12 Weird Things People Used To Do Before Wi-Fi Existed

12 Weird Things People Used To Do Before Wi-Fi Existed


It can seem hard to fathom now, but there was a time before computers were a central part of our everyday lives, and there are even a few of us dinosaurs left who remember that time well. In reality, it wasn't that long ago, but reflecting upon the weird things people did before Wi-Fi, it seems in many ways like a completely different world. Dial-up connections made logging onto the Internet time-consuming and frustrating. The scarcity of computers in general - schools, libraries, and a few privileged households - made them rare, exciting, and thrillingly new. What we now view as outdated technology from before Wi-Fi was once considered the fast lane on the "information superhighway" (a phrase both archaic and quaint in its throwback to another era). In short, computers were a delicacy, the notion of speed was in the eye of the beholder, and the idea of walking around with a portable, handheld phone/radio/television seemed like something straight out of science fiction.

15 Unsettling Facts That'll Leave You Shook

15 Unsettling Facts That'll Leave You Shook



Usually, learning is a fun experience that expands your mind and gives you a new conversation starter.

Unfortunately, these little tidbits of information are less enjoyable and more, how would you put it? Ah yes, terrifying.

We hope you're buckled in for this bumpy wisdom-filled thrill ride, 'cause you're about to see how deep the rabbit hole goes (spoiler alert: it goes too deep).

1. rclatter:

The entire Universe outside our galaxy could have completely disappeared over 20,000 years ago and we still wouldn't know it yet. Our view of the Universe is actually what it looked like anywhere from thousands to Billions of years ago -with no way to see what it actually looks like "right now". Imagine if you looked out your front window and saw your yard as it was 6 months ago, neighbors house across the street a year ago, and houses a block or two away as they were several years ago. Also off in the distance you see the glaciers from the last ice age. That's what it's like looking out at the Universe.

2. brijjen:

That right now, this very moment, someone is trapped against their will, probably suffering at the hands of someone else, and wondering if anyone "out there" is thinking about them or remembers them.

3. KissyKillerKitty:

According to a recent Furtwangen study, your kitchen sponge is as clean as turd

4. Wisdom_from_the_Ages:

We are alive at what the overwhelmingly vast majority of the universe will know as the "extremely distant past" - 13 billion years into something that could very well make a trillion years look like the blink of an eye. If the Universe was a download, it would be another 80 billion years before we get to 1% of the amount of time it takes a very small star to go through its hydrogen.

Yep. You and I are alive at the beginning. Not the middle, not the end. We are the bacteria.

5. Soggy_Diaperz:

That if you have clothes in your wardrobe and food in your fridge, you're in the richest 20% of people in the world. Something so simple would categorise you above 80% of people in the world...

Edit: if you'd like to make a difference please check out wordvision.org, actionagainsthunger.org, or savethechildren.org. Even a small donation could make a dent in the percentages!

6. Wishyouamerry:

Every year you unknowingly pass the future anniversary of your death.

Is it today?

7. adjectivebeforenoun:

You can think about moving your hand, and it wont move

But when you want to move u hand it just moves

8. Blazer666:

I test schools' water for lead. Millions of children across the United States, many people here included, are being exposed to absurdly high levels of lead. This leads to behavior and learning problems, lower IQ, hyperactivity, slowed growth, hearing problems, and anemia. If not for yourself, for the sake of your children, please use filters at home.

9. grapefuitonmyshaft:

The 1961 atomic bombing accident of North Carolina. "The US Air Force came dramatically close to detonating an atom bomb over North Carolina that would have been 260 times more powerful than the device that devastated Hiroshima.

Two Mark 39 hydrogen bombs were accidentally dropped over Goldsboro, North Carolina on the 23rd of January 1961. The bombs fell to earth after a B-52 bomber broke up in mid-air, and one of the devices behaved precisely as a nuclear weapon was designed to behave in warfare: its parachute opened, its trigger mechanisms engaged, and only ONE low-voltage switch prevented untold carnage.

Of the four safety mechanisms designed to prevent unintended detonation, three failed to operate properly. When the bomb hit the ground, a firing signal was sent to the nuclear core of the device, and it was only that final, highly vulnerable switch that averted calamity."

I get goosebumps everytime I read about it.

10. Saminoglycan:

60% of the UK population feels like no one really loves them

11. ZunaCorpLX:

"Resistance to antibiotics is growing at such an alarming rate that they risk losing effectiveness entirely meaning medical procedures such as caesarean sections, joint replacements and chemotherapy could soon become too dangerous to perform. Unless urgent action is taken, drug resistant infections will kill 10 million people a year by 2050, more than cancer kills currently, the report's authors warn." (link to more info here)

12. D4NTE157:

Serial killers have been known to keep captured victims alive for years or even decades.

via shutterstock

13. StabStabMan:

One day someone will mention you for the last time, then no one will ever mention you again, no one will remember you

14. YarrahGoffincher:

There's now a strain of gonorrhoea which is totally resistant to antibiotic treatment.

15. Bo5ke:

Once I said "Hi" to my neighbor and she replied with like "hi hi" and she walked 50m further and hit by a car.

You never know how random and to how random people your last words will be.

I wouldn't want my last words to be "Add me some Mayonnaise to that darling"






15 Gross People Who Will Make You Cringe Hard

15 Gross People Who Will Make You Cringe Hard




13 Euphemisms For Sex Explained

13 Euphemisms For Sex Explained

When your grandma, minister, or boss is around, some of the best euphemisms for sex might come in handy. We all do it. We all talk about it. But sometimes you just don't want to say it. Or maybe you do but sexual intercourse just sounds so boring. There are way too many euphemisms for sex, and some of them are pretty old and tired, so here are some funny, discreet, and weird phrases that are definitely some of the best euphemisms for sex.

Making the Beast with Two Backs

This one is definitely one of the best euphemisms for sex and has some great class if you consider its English origin in Shakespeare's Othello:

"I am one, sir, that comes to tell you your daughter and the Moor are now making the beast with two backs."

Yeah, that's classy as f*ck. However, when you think about the fact that it refers to two intertwined bodies in the most vanilla sexual position as a sweaty beast with two backs, it loses some of that old English cache. Still, this is a great one to confuse and bewilder your friends, especially if you want something a little more unique for your Desdemona. Keep it classy, Shakespeare.

Taking the Hot Dog Bus to Taco Town

Do I really need to explain this one? I guess it's a little confusing. Why are you taking a hot dog to taco town? I mean is there some cross-cultural hot dog taco dish that I've been missing out on? Regardless of its real-world applications, it's a pretty visually compelling example. The hot dog bus (totally impractical) is going to a town made of tacos, or shaped like a taco. If you haven't figured out where this is going, then you should at least be hungry.

Pop Pop

If you're a fan of Arrested Development, then you probably already consider this one of the best euphemisms for sex. If you're not a fan, then shame on you and allow me to educate you. In the TV series Arrested Development, George Michael calls his grandfather "pop pop." When "pop pop" escapes from jail, George Michael hides him in the attic. When his father suspects he's keeping secrets from him, George Michael tells him that he "has pop pop in the attic" to which his father responds: "The mere fact that you call making love 'pop pop' tells me that you're not ready." No? Maybe you had to be there. Look it up, it's highly inappropriate and turns your euphemism into an inside joke about your favorite TV show. When you're that cool who isn't going to want to have "pop pop" with you?

The Old In-Out In-Out

Here's another one that's pretty self-explanatory. This is one of those euphemisms that serves as an instruction manual. Forget what you're supposed to do? Just give'r the old in-out in-out. It's painfully obvious because it actually comes from the unique jargon of Alex in A Clockwork Orange. If you're going to use a cute euphemism for sex, why not use one that was coined by a violent psychopath? I mean what could go wrong? On second thought you might want to think about this one before relying on it as one of the best euphemisms for sex.

Bumping Uglies

Genitals are ugly, I guess. It really depends on your perspective, but I guess no, you wouldn't want to bring them out at Thanksgiving dinner. Despite all the food euphemisms, genitals really don't make great table conversation pieces. So yeah, bumping uglies, or unmentionables, makes sense. Unlike some of the other terms on this list of the best euphemisms for sex, however, this one is fairly misleading and not very educational. Kids, if you simply bump them together things are not going to turn out like you had hoped. But hey, everyone's first sexual experience is pretty awkward so I guess if you end up bumping uglies there are worse things that could have happened.

Playing Hide the Salami

More food related euphemisms. I'm not sure why you need to hide the salami, but the playing part is about right. Does this really need any explanation? I think it's fairly clear. If you're starting to wonder why so many of the best euphemisms for sex are about food, then what you should really be wondering is why more of them aren't about eating. Yeah, that's right, I said it. We need more euphemisms for sex that involve eating. You understand.

Basting the Turkey

Christmas dinner may never look the same if you really think about this one for too long. The picture is probably going to do most of the work for you. You know that pan with all the Turkey juices and fat? You know how you pull up the juices with a baster and shove them back into the Turkey and over its skin? Yeah, that. And people wonder why there are vegetarians. This one's got it all: a phallic object, a bird, juices, hot sweaty meat. Im going to leave the rest to your imagination and the picture. Enjoy.

Getting Your Jollies Off

This one always reminds me of Santa Claus. Maybe I had a strange childhood, I don't know. Yes, sex is enjoyable, but what is a jolly and how does one get it off? Sex, apparently. So if sex is enjoyable and jolly then shouldn't you be getting your jollies on? I think this one has combined the getting your jollies on with the act of getting off. The lovechild of these two euphemism is of course, getting your jollies off, unquestionably one of the best euphemisms for sex.

Business Time

This is one of the best euphemisms for sex because, unlike many others on this list, it has its own song. Flight of the Conchords made an absolutely hilarious song about sex called "Business Time" that has cemented the phrase, and sex with socks, into the public consciousness. What business would you rather be taking care of? That's what I thought. Put your business socks on boys and girls, it's business time!

Netflix and Chill

This one should be recognizable to anyone under the age of thirty. It took me a little while to catch on to this one and that ended up in some awkward Friday night invitations. How was I supposed to know? This one is really about as euphemistic as you can get. It's definitely one the best euphemisms for sex for this reason. While it's less clear than others it also serves as a fairly good instruction manual, though not for the sex act itself. Netflix? Check. Chill? Something like that. I wonder how much of Netflix's reported viewership is actually watching and maybe not more than a little distracted.

