woman decides to cross the road. Sees the bike approaching. Biker gets confused & slams into her. Flees away fearing the wrath of the crowd.

8 TV Bloopers That Were Too Funny And Fabulous Not To Be Left In

8 TV Bloopers That Were Too Funny And Fabulous Not To Be Left In

Accidents will happen. But once in a while, they're blessings in disguise that end up making things work out for the best. Take, for example, TV show bloopers: sure, it's an accident when something unscripted goes down during a shoot, but sometimes they make the show funnier, more compelling, or just more all-around interesting. These bloopers from popular TV shows were just so perfect for the plot and characters, they had to stay in the final cut.



The Brady Bunch



In his 1992 memoir Growing Up Brady, and in many subsequent meet-and-greets, Barry "Greg Brady" Williams has revealed that he taped a scene for his ultra-innocent family sitcom while completely stoned. To be fair, he was a young dude in California in the early 1970s, and he thought he had the day off, so he got a little high with some friends. And then he got a phone call—producers needed him on set that day after all. Williams shot a scene where he was filling up a bike tire in the driveway when Mr. Brady arrived with a boat. Somehow nobody associated with The Brady Bunch thought it was weird that Greg/Williams tripped over his bike pump, awkwardly waved, slurred his words, or looked the wrong way when his onscreen little sister arrived, all with a literally dopey grin on his face.






The best Seinfeld episodes featured the cast's fabulous foursome struggling with some kind of existential nightmare of modern existence, and the best example is the 1991 episode "The Parking Garage," in which the gang spends the entire story wandering around a parking complex, unable to find their car until the very end. As scripted, the episode was supposed to finish with some small talk and the group driving off, their struggle complete. But when Michael Richards (Kramer) put the key in the ignition, the car wouldn't start. It's a more fitting and funnier ending, however accidental. (Look closely through the darkened car windows: the actors are clearly laughing.)



Twin Peaks



While shooting a POV scene for the Twin Peaks pilot episode, during which the mother of missing and murdered Laura Palmer looks into her daughter's bedroom, show co-creator and director David Lynch noticed set dresser Frank Silva adding in some final touches, and Lynch realized that if he were to shoot the scene at that moment, Silva would be visible. As Silva recalled, Lynch said, "Wait a minute! Frank, get down to the base of the bed, crouch down, look through those wrought iron bars, and act scared!" And that's how Lynch shot the scene. Silva's spontaneous addition to Twin Peaks influenced the entire trajectory of the series: Laura Palmer's killer turned out to be under the influence of an evil being named BOB…portrayed in his non-possessive moments by Frank Silva.






"Son of a b****" is a commonly uttered profanity, as well as an occasional catchphrase for paranormal investigator Dean Winchester on Supernatural. Jensen Ackles has played the character for more than a decade, and he uttered the line as an off-script addition while making the 2007 episode "Bad Day at Black Rock." His boisterous, hilariously frustrated, over-the-top delivery, combined with the utter surprise of the line itself, made costar Jared Padelicki laugh, and then turn away from the camera. The whole thing made it into the episode.



Mystery Science Theater 3000



This cult classic follows the interstellar travails of a poor sap imprisoned on a spaceship with two robots, all three of whom mock the low-budget movies of the '50s and '60s they're forced to watch. Many of the films viewed over the course of the series are riddled with mistakes—either because the filmmakers didn't have the money for reshoots, or they were too inept to notice. It's ironic, then, that MST3K had its own spectacular blooper make it into the finished product. Inspired by a death ray in a terrible movie called Danger!! Death Ray, robot Tom Servo (the one that looks like a gumball machine) made his own death ray and fired it at Crow (the gold robot). That was all supposed to happen. The Crow puppet, however, wasn't supposed to catch fire as a result of the special effects. It was just the sort of anarchic silliness that made Mystery Science Theater 3000 so special…so the take was used.






Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) doesn't always understand why other, lesser humans do the things they do. But in the 2014 episode "The Sign of Three," he does understand the ritual of getting rip-roaring drunk with one's best friend (John Watson, portrayed by Martin Freeman) before their wedding. The revelry is interrupted when a case opens up, meaning Holmes and Watson have to get their sleuth on immediately after getting their drink on. At one point, Holmes's drunk brain fails him and he spaces out, apologizing for "my…you know…thing." According to Sherlock honcho and the episode's writer, Steven Moffat, it was actually Cumberbatch who forgot the line, and the goof was so perfect that he had to keep it in the show.





Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) was always a man of unique pursuits—like playing experimental keyboard music and owning a monkey, for example. In the seventh-season Friends episode "The One With Joey's New Brain," Ross desperately wants to play the bagpipes at Chandler and Monica's upcoming wedding…even though they aren't interested, and despite his complete inability to actually play the instrument. At the end of the episode, Ross assembles the friends of Friends to show off his ridiculously bad bagpiping skills. Jennifer Aniston clearly can't handle it, and does everything in her power to not break. She covers her mouth and places a finger under her nose, but sorry, Rachel—everyone can see you.


