10 Beyond-Basic Sex Positions To Try Tonight



To do dancer, stand up facing one another. Have your partner grab one of your legs, and wrap it around his torso. “This position is great for intimacy and closeness,” says couples therapist Adrienne Alden. “It allows for the shaft of the penis to rub up against her clitoris.” (Sex ed 101—that’s a good thing.)  



A modified version of doggy style, teaspoon provides an equally good opportunity for deep penetration—but with a bit more connection because your bodies and faces will remain close. Kneel on the bed or ground, and have your partner enter you from behind, and touch and stimulate you from the front while you remain upright.

Pro tip: “Differences of height with partners can be helped by placing her lying on a pillow on her side,” says certified sex therapist Marissa Nelson, LMFT. “It will give her an extra boost so he can penetrate her at a better angle, making it more pleasurable for both.”


Ben Dover

Have your partner enter you from behind while you grab your ankles or brace your hands against the floor to help keep you stable. This position is great for easy, deep penetration and fast, intense thrusting, but is a little less intimate since your faces are so far away from each other.

For added stimulation, bring your legs together while he’s thrusting, which will create a tight grip and insane pleasure for both of you,” says Nelson. It’s also a good one to keep in mind if you’re ever outside or somewhere without a bed, since you can both stay on your feet the whole time (assuming you don’t fall, at least).



“Lotus is another great opportunity for clitoral stimulation,” says Alden. “This position can be difficult to get into a groove with and find balance, but definitely worth a try due to the closeness and heat that comes with it.”


Kneeling Reverse Amazon

If you’re a fan of cowgirl and girl-on-top, this position will be a natural fit for you. “While it’s not the easiest of positions, it gives women ultimate control and deep penetration from a different angle,” says Nelson. “You should also self-stimulate the clitoris at the same time to have a possible blended orgasm.”

Have your partner lie on his back in bed, and draw his knees in toward his chest. Grab his legs and use them as leverage to help you move up and down, controlling the pace and depth of penetration.


Slow Dance

Stand facing your partner. Depending on each of your heights, have your partner bend his knees until his erection is low enough to enter you. Although it can be a tricky angle to achieve—and may not be very deep penetration—once you do, he’ll be able to thrust right up against your clit. Bonus: You’ll be staring into each other’s eyes the whole time.


Deep Stick

“This is a great opportunity for men to easily stimulate the woman’s clitoris with his hands and get a great view at the same time,” says Alden. “It doesn’t require a ton of physical labor, just a little flexibility. It’s also an opportune moment for women who are feeling exposed or body-conscious to practice self-acceptance.”


Leg Glider

Though not for the non-athletic or faint of heart, if you’re naturally flexible, this should be one of the first new positions you try. “It’s an ideal position for G-spot access and orgasms,” says Nelson. Lie on your side, lifting your top leg up as high as you can, and have your partner enter you from the side while kneeling. Your limbs will fit together like lock and key and be at an ideal angle for some serious thrusting friction.

“To make it even better, when he’s thrusting, start doing some Kegels, you will be squeezing his penis tight, which will make him squeal, and the sensation is very pleasurable for you,” she adds.



Climb on top of your partner while he’s sitting with his legs straight ahead. This is great one for serious friction, deep penetration, and feeling intimate and close—a winner all-around. “Instead of bouncing up and down, try grinding simultaneously,” says Nelson. “He can also put his hand on your butt for more assertive and deeper penetration.”



Before you take on this position, know that it’s quite athletic, requiring a lot of action on both your parts—see how she’s holding up her body with her hands? Not as easy as it looks. But the payoff can be super-deep penetration and thrusting—very satisfying for both of you.

“One trick to making wheelbarrow easier is doing it off the side of the bed on your elbows instead of holding yourself up with your hands,” says Nelson. “It’s great for those who enjoy deep penetration, and tends to be really hot and erotic for him.”