Doing It

What a culture we live in where "it" can mean only one thing! It should, ostensibly, be able to refer to anything, but the fact is we all know what "it" is. Despite how obvious it is, it's still one of the best euphemisms for sex. It is. Not that it, the other one. The euphemism I mean, not the sex. Our language is becoming a bit muddied by this concentration on sex. But it does provide a pretty exceptional short hand. Just do it.

Knocking Boots

This one's a bit tired, I won't lie. But if you're blue collar, or a cowboy, you might really like the idea of knocking boots. But honestly, how many people fail to take off their boots before getting it on? Is this a serious problem? I hear people complain about socks in bed, I can't imagine how impractical boots would be. Nonetheless, this is one of those visually compelling euphemisms. The boots are knocking against each other, oh god I just got it. Yeah it's like that. Your parents might not even mind this one. Chances are they used it to refer to the act that brought you about.

A Roll in the Hay

Yes, this one isn't fresh, but it certainly has some staying power. I often wonder if people actually often snuck out to the barn to bone or if this is referring to animals doing it in the barn, because where else are they going to do it? Well, the Discovery Channel, yes, but I mean otherwise I imagine a lot of farmers witnessed some traumatizing goat on goat, cow on cow, and horse on horse action in their barns at a very young age. Otherwise, if you're really just sneaking out to the barn to get it on aren't there any better places to go? Hay really isn't all that comfortable. Still, this classic is without a doubt one of the best euphemisms for sex.



Forcing Kid To Masturbate For Cops In Sexting Case Was Wrong, Court Finds

Forcing Kid To Masturbate For Cops In Sexting Case Was Wrong, Court Finds



United States Constitution and gavel with brass ring.

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday in favor of a Virginia man who, as a teen, was once ordered by a lower court to be photographed while masturbating in the presence of armed police officers.

That warrant was ostensibly part of an ongoing sexting investigation into the then-teen, Trey Sims, who had exchanged explicit messages with his then-15-year-old girlfriend. Her mother reported the incident to the Manassas City Police Department in January 2014.

Eventually, the detective assigned to the case, David Abbott, obtained a signed warrant to take photographs of Sims' naked body—including "the suspect’s erect penis"—so that he could compare them to Sims' explicit messages.

When this bizarre effort was unsuccessfully attempted, Abbott then obtained a second warrant authorizing police to escort Sims to a hospital for an "erection-inducing injection." This injection ultimately never took place after massive public outcry.

Abbott committed suicide in December 2015 when officers came to arrest him on separate charges relating to pedophilia.


Ultimately, Sims served one year of probation. By early 2016, Sims sued Abbott's estate, alleging violations of the Fourth Amendment, among other accusations.

Lawyers representing the Abbott estate argued that their client was shielded by "qualified immunity," the notion in American law that generally protects law enforcement officers in gray-area situations from legal liability.

In a 2-1 majority opinion, the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals found Tuesday that the initial warrant against Sims was an "obvious, unconstitutional violation."

The 4th Circuit ruled that Sims' lawsuit against the estate of the now-deceased officer who had led the sexting investigation, David Abbott, could move forward. "We cannot perceive any circumstance that would justify a police search requiring an individual to masturbate in the presence of others," two of the 4th Circuit judges wrote. "Sexually invasive searches require that the search bear some discernible relationship with safety concerns, suspected hidden contraband, or evidentiary need."

The case will now be sent back down to a federal district court in Alexandria, Virginia.

20 Facebook FAILs From The Morons Of The Internet

20 Facebook FAILs From The Morons Of The Internet



19 Times Protesters Were Brutally Trolled

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11 Heathens With A Truly Dark Sense Of Humor

11 Heathens With A Truly Dark Sense Of Humor


If you enjoy laughing and were already on your way to hell, why not take a gander at these sick and twisted jokes along the way?


10 Super Kinky Facts About Sex In Ancient Egypt

10 Super Kinky Facts About Sex In Ancient Egypt

If you thought the Romans and Greeks were liberal when it came to sex, prepare to be shocked. Sex in ancient Egypt had almost no limits, but that doesn't mean they did everything they could think of. They didn't have orgies, but they pushed boundaries that would make even the Romans balk. Sex with animals, sex with corpses, and sex with siblings weren't just practices seen in the noble families but with citizens of every class.

Still, it wasn't like the streets of Egypt were overflowing with men and women having sex with the corpses of animals. They actually had some strict rules about things like adultery and used early forms of birth control. They also kept records of their practices, which paved the way for advances in sex in the centuries since. So, if you were ever curious about how crazy things got in ancient Egypt, check out the list of ancient Egyptian sex facts below!

25 People Share The Douchiest Things They've Ever Seen People Do

25 People Share The Douchiest Things They've Ever Seen People Do


These people are the absolute WORST. Just hope you've never crossed paths with anyone remotely similar to these cretins.







Pastor Punches Woman In The Face For Smacking Him

Pastor Punches Woman In The Face For Smacking Him


He was having none of that!  So much for turning the other cheek...







22 Hotel Workers Describe The Creepiest Things They've Seen

22 Hotel Workers Describe The Creepiest Things They've Seen -


Just about everyone has a creepy, scary, or horrifying hotel story, but if you ask the average hotel worker (night audit clerks, housekeeping staff, managers, etc.) you'll likely hear stories beyond your wildest imagination. As proof, consider these 22 tales from hotel workers around the world. You won't be the same afterwards.

8 Celebs Who Single-Handedly Destroyed A Movie (And 7 Who Saved One)

8 Celebs Who Single-Handedly Destroyed A Movie (And 7 Who Saved One)

Movies are like music. Everything needs to be in harmony, and actors are a huge part of this. The problem is that the harmonies are made up of people, and people can do some pretty silly things. If people are disinterested, selfish, bored or egotistical, they can do something that makes the whole thing fall apart. Maybe they wanted more screen time, more money, maybe they didn’t like the director, maybe they think they’re in love, maybe they’re hitting their ceiling of talent or maybe they were just crazy. Who knows why, but celebs have the ability to save or completely ruin a movie. But there’s no excuse for when a whole movie falls apart because of one person’s actions or abilities.

There are people at the other end, though – people who saved a whole movie, or made it. Yes, it’s like music. Everything needs to be in the right place to make it great, but sometimes, you look at it, and there’s one little bit that’s better than anything else. It might be through talent, or luck. Sometimes it’s just laziness, or illness, but an individual can make a movie. These celebs definitely made a huge impact on their films, some for the better, and some for the worse. This list will explore 8 celebs who broke movies, and 7 people who made them. These are people from all over the food chain that is Hollywood, from many different eras.

15. Justin Timberlake Ruined Shrek

via: billboard.com

Remember when the Shrek movies were really well-regarded? For a brief period, the series looked set to swipe the top animation spot from Pixar, or at least compete with them. That time is long gone. It’s become the archetypal series that just keeps dragging on. Where did it start to go wrong? Yes, Shrek 2 was a little bloated, but still solid, but the third film, in 2007, was where the quality really dropped.

Turns out we can blame Cameron Diaz. Whatever you think of movie stars doing voice acting (instead of actual voice actors) the stars in Shrek were at least good, accomplished actors. The same cannot be said for Justin Timberlake, who voiced Artie in the third film. He sort of stands out among the otherwise talented cast, and he was only there because Cameron Diaz insisted on him being there. The two were dating at the time, and she put him forward for the role and would not back down. And so he was cast, he gave a flat performance, and the whole film suffered. But it’s okay, they stayed together and…oh wait, they broke up the year the movie came out.

14. Robert Downey Jr. Saved Iron Man


The Marvel movie process is so impossibly well organized now that it’s hard to believe how rough the start was. Their first film, which started it all, 2007’s Iron Man, was a bit rough and ready. The script hadn’t really been finalized, and there were big chunks of it that were either incomplete or simply didn’t work. It could have been disastrous.

Luckily, they had a very talented cast. Robert Downey Jr. and Jeff Bridges would improvise and rewrite vast sections of the film as it was being made. They would have to pause scenes and go off to rewrite them. Both actors compared it to making a small indie film (which, due to their small scale, allowed for a lot of improvisation). However, they had to somehow coordinate it with all the trappings of big budget movie making, like big sets and crews, special effects and lots of extras. Yet, improbably, the film worked brilliantly. It’s not hard to see why and it’s hard not to credit the actors here. As many other films have shown, you can’t just have explosions. You have to have something underneath. Thanks to Robert Downey Jr, they did.

13. Lindsay Lohan Ruined The Canyons

via: thegloss.com

It’s so strange to remember how sought-after Lindsay Lohan was for much of her early career. If there was some textbook about self-destructing former child stars, Lohan would probably be on the cover. By 2013, she’d burned almost her bridges and played almost all her cards, except for one: she had not appeared in the buff. She was in The Canyons. On paper, it sounded like exactly the sort of thing that could get her back on track. It was directed by Paul Schrader (writer of Taxi Driver) and written by Brett Easton Ellis (who wrote American Psycho) and had plenty of indie cred and a lot of potential.

Then came the strange stories about how difficult it had been to shoot the scenes, how Lindsay Lohan had suddenly gotten camera shy and asked everyone else to strip off before she would, seemingly hoping that they would freak out like she had. It didn’t work out. She was, as mentioned, sharing a scene with James Deen, who does this kind of thing professionally. The rumours added fuel to speculation about the film. The director, Schraeder, and writer, Ellis, had sharply disagreed on what the film should be. More rumours came out about how hard Lohan was to work with, the film was delayed, and by the time it came out, whatever buzz had been generated by the long-awaited scenes was spent. Well, the film exists.

12. Alicia Vikander Saved Ex Machina

via: pinterest.com

So, Ex Machina was pretty damn good anyway, and didn’t so much need saving, but the central role of Ava, the android at the centre of the film, was the key in a film with questions about humanity by having a sentient machine. Luckily, the astonishingly talented Alicia Vikander was there. Vikander is going from strength to strength at the moment, and if you’re not sure why, look at Ex Machina. The role could so easily have ended up exploitative, the love scenes gratuitous, and the film cliché with a lesser actress in the role. And while some credit must go to veteran writer Alex Garland, Vikander more than does her part. Her performance is sweet and frightening, and Vikander does it with nothing but her face and body, all while looking like a living Photoshop. A huge part of the film’s ambiguity, mystery and impact stems just from her. It was clear she is one to watch.