How I Met Your Mother

Wayne Brady's first big claim to fame was as a gifted improvisational comic on ABC's Whose Line is It Anyway? He's since gone on to host a talk show, a game show, and act in sitcoms, notably as Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris) brother on How I Met Your Mother. In the DVD commentary for Brady's first episode on the sitcom, "Single Stamina" (2006), Harris said the cast was on "alert" that Brady might go off-script, and gave him "free reign to ad-lib." Harris followed his lead…and made it his mission to get Brady to crack. In a bar scene, Harris said he improvised different lines until he could make Brady laugh during a staged standoff to get a woman's attention. The one that worked: saying "Popozao!" in a silly voice. Brady actually had to duck away to keep the cameras from seeing his loss of composure. ("Popozao," by the way, refers to the first, widely maligned song released by Britney Spears' backup dancer-turned-husband, Kevin Federline.)




Carjacker Caught After Being Slowed In Rush-Hour Traffic

Carjacker Caught After Being Slowed In Rush-Hour Traffic

A Chicago man and two juveniles were charged in connection to two carjackings in Chicago and west suburban River Forest.

River Forest police responded at 4:12 p.m. Nov. 15 to a report of a carjacking at the TCF Bank in the 800 block of North Harlem Avenue, according to River Forest police.

The victim left his vehicle running in the parking lot while he got out to wipe off some dirt, police said. That’s when 20-year-old Shannon Mitchell, of Chicago, got out of a 2013 Kia Soul, entered the victim’s car through the passenger’s side front door and crawled into the driver’s seat.

Two juvenile offenders were inside the Kia Soul, which had been previously been reported stolen from Chicago, police said.

Mitchell started driving off while the victim was trying to get back inside his car, police said. The victim was briefly dragged before he fell to the ground as Mitchell drove south on Harlem.



Forest Park police later spotted the victim’s vehicle near Harlem and Jackson and tried to stop it, police said. Mitchell accelerated to escape, but was caught in rush-hour traffic and rear-ended a car on Harlem near Jackson.

Mitchell ran from the vehicle, but officers gave chase and took him into custody, police said.

The victim positively identified Mitchell as the suspect and then was taken to an area hospital to be treated for injuries that were not thought to be life-threatening, police said.

Mitchell was charged with vehicular hijacking and possession of a stolen motor vehicle, police said. He is currently on parole for a previous narcotics-related conviction.

The two juveniles from the Kia Soul were arrested after abandoning the car in the 900 block of South Menard in Chicago and being spotted by Oak Forest police in Chicago, police said. They were petitioned to juvenile court.

33 Ridiculous FAILs From the Morons of Social Media

33 Ridiculous FAILs From the Morons of Social Media










22 Times People Tried VERY Hard To Be Hip With The Memes

22 Times People Tried VERY Hard To Be Hip With The Memes


10 Ridiculous Movie Mistakes

10 Ridiculous Movie Mistakes


Virtually any movie, even a great one, can fall victim to continuity errors and factual inaccuracies. In most cases, these mistakes go unnoticed by the public. But some are so glaringly obvious and downright ridiculous it's a miracle they survived the editing process. Here are ten such examples.

10. Independence Day (1996)
During David's tirade in Area 51, where he bemoans the fate of the planet and rails against deforestation and pollution, he drunkenly knocks over a bin that's labeled with the words "Art Dept." Either the top secret installation has its own stable of designers, or a set dresser accidentally left his garbage can behind.

9. The Goonies (1985)
At the end of the film, Data tells a reporter the scariest part of his adventure was battling a giant octopus. Problem is, that scene was deleted from the theatrical release and didn't see the light of day until the Disney Channel began airing the movie in the 1990s. Is this picture better off without the scene? Probably. Should the reference have been removed from the final cut? Definitely.

8. Commando (1985)
Commando was a commercial success that further established Arnold Schwarzenegger as an action hero, but this flick has so many mistakes we lost count. Here, John Matrix's Porsche, which was badly damaged while chasing down Sully, magically fixes itself from one scene to another. It's the mother of all continuity errors – and a neat trick to boot. If only the banged-up Chevy in our driveway could do that.

7. Gladiator (2000)
During the re-enactment of the Battle of Carthage, a chariot hits a wall and flips over, revealing a gas canister hidden in the back. The Romans were responsible for many technological advances, from roads to aqueducts. But as far as we know, gas propulsion wasn't among them.

6. Braveheart (1995)
Eagle-eyed fans of Mel Gibson's historical drama know there are flubs here ranging from crew members caught on camera to floppy, rubber weapons. But the appearance of a white van during a battle scene is one of the most egregious. Look for the vehicle in the lower left as a group of pikemen make their charge. Just goes to show – they may take our lives, but they'll never take our Ford Transit!

5. Pulp Fiction (1994)
Tarantino may be a perfectionist, but there's an error in the apartment scene when Jules and Vincent escape a hail of bullets fired at point-blank range. Look closely behind the hitmen and you'll notice bullet holes on the wall before any shots are actually fired. This miraculous event leads Jules to an epiphany about his life as a contract killer, but a mistake of this magnitude robs the scene of its power.

4. North By Northwest (1959)
This spy thriller is considered one of Hitchcock's best, but it's also known for this classic gaffe, where a boy covers his ears moments before a gunshot rings out in the Mount Rushmore cafeteria (look for him on the right as Eve threatens Roger). Critics speculate the boy must have known exactly when to protect his ears after enduring previous takes.

