Everyone’s always talking about the James Bond cars. The Vanquish. The DB5. The DBS. The Lotus. The BMWs.

But what about all those killer vehicles the bad guys drive, pilot, and sail? They’re always far more entertaining, as they take tangible modes of transportation and turn them into sometimes laughable vehicles of insanity. And that’s worthy of celebration. Let’s look at the top 10.

10. Sunseeker Yacht (The World is Not Enough)

One of the most attainable of the James Bond villain crafts, a Sunseeker Superhawk 34 just like the Cigar Girl’s can be yours for under $100k. It can go really damn fast and turn on a dime. Also, it’ll wreck buildings with its rear end.


9. Stealth Ship (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Based on a real ship that was kept secret for nine years, this stealth ship and its radar-evading technology almost sparked a fictional war between China and the US in Tomorrow Never Dies. In real life, the US attempted to auction off the ship because it was useless.

8.Janus Train (Goldeneye)

An armored train? Why not. It takes a tank shot to the face and keeps on going. In the end, the only thing that could defeat it was itself, when it blew up in a beautiful and poetic sequence of self-destruction, which you could—without any real reason—see as a metaphor for America’s railway system.

7. Moonraker (Moonraker)

It’s certainly the silliest of all the Bond villain vehicles, creating its own gravity and carrying a airborne poison to kill humanity, as well as the seeds for a master race that will replace it. Moonraker’s undoubtably the largest Bond villain vehicle by mass.

6. Bird 1 (You Only Lived Twice)

Bird 1 was a space ship that almost destroyed the fictional Bond universe in a nuclear firestorm. But unlike the birds that almost did this in real life, this bird was actually a spaceship that ate other spaceships. This is the creativity we all watch James Bond movies for.

5. Helicopters with Circular Saws (The World is Not Enough)

Hanging a row of six enormous circular saw blades off a helicopter is a real thing apparently, which is extremely terrifying. It can prune trees and other vegetation, or cut pipes, buildings, and/or beautiful BMWs.

4. Parahawks (The World is Not Enough)

The World is Not Enough really crushed it with the vehicles. Almost everything is great in this movie, but the parahawks take number one. Part paraglider, plane, and snowmobile, it let the henchmen throw everything they had at Mr. Bond, who must have been a killer Super G skier in college. Seriously, these things snowmobile off a cliff, a new ‘chute opens, and it’s back in business. Awesome.

3. Flying Matador (The Man With the Golden Gun)

Even though this is a ridiculous AMC Matador, it flies, and that’s enough. Also, it was actually real, which is awesome, but its flight distance was limited to 500 meters, which’s substantially less than Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, (also created by Ian Fleming.)

2. Zorin Airship (A View to a Kill)

Airplanes may have won, but there’s something uniquely special about a big, slow, villainous blimp. Maybe it’s because it looks so friendly, with its big body and tiny passenger compartment. It’s fitting that Christopher Walken, of all people, would be the captain of this outrageous thing.

1. Disco Volante (Thunderball)

This has to be everyone’s dream yacht. With a detachable mothership, underwater bay, and so many more villainous features, the Disco Volante is better than everything on this list. It’s also incredibly tasteful, which is extremely difficult for a yacht to achieve. The ship’s also equipped with a clay pigeon launcher, swanky chambers, and is usually located in the Bahamas.



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