11. January Jones Ruined X-Men: First Class

via: youtube.com

The X-Men films have had the best and worst luck with their leading ladies. X-Men: First Class was no exception. It had solid performances from Jennifer Lawrence (back when she cared) and the ever-talented Rose Byrne, but January Jones… ugh. Many were amazed at Jones’ work on Mad Men. She was so incredibly good as the Stepford wife bubbling with barely restrained anger and resentment. Everything else she has been in, however, has left us sure that that’s not so much a product of the show as just Jones’ default setting. Every line in the movie, talking about armies of mutants and nuclear war, is delivered in the same bored monotone she used playing Betty Draper. And it really stands out. Everyone else is firing on full cylinders, but January Jones sounds like she’s worried about us getting too excited, and is going out of her way to make sure we don’t. It nearly works.

10. Keanu Reeves Saved The Replacements

via: hollywood.com

There are a few stories about Keanu Reeves that could apply. He famously took a huge pay cut on the Matrix movies to make sure the visual effects teams got paid properly. He also regularly works for much less than he could easily demand (being Keanu Reeves and everything) and gets small films made that otherwise wouldn’t (John Wick was made for less than other movie stars get paid) but the sweetest one was what happened on the set of 2000’s The Replacements.

Reeves was at the peak of his career at the time, fresh off The MatrixThe Devil’s Advocate, and a whole decade full of hits. The Replacements was a small, feel-good football movie about a bunch of average Joes playing in the NFL. They’d wanted Gene Hackman to play the curmudgeonly old coach but the film’s budget wouldn’t allow for what Hackman was worth. Keanu happily took a pay cut (rumours say it was as much 90% of his cheque) to make sure Hackman was in the movie.

9. Chris Tucker Ruined Rush Hour 3

via: thegrio.com

He’s almost completely disappeared these days, but Chris Tucker used to be in quite a few things. Aside from screwball comedies, he even managed roles in really good movies like Dead Presidents and Jackie Brown. He struck box office gold with Rush Hour, a film that helped Jackie Chan finally break into Hollywood properly. They made a sequel that was an even bigger hit. Then, it took forever for the third to come out. It turned out that it was Chris Tucker holding it up. He was demanding $25 million dollars.

For you younger readers, there used to be these things called “movie stars,” people who could carry a movie by themselves. You didn’t need much else, just this star, and you built the film around them. Tom Cruise is pretty much the only one left. The biggest stars would demand 20 million a movie, that was the top tier, and Chris Tucker was demanding more than that. We have no idea how you can figure that Chris Tucker is worth that much, especially when he’s opposite Jackie Chan.

8. Rihanna Saved Valerian

via: pinterest.com

Okay, she didn’t save Valerian, the ill-fated science fiction bomb from earlier this year (seriously, it lost a lot of money), but Rihanna came the closest of anyone in the film’s bloated, talented, but underperforming cast, which is truly surprising. When a film has Dane Dehaan, Cara Delevingne, Ethan Hawke, John Goodman, Rutger Hauer and Clive Owen, you wouldn’t expect Rihanna to be the strongest link in the film. She pops up as a shapeshifting performer named Bubble, and in just a few minutes, she creates the film’s most memorable character: a sympathetic, tragic figure who nonetheless fights hard to do the right thing. More impressively, the character is CGI for much of its time, leaving Rihanna with only her voice to do her acting, and she still does really good work. When she leaves the movie, a victim of its heavily episodic structure, her absence is sorely felt.

7. Edward Norton The Incredible Hulk

via: unilad.com

For you younger readers, Edward Norton was a really big deal at one point. With a good eye for scripts and a buttload of acting talent, he knocked out a few classics in a really short amount of time. Nonetheless, there’s an argument for striking while the iron is hot, and Norton didn’t seem to be doing so. It was all fixed in 2008, when he was announced to be playing Bruce Banner in Marvel’s Hulk reboot. It seemed a massive coup, getting someone as good as Norton for a comic book movie. However, as the release date approached, fans were worried to hear… nothing.

There were no trailers, no promo images, no gushing interviews about how excited everyone was to be working on the movie. Then the rumours started to surface. Edward Norton was holding it up, demanding the ability to rewrite scenes, or demanding credit for rewrites he’d already done. It wasn’t clear exactly what he wanted, but it was clear the film had been badly stalled. The film finally limped out into release, to a disinterested shrug from audiences. Norton was replaced by Mark Ruffalo in subsequent films.


6. Benicio Del Toro Saved The Way Of The Gun

via: cnn.com

This is probably the least famous movie on the list, but it’s worth remembering, because it’s fantastic. The Way of the Gun was a small budget crime caper with a surprisingly excellent cast. It’s part of that well worn sub genre where some small time crooks, Ryan Phillipe and Benicio del Toro in this case, attempt to move up the ladder and accidentally attract the attention of much bigger fish. It’s well-written, well-acted, and well-shot, but the best feature of the movie is what isn’t said. And it turns out it was down to Benicio Del Toro.

Shortly before filming started, the director, Christopher McQuarrie, found Del Toro’s copy of the script. Del Toro had made some changes, not the usual diva-esque changes, demanding more lines or screen time, but the exact opposite. He’d been chopping his own lines out. McQuarrie confronted him about it, and Del Toro pointed out how silly it would be for two hardened criminals to constantly chat. The director agreed. And the changes made the whole film.

5. Jennifer Lawrence Ruined X-Men: Apocalypse

via: youtube.com

It’s hard to completely blame her. X-Men: Apocalypse is easily the worst film in the series, which is quite a feat, given the lows that the series has hit. It had too many plot lines, too many characters, had no structure, the villain looked stupid, etc. You can’t help but think that Jennifer Lawrence might have anchored the film if she’d cared, that she might have turned in a strong performance. She’s the film’s default lead, since everyone else has such a confused plot, while hers is relatively straightforward. She didn’t, though. She seemed determined to provide a textbook entry for the idea of “phoning it in.” She could not look more bored, even as entire cities blow up in front of her. She wasn’t being paid enough. Jennifer Lawrence is hot property, and has been for a few years, but the X-Men films snagged her way back before then, when she was just another talented young actress. She had massively appreciated in value, but her locked-in contract had not.

4. Harrison Ford Saved Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark

via: thefamouspeople.com

You know the film, and you know the story. What was supposed to be an elaborate fight scene instead became the best gag in a great movie. While shooting Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Harrison Ford got really sick, and it was right when they were shooting a big fight scene. The end result is classic. The big henchman steps forward, sword in hand, twirls it menacingly, and Harrison Ford just shoots him, and he only did it to get out of shooting the fight scene.

What you may not realize is how much it makes the film. Jones is never a superhero, more like a tough, determined guy who makes the best. He’s not actually interested in the fight, and the fight is never the point of the movie, it’s a means to an end. Ford doesn’t want to fight; he wants to rescue Marion, and, as a result, skips past an elaborate fight scene, keeping his eyes on the prize

3. Wesley Snipes Ruined Blade: Trinity

via: twitter.com

This one was widely publicized at the time, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. Blade: Trinity was a disaster of a movie. As the behind the scenes stories began to come out, it was amazing that it ended up as good as it did.  They were clearly setting up Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel to have a spinoff, and so the two got much more screen time, at the cost of screen time for Snipes. Wesley Snipes didn’t take this well. He apparently physically threatened the writer/director repeatedly.

The situation with the spinoff had left Snipes deeply paranoid and he increasingly refused to come out of his trailer, smoking a huge amount of weed. He would send strange letters to the director and would sign them “Blade.” When Snipes confronted the director about yet another problem, and threatened to walk off the set, he answered that he probably could, since they had most of what they needed and could do the rest with a stand in. Snipes is rarely in any wide shots, and there’s several scenes that are the other actors talking, then a cut to Snipes reacting. You can also, with the benefit of 2017 high-definition, spot a lot of time when Snipes head has been digitally pasted in.

2. Joss Whedon Ruined Justice League

via: hollywoodreporter.com

The dust is still settling on this one, but it’s hard not to pin a fair bit of Justice League’s…ahem, lukewarm reception on Joss Whedon. We could start with the visuals. Whedon’s got sharp dialogue when he writes, but he has no sense for how to shoot things. It was fun to look at The Avengers’ bland cinematography and just blame some combination of rushed production and studio interference, but looking at Justice League, it turns out he just does that.

Then there’s the film’s Wonder Woman. It was clear that Wonder Woman’s solo movie was going to be big, though I don’t think even optimists would have realized how big the film would be. Justice League was not a good follow up. With a combination of the strange sexy Amazon costumes in Justice League (a far cry from the battle gear of Wonder Woman), a bunch of weird quips that nobody thought through, the release of Whedon’s own terrible Wonder Woman script and the disturbing account of their marriage from his ex-wife, it’s hard to look at Whedon’s version of Diana without feeling creeped out.

1. Alec Guinness Saved Star Wars

via: biography.com

You kind of have to feel sorry for Alec Guinness. Without Star Wars, he would be one of the many outstanding classically trained actors the British isles keep producing. As it is, his outstanding career (including true classics like The Bridge on the River KwaiLawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago) is completely overshadowed by Star Wars, which he thought was a really stupid movie.

There’s a lot of great stories about the great actor’s disdain for the film (like how, after a young fan told him that he’d seen the film 100 times, Guinness made him promise not to watch it again) and that he insisted on being killed off so he could leave. The thing is, he probably saved the film by doing so. Star Wars: A New Hope is a perfect example of how much has to fall into place to make a great movie. It’s hard to nail it down to one thing, but the death of Obi-Wan Kenobi gives the film a core. It shows us what the stakes are and that people can and will die. Yes, we’d lost the anonymous rebels in the opening scene, along with Luke’s adoptive parents, but they’re all peripheral characters. A major character dying gives the swashbuckling adventure weight. And it’s all because a grumpy British actor just couldn’t wait to be out of there.