3. Jurassic Park (1993)
In this scene, programmer turned thief Dennis Nedry appears to be chatting with an accomplice on his computer via a live feed. But the workstation clearly shows he's speaking to a pre-recorded video instead. We expected more from the man responsible for designing Jurassic Park's computer systems.

2. Django Unchained (2012)
The titular hero of Tarantino's revenge fantasy, which is set in antebellum 1858, wears a nifty pair of sunglasses throughout a significant portion of the film. Shades have been around since the 12th century, when they were invented in China. But they weren't introduced in the U.S. until 1929, after Sam Foster first sold them from a Woolworth on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Anyone feel brave enough to apprise Django of that fact? Didn't think so.

1. T3: Rise of the Machines (2003)
The third entry in the Terminator franchise, which was directed by Jonathan Mostow and released in '03, is teeming with errors. One of the most noticeable is when the identifying number on John Connor's getaway Cessna 172 Skyhawk mysteriously changes. The leader of the human resistance should have known better than to trust a machine like that.


Third Grader’s Math Problem Baffles Even Adults

Third Grader’s Math Problem Baffles Even Adults

Look, I didn’t get through years of schooling just so that when I became an adult, I would have to do math problems. Why else do you think I write on the internet about sneakers and monster trucks? Short answer: they don’t involve crunching my brain with fractions.

But then things like this happen — a math problem somehow goes viral on the internet and baffles everyone (including me) and I’ll never get away from this wretched subject.

I’m a smart adult, I swear. But this math problem meant to be solved by 8-year-olds has me scratching my head and questioning every year I sat through public school.

A mother — obviously a woman just as confused as the rest of us — uploaded this image to the world wide web and captioned it, “This 3rd grade math problem…”

The question reads, “Janell has 15 marbles. She lost some of them. How many does Janell have now?”

What the what? Is there a correct answer for this that’s not an algebraic equation? And if it’s algebra, why are you putting it on a third grader, educators? Soulless a-holes.

This left a bunch of people wondering who the hell wrote this problem as they tried to figure out the answer. Some mathematicians gave their takes, including one who said the answer is “x-15,” and another who wrote “< 15.” These answers may very well be right, but don’t count on me to verify. I’m still in a place where my answers to math problems look something like this…














It’s happened to all of us at some point. We’ve all been scrolling down our social media feed when something so mind-blowing and unbelievable popped out that we just had to share it with our friends. What we don’t always know at that point is the fact that the amazing picture which simply blew our mind was actually fake and that we were just one of the pawns that helped make it viral.

However, when millions of people share the same news, some of them, usually sooner or later, get the urge to double check the facts. Surprise! The thing you have been talking about with your friends for the whole day was nothing more than yet another internet hoax.

It is quite important to be sort of a skeptic when searching for news on the internet. Keep in mind that almost everybody can post basically anything they want, so it doesn’t come off as such a big surprise that people sometimes post fake news in order to get some attention. If you don’t enjoy being fooled, you should always dig deeper and double check the facts, but don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Here are 15 fake viral photos that fooled us all!

15. World’s Biggest Dog

There have been many cases of people photoshopping their pets. The key to a cool pet picture is either to make the pet as small or as huge as possible. However, this particular picture had everybody fooled when it was published alongside the article about Hercules – world’s largest dog. According to the article, Hercules was an English Mastiff weighing 282 pounds and he was the world’s biggest dog ever according to Guinness World Record. And while the story about Hercules is completely true, somebody thought that the best way to make the article as spectacular as possible was to throw a photoshopped picture into the mix. As you can see, the dog in the picture is almost a size of a full-grown horse and, while the real Hercules is indeed one huge dog, he is nowhere near that big.

14. Everybody Needs A Baby Dog Costume

Do you have a dog but you still have that void in your soul that only a baby can fill? Have no fear! The MommyMaker Lifelike Baby Costume for Dogs is here! According to this picture, fools up to 30% of pediatricians, it has a bark-to-baby-wail voice modulator as well as 75% real baby hair, and it comes in five sizes so no matter if you own a Chihuahua or a mastiff, you’re good to go. Sounds too good to be true? Yeah, you’re right. It’s completely made up and you can’t actually buy it, but people found it highly amusing to this fake advertisement went viral pretty fast. Most of the people were certain it was real. Let’s just hope they weren’t too disappointed when they found out that they will not turn their dog into a baby after all.

13. Fake Alan Rickman Quote


Many people loved Alan Rickman, some for his amazing acting talent, some for his unusual voice reading poetry on tape, but most of the fans fell in love with his great work in the Harry Potter movies where he portrayed professor Snape. Unfortunately, Rickman passed away in 2016 and just a couple of hours after the news of his death spread all over social media, everybody seemed to be sharing one of his quotes where he talks about his love for the Harry Potter books. Sure, the quote is really beautiful and it gave watery eyes to almost every Harry Potter fan out there, but the truth is Alan Rickman NEVER actually said that. As far as we know, according to some of his statements, he never actually read the books.

