10 Most Awkward Phallic Shaped Photos Ever Captured

A phallic symbol is any object that resembles a man’s genitals (if you didn’t already know). Well, basically, a penis (but you got that). Normally a phallus is created from stone, wood, or any object to show power. Sometimes it is by coincidence, other times they are created for that very reason: to demonstrate authority. Then, there are times when one is generated merely by accident and some of us turn into young teenagers again as we giggle about the silly picture or statue that looks just like a man’s private parts. These pictures were found throughout the internet, and they just go to show how important it is to have a sense of humor about such things.

10. This Newspaper’s Headquarters in China

China’s major newspaper and magazine company, Peoples Daily, is seen here in the picture above. This is their headquarters in Beijing, when it was first being built in 2013. According to their website, they focus on news from everything related to China. This means their people, their military, news, foreign affairs, business and culture. The building is now complete, and the resemblance to the male genitalia is still lingering from the previous building state from two years ago. It appears that Chinese culture isn’t the only thing that their newspaper focuses on.

9. The Kamasutra Bed

For anyone who is unaware of what this is, the Kamasutra is an ancient book written by the Hindus hundreds of years ago. The book is dedicated to sex and different positions that are related to it. This picture is a photograph that was presumably intended to pay homage to the ancient text. This work was not written entirely about different positions, it was actually meant to help couples out in bettering their relationships, but that is predominantly what people remember about it.

The bed itself is quite beautifully hand-carved, if you can get past the pictures of men and woman in different sexual positions and the giant erect wooden post penises that were intentionally made like that. It makes one wonder if anyone ever actually sleeps in this bed.

8. Love Valley


If you are looking for rocks that resemble human body parts (or male reproductive organs, to be more specific), and would like to see ones that were not man-made, then you’re in luck. The national rock formations in Cappadocia, Turkey, look eerily similar to what you may be searching for. As a matter of fact, these rocks are so similar that the land has been given the nickname, “Love Valley,” and people come from all over the world to visit. One particular woman had even mentioned that there were over forty hot air balloons overlooking the area when she decided to make the trip.

7. People Worship This One

shutterstock_152794544 (1)

In Hinduism, Shiva is an ancient God that is represented by an object called a Linga. The Linga (or Lingam, as it is sometimes referred) has an odd resemblance to a male body part. This particular one was found in southern India, inside a Krishna Mandapa Hindu Cave Temple. Now I am never one to judge anyone based on their religion, but it seems a little peculiar for people to be worshiping a penis. People have been known to give thanks to a Flying Spaghetti Monster, so maybe idolizing a male sex organ shouldn’t be quite that bizarre, either.

6. This Mushroom


Most mushrooms have a striking similarity to…well, we all know what they look like. But this one…you see the picture. It is not exactly clear as to where this mushroom was found, but it is definitely from somewhere in Europe. I am not (by no means, whatsoever) an expert on mushrooms, but it looks like leccinum aurantiacum, a mushroom found in Europe, and is generally known by the term, red-capped staber stalk. If this is the case, then it would be an edible, delicious variety of the fungus. However; I do not know much about them, so please don’t eat one if you happen to come across it while backpacking in the woods. There are a lot of mushrooms out there that will kill you if you do.

5. Welsh Mountain Snow Phallus

The Clwydian Range is a series of hills and mountains that appear in the northern part of Wales in the United Kingdom. It is lined with beautiful trees; but someone thought that it wasn’t attracting quite enough attention, so they decided to carve a giant penis onto the side of the mountain range. Most people did not realize that it was there until it snowed, which settled into the heather, and now it is noticeable by (just about) everyone who drives by it or flies above Llandegla mountain. Current residents are happy now that the city is “on the map.”

4. This Pitiable Child’s Birthday Cake

So you want your daughter’s birthday to be perfect. The pink decorations, the absolutely fabulous venue, all of her friends and family members to help celebrate the day, and the table settings are just the way she wants them to be. There is only one problem. She wants a large, pink castle with Disney princesses on it for her cake; but you have already spent your budget on the bike that she just had to have. You are mortified in the thought that little Sally will not get her way, so you decide to ask your cousin Larry to take time out from his newspaper route to make her that castle cake that she musthave. You don’t have time to see it before the party, so you assume that cousin Larry has done exactly what you have asked. This cake is what happens when cousin Larry isn’t a professional cake decorator and you want to save some money on what should have been the top priority for your little princess.

3. Making Mother Earth Fertile

3 Mother Earth

As “two souls heading overseas for an indefinite period of time” (as their blog states) were in Bogota, Colombia, they came across a strange vision in their travels. The driver that was taking them to their destination had told them about an ancient site where the Indians used to grow plants. They used rocks to tell the best times when the ground would best be fertile, and had also constructed giant stones that looked like the picture above. They thought that Mother Earth would be happy if there were giant statues that looked like men’s private parts and this would make the ground happy, too. It is unsaid as to whether it worked or not.

2. When You See It…

This dog looks just like a normal dog, until you do a double-take and realize that the brown spots on his back resemble exactly what you think it resembles. It has not been said if this canine has been entered into any dog shows, but it is unlikely. They probably take off points for unusual markings on the coat, and this is certainly unusual. I just hope that this dog has a good home, since the other dogs would most likely make fun of him if he was living in a shelter. Or maybe not; that seems to be just a human thing.

1. The Washington Monument


An obelisk is probably the most prominent phallic symbol in the world. Even though many other countries are known for their statues, the Washington Monument is most likely the most recognized. It was created in the late 1800s in Washington, D.C. to honor the first president of the United States, George Washington. The 554 foot statue is made of granite, marble and previous sedimentary rocks, and it is the tallest one in the world.

If the Washington Monument was erected to honor the first male commander of the United States, one can only wonder what will be created to commemorate the first female president?


10 Most Awkward Phallic Shaped Photos Ever Captured

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