She Leapt From Ferry Believing She Was Dying - She Wasn't

She Leapt From Ferry Believing She Was Dying - She Wasn't

Diagnosed with a terminal illness at 52, Mya DeRyan saw no use in medicine. After spending several months with her adult son, the British Columbia woman departed his Vancouver home, leaving a note reading, "My body hurts, my heart is full. It's time. I love you." DeRyan then boarded a ferry, stripped naked, and jumped from the vessel as it crossed the Strait of Georgia on Oct. 30, reports the Victoria Times-Colonist. She viewed the act as a fitting end; she was an artist who worked with fish scales. But she hadn't anticipated the search. A witness had seen her jump, and DeRyan watched as Coast Guard vessels and a helicopter spent five hours searching for her. "I could feel the intensity of the search, that crisis and the desperation to find me," she says. "I didn't want to go in that way with that negative energy."

DeRyan had kept her breathing calm through meditation. But now she was starting to panic. "I was breathing heavily, I couldn't calm down. I was begging the universe to give me a log or something to grab onto," she says. At that point, DeRyan says a life ring, thrown from the ferry hours earlier, floated toward her. When rescuers went to retrieve it after calling off the search, they were stunned to see their target clinging on—alive. Then, another incredible twist: During a week in hospital, DeRyan says she learned that her chronic headaches, abdominal pain, and nausea weren't the result of a terminal illness at all; her diagnosis had been wrong. She recalls realizing "there's got to be a plan" for the new life she was granted. For now, it involves spending time with her son. "There's nothing that makes me happier," she tells CTV News.

48 Shamelessly Honest Tweets And Pics About The Struggles Of Marriage

48 Shamelessly Honest Tweets And Pics About the Struggles Of Marriage -



























15 Ex-Employees Get Revenge By Spilling their Company's Biggest Secrets

15 Ex-Employees Get Revenge By Spilling their Company's Biggest Secrets

Every workplace has it's dirty little secrets, but most of the time they are kept hidden by their loyal employees.

Sometimes, a few brave souls will leak the confidential information to the masses so we can see how shitty big corporations can actually be.

The people over at /r/Askreddit are dishing out big ol' hot plates of surreptitious scandals, so we're hope you're hungry for some controversy!

1. enjollras shows us PetSmart isn't all that smart:

The first thing you do every day at PetSmart is dump the dead reptiles into the trash. We treated them as well as we could once they were in the store -- given our fairly minimal resources -- but they're mistreated in transit and often die within a day of arriving at the store. We once reordered a chameleon three times because they kept dying. Everyone knew they were too delicate to transport, but head office wanted a chameleon in the store. Most employees aren't aware of this, since management tries to sweep it under the rug, but I was the morning custodian.

The birds are also neurotic as hell due to sheer mind-numbing boredom, and the rodents bite because they're unsocialized. Elderly hamsters get put in the back room, where they'll never be purchased, because they make customers sad. At least in my experience, the employees genuinely try to take care of the animals, but it's just not a good environment for them.

The cats are okay, though, since they're not actually sold by PetSmart. The company just rents out display space to rescue groups and shelters. They're mostly pretty happy and well cared for.

2. croutonianemperor has an oily mess:

When deisel fuel gets spilled in working water front they just spread dish soap. This sinks the fuel to the bottom, where it can't be cleaned up, avoiding the rainbow slick, 10k fine, and a real clean up.

3.  SeekerChaserKeeper won't go chasing waterfalls:

Ruby Falls is fake. Their waterfall is pumped in. It's artificial. The formations are paint and plastic and styrofoam or occasionally purchases from other caves halfway across the country. They lie about the height of the falls. Like not a little exaggeration, they claim it's almost twice as high as it is. Most of the stories your tour guides tell you are made up. Unless they have gray hair their funny quips about past tours are mostly bs. The employees are not told any of this and have to piece it together on their own. A lot of management legitimately doesn't know. The tour guides know and don't care, the ones that do care quit. They threaten to sue employees who ever reveal any of this EVEN TO FELLOW EMPLOYEES!

Edit: My inbox is blowing up with people telling me about the Wikipedia article. I know. That edit was made as a result of this post.

via shutterstock

4. errff should join a union:

Walmart distribution center had a week long orientation. For about 2 days of that orientation they gave us reasons why unions are bad and have no place in the company .

They told us we would be terminated if we tried to unionize. They pretty much fed us propaganda materials and treated us like kids. They made us repeat that we understood the situation and the consequences of attempted unionization.

5. enigmazweb24 exposes Domi-No No's

Worked at Domino's in college. Our franchisee made it a fireable offense to call in sick. If you missed a scheduled shift, it would be considered quitting, and you wouldn't get put on the schedule ever again.

As a result, workers would come in to work INCREDIBLY ill and still make your food. I once witnessed a coworker begin to make a pizza, stop to go puke in the bathroom, than continue making the pizza.

6. subsonic_slug has a frog in their throat:

Dupont killed off an endangered species in an area they wanted to expand. Then they laid off some folks who knew they were endangered, and magically the epa inspector didnt find anything, because they had buried up the pits and holes where the frogs had died

7. Meowmeowsuplex resells crayons:

This is my best story, I was 18 and a pushover at the time, wasn't going to argue since I just started working there:

At Staples (in Canada), we ran out of pencil crayons during back to school season, which was not good for business; parents want to do one-stop shopping for school. So one of the managers took me to the Wal-Mart at the other end of the shopping centre, and we loaded up 2 carts with ALL of their pencil crayons.

It gets worse. To eliminate any suspicion and prevent the Wal-Mart managers from stopping us, we told the cashiers we were on a mission trip to Africa and that these were supplies for poor schools over there. They believed it, we took them all, stocked the shelves at Staples and resold them.

Looking back, damn that was some shady shit.

via shutterstock

8. dirtyblueshirt won't sell out:

Comcast spams their own employees asking them to donate money to their PAC to fight Net Neutrality. Fuck Comcast, I'm glad I was fired.

9. manalive121 has the meats:

Arby's is vile. They will sell you sandwiches that are literally roast beef shavings and burnt scraps because they want to save money by not wasting even inedible bits of beef. I was told, when I worked there, to not waste any meat, even if it meant rolling a pile of burnt skin, rubbery scraps, and miscellaneous shavings into a ball and plopping it on a bun.

I quit after a week.

Edit: so, worth clarifying--yes, there are well-run Arby's. Mine was a training store owned by a very large franchisee, and they are the embodiment of penny-pinching miserliness. Their preferred method of rotating stock (cheeses, veggies) is to switch the labels when the hold date is exceeded, rather than actually discarding expired product.

10. stupidpinay1234 microwaves everything:

I used to work at a well known chain restaurant (not Applebee's) when I was young.

People would ask all the time if something was microwaved, due to their food varying in temperature, their plate being hot, the taste of their food, or whatever.

Yes, the food is microwaved. No, we will not actually tell you that. From what I could tell, your main course was made to order. So if you ordered the chicken, they would actually cook the chicken on the stove right after you ordered it. Everything else, like your sides, were shoved in plastic bags and "cooked" in the microwave. Like your potatoes, veggies, rice, soup, whatever. I think fries were actually made to order as well, since they were meant to be crispy.

Also, it really boggled my mind when people would order dessert. It's literally a frozen piece of cake, cheesecake, or whatever. None of it is fresh. And the ice cream is the cheapest vanilla bean ice cream on the market. We got our's from Aldi's by the brand "Dean's" which is well known for being a large tub at a low price.

  • * * EDIT * * * A lot of you are asking which restaurant this is. This is EVERY chain restaurant. You can find tons of testimonies on reddit and elsewhere from chain restaurant workers who can all say the same thing. This isn't anything unique to the one I worked at. Everything from Applebees, Chili's, Cheesecake Factory, Bob Evans, and Longhorn does this. If it's a chain, the microwave is a large part of their "cooking." So, all of your guesses would technically be correct, as well as any restaurant that comes to mind.

11. FLICK_YOLI wonders where all the televisions went:

When I worked in the mailroom for the main AT&T facility for the West Coast, the management company Global Real Estate would order Tivo's and flat screen TV's for the 350+ vacant rooms in the building at the end of every fiscal year. After they were installed, the following weekend all those TV's and Tivo's would "magically" turn up missing.

If you look up Global Real Estate, they're up to some pretty shady shit all around the world. I'm pretty sure they're run by the mob. My Italian boss once made a thinly veiled death threat to me over a steak during a Christmas party.

12. Pyrinder realizes Burger King is more like a Burger Imposter:

The best I can think of is Burger King gets a lot of it's foods from other companies while advertising that everything they make is their own branding. That and none of the stuff we fry are fresh, they're just re-dipped and re-fried over and over in used batches.

13. Haiku_lass makes us loath loafs:

My friend from panera worked over 40 hours a week multiple weeks, and her boss would cut her hours at 40 and not even pay her a regular wage for the extra hours. She reached out to corporate about it, and they did nothing.

14. cbq88 has a fun life hack:

I have an experiment for you. Take a thin stack of regular index cards and go to your local Wal Mart. Go to the fresh chicken section. The long clear plastic strip at the front of the shelf can be lifted up out of the black shelf. Lift it up. Take your index cards and place it where the plastic was. Now run it, without lifting it up, to the end of the shelf. If half rotten chicken guts don't fall out of that shelf then you are at a cleaner Wal Mart than I've ever been in. Odds are you'll be able to see (and smell) them caked all over the bottom of the plastic thing as soon as you pull it out of the shelf. When I worked at Wal Mart I always waited until the place was practically devoid of customers before I pulled those shelves apart to clean them.

15. Beyondintodarkness blows up big pharma:

I worked for a company that is the largest producer of pharmacy software in the US. There's a bunch of beans to spill. I won't name the company directly and I will say this is all "allegedly" true because I am about to accuse the company of systemic gross criminal negligence.