12. You’ve Got Mail, It’s Your Kid

Remember the time when you got your mail actually delivered to your door by a postman? Those were the days… Sure, the mail often got lost on the way, but the expectation was especially thrilling. And you wouldn’t believe the things people used to send to each other! Homemade cookies, colorful postcards from all over the world, their children… Yes, you got that right! Or at least, that’s what millions of people believed after some photos of mailmen delivering children went viral. And while countless different things have been mailed through the US Postal Services, the kids definitely never were one of them. Of course, the pictures got quite an attention and went viral pretty quickly, mostly because of how bizarre the whole idea was. People have found themselves shocked. At least until they figured out it was all one big joke.

11. Dispose Of Your Ugly Children Here

To most people, it was pretty clear that this whole thing was a joke, but you wouldn’t believe the number of people who actually fell for it. This picture went viral instantly, accompanied by comments of people who found it to be super inappropriate, as well as of people who took it seriously and were outraged. However, although this picture was photoshopped, the part showing the kid in a trash bin was actually real. The original photo differs from this one only by the text on the sign. The original text was: “Keep off the grass”. Vintage photos like this one almost always get a lot of media attention because they often remind us of the things from the past we’re not particularly proud of. However, the assumption is that the original photo was nothing more but a joke as well.

10. Mother Antelope Sacrifices Her Life

You probably remember the heartbreaking story about a mother Impala antelope who offered herself to hungry cheetah to save her babies. The antelope, allegedly, saw the cheetah approaching them and she sacrificed her life to give her babies a chance to flee the scene while she was being eaten. It makes for such a great story it is almost a shame none of it is true. The antelope is alive and well, it wasn’t being attacked by the cheetah at all since the pic wasn’t taken in the wild but in captivity where the animals grew up together. What you see in the picture are the animals playing together and no one was eating anybody in this particular case. It seems that somebody found the truth to be simply too boring and had the urge to spice things up.

9. JFK And Marilyn Monroe

Everybody has heard the rumor about the romantic affair between John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. Some even believe that the affair was a reason why the government had Marilyn killed to prevent her from telling the truth to the world. Of course, people mostly agree that seems a little bit far-fetched, but conspiracy theorists did their best to prove that theory. The truth is there has never been any physical proof of the two having an affair (except maybe for Marilyn singing Happy Birthday Mr. President) so people went nuts when these pictures surfaced. However, before you go: “I told you so”, you should know that those aren’t actually pictures of JFK and Marilyn Monroe but of two actors who just look really similar to them. They were taken by a photographer who has often recreated scenes of famous people.

8. Syrian Boy Sleeping Next To His Parents’ Graves

This picture is a living proof of how easy it is to fabricate a story and make it go viral if you just hit the right strings. Basically, the recipe to make something go viral is to play a strong emotion card and people will just go crazy. In the case of this photo, it was supposed to be capturing a young Syrian boy sleeping next to his parents’ graves and it made people just go on and on about life’s unfairness. Of course, life is unfair, but it is also unfair to feed people such heartbreaking stories if they are not true. The boy in the picture wasn’t Syrian nor an orphan and those graves were nothing more but two piles of gravel. In fact, the author stated it was simply an art project.

7. Another Not-National Geographic Photo Of The Year

People have found a great way to make their craziest photoshopped creations go viral – they just label them “National Geographic Photo of the Year”. Hey, you know what they say? It ain’t stupid if it works. But all jokes on the side, this was one of those cases. Someone took two photos – the photo of a great white shark taken by Charles Maxell, and the photo of the USAF helicopter by the Golden Gate Bridge taken by Lance Cheung – and they combined them into one new photo capturing a shark attacking a man who was trying to climb back into the helicopter. Millions of people were fooled by this picture and if you’re active on any kind of social media, you have probably seen it on your friends’ walls countless times.

6. 9/11 Victim

This picture seems to be capturing the last moments of a man who found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time. People have been assuming that he was one of the victims of the horrible attack on the World Trade Center towers and his camera somehow survived the collapse of the buildings and it was found with this pic saved. However, once you take a better look at this photo, you will notice that a couple things are off. First of all, why is the man in the picture dressed in such warm clothes when it was a warm and sunny day? And secondly, the south tower was the only one with an observation deck (where this picture was taken), yet the other tower was hit first. What is the chance that this guy would be posing and smiling for the picture if a tower right next to him had been attacked and collapsing?

5. Giant Squid In Santa Monica

Capturing mysterious and scary creatures is definitely a good way to have your picture going viral. This pic was shared all over the social media a couple of years back when a guy claimed to have taken a photo of a giant squid washed ashore in Santa Monica. It really doesn’t seem like something you’d like to cuddle with. If stuff like this gives you nightmares, we have both good and bad news for you. The good news is nothing like this has ever been found laying on a beach in California, the squid was photoshopped over a picture of a whale washed up in Chile. The bad news is, squids like this really do exist and one of them was found washed ashore in Spain. There is also much more of them where that one came from.

4. Hunting Grasshoppers

The only good thing about grasshoppers is how easily you can throw them out of your apartment (assuming you are not the type to squash them) because of how small they are. Imagine what it would be like if they were so huge you’d had to hunt them down with a shotgun? This picture was used as (the only) proof of how large grasshoppers were back in the mid-1900s and, although it is so hard to believe, plenty of people have been fooled by this pic. Let’s assume for a moment that such grasshoppers existed in the past. How is it possible that there is absolutely no evidence of their existence? Sometimes it really seems like people will believe anything as long as it makes its way on the internet.

3. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Lion

If you have watched more than one film in your life, there is a 99% chance you have seen the MGM logo. You know, the one with the lion roaring. And while it is pretty obvious the studio didn’t have the lion strapped down with his head going through the rest of the logo, some people claimed that was exactly the way the MGM logo was created. Somebody used a picture of a sick lion strapped down for some medical scans and made it look like the twisted process of making the company’s logo. Of course, there are many people who wouldn’t fall for a photo like this, but once it’s on the internet, you can bet that millions of people will see it and be fooled by it without even thinking twice.

2. A Mental Institution?

Imagine seeing this picture accompanied by an article about a horrifying Soviet mental institution. It doesn’t get much creepier than that, does it? It almost looks like a bunch of possessed girls trying to climb up the walls of some girl orphanage or something even more disturbing. No wonder people all around the world were pretty shaken up after seeing such a terrible image. Now forget everything you have heard about this picture so far because none of that is true. There is nothing creepy about this pic. Not even a little. It is just a bunch of girls practicing their jumping routing during a ballet class. The pic was just taken at the right moment to look scary since the girls were leaning against the wall for some extra support.

1. John Lennon Jamming With Che Guevara

In case you haven’t heard, John Lennon left The Beatles to make a new band with Che Guevara. It was probably Yoko Ono who talked him into that. Or maybe it was Che who thought it would be cool to abandon his revolution and turn to rock and roll. It would be pretty awesome if those two recorded Imagine together, don’t you think? However, none of that actually happened. While both of them led their own separate fights against the system, they never actually sat down and sang about it together. This picture of the two jamming together is nothing more than just another photoshopped celebrity pic. It seems that pictures like this one somehow get viral on a daily basis so it is a good idea not to believe everything you see.


The Biggest Mistakes Made in Popular TV Shows

The Biggest Mistakes Made in Popular TV Shows


TV shows may be seen as small-scale siblings to movies, but they require just as many cast and crew to tell their own stories the best way possible. That means writers, actors, camera operators and crew members working in perfect unison. Unsurprisingly, things don’t always go as planned – but the viewers get to enjoy the results all the same. Here is our list of the Biggest Mistakes in Popular TV Shows.


One look at modern television shows just how much ABC’s Lost changed the game, delivering clues, hints, twists and massive conspiracies from week to week. As a result, fans regularly re-watched the early episodes to see just how much they’d missed. Online discussion exploded when viewers took a closer look at the pilot episode, as the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 took cover from an exploding jet engine. Specifically, the swooping black object that seemed to trigger the explosion. Was it the island’s smoke monster? Another creature yet to he revealed, or the mystery that would explain all others. The showrunner were finally forced to explain that it was only a mistake: an error in the CG effect. Fans had to look elsewhere for answers.


It may have lived for less than a single season, but that didn’t stop Joss Whedon’s Firefly from becoming a cult hit. In the years since it originally aired, fans have had no choice but to watch their favorite adventures on repeat, learning every detail and building a series’ worth of fiction out of a handful of episodes. But we’re willing to bet one mistake might have slipped by. The pilot episode is capped off by a deadly escape from a ship full of murderous Reavers, due mainly to the skills of the crew’s pilot, Wash. When the ship is home free, Wash relaxes – but it’s clear that he’s only pretending to be gripping the steering wheel. He may steer the ship with his mind, but the episode also shows he relies on crew members, not gas, to run the ship’s mule.


When dealing with demons, exorcisms and magic hexes, some mistakes are bound to happen. Most of Supernatural’s errors are easy to miss, but a few are easy to spot for those paying close attention. When Sam and Dean Winchester are tracking down a haunted painting in “Provenance,” Dean gets his brother’s attention with a different name – not the character’s, but actor Jared Padelecki’s. A slip-up that small is one thing, but the brothers cast serious doubt on their exorcism skills when chasing a demon onto a commercial airliner in “Phantom Traveler.” Deciding holy water is too extreme to detect a demon in flight, Sam has a better idea, claiming that the possessed passenger will “flinch at the name of God…in Latin it’s Christo.” Actually, it’s “Deus,” but not only is “Christo” the word for Christ, not God, it’s Greek, not Latin. Thankfully, the demon apparently didn’t know the difference.


When the cast of your show is described as a group of know-it-all geniuses, writing the script becomes a minefield of inaccuracies that could truly sell the characters short. It’s possible that The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon could misquote the rules of feeding Mogwai after midnight in the movie Gremlins (“The Pirate Solution”), but hearing Amy explain that the Viennese Danish was invented in Denmark makes it clear that another fact-checker was needed on set. But even within the show’s history, the writers have forgotten, or simply ignored prior storylines. As just one example, the hypochondriac Leonard can’t drink wine (“The Good Guy Fluctuation”), except for the times he does. And even more dramatically, Sheldon tells Penny early on in the series that none of his roommates know how to dance (“The Dumpling Paradox”), later breaking out his best moves that he apparently mastered in his youth (“The Agreement Dissection”). The cast may claim to have flawless memories, but it seems the writers can’t keep up.


