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10 Annoying And Outdated Things You Need To Stop Saying Immediately

10 Annoying And Outdated Things You Need To Stop Saying Immediately

We don’t pretend to know everything, but we do know a lot of annoying, outdated things you should stop saying immediately. If you think these words and phrases are either hip, trending or timeless, we couldn’t disagree more. As far as we’re concerned, anything “on fleek” needs to be immediately put out with baking soda.

Whether something is “literally” the best or broke “AF,” we promise that you are not only a party to the destruction of the written word but also just awful to be around. We pulled out 10 annoying and outdated phrases, but we could go on for days about the vomit spewing from your mouths. We’re not saying this to punish or embarrass you but rather in order to help get you back to being the humans you once were, back when Hammer pants were cool and phrases like “heated” weren’t getting redefined by millennials.

If you happen to be using any of these phrases, trust us that you’re not helping yourself at all.


“Literally” is another word for exactly. So unless it’s exactly something, it’s not literally anything. And even if it is, don’t say it.



“As fuck” is not a real measurement so you can imagine how we feel about “AF.” The worst part is that people are too lazy to say “fuck” anymore. It’s one of the best fucking words you can fucking say. Fuck!

“Years Young”

Nobody over 30 is any number of “years young.” You’re old, just accept it. Even you, Tom Cruise.

“Haters Gonna Hate”

Yes, and people who talk like ignorant buffoons are going to talk like ignorant buffoons. Let’s not ruin the English language much more than we already have. It’s irreparable enough as is.

“To Be Honest…”

So you’ve been lying the rest of the time?



You don’t even know what a plethora is. It was a unique word seven years ago but now it’s got to go, as do you, if you keep using it.


We’re having a hard enough time with hashtags, and “winning” is usually a word that comes after something that’s far from winning. Like Charlie Sheen talking about tiger blood and getting AIDS from strange prostitutes. Winning!


Anybody who knows anything knows that being asleep is where it’s at.

“You Don’t Even Know”

Unless you’re Will Ferrell, we don’t want to know what you know, you know?

“I’ve Been So Busy”

Nobody is actually that busy, and if they are, they’re either too busy to say so or smart enough to know better. We’ve been SO busy screening your calls.

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