  • Nearly 60% of all patients in the US exist in one of our systems and you're information is 100% for sure compromised. Multiple security breaches occured during my time there both internal and external. Despite this and the massive amount of HIPAA data that was stolen (think Equifax levels of information stolen BUT they also stole your credit card numbers and your patient records) the company has not changed their policies at all. They have no network security to speak of and most pharmacies that use the software are protected by a single 4 character password that is so easy to guess it frequently is cracked by accident.
  • The company regularly hires contractors with no background check and no drug testing. They are immediately, day 1, given full backend access to all pharmacy systems that use our software. In order to learn the software they are taught to create false patient, doctor, and RX records, sometimes in live store environments without the stores consent or knowledge.
  • Multiple employees have been caught creating false controlled substance scripts in pharmacies in the area then picking them up after work even going so far as to create fake insurance payments so it looks like the store is getting paid.
  • Most independantly owned pharmacies make do not track actual earnings. I don't understand how they're in business.
  • You will get fired if you will not assist pharmacies using the system to falsify DEA reports. Pharmacies do this to hide illegal sales of controlled substances.
  • The company is closing in on half a billion dollars of wealth. There is systemic racism, homophobia, and sexual assault occurring openly. They are about to close deals with almost all major pharmacy chains. The CEO actively participates and goes out of his way to encourage descrimnation of non-Christians in the work place.
  • They lie to their customers constantly.
  • Those deals with the major chains include Wal-Mart and Walgreens. This would put the information of nearly 90% of US patients into a system which is (or was when I left) known to have active security vulnerabilities which have been exploited in multiple known hacks with no intention of correcting them. This includes your social security and/or DL#.
  • The entirety of the system was held by ransom ware at one point. We told our customers it was a network outage at our headquarters while the CEO got together $10 million or so to get it back. This was caused by an employee torrenting porn on his workstation. The employee in question received no discipline, still works there, and golfs with the CEO once a week.
  • The CEO has been caught multiple times in his office during work hours with multiple secretaries between his knees.

I could go on for days about this crap. If they were a consumer facing company I'm sure things would be different but they work mostly with businesses so they get away with it.







15 Women Reveal The Shocking Lies Their Husbands Have Been Telling For Years

15 Women Reveal The Shocking Lies Their Husbands Have Been Telling For Years



Men Who Live Near The Viagra Factory Are Apparently Walking Around With Accidental Boners

Men Who Live Near The Viagra Factory Are Apparently Walking Around With Accidental Boners -

Ringaskiddy, Ireland might as well rename itself Boner Town.

This tiny Irish village also happens to be home of the Pfizer factory that manufactures Viagra. According to the Irish Post, wafting fumes from the plant — which the town locals have nicknamed "love fumes" — have men and dogs walking around with unexpected hard-ons. It sounds like a dystopian nightmare, but according to locals, unplanned excitement has become part of day to day life in Ringaskiddy.

Bartender Debbie O’Grady explains: "One whiff and you’re stiff. We’ve been getting the love fumes for years now for free." Is there anything the world needs less than more boners?


Local nurse Fiona Toomey claims that Viagra is such a part of the town's ecosystem that it "must have gotten into the water supply."

Pfizer claims that "love fumes are nothing but an "amusing" myth. "Our manufacturing processes have always been highly sophisticated as well as highly regulated," they said.

We look forward to seeing this story line on the next season of Black Mirror.

There are Roads In Australia That Are So Long They Have Trivia Signs To Keep Drivers Alert

There are Roads In Australia That Are So Long They Have Trivia Signs To Keep Drivers Alert

In Australia it seems everything is just a bit more dangerous. The animals are bigger, the insects are deadlier, and apparently some roads are so long and boring, the government has erected trivia signs in ‘fatigue zones’ to keep drivers alert and reduce crashes and fatalities.

Reddit user eppinizer recently shared an example of these trivia road signs while driving on the A1 just north of Tooloombah Creek Conservation Park in Queensland.

You can find a second example from Google Maps that was spotted by reddit user swaggler, travelling north on the New England Highway in southeast Queensland.

It would be interesting to know if these signs have led to a reduction in crashes and fatalities. It’s a shame the signs weren’t digital as that would have allowed them to update the trivia questions!






The Rise Of Bad Jobs Explained

The Rise Of Bad Jobs Explained



It's easy to find a job, just not a good one.

Could You Actually Have An Anxiety Disorder?

Could You Actually Have An Anxiety Disorder?


Anxiety can drastically impact your life, but just how common is it?





Time Reveals Its List Of Ten Finalists For 'Person Of The Year,' And It's A Doozy

Time Reveals Its List Of Ten Finalists For 'Person Of The Year,' And It's A Doozy


It's that time of year again. The special time right before Time announces their Person of the Year, the annual award given to whoever made the biggest impact on history that year, for better or for worse.

On Monday, Time announced their shortlist and there are some pretty interesting choices on there.






People are even rooting for candidates who aren't on the list, and some ideas sound more serious than others.





And of course we're bracing for the worst after Trump's last take on the nominations.


Though he was quickly shot down when the magazine said that TIME does not comment on their choice until publication.

In 2015 for example, the magazine selected German Chancellor Angela Merkel, she was not interviewed of photographed before the announcement, and a painting of Merkel was used for the cover.


The winner will be announced on Wednesday, so place your bets now.

15 of the Worst Things Teachers Have Ever Said At School

15 of the Worst Things Teachers Have Ever Said At School

Teachers hear a lot of shit coming from students, especially when they have to deal with angsty boner machines in high school.

But, on the rare occasion, a teacher will do a real big whoopsies and say something terrible in front of their students that can never be forgotten.

Too bad we can't give ol' teach a suspension or an entire week of after-school suspension.

1. bassolune has a trashy teacher:

When I was about 9 our teacher asked the class what we wanted to be when we grew up. One kid said he wanted to be a bin-man (a garbage man, for US readers?). The teacher went into a rant, saying that jobs like these were for the lowest, most unintelligent people in society, and that he should aspire to be better than that. Finally she asked why he wanted to be a bin-man anyway. "Because my dad's one", said the kid, by now in tears.

2. Rushton6 hears a proper roast:

I was at rugby practice and we were doing stretches and we were all lying on the ground and my friend has his head positioned​ close to my other friends crotch. My friend says quite loudly "it looks like you're about to suck my dick" when he realised that our coach (who is also a teacher at out school) heard him he started to apologize for swearing when our coach says "he wants a meal not a snack"

3. Ydocnosila knows a creep:

Male teacher was talking about the dress code to me and a friend of mine during lunch. He stated he doesn't like "seeing a bunch of fatties in short shorts" but then gestured towards a thin girl in short shorts walking up the step and said "but that.. That I don't mind"

4. Bageeka throws paper:

"Whoever threw that paper.... your mom's a hoe"

via shutterstock

5. wenwo16 learns a dark secret:

One day in a history class my professor (who is at least 80 years old) was talking about bed fellows in Victorian England, and was saying how common it was for men to sleep together. He used himself as an example and said that he used to sleep with his grandfather all the time as a child. After he said that, though, he looked at the ground and said to himself, audibly, "I still wonder to this day if he molested me..." Then he looked back at us, shrugged, and said, "Oh well, too late to know for sure now!" It was fascinating to see someone overcome deep-seated trauma so quickly.

6. aberrasian had a sadistic elementary school teacher:

"Congratulations, you're a marriage of dumbos made in heaven."

I had a teacher in elementary school who after every test would pick the lowest scoring girl and lowest scoring boy in the class and force them to hold hands, perform a brief marriage ceremony on them in front of the laughing class (without the kissing part obvs), and have all the other kids sing "Here comes the Bride".

Then she'd have the two kids sit together at the side of the classroom for rest of the lesson, and they weren't allowed to stop holding hands until bell rang.

The answer is yes. That did happen to me. Three weeks was about how long the teasing lasted, and six years was roughly how long me and the "groom" avoided speaking to each other after that out of residual humiliation.

Edit: This was around the early 00's. I'm not from the US, I didn't tell my parents, I honestly didn't think it was such a honking huge giant deal. Kids get punished all the time, right? I'm from a culture where teachers are considered authority figures to be respected, so no adult would have defended us (unless I was being physically hurt or something, probably).

I'm surprised so many of you are so outraged on my behalf! You're sweethearts. I'm not permanent scarred by this, just kinda salty. Can't speak for the other kids affected though, but after a days' worth of angry crying nobody seemed overly traumatised.

MOST IMPORTANT EDIT: Did it work? Were you a better student from then on? Did you studiously avoid getting the lowest grade in class?


7. troha304 is a thumb sucker:

This wasn't said directly to me but... In middle school I had a teacher grab me from the lunch table and drag me to the principals office. After grilling me for awhile and telling me I know what I did, they finally revealed to me that the teacher stated she witnessed me suggestively sucking my thumb while staring at a female friend of mine.

I was just biting my nail.

via shutterstock

8. wearethefreaks gets a lesson in alcoholism 101:

Used to have an alcoholic teacher who, when handing out textbooks, slammed one down in front of a larger boy in our class, pointed at him and said 'don't eat it.' Yeah the kid cried.

9. TrinixDMorrison's professor is racist af:

One of my college professor straight up said one day "From my experience, African American students tend to drop my class the most. It's probably too hard for them. Any of you notice how we haven't seen that one black chick who used to sit in the front row for weeks now?"

Guy was immediately shot down when the "black chick" raised her hand from the back row saying she'd been here the whole time; she just moved to the back row cuz that's where her boyfriend was sitting.

10. neekix witnesses a real facepalm:

Not really the worst but once in high school my teacher legitimately asked the blind girl in our class why she wasn't going up to check her grade on the grade sheet.

11. Tess_Mac's teacher has a heart of stone:

Age of 9, lost my father in a horrific accident. I returned to school a few days later and after attendance was taken the teacher said to me in front of the class "The class got together and sent flowers to your father's funeral, I paid your share so make sure you bring in $2 tommorow as I need to be paid back". She then went on with the lessons

(As many have asked what happened, I asked to see the school Nurse and was sent home. Once home I told my Mother. Returning to school 2 days later I never saw the teacher again. I don't know how my Mother handled it)

12. bloodbeardthepirate witnesses the end of a man's reputation:

My 8th grade science teacher would pick on this one girl in the front row. One time he was going to make a joke about her breath being so bad he could see it. Instead he said " I can see your breasts" to a 14 year old girl

13. SethPatton1999 sees a teacher give up:

Chemistry teacher that got annoyed easily with my class specifically: "alright fuck this, you're all going to fail this exam." People in my class would never shut up, and it was the last week of school so he was just done with us.

via shutterstock

14. crittybobitty gets a new daddy:

My history teacher called himself big daddy

15. RukusNZ experiences the cruelest teacher of them all:

"I know it's the last day of term but we will be working right up to the bell."