When series creator Vince Gilligan decided to set his tale of a chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin in the year 2007, he did it knowing that some pop culture references would be off the table. For most of Breaking Bad‘s run, the timeline was simple enough to follow, with time in the show passing much slower. But that led to one particular mistake in the show’s fifth season, when a character made a direct reference to the death of Osama bin Laden (“Gliding Over All”). Unfortunately, the show was still set in 2010 at the latest – several months before bin Laden’s death took place. The creator had to admit it was a mistake, but in a show with so few, it can be forgiven.


For every actor in a given shot, there are dozens of crew members and camera men working just off screen. It’s no surprise then that that some will wander into frame from time to time. Viewers may be shocked to see just how many crew members slip by unnoticed, but one cameraman on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer stuck out worse than almost any other. When the show’s fifth season saw Buffy’s longtime nemesis Faith wake from a coma and seek revenge at the Summers house, a fight broke out, with the two Slayers quickly coming to blows. The camera tracks them both as they go tumbling down a staircase, before the opposite angle shows the cameraman responsible for the previous shot, impossible to miss on screen. Different editions of the show have been tweaked to keep him out of frame, but with a cameo this glamorous, we say he deserves a supporting actor credit.


You can’t stay on the air for ten seasons without re-using a few plot lines or jokes. But usually, it isn’t the same characters caught up in them. When Friends‘ Chandler and Monica wind up waiting for a table at an upscale restaurant, she suggests Chandler slip the host a bill slyly concealed inside his palm (“The One With the Holiday Armadillo”). Chandler can’t pull it off, but suspects it was no problem for Monica’s suave ex-boyfriend Richard (Tom Selleck). That’s exactly where she learned the trick – but Chandler should know that. After all, it was Richard who taught both Chandler and Joey to do the same five seasons before (“The One Where Old Yeller Dies”). Chandler forgetting the steps is fine, but the writers feeling such a tiny joke was worth telling twice is the real mystery.


Few sci-fi revivals can claim to be as successful as Battlestar Galactica, with the second season of the series ramping up the tension, stakes, and drama substantially. Character deaths and betrayals were everywhere – apparently, the crew thought viewers wouldn’t notice some hilarious mistakes amid all the chaos. When Helo and the Chief finally let off steam by throwing some punches, they did so with an audience. Why the camera crew visible in the frame was necessary for the shot isn’t clear, but it wasn’t even the most obvious mistake in the season. When President Roslin was re-elected, her campaign staff didn’t even notice the cameraman capturing the moment for viewers to witness back on Earth.





12 Roasts So Good They Deserve A Slow Clap

12 Roasts So Good They Deserve A Slow Clap



9 Superhero Shows Canceled Too Soon (And 6 That Need To Go)

9 Superhero Shows Canceled Too Soon (And 6 That Need To Go)

The insane popularity of superheroes in pop culture has extended out to all mediums. However, TV shows and movies have been received the biggest boom. It’s almost impossible to not find a superhero TV show that’s airing on any given day week, let alone find a movie that’s premiering in theaters on the weekend. This has been the status quo for nearly a decade.

Yet, as much success as the superhero genre as received, especially on TV, the formula isn’t always a recipe for success. There have been plenty of shows that have slipped through the cracks, in one way or another.

Some superhero shows were incredible but ended up being far too short, while others have gone on for longer than their quality deserved. Some TV shows on this list predate the current supehero boom and some fall right in the middle of it. However, whether too long or too short, they all share the distinction that their length is unjustifiable.

There are some notable exceptions that won’t be found on this list– a couple superhero shows were cancelled before their time, such as Teen Titans and Young Justice, but they either got a chance to wrap-up their stories or will receive wrap-up/continuations soon. All of these shows either ended prematurely and with a ton of lost potential or should wrap up their narratives sooner rather than later.

Here are the 9 Superhero Shows Canceled Too Soon (And 6 That Need To Go).


NBC’s Constantine didn’t revolutionize the supernatural TV genre. In broad strokes, the show was not much different than SupernaturalGrimm, or anything of a similar ilk. However, Constantine still had one thing that all those other shows lacked: Matt Ryan in the lead role.

Ryan almost feels as if he was born to play John Constantine. Ryan elevated the material around himself, making the entire series feel as fun and charismatic as himself. Towards the end of its first season, the show also managed to find its groove on a plot level, becoming much creepier and dark. Sadly, the ratings were so low that the show was cancelled shortly after it started to find itself.

Thankfully, though, Arrow managed to revive Matt Ryan’s portrayal of Constantine by adding him into their season 4, which led to Ryan getting his own animated series and an appearance in Legends of Tomorrow season 3. However, the chances of Constantine getting a full revival or reboot seem dead for the moment.


Since it’s often lumped in with its predecessor Justice League, there’s a perception that Justice League: Unlimitedlasted far longer than it did. However, the show that marked the end of DCaU only lasted 3 seasons which consisted of about 39 episodes. This a criminally short amount of time.

Although JLU  directly follows Justice League (in chronological order) it was the far superior series. Justice League Unlimited, as the name suggests, took the entire breadth of the DC Universe and managed to tell some incredibly impactful stories.

