$1.8 Million Dollars Stolen In Minutes After Couriers Leave Keys In Van Outside Of Bank

A thief managed to drive off with almost $2 million after some clumsy cash couriers ended up leaving the keys to their van inside the vehicle while it was parked outside the bank.

Two ATM deliverymen were making a cash drop at the Citizens Trust Bank in Decatur, Georgia earlier this month.

The stolen van belongs to a company in the business of filling ATMs with cash.

It was was parked outside the branch in Decatur while the two workers put cash into an automated teller.

The driver locked the doors to the vehicle but foolishly left the keys in the ignition and the engine still running.

The couriers were inside the bank for between 10 and 15 minutes but by the time they went back outside, the van containing about $1,845,750 in $20 dollar bills had vanished.

Two weeks on, federal and local officials are still looking for the thief.

“Someone that has just come into to $1.8 million might be talking about it, might be buying things, might be sharing his wealth,” said FBI Special Agent Stephen Emmett at a press conference.

The theft took place early in the morning at about 6:45am while the two employees from ATM Response Inc. drove into the bank parking lot and went inside with an unspecified amount of money.


When they returned, all that was left was broken glass from where the thief managed to get inside.

CCTV footage shows a man in dark pants and a gray long-sleeve shirt and backpack walk up to the van and try to open the doors.

The vehicle was found later that same day less than a mile and half away from the bank in Decatur by the DeKalb County Police.

There suspect was of course long gone. and so far cops have not been able to track him down.

However, the ATM at the bank only gives out twenties, so assuming that’s what the money was made up of, the total weight of that many bills would be about 200 lbs making it very hard to travel very far on foot for very long.

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