Study Says Facebook Will Make You Feel Like Trash

Study Says Facebook Will Make You Feel Like Trash

Do you ever go on Facebook and see that another one of your friends is engaged or having baby number two? You despise them for it because, while they’re creating a life and a family, you’re probably sitting on your couch eating takeout alone watching a romantic comedy. Even though it stings to look at their overly excited status, you like it. And you even comment something along the lines of, “Congrats! You two make such a great couple!” But inside, you’re raging. You hate the fact that this status made you feel like trash and you hate that you commented AND liked it.

A two-year study done by researchers Holly B. Shakya and Nicholas A. Christakis, from the University of California and Yale University, has revealed that every link you click on and every like that you give out decreases your well-being by 5-8%. How is that possible you might ask? Well according to Shakya and Christakis, “We found consistently that both liking others’ content and clicking links significantly predicted a subsequent reduction in self-reported physical health, mental health, and life satisfaction.”



Not only does all of that liking and link clicking bring down your quality of life, but your well-being also directly correlates with the quantity of time spent on Facebook. It is estimated that people spend at least 50 minutes a day on Facebook. If you have a Facebook, which I’m sure most of you do, you know that Facebook that is mostly people bragging about their success or people posting their unwanted political opinions. Imagine looking at people’s success and irritating opinions about politics for 50-minutes a day. Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine it because you probably do it.

Shakya and Christakis also concluded that “the danger of prolonged social media use is when users believe they are engaging in human interaction, when in fact they are receiving none of the benefits of face to face interaction.”



While you might subconsciously love answering the call of your Facebook addiction so you can look at those cute cat videos or chat with an old friend, if time starts to pass you by really fast and 11:00 AM turns into 3:00 PM, you have a problem. Keep your likes limited and the links that you click on scarce. And if your one friend posts a new profile picture and gets mad at you for not liking it and commenting, “so pretty!”, remind her that it’s for the sake of your well-being.






14 Brutal Burns There's No Coming Back From

14 Brutal Burns There's No Coming Back From






Scientists Say These Twin Sisters Could Reveal ‘The Mystery Of Sexuality’

Scientists Say These Twin Sisters Could Reveal ‘The Mystery Of Sexuality’


Rosie Ablewhite and Sarah Nunn are identical twins who scientists now believe can help us understand the mystery surrounding sexual orientation.

The 29-year-old siblings, who have had the same upbringing and share the same genetic code, provide an interesting case for sexuality researchers as Sarah is straight and Rosie identifies as lesbian.

Scientists are now studying the twins, as well as others who fall under similar circumstances, to work out the intricacies of human sexuality. More specifically they want to know when and how it develops.



Speaking to The Times Sarah said:

Any boyfriend instantly felt more at home with Rosie.

She liked football, talked about boy things, played video games. They’d be like, ‘Sarah, you’re really boring. I’m going to go and play with Rosie.’

I’d get jealous that they liked her better.


One method for finding the origin of someone’s sexuality is to look at different ways it can develop ahead of puberty. According to The Times gay people frequently note ‘gender-atypical mannerisms and behaviour’ at a young age. However these accounts can be difficult to establish based off the reliability of an individual’s memory.

In Dr. Gerulf Rieger’s (from the University of Essex) controversial study, Developmental Psychology, he and his colleague Tuesday Watts were able solve this conundrum with photographs.

The two university researchers asked 56 twins with ‘discordant sexual orientations’ to provide pictures from their childhood, to see if people – who were not aware of the experiment’s true intentions – could spot certain traits (i.e. clothing, style of ‘play’) which could lead to one’s sexuality.


A reason why this study has garnered controversy is because it could potentially link sexuality to certain aspects of gender identification. Therefore it could reinforce ‘dated’ stereotypes about boy’s and girls’ ‘innate behaviour’ – problematic.

However, Sarah and Rosie’s old pictures do adhere to some of these so-called ‘stereotypes’.

One picture shows the twin sisters on the swings with Rosie dressed as Superman while Sarah, who played with Barbies and dressed as Wilma from The Flinstones is wearing clothes more ‘traditionally’ associated with a young girl.

Most people point to genetics however Dr. Rieger tells The Times:

What we can do is rule out a few things now. A lot of people jump to the conclusion it must be genetics.

This shows there is something early on, in the early environment, that has nothing to do with genes but can still have a tremendous effect on sexual orientation.


The controversial nature of his study doesn’t seem to bother him either, adding:

It doesn’t matter to me if it’s controversial… It’s very dangerous to start going down the route of thinking that way.

For Rosie and Sarah they still find it strange, after 20 years, that it took so long for them to realise how different they were from each other.

Rosie says she ‘questioned it for so long’, Sarah was ‘boy crazy’ and for a while she tried to be just like her.


However when she had a boyfriend she realised she wasn’t attracted to him, naturally she didn’t want to kiss him, so Sarah being the loving sister she is helped Rosie out.

Sarah tells The Times reporter:

I said to him: “I’m the same . . . I will kiss you.”


As predicted, it seems that neither a nature-versus-nurture environment or genetics can yet provide the final answer to one’s sexual orientation.

Of course, it could be far more useful to stop worrying about the how and why and just get round to accepting that we are a varied and wonderful bunch – and that sexuality is just one of the many incredible facets of a functioning human being.

If you, or someone you know, has questions about his/hers/their sexual orientation you can get advice from LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall.




5 of the Weirdest Hobbies Of All Time

5 of the Weirdest Hobbies Of All Time

With New Year's Eve just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about some personal resolutions for next year! One of the most common New Year's resolutions is taking up a new hobby, so to give you some inspiration, here's a list of the five weirdest hobbies of all time!


Competitive Mooing

Competitive mooing contests are actually held all over the world, mostly in rural towns where dairy is a big part of the agricultural community. During these competitive mooing contests, grown individuals go up to a microphone, moo in it, and an audience decides who sounds most like an actual cow. The video above should be enough to convince you that yes, this is real, and yes, it is natural for you to now want to moo out loud to see how your own moo fares against these professionals.


Extreme Ironing


Extreme ironing is exactly what you think it is, and it started in England. Extreme ironing daredevils take their ironing boards and wrinkled laundry on hiking, climbing, skydiving and other extreme outdoor adventures to remote locations. According to the Extreme Ironing Bureau, extreme ironing is "the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt".


Collecting Naval Fluff


The prize for grossest hobby of all time goes to a man named Graham Barker, who has collected and jarred up his own navel fluff since 1984. He has a Guinness World Record for collecting his naval fluff for over 20 years, and keeps all of his fluff organized in labeled jars. Excuse me while I actually go vomit and ask God why?.


Giant Pumpkin Kayaking


A hobby called "Giant Pumpkin Kayaking" consists of hollowing out a giant pumpkin so it can float, getting inside, and using it as a kayak to paddle across a body of water. The hobby started in Canada, but today dozens of Pumpkin Regattas are hosted all around the US too.


Canine Freestyle Dancing

As demonstrated by the iconic duo above, Canine Freestyle dancing is a choreographed performance owners do with their dogs at Canine Freestyle dancing competitions. The Canine Freestyle Federation website describes the hobby as "illustrating the training and joyful relationship of a dog and handler team". This hobby also started in Canada, but has since spread around the world because who doesn't want to do a choreographed dance with their dog?!

10 Roasts That Are As Mean As They Are Funny

10 Roasts That Are As Mean As They Are Funny




34 Married People Share Suspicious Things They Found On Spouses Phones That Ended Up Being Innocent

34 Married People Share Suspicious Things They Found On Spouses Phones That Ended Up Being Innocent

13 Events That Should Never Be Spoken Of Ever Again

13 Events That Should Never Be Spoken Of Ever Again

“Mine happened a couple years back. I was just minding my own business, going about my day, when i get a text from my dad. Of course, i read it since its from my dad. The text reads:

Can there be slaveplay in tonights entertainment? I need you.

Me and my sister once found a whip in their cupboard so its easy to put two and two together.

Five minuttes later, the most sincere: Oops. i have ever seen pops up on my screen. I never responded to that text and i have never brought it up, but we both know it happened.” – QwepEUW


“I was drinking Vodka, and I had this guy pal that I was trying to bang…but he refused to bang a drunk girl while he was sober. I grabbed my phone and started looking for some action…no such luck. I eventually passed out and went to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I read the texts I’d sent in absolute horror…

Me: what r u doin?

G: Getting ready 4 bed, u?

Me: Drunk, topless, and looking for some fun.

G: Lol, good luck! I’m going to bed.

G happened to be my boss who just started a few weeks ago…at the time Facebook would merge your friends contact info into your address book. I never spoke of it again, and had a difficult time looking him in the eye.” – LadyPhoenix74


“So I am in high school and got trashed at a party. Some how I made it home. In the middle of the night I drunkenly wander into my parents bedroom, sit on my Dad’s hamper and take a good, long piss. My dad woke up in the middle of it and pushed me back into my room. I wake up in the morning and go to the living room and see dad. He starts cracking up and told me what happened. Said we won’t tell anyone and to go upstairs and clean out his hamper. Ended up having to buy him a new hamper. My mom never said anything about it so I have no idea if she knew.

My dad passed away about 10 years ago. Since that time my mom told me a story about my dad getting drunk one night shortly after they were married and she woke up in the middle of the night to see him peeing in his hamper.

Apparently, I am totally my father’s daughter. And have still never told anyone about it.” – spicycrabroll13



“Out of the blue my cousin (m) sends me a Facebook message asking me(f) if I had ever had any sexual dreams or thoughts about another family member. Which then snowballed into him trying to question me thoroughly about my sex life and asking to see my boobs.

I told him it was kinda(really) awkward because he was my cousin. He tried to justify it by saying since we are like 4th cousins(we’re not, we’re 2nd cousins) it doesn’t matter(it does, cause it’s gross). He kept apologizing for making it awkward but he just wouldn’t STFU about it. I finally convinced him that it was gross and that we should never speak of it again.

I deleted the Facebook message but not before I took screenshots in case he tried to do some stupid shit.

