10 Most Annoying Main Characters On A Hit TV Show

Writing a great character takes time, effort, passion and a lot of focus and detail. The process of writing a good character is time consuming and quite frankly annoying; could this be the key as to why annoying characters are usually written so well? A lot of times to balance out a show you need a voice of reason (the person who always manages to know exactly what to say and how to fix a problematic situation). Unfortunately, for those of you reading this list, that is not the type of character you will find here. This list consists of breaking down some of the most annoying main characters on television; both past and present. Before we do that though, let’s find out what makes a character annoying; simple traits such as being overly focused, over analyzing, generally used for comic relief but can also be used for drama, terror and causing unnecessary grief. Every show needs someone they love to hate and history will show you that they end up being some of the most talked about characters long after that show has gone off the air. Depending on the situation, they can be the type of character that every time they show up on screen your skins crawls, or their annoying catch phrase makes you throw your hands up and take a walk, the fact that they sometimes serve no purpose and yet, they still get as much screen time as the important characters.

Who do you think is an annoying main character on a TV show? Chime in below after you go through the list.

10. The Whole Pretty Little Liars Cast


These girls are beyond clueless, even the smart one Spencer (the put together one), is constantly spiraling out of control. My word, how many times are these girls going to escape death and put themselves right back in the same situation? And Alison, is she dead or not? SPOILER ALERT: She’s not but her being back has caused even more trouble and turns out that she is not “A” haunting her friends from the grave, so the random texts keep coming. How is it that everyone in your town is corrupt (including the cops, actually especially the cops)? Should that not be a sign for you to pack up and high tail it out of Rosewood? Well their upcoming flash forward 5 years into the future should be an awesome experience (clearly I’m hooked).

9. Gemma Teller – Sons Of Anarchy


Where to begin with this “tough biker chick”? Gemma was meddlesome, manipulative, a liar, crazy and to top it off she was actually someone’s mother. Her dangerous tricks usually got someone murdered, kidnapped, attacked or put in jail (if you can name it, then chances are she has screwed someone over that way). Her obsession with her son was more creepy than motherly, and her persistence to hurt any woman who was ever interested in him was always a weird situation. It is clear to see where creator Kurt Sutterwas going with this character but damn, could you cut us a little slack with the crazy?

8. Henry MillsOnce Upon A Time


Besides the fact that he is clearly getting too old to believe in fairytales and follow a book that is supposedly true stories that come to life in his small sleepy town of Storybrooke, Henry never seems to be in school anymore and is presumably lacking in a formal education, yet he is always wearing a uniform. He is a bit of a whiner for his age and that is not a good look on anyone. He uses the book to be a know-it-all and then ends up doing something that endangers his life and the whole episode becomes about “finding Henry”, or “kidnapping Henry”; this has gotten exhausting, but thank God they have moved on to the good vs. evil Emma Swan situation.

7. Andre Lyon – Empire


Where to start with Andre? He is unstable, uncontrollable, and so attention-starved that he can be nothing else but an annoying character. His constant need for his father’s approval and basically everyone else’s approval is exhausting and yet so crucial not only for the character, but the show in its entirety. Nonetheless, it is draining watching him nag his father about owning the company, cheat on his equally annoying (not to mention manipulative) wife, and still trying to act like he has his crap together. I guess there had to be at least one annoying character on the show; at least he is good looking.

6. Wes Gibbins – How To Get Away With Murder


There is no doubt about it, Wes Gibbins is a whiner, a complainer, brooding, worrisome, and we can go on and on here. However, he is also smart, intuitive and curious, and that kind of makes up for his being a constant meddlesome annoyance in season one and rolling it over times 100 in season two. Even though Wes is usually trying to help everyone (normally his delinquent girlfriend Rebecca Sutter), something always goes awry and someone ends up dead. Here is our advice to Wes, just stick to being a law student and taking s*** from Annalise, Frank and crazy Bonnie. Oh, and try not to rack up anymore dead bodies.

5. Sookie StackhouseTrue Blood


My beloved Sookie Stackhouse; so many men so little time. For seven seasons Sookie was lovingly hated by women around the world because she always somehow managed to hook up with a number of hot species (you know werewolves, panthers, vampires – just the norms). Here is where it gets annoying; with all she had to choose from she always found fault, a reason to complain about her choice of men AND she treated them like crap, yet always wanted their protection and compassion while simultaneously pushing them away. Here is why we were all so jealous; she actually had the opportunity to do that. Why couldn’t we have men falling at our feet and still come back after we treat them like garbage? So yes, there is a bit of jealousy there but she is still annoying as hell.

4. Sam Winchester – Supernatural


First, some positives; he is nice to look like at, smart and funny. Now the negatives, my word is he brooding. Whereas Dean always seems to be upbeat and ready to go, Sam is down in the dumps and never seems confident about anything he is doing. He is stuck in the past and is constantly longing for a life that is basically impossible at this point. However, what makes Sam truly annoying is that the decisions he makes always end up in someone else’s demise; a prime example of this would be our beloved Charlie. It is weird and annoying that someone can be such an over-thinker yet make a number of rash decisions that can never be cleaned up in one day. Putting work on top of work, way to go Sam.

3. Ellen Parsons – Damages


Ellen has been duped by her psycho boss Patty Hewes, for years/seasons and even as we see her smarten up and move on, it is too late she has dug a hole so deep that Patty has burrowed her way in forever. There is no question that Ellen is smart and cunning, but how in the world can she continue to allow herself to be consumed by Patty and her antics? Patty murdered her fiance, but that’s okay because she ended up with a job; Patty tries to murder her but that is okay, she sticks around to exact the perfect revenge only to have the tables flipped on her again. Looks like Harvard Law is not a precursor for a great life after all; it is definitely annoying watching Ellen screw up and spiral out of control time and time again.

2. Andrea Harrison – The Walking Dead


Oh Andrea, even her death was annoying. Known for always trusting the wrong people and “doing things by the book”, Andrea was someone who wanted to over analyze everything and was so desperate for human contact that she would trust anybody (ex: the governor). In the TV show, she is a former justice lawyer so she always ends up giving some over indulged speech, or bland words of encouragement when it is not necessary. She acts so strong but she was one of the weaker ones falling for horrible men, making ridiculous decisions only to regret them later, and trying to escape a potential suicide and killing people along the way. She is dead now anyway so no more of that.

1. Hannah Horvath – Girls


UGH! The frustration that builds up while watching the self righteous, conceited, and shockingly oblivious Hannah Horvath (the main characters in Girls) is almost unbearable. This character is nice enough and in the beginning, was a young 20-something who was exploring life outside of college and in the “real world”. After season one it becomes clear that Hannah is more so immature and spoiled than exploring. She seems to be a bad friend as she makes every problem about her; and her complaints are endless and usually about things that can be quickly fixed. Plus, who else is convinced that Lena Dunham is basically playing herself on Girls?





10 Most Annoying Main Characters On A Hit TV Show

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