10 Banned Episodes Of Popular Kids Shows

Kid’s shows are supposed to be the source of innocence, creativity, and an overall positive influence on the young mind’s that are watching them. But sometimes, writers can go a little too far and an artistic or creative decision may be the tipping point whether the censors will allow the episode to air. Or, sometimes these episodes will bypass the FCC, only to be ill-received by kids and parents, causing the episode to be pulled after exposure. It seems that society’s most important rule is to first and foremost protect the children and avoid any sort of content that may shatter their innocence. These days, parents rely on the television too much to do their job for them and get upset when their child sees something that they weren’t ready for.

10 Banned Episodes Of Popular Kids Shows

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What about all the Sailor Moon episodes that were never aired? About 5 of them weren’t shown in North America because of the two lesbian Scouts, Neptune and Uranus, or various things like that in the show.
Prudish North Americans.

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