Saw him yesterday at a family thing with his wife and he refused to make eye contact.

Pure coincidence that I also live in Alabama.” – LolaLovesPeaches



“I was on a road trip with a buddy. We were heading to a three day music fest in Tennessee. We drove through the night, and were making good time. He was driving, and asked me to take the wheel for a second.
I did.

He grabbed a Gatorade bottle, unzipped, and started pissing in the bottle. I was a bit uncomfortable with my hand 6 inches above his exposed dick, but we were going 75 mph and his foot was on the gas. We had more pressing concerns, is my point.

He finishes up, and in one swift motion, rolls down the window, and lifts the Gatorade bottle toward the window to dump it.

“Wait what are you do-”
Imagine a full bottle of warm piss filling up the entire interior of a car like a fine aerosol spray in a split second.
That’s what 75 mph wind blowing inward does to a bottle of liquid trying to go outward. I learned that the hard way.

Of COURSE it got in my mouth. But that wasn’t the worst of it. It was clogging my ears like I had been swimming. It was stinging my eyes. It went so far up my nose that I sneezed it out.


We looked at each other, dripping piss.

All I could say was “damn it. God damn it dude.”
He turned on the AC after a time. Piss droplets blew out onto us. It was dripping on us from the ceiling of the car.
We rode for a long time in silence.
Do you know what a person, and the interior of a car covered in piss smell like after being in 103 degree heat for three days, and no means to wash up?
I do.
…I do.” – Zsuth



“Not so much we never spoke of it again, but I’ve never spoken of it.

In college, skipped the day to play some CoD. Got bored and decided to take matters into my own hands. My dorm room was on top floor (4th) and the window blinds were open.

As I was furiously taking out my frustrations, a window washer came up to the window on a suspended scaffold. We locked eyes for a second and he left my window unwashed and slowly went back down.” – Reddiddlyit



HP” Warning: Graphic story

Years ago my girlfriend and I snuck off to a bathroom to fuck after everyone passed out at a house party. We were young, she was fun, and she wanted it in her butt. You got it, champ.

I was sitting on the closed toilet, and she was basically doing the stand-up reverse cowgirl thing. Felt great.

At some point one of our drunk friends woke up to piss and came bursting into the bathroom. She jumps up in shock causing an extremely fast, and unexpected pull-out.


The next morning the same drunk friend comes stumbling out of the bathroom after having passed out from his drunken midnight piss.

“Guys… I got really drunk last night and I think I might have shit on the floor in the bathroom…”

Damn right you did. Apology accepted, go clean that up.” – InternetKidsAreMean



“When my best buddy and I were still in high school we decided to go up an old mountain road and do some underage drinking in his car. We were up there for a while and all of a sudden we see head lights behind us. Fearing it was a cop we hid the beer and my friend looks over to me and says “Just follow my lead.” Turns out it was a cop. We rolled down the windows and he asked what we were up to this late at night up in the mountains. I’m sitting in the passenger seat freaking out hoping he can’t smell any of the beer.

My friend looks over at the cop and in the calmest voice says, “It’s our two year anniversary tonight and we were trying to get away from everything. . .” He then reaches over, picks up my hand and kisses the back of it. The cop looked at us for another few seconds and told us to have a nice and safe night. Just another couple of boys enjoying themselves up in the mountains at 1am.” – Sgt_Walberg



“My college room-mate and I were in Italy, and we were lost at a small town train station where there’s no English and no one spoke English at all. The way the train station is set up is that we have to take stairs underground, and take stairs back up to cross the platform.

We were trying to figure out which train to take, and ended up going back and forth since we barely understood any Italian. After a few trips going up and down, we decided to just cross back and forth across the tracks.

This was wayyyyy before smart phones, so we were in the middle of the tracks while I used a compass to figure out which direction Florence was. Then we realized it was noisier than usual, looked up, and saw a train coming.

In panic, we ran in front of the train to the platform across instead of backwards to safety.

Realized we nearly won Darwin Awards. We agreed not to tell anyone about how dumb we were.” – eraser_dust




“Drunk and high back in high school:
Me and my buddy for some reason, decided it would be a fun idea to steal the lawn chairs on someone’s porch, and then sit on them in the middle of the street and masturbate. We haven’t spoken of it since.” – gloveshack



“Growing up, we were poor, and as a teen I didn’t really have access to porn or what not, but I was quite a writer.
So I would write exotic fiction as a….release, in a spiral. Well, one day after writing a particularly sordid story, i kinda ‘came to’ and realized I shouldn’t leave that stuff around. I went to the kitchen, intendING to throw the spiral away, set it down, got a drink, the phone rang, I answered. And left the spiral in the kitchen, forgotten.
An hour later my mother comes to me with the spiral and “questions”.
I won’t get into it but she described how a lot of my stories……wouldn’t really ever happen and were a bit extreme. She threw it away and it never came back up” – KMApok


“My dad found out how to stream videos from his phone to the TV, he’s testing it out and 16 year old me asks to have a go, I scroll randomly through all these untitled videos he has in his phone and click on one. The dirtiest filthiest gangbang porn pops up on the TV in front of both of us and I just had him the phone and walk out, never spoke about this since.” – rootednewt

Yep, never again.




Can you pick how long each historic event lasted?

10 Of The World’s Most Ridiculous Lawsuits

10 Of The World’s Most Ridiculous Lawsuits



When we think of lawsuits, many of us picture attorneys in expensive power suits trying their cases in solemn courtrooms. It all seems so serious, with dramatic issues of justice on the line.

Then there are the less serious cases. We’ve all heard about the ridiculous incident where a man tried to sue Red Bull for false marketing after he discovered that the energy drink did not give him wings. Not surprisingly, he claimed that the drink had not enhanced his physical or intellectual prowess, either, even after a decade of gulping it down.

Here are 10 more ridiculous cases that have clogged the justice system over the years.

10 Sperm Theft

In 1998, a man from Albuquerque filed a lawsuit against his former girlfriend for impregnating herself without his consent. Plaintiff Peter Wallis accused defendant Kellie Smith of fraud and breach of contract for “intentionally acquiring and misusing his sperm.”

According to Wallis, Smith had given her word that she would use the Pill. Then she intentionally stopped taking it to have his baby. This resulted in Wallis being the father of a baby without his knowledge or consent to the plan. His plea for money was based on the grounds that he would have to pay the expenses to support a child whom he did not want.

On the defendant’s side, lawyers argued that Smith could not have “stolen” the sperm because it was transferred during a voluntary act. Therefore, it should be legally classed as a gift and Wallis no longer had any right of possession.

Upon hearing of the pregnancy, Wallis proposed to Smith and requested that she get an abortion.[1] However, Smith declined both offers and moved in with her parents instead. Contrary to Wallis’s argument that women have all the choices and that it wasn’t fair for him to have to pay up, Smith was within her rights with both rejections and therefore won the case.

9 McDonald’s Under Heat

In 1992, 79-year-old Albuquerque resident Stella Liebeck was a passenger in her grandson’s car when they ordered coffee at a local McDonald’s drive-through window. The coffee was served in a Styrofoam cup with a plastic lid. Liebeck attempted to remove the lid so that she could add cream and sugar to her beverage.

She placed the coffee cup between her knees and peeled at the lid, which resulted in the contents of the cup being spilled on her lap. Unfortunately, the situation was made worse by her attire as her sweatpants absorbed the boiling hot coffee, held it against her skin, and worsened the burns. She suffered third-degree burns on her inner thighs and was hospitalized for eight days while she underwent skin graft procedures.

Upon filing the lawsuit against McDonald’s, Liebeck wished to settle for $20,000 to cover her medical expenses and lost income for her daughter (who took time off from work to care for Liebeck). However, McDonald’s refused the offer. The case unveiled a previous 700 claims over burns from the coffee between 1982 and 1992, some of which also included third-degree burns.[2]

Liebeck’s lawyers used this to prove that the organization was aware of the risks of the temperature of their coffee and tried to sue further for negligence. At the conclusion of the case, the jury awarded Liebeck $160,000 in compensatory damages and $2.7 million in punitive damages. The punitive damages were later reduced to $480,000 after information was given that the temperature of the coffee had been recorded wrong.

8 Godly Powers

In 2005, Minnesota resident Christopher Roller sued illusionist David Copperfield for $50 million. Roller was convinced that he was God, and the acts of several magicians led him to honestly believe that they were stealing his powers and improperly using them to perform magic.

During the dispute, Roller addressed reporters to inform them that he would withdraw the lawsuit if Copperfield could prove how he performed his magic without using the powers of God.[3]

Following the dismissal of his lawsuit, Roller applied for a patent for exclusive rights to the use of godly powers on Earth. He argued that he is a god entity and that others have been receiving unethical financial gains from the use of his powers.

The former US Navy nuclear engineer stated in his application that he realized the potential of his supernatural gift when he noticed millions of spirits entering his soul in 1999. Obviously, the patent application was rejected.

7 Victoria’s Secret

In 2008, 52-year-old Macrida Patterson, who was employed by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, filed a lawsuit against retail giant Victoria’s Secret. The story behind her case is that she suffered damage to her eye after a metal fastener snapped off a thong and scratched her cornea, causing an injury that did not require surgery.

The plaintiff argued that she was using the product as intended by the defendants. However, there was debate about a sizing issue and the fact that the product had been worn and laundered several times.[4]

Patterson’s attorney said that the injury would affect his client for the rest of her life. Although Patterson sought compensation of at least $25,000 for lost wages, medical expenses, and damages, her lawyer stated that the case was not about money but about making retailers aware that they are accountable for the products they sell.

6 The Work Is Too Boring

In a 2016 case, Frenchman Frederic Desnard filed a case against his former employer for 360,000 euros after using the phrases “descent into hell” and “nightmare” to describe his boredom levels at work. The defendant was French perfumer Interparfums where Desnard was an employee for eight years before apparently being forced out of his job by increased levels of boredom.

He believes that the company intentionally cast him aside after losing a major contract. Then, after seven months’ sick leave for health issues like epilepsy and ulcers, he was fired.[5]

The case went on to include workplace harassment by Desnard’s superiors, including name-calling and insulting duties like picking up their kids from school. Desnard’s lawyer stated that “bore-out” is considered harassment and that the company should be required to pay for any mental torment caused to their employee.