Some were adaptations of classic comic stories; like the episode “For the Man Who Has Everything”, which told the story of the classic Superman tale of the same name. Others like the Booster Gold-centric episode “The Greatest Story Never Told” were fantastically entertaining but original stories.

Thankfully, Justice League Unlimited did have a proper ending and a series finale but with such a high pedigree of storytelling much, much more could’ve been done than less than 40 episodes.


Marvel’s Inhumans series was almost dead on arrival as it generated terribly negative commercial and critical buzz. It was written off from the start and its network, ABC, showed very little faith in the property, but it was for good reason. Inhumans is, largely, a disgrace to the Marvel brand, as it is aggressively and hopelessly mediocre and cheap-looking.

The TV division of Marvel is not nearly as consistent as the movies but there is at least some form of quality control present. Inhumans does not show that same polish. It’s a lazy and half-hearted attempt to tell the stories of a group of characters that very few people, certainly no one making the show, cares about.

Rather than being any kind of engaging space soap opera, Inhumans is just mess of nearly epic proportions. It’s not cancelled yet, but it certainly should be axed.


The Middleman was not only cancelled far too soon, but it’s also so obscure that it often doesn’t come up in conversations like this one. However, The Middleman is an incredibly creative and underrated series that was cancelled far before it’s time.

Based on the comic series of the same name, The Middleman saw main character Wendy Watson get sucked into a life of bizarre and increasingly hilarious adventures with the titular character.

The Middleman is, in essence, Doctor Who but with a lot more irreverence and wacky fun embedded within its DNA. The series was stuffed to the brim with pop culture references and nerdy jokes galore.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be just a little too weird to gain any serious fans. The Middleman was meant to have a thirteen-episode first season but only managed to air twelve installments before being cancelled by network ABC family.


If there’s any superhero universe that’s perfectly suited for the medium of television, it’s the X-Men‘s. The X-Men’s status as the ultimate underdogs being constantly persecuted by a world that doesn’t understand them is ripe for story potential. It’s really perplexing then why The Gifted just lacks any kind of serious interest.

The Gifted is not a bad show– but it’s not a very good one either. All the elements for a fantastic X-Men story are present but nothing is done take it to the next level. The Gifted prioritizes plot over basic character motivation and development. The people of the universe act more as props that real human beings. There’s nothing particularly fun or even that surprising about the show, it just exists.

While there’s a chance that The Gifted can improve in a hypothetical second season, there’s been nothing that really demands more time with the characters. It’s an X-Men story with no X-Men charm.


The Flash’s current televised journeys with Grant Gustin in the lead role don’t show any signs of slowing down soon. However, that isn’t the first time that The Flash has starred in live-action on the small screen. Previously, John Wesley Shipp (or plays Jay Garrick and Henry Allen on The CW’s Flash) stepped into the role of Barry Allen in 1990.

The original Flash series is a complete product of its time. It’s cheesy and the special effects are entirely laughable by today’s standards. Yet, the show was (and is) an enormous amount of fun. The Flash was colorful, bright and all rough edges were sanded out by Shipp’s charming performance.

The Flash wasn’t a perfect show but it deserved to be given as much time to grow into a cult favorite like DC’s previous TV offerings of Batman and Wonder Woman. However, The Flash was only given one very short season before being cancelled.


The last piece of Netflix’s Defenders puzzle, Iron Fist, isn’t without its positive qualities. Still, the negatives of Danny Rand’s first televised story far outweigh anything positive about them. Iron Fist isn’t quite as terrible as it is extraordinary bland.

Unlike any of its Marvel Netflix brethren, Iron Fist lacks any real intensity or complexity. Iron Fist, to pardon the pun,  has no punch. There is some hope of salvaging the character and series.

Danny was ever so slightly more bearable on The Defenders and the character will be joining season 2 of Luke Cage. The latter bit of news is reason enough rejoice, as Luke Cage on its worst day is far better series than Iron Fist.

However, if season 1 of Iron Fist was the only season of Iron Fist there’d be very few reasons to complain about that fact. Nothing was introduced in Iron Fist season 1 that couldn’t be continued in another (better) show.


The X-Men have had several cartoons over the years. None have been full of so much potential and ended so early as Wolverine and the X-Men. Although Logan headlines the series and is the undeniable “main character,” the show manages to service much more than the hairy Canuck.

The series takes place after the presumed deaths of both Jean Grey and Charles Xavier, and has the rest of the X-Men roster (which includes nearly everyone’s favorites) dealing with the aftermath.

The show managed to balance fan service with an engaging and original narratives. Wolverine and the X-Men was filled with a surprising amount of depth and emotion. In particular, the arc of Emma Frost reached new heights for the character.

Sadly the quality of the series didn’t exactly translate to ratings and the show was cancelled after just one season, leaving the story off in a cliffhanger.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has slowly and steadily improved since its first and rather unremarkable season. However, just because a show is getting better doesn’t mean it needs to continue. As Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. enters season 5, it’s reaching a point where the show is running out of stories to tell.

