10 Abnormal Things You Didn’t Know Arouse Women

Since the beginning of time, women have always carried a stigma of how unbelievably indecisive they are and how nobody really quite knows the answer to the age old question: “what do women want?” Well, it’s not that women are complicated, it’s just women are not as sexually simplistic as men according to Psychology Today.

For example, all that is needed in order for a man to be aroused is genital blood flow. Viagra, a medication for men, works in that favor by targeting the blood flow rather than making him desire sex. And voila! Just like that, a man is aroused. And since a man’s genitalia receives direct contact during sex, he is able to achieve an orgasm easier and quicker than a woman. Women, on the other hand, generally have to add extra forms of arousal to achieve orgasms. According to studies, only 25 percent of women achieve orgasms through vaginal intercourse. The other 75 percent reach orgasms with the help of sex toys, hands, tongue, etc. Obviously, the answer to the question: “what do women want?” is subjective and will vary from woman to woman. Different women like different things. Accordingly, here are a few odd things that have been proven to arouse certain women:

10. Chocolate


Ladies, we all know chocolate is comfort food. We eat it when it’s that time of month, when we go through a breakup, and sometimes because it’s just conveniently placed at the checkout line. Well given this new fact, you can continue your blissful chocolate indulgences without the added guilt! According to a study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, eating chocolate leads to higher levels of desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction. The participants in the study who ate at least one piece of chocolate a day experienced more active libidos and an overall better sex drive than those who didn’t eat chocolate. So what makes chocolate so special? There is a compound called phenylethylamine which activates mood-altering endorphins, which improve your mood. It also increases the brain’s level of serotonin, which plays a big role in sexual excitation and decreasing depression, especially for women.

9. Sweat


There’s nothing quite like working up a good sweat! While I am not condoning anyone to skip the shower, studies have shown that women are sexually aroused by a man’s sweat. Women who participated in the survey had faster heartbeats and were sexually aroused after smelling a chemical found in male sweat. A similar study also found that a compound in male sweat, androstadienone–which is added to fragrances, affected sexual arousal, mood, and brain activation in women. Next time you’re at the gym, you may want to put in overtime to turn your lady on!

8. Banana Nut Bread


It’s no coincidence that bananas are shaped the way they are! The shape alone may get a lady hot and bothered but it is the fruit’s nutritional makeup which has proven to increase a woman’s arousal. Aside from making delicious smoothies, bananas also stimulate many hormones. The high concentration of B vitamins and potassium are major contributors to healthy sexual hormone production. In a study conducted in 1997, women aged 18 and 40 were given several candy scents to smell while the blood flow to their “lady-area” was measured. While smelling the Good & Plenty banana nut bread mixture, their sexual arousal increased an average of 12%. I guess that justifies why monkeys love them so much!

7. Avocado


Next time you’re at your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, you may want to pay the extra 50 cents for guacamole- you may end up thanking yourself later! As early as the 12th century, the Aztecs dubbed avocados as an aphrodisiac because of the way they sensually hung from trees. But aside from their alluring shape, avocados are high in folate and vitamin K which increases energy and a healthy libido. They also contain the good kind of fat which boosts your mood making you ready for whatever may take place in the bedroom. They don’t call avocados the good kind of fat for nothing!

6. Oysters


For centuries, oysters have always been rumored to be one of nature’s greatest aphrodisiacs; after all, their resemblance to a woman’s genitalia is uncanny. According to recent studies, those rumors have been put to rest. A team of American and Italian researchers found that oysters, among other types of shellfish, were found rich in rare amino acids which increase levels of sex hormones. Two of the rare amino acids which they found were D-aspartic and N-methyl-D-aspartate which are so rare, they can’t just be found in any old vitamin shop. In another study, rats were injected with the same amino acids and researchers found that there was an overall increase in testosterone in the male and progesterone in female rats. This hormone increase equates to being more sexually active.

5. Lavender


In more ways than one, lavender works miracles. Lavender has been proven to cure headaches, sleepless nights, and other ailments. Because of its many uses, it’s no wonder why this natural scent can stimulate a woman’s mood. Lavender can easily induce tranquility making sexual arousal easier and quicker. Perhaps the best part about lavender is that it comes in numerous forms. If you’re romantic, you can opt for a candle. If you’re sensual, you can opt for massage oil. Luckily, the scent also works well for men, which was proven to increase penile blood-flow.

4. Pumpkin Pie


There might be a slight correlation with the popularity of pumpkin spice during the holiday season and a woman’s arousal. As it turns out, there is really a justified reason why women go crazy over pumpkin spice lattes! When combined with lavender, the scent of pumpkins can increase a woman’s arousal by 11% found in a study of different scents. As luck would have it, pumpkin spice scents and flavors are running rampant this season so get your hands on them while they’re still around!

3. Red

shutterstock_328810955 (1)

Give or take, colors can easily influence a person’s mood. Blue is said to be peaceful and suggests tranquility, while yellow catches attention and gives off energy. A study found that men who wore red were more sexually desirable and attractive to women. The color red is associated with power, which seemingly make men more rich and higher up on the social ladder. In the same study, women admitted their willingness to date and be sexually involved with the man who was wearing red. Also known to be linked to romance, the color red is also symbolic of love.

2. Rough Hands


Never mind what they say, a man’s hard work doesn’t go unnoticed! Studies have shown that women are aroused by men with big hands, the more rough, the better! Bigger hands that aren’t silky smooth are said to be indicative of a strong and skillful man. Women are turned-on because of the direct translation to his sexual capability according to author and relationship expert Charles J. Orlando. This may be common sense, after all, a man’s masculinity compliments a woman’s femininity.

1 . Fenugreek


Originally used as an aphrodisiac by ancient Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks, fenugreek seeds are said to not only taste like maple syrup, but are said to boost libido. This tasty snack was used to increase sex drive among men and women. They can be consumed through supplements or through its leaves which can be eaten raw. Its phytoestrogens are said to promote healthy breast tissue and improves lactation in women. Not only healthy, but the seeds have been linked to increasing estrogen which increases breast size. Now if that isn’t a reason to be more aroused, then I don’t know what is!

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10 Abnormal Things You Didn’t Know Arouse Women


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