The case was finally considered by a labor tribunal in Paris. Although they were supposed to issue a decision on July 27, 2016, they set the case for a new hearing instead.

5 False Weather Prediction

Ever been in one of those situations where you’re really looking forward to a day off that has been forecast to be sunny—and then it rains? An Israeli woman had this unfortunate experience, too.

However, instead of moving on with her day, she filed a lawsuit against the TV weatherman for malpractice. After hearing the weather prediction of a sunny day, the plaintiff dressed lightly. She got caught in a storm, contracted the flu, missed four days of work, and forked out $38 on medication.

For compensation, she sued for $1,000 dollars due to added stress. She also demanded an apology from weatherman Danny Rup. The TV station settled out of court and paid the woman $1,000. Oh, and Rup apologized.[6]

4 Smelly Feet

In 1999, Netherlands student Teunis Tenbrook was expelled from Erasmus University due to the smell of his feet. No joke. He was removed from the institution on the grounds that the smell of his feet prevented students and teachers from focusing and they could no longer be around him.[7]

Tenbrook, who had been studying philosophy at the time of the incident, filed a lawsuit against the learning institution so that he could be reinstated. After a 10-year fight in court, the judge ruled that the university had to reinstate the student and learn to deal with the issue of his smelly feet. No word on whether he ever graduated.

3 Radio Station Prank

Photo credit: OSX

In 2000, Catherine McGowan, single mother and manager of a local videoshop, called up a radio station to enter a contest that offered a brand-new Renault Clio as a prize. Little did she know that her prize was actually a toy model of the car, which left her infuriated and humiliated. So McGowan sued the radio station.

As a result of the lawsuit, Chris Constantine, the radio DJ behind the stunt, was sacked for breaching the station’s governing rules that competition should be conducted ethically. The station manager then contacted reporters to admit that McGowan had been incorrectly led to believe that the competition was legit.

Luckily for McGowan, she won the case and was awarded enough money to buy a real, brand-new Renault Clio.[8]

2 Too Scary Halloween

Every year, thousands of people cross the world to attend Universal Studios’ famous Halloween Horror Night. They expect fear, thrills, and excitement to be thrown their way. In 1998, Cleanthi Peters, however, was not ready for the fright she received, later claiming that she was assaulted by a chainsaw-wielding maniac.

She filed a lawsuit against Universal Studios for emotional and physical damage caused by one of their haunted houses, which she had attended with her 10-year-old granddaughter. After receiving a fright from the chainsaw-wielding man, the duo fled to the exit. Both slipped on the floor, which was moist from a mist used by Universal to cool visitors after their trip though the horror house.[9]

The suit demanded over $15,000 dollars for unspecified injuries and mental trauma. Universal settled out of court.

1 Dangerous Nike Weapon

Photo credit: oregonlive.com

A judge was made to formally dismiss a $100 million lawsuit in which convict Sirgiorgio Sanford Clardy claimed that Nike should have warned him that his Air Jordans were a dangerous weapon in disguise. Clardy was given a 100-year prison sentence after stomping on the face of a man outside a Portland motel. The victim required stitches and plastic surgery on his nose as a result of the incident.

Clardy then made international headlines when he filed a suit to shift the responsibility for his attack on Nike for their alleged failure to warn him of the shoes’ dangers. The 24-minute hearing included a short response from Nike’s attorneys. They explained that there was no defect in the shoes and no danger of causing such grievous bodily harm if the sneakers were used as intended.

The judge denied Clardy a free attorney because it was a civil lawsuit. Eventually, the judge also had to ask Clardy to be quiet so that he could make a judgment. Although Nike obviously won the case, records show that they spent over $1,400 in court fees.[10]

10 People Share The Worst Gifts They Ever Received

10 People Share The Worst Gifts They Ever Received







Can you select the jobs and occupations missing from each of these book and play titles?

Bosses Tell All: Why I Secretly Despise Some Of My Employees

Bosses Tell All: Why I Secretly Despise Some Of My Employees




16 People Reveal The Most Horrifying Secrets Seemingly Normal Folks Confessed To Them

16 People Reveal The Most Horrifying Secrets Seemingly Normal Folks Confessed To Them

Secrets can stay buried for years without ever coming to light, but sometimes it’s the darkest secrets within us that we can’t help but share. If anything it has become even easier nowadays thanks to the Internet, creating a place where people share their darkest secrets without anyone being the wiser as to who they are.

Here are some creepy stories from Reddit of seemingly normal people with terrifying secrets. Some stories can be so shocking that it's hard to believe they are actually true, but perhaps that's the part of the appeal of sharing online. Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction. It's up to the reader to decide.

15 Naughty Sex Secrets People Would Never Admit IRL

15 Naughty Sex Secrets People Would Never Admit IRL


Whether you slept with your best friend's older sister or spanked the monkey for 6 hours in a row, we want to know all the dirty confessions you have to offer!

The people over at /r/Askreddit are always ready to share their best kept sexrets and we're always ready to read about secret sex scandals.

If you can top any of these taboos, then we're definitely impressed with your sexual prowess!

via shutterstock

1. ZeekOwl91 gets handsy:

I fingered my gf while we were in a bus. The bus was quite full, and she was the one who dared me to try something naughty, and she almost got us caught too!

2. POOP_MANIAC is a collector:

My buttplug collection. I've got 25 unique plugs.

3. OhhhValencia is living a sex dream:

I joined the kink community in my city recently. It's literally the best thing that's happened in my life for a decade. I've made a ton of super nice, interesting friends, I'm super happy all the time, I'm losing weight because I'm practicing knots and am too distracted to eat.

I learned all the rules/values/etiquettes (the kink community is surprisingly wholesome and responsible), started going to meetings and was accepted very quickly. A few of my older play partners have nicknamed me "the prodigy" for my advanced level of kinkiness and pain tolerance despite this only being my 2nd month. I was basically made for it.

I'm already coordinating kink art projects as well as all sorts of fun play dates. I get spanked or tied up at least twice a week. The parties are OFF THE HOOK and completely alcohol and drug free. I love being able to have an amazing time without getting wasted. They do fundraisers for various charities all the time, so I'm doing good. I've also gotten business leads from networking through the community.

Two days ago I had a MMF threesome...two men all to myself...And then the next day...back to work as usual! I'm making photocopies of some dumb contract while having crazy sexy flashbacks of doing something I never would have predicted would happen. I feel like a goddess!

I'm so proud of this and am at a seriously high level of life satisfaction. I live with my parents and just started my first professional, serious person job. All of this is a complete secret, obviously. I have to dial down my response to "How are you doing?" Because people would want to know more if I said "UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE." My parents think I'm depressed and broody because I constantly have my door locked or I'm going out when they're getting in. Really, I'm just having the time of my life.

(As a side note: everything I'm doing is safe, safe, safe. Again, the organised kink community is extremely responsible and respectful. Get a mentor like I did if you're interested in getting involved.)

TLDR: Got my freak on, am now living the dream.

via shutterstock

4. KEEPCARLM bowls a strike:

I once went bowling with 2 other couples and my own GF. (so 3 guys, 3 girls including me and my GF at the time)

I had slept with all 3 girls there.

5. TheActualAWdeV went there:

Sucked my own dick.

6. regular_guy1 scores a MILF:

I recently brought a milf(50) home from the bar and had sex in the grass of the golf course behind her house, because her kids were inside. I'm 21.

Edit: she has a pussy piercing

7. toadfan64 goes for the gold:

I masturbated and finished 7 times in a day once.

via shutterstock

8. MGLLN moves fast:

Got my dick sucked dry by a girl within ten minutes of fucking meeting her

I don't know how I did it, but I've only told one friend. Would like to tell more people/friends but idk if they'd believe something so random.

Edit: lol I didn't even get her name or number. This happened recently and I'm still kicking myself lmao

9. wafflehousewhore goes out to eat:

I once went to dinner with a girl I was dating at the time and her mom. The restaurant was packed, we ended up taking one of the last available tables. I fingered the girl under the table. Pretty sure the mom knew, as the girl dropped her silverware twice and kicked the table once. She was trying her best not to make a sound, but let out a slight peep a couple times. The first time, the mom looked at her confused, then kind of looked at me, and I shrugged unassumingly. The second time, the mom cut her eyes sharp at her, then looked at me and kind of grinned, and I sort of let a little bit of a grin slip back at her. She never said anything about it, but I'm pretty sure she knew what was going on.

10. emp_omelettedufromag slept with the stars:

I've had sex with a few pornstars. A couple of them do escorting at a relatively acceptable price and a few years ago I decided to indulge

I don't know how to describe it. Best experience in my entire life. They literally made me discover a new level of pleasure in sex. I'm a pretty vanilla guy (didn't do anything out of the ordinary with them) but holy crap this is something I obviously won't talk about in public but it rocked my life in so many ways. An incredible experience for sure

11. Meborg gets a package delivered:

I once shagged a girl who worked in post delivery. While I was signing the delivery she said something in my house smelled nice. I had just made coffee and wanted to offer her a cup, so I said 'I know, you wanna come in?', which she did. She grabbed my crotch within 10 seconds and then my brain went 'fuck it, let's do this I guess!'. She didn't get to drinking any coffee though :(

12. Qubeye feels vindicated:

My ex kisses the guy she left me for with the same tongue she used to stick up my ass.

It's a secret pride that makes me happy.

12. Supersnazz loves the beach:

once fingered a chick on the beach without even talking to her. I just looked at her, she sort of nodded, we started kissing, I fingered her, she grabbed my cock and started rubbing. Then we parted ways after 3 minutes or so.

If you are out there unidentified beach girl from 1996, I thank you.

14. Cyanide_Sunrise put a woman to sleep:

I used to give my ex orgasms so hard that she would pass out for up to 2 minutes or so mid-coitus


via shutterstock

15. RepostResearch gets back at his ex:

My highschool girlfriend cheated on me. The night everything came to light everyone hated her for it. Ended up sleeping with her sister, and her 2 best friends (separately) over the course of about 12 hours the next day.

23 Insane Individuals Who Shouldn't Be Using Facebook

23 Insane Individuals Who Shouldn't Be Using Facebook