To its credit, the show has brushed off the shackles of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This has allowed it to be much more open and free with its storytelling. S.H.I.E.L.D. no longer just feels like one look commercial for the movies, but has become a little too ambitious for its own good. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has become crazier and crazier in its storylines meaning that it will almost certainly reach a point where things became far too outlandish.

It’s best for the series to finish out on a high note than to push its limits so far that the whole thing caves in on itself.


Spider-Man almost always has a cartoon on the air because the character’s popularity simply can’t be matched. All that being said, the loss of Spectacular Spider-Man still stings for anyone who watched the series.

The short-lived show took a look at a high school aged Peter Parker but managed to draw characters and stories from all eras of Spider-Man so that the stories never felt limited. Rather than being messy or confusing in this approach, Spectacular Spider-Man managed to feel like the culmination of the character’s long history in one neat package.

Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, and Eddie Brock can exist side-by-side despite what Spider-Man 3 would tell you. The show was fun for fans and newcomers alike, balancing humor with intricate storylines.

The biggest sin of Spectacular Spider-Man’s cancellation isn’t exactly that it was so good. It’s the reason that the show was ended, which had nothing to do with ratings. Spectacular Spider-Man was axed due to legal issues between Disney and Sony Pictures. Eventually those issues would be worked out to bring Peter Parker to the MCU but Spectacular Spider-Man remains a huge casualty of that conflict.


The original Teen Titans did get a movie that wrapped up the storyline. Still, a revival of sorts was created in the new series, Teen Titans Go!— it’s a just revival that no original fan wanted. TTG sees the voice cast of the original series reunite to play the same characters but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. While Teen Titans was a show for all ages, Teen Titans Go! is clearly targeted at very young children.

Its ratings on Cartoon Network can’t be denied but it’s also a rather insufferable portrayal of the characters. Teen Titans Go! is aiming for comedic tone but it goes very far overboard so that every line is some juvenile joke. There are moments of cleverness, but they’re greatly outweighed by humor of the lowest common denominator.

The chances of Teen Titans Go! being cancelled are very low. However, in order for Cartoon Network to have some more palatable superhero content, it absolutely should go.


The fact that Agent Carter got not just one, but two seasons is a bit of miracle. Hayley Atwell was extraordinary in the role when she first appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger, but it wasn’t as if the character was created to make a spin-off. However, Agent Carter happened, and while it lasted, it was gloriously refreshing take on the superhero genre.

There are so many things about Agent Carter that separated it from the competition. It was a female-led series and a period piece, but most importantly it starred Hayley Atwell. Atwell has an undeniably and magnetic star quality about her that’s almost impossible to explain properly. She’s simply someone worth watching and she brought Peggy Carter to life in a way that few actresses could.

Sadly, the originality of Agent Carter might’ve been its downfall. It separated itself from the MCU in style and tone so much that it just couldn’t manage to gain the massive audience it deserved. It was cancelled after two seasons, the second of which ended on a frustrating cliffhanger.


The fact that Arrow should end is in no way a comment on its declining quality. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Arrowseason 5 was arguably the best year of the show yet and there are ton of interesting plot threads in season 6. However, there’s something to be said for a show going out on a creative high.

Arrow has rebounded (in a huge way) since seasons 3 and 4 but the best days of the series are most likely behind it. Historically, shows don’t get better after season 6 and beyond. Arrow has brought Oliver Queen from a myopic and miserable loner to someone that is much more mature and overall happy.

There’s been a real progression of Oliver’s character from season 1 to season 5, so much that he’s almost become a radically different person. Part of the reason that season 5 was so amazing was because it served as the ending to a years’ long story. Season 6 has served as a new beginning but it shouldn’t last as long as the original tale.

Oliver’s journey is one that should end with a metaphorical ride into the sunset, not one that’s long extended past its expiration point so it becomes a mockery of its once greatness.


No Ordinary Family was not based on any comic book property, being a completely original story with original characters. However, in it’s very short-life span the show managed to nail the classic elements and themes that attracts fans to the genre in the first place.

As one of super-producer Greg Berlanti’s pre-Arrowverse projects, No Ordinary Family had almost everything fans love from ArrowThe Flash, and Supergirl. Though it maybe not in a direct way, the show still paved the way for the successful CW superhero universe.

No Ordinary Family was a bit like a live-action Incredibles, with a regular suburban family developing super-powers. The show boasted a great cast with Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz at the center and just exuded fun action-adventure.

Sadly, No Ordinary Family preceded the superhero TV boom by a couple years and couldn’t grab a hold of an audience, being cancelled after one season.


Green Lantern: The Animated Series premiered and aired right alongside Young Justice. It was also cancelled right alongside Young Justice. While the latter’s cancellation earned real ire from fans, Green Lantern’s axing went relatively unnoticed, which is a true shame because the show was one of the best adaptations of the Green Lantern mythos outside of comics.

The 3D animation, with its very simple textures, might have been off-putting to some, but Green Lantern still used the style to the greatest amount of efficiency. The show didn’t look cheap at all– rather the 3D look sold the show as an otherworldly space adventure.

This is not even to mention that in the show’s first and only season, it managed to pack more story and development than most other shows can do in twice its time. While the season finale did wrap up most things up, it still stands as an example of lost potential. There should have been many more years and stories to tell.