10 Awesomely Strange Resumes That Are Not On Paper



Action Figures


Swedish photographer Jens Lennartsson sent 400 action figures of himself (GI Jens) as a resume! Each miniature figure of himself comes with its instructions in a cardboard box reflecting the spirit of the popular G.I Joe toys. What a a fantastic self-promotion idea! (Source)




It’s not so strange for folks to bring cookies, cake, and candy to work to share with colleagues. But for job applicants to prepare treats and serve them to prospective employers before even landing an interview? That’s not exactly business as usual. But that’s how Crystal Nunn applied for a junior designer position at We Are Social in London in 2014.

Nunn, an avid baker, prepared a batch of cookies using ingredients from Beyond Dark chocolate, a brand co-founded by We Are Social creative director James Nester. She designed a special box for the goodies labeled “Beyond Ideas,” attached a thumb-drive containing her traditional résumé and portfolio, and hand-delivered the package in a brown wrapper marked “Urgent.” Within an hour, We Are Social contacted Nunn for an interview; she got the job — and Beyond Dark, suitably impressed, sent her some chocolates and consulting work. (Source)


Chalkboard Art


Hillary Sroufe got a lot of attention with her résumé hand drawn on a chalk wall. (Source)


Snapchat Video


Elski Felson wants to work for Snapchat, the company that makes the image instant messaging phone app of the same name. He faces a challenge familiar to most job seekers — being sufficiently interesting to a hiring manager that will read his résumé instead of throwing it in the trash. To achieve that end, Felson made a video résumé with the Snapchat app.

It’s a funny video, but Felson also takes the job application process somewhat seriously. He goes through the job description line by line and illustrates his ability to fulfill it.



Dog Bollocks


So here’s a CV that is in a category of its own. Lloyd Daniel‘s created a résumé that dares to go below the belt. Lloyd decided to publicize his credentials in a fresh tray of dog balls.

To land an internship in an advertising agency, the young Londoner knew he needed to create something that would stand out from the pack! He played with slang phrase “the dog’s bollocks,” (meaning the best thing ever) by using the expression to conjure up a meat product resembling the standard packaging we’d see in our local supermarket. The labels play their part in depicting his background with simple product titles, and the testicles make up for the rest.

A small note was attached to his Dogs Bollocks CV: “A simple email would have done the job, but how many of those do you get every day? An application you’re not going to forget. Lloyd.”


Box of Donuts


A Lithuanian-born marketing professional, whose dream is to work at a big Silicon Valley company, is trying to break through to potential employers by hand-delivering donuts with his résumé posted on the inside of the box.

Lukas Yla, who has delivered 40 such boxes so far, attaches a note to, along with his résumé saying, “Most resumes end up in the trash. Mine — in your belly.”

Yla reportedly dresses up as a courier to drop off his delicious CV.


Sewn Fabric


Follow graphic designer Melissa Washin’s example and get sewing if you’re looking to make an impression,

“Sewing is one of my biggest passions, and I wanted to convey that somehow in my résumé. I printed my info onto an iron-on, transferred it to white fabric, and sewed it to a variety of printed fabrics. The result was a tangible item that said something about me without having to be read.” (Source)


Gingerbread Bakery


Chef Thomas Keller owns the famous Bouchon Bakery in Napa, California. Oliver Bernardino is a 23-year-old pastry cook in Vancouver who idolizes Keller and would love to work for him. Instead of sending a letter or a CV, Bernardino spent 70 hours baking and constructing an replica of the Bouchon Bakery out of gingerbread! (Source)


25 Hours of Additional Gameplay for Skyrim


A carefully-composed résumé will carry you only so far. To stand out, you have to demonstrate the quality of your work in an eye-catching manner. That’s just what Alexander J. Velicky did. He spent 2,000 hours crafting something that’s part résumé and part love letter to the company he wants to work for more than any other, Bethesda. He created a mod called “Falskaar” that adds 25 hours of gameplay to their hit title, Skyrim, and created a land mass a third as big as the original map. He employed 29 voice actors to record new dialog for his NPCs and recruited over a 100 total people to help him with Falskaar.



A Four Pack of Beer


No matter how creative a résumé is, you don’t see many in the form of craft-brewed 4-packs of beer.

Brennan Gleason, a designer from British Columbia, decided to try an unconventional approach by opting to showcase his qualifications on his home-brewed blonde beer, dubbed “Resum-Ale” instead of the standard one-page CV.

To truly showcase all of his abilities, he put his résumé on the box and a different piece of work on each bottle, culminating in the ultimate self-promotion via alcoholic beverage.

After sending the custom 4-packs to three potential employers, Gleason ultimately secured a job with Techtone, a digital marketing agency in Vancouver. (Source)

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