10 Awesome Halloween Costumes So Complicated You Should Start Working On Them Now

If you’re one of those people who likes to go all out on Halloween, you might want to start preparing your costume now. There’s only a month and a half left! Here are 10 amazing costumes, and they’re all handmade. Follow their directions or make your own way, just don’t waste any time. Greatness is within your grasp — reach out and take it.

Carol and KW from Where the Wild Things Are

Wild Things jpg

These amazing costumes were made by a regular mom with no experience out of things she found around her house. This is more impressive than anything I’ve ever made in my whole life, and I’m almost mad about it. Here’s the creator’s description: “We loved the Where the Wild Things Are characters so much and my twin daughters really wanted to be them for Halloween. I went to work on it with cardboard, old fur coats, fur remnants, an old leopard costume from years ago, animal house slippers and my imagination. The noses were made out of pantyhoses and socks! I have no experience or education in design or sewing but it came out great. It took about one week to do Carol’s head and then KW took about three days. My daughters were so pleased and so was I.”

Light-Up Minion

minion costume jpg

If you can manage to make this costume, you’re a champ, and probably a rocket scientist. Let your brain explode just at the materials required: 84″ x 64″ x 2″ foam, 12 feet of black pipe cleaners, felt (four yards yellow, three yards blue, one yard black), half a yard of white/opaque tulle, 20′ of 5/6″ ID vinyl tubing clear or black, four hula hoops, six to eight foam water noodles, one three foot cube cardboard box, heavy duty aluminum foil, one roll metallic silver duct tape, one roll black electrical tape, regular duct tape, 200 six inch zip ties, three cans of medium strength spray adhesive, glue sticks, three USB-powered fans, one USB power pack, rope or strapping for shoulder harness, black permanent markers, black and silver spray paint, USB-powered rotating police light, USB-powered speakers, velcro strips, a roll of sketch paper, hook and eye closures, two inch foam spheres, fifty inch el-wire and control packs, and red glitter adhesive foam. Check out the full details on how to make this costume… if you dare.


sully costume jpg

A truly amazing woman named Phyllis made this costume. Behold her description: “I, Phyllis, am wearing the costume. Was an idea suggested by my children and handmade by me. Bought the faux fur off eBay, used spray paint for the spots, halves of ‘make your own ornaments’ for eyes and painted from inside to give them a glossy look, mouth made from screen and teeth painted on screen, horns made from cell foam and wire and wrapped in fabric. Under head is a built up hard hat to give the head height. And wore football shoulder pads under costume to give wider shoulders. Wore it at work the majority of the day and out trick or treating with kids. I love Halloween!”


elsa snow jpg

The creator has a five-part instructional on how to make the costume. Part one alone took her TEN HOURS. You should seriously start now.

Luke riding a Tauntaun

luke tauntaun jpg

Possibly the most complicated costume on this list, you might want to start making it now for Halloween 2016. From the instructions: “The whole thing was handmade with the structure being created using 3D modeling software (Solidworks) and then building out a wire mesh ‘skin’ and covering it with plaster of Paris as well as clay and some foam for certain parts like the tail and horns. As you can see, it requires the wearer to walk on stilts which had snowboard boots attached to achieve the illusion of riding the Tauntaun like Luke Skywalker did.” Jesus.

Costume ideas without instructions: Ewok

ewok costume jpg

All the creator would reveal about this costume is that it took them “several weeks”. I guess if you want to follow in their footsteps, you’ll have to struggle the way they have.

Iron Giant

iron giant jpg

Extra points for speaking in a Vin Diesel voice. Extra extra points for being Vin Diesel. Call me!

Little Kid on Slide

kid slide jpg

Like Sisyphus rolling a rock up a hill, this kid will never go down that slide. What a tragedy.

Robbie from Dinosaurs

Robbie Dinosaurs jpg

Step 1) Be a dinosaur. Step 2) Find cool jacket and red Converse. Not that complicated after all.


Bowl of Pasta

bowl pasta jpg

I doubt this costume is really THAT complicated, I just really like the idea of that kid’s mom asking him, “Hey, Jake. What would you like to be for Halloween? It’s the one day where you can be anything you want! Batman, Superman, an astronaut. Whatever you like.” “I wanna be a bowl of pasta!” He’s a national treasure.


10 Awesome Halloween Costumes So Complicated You Should Start Working On Them Now

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Clever use of black kids. White kids’ faces would shine like a beacon.

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