10 Bizarre Japanese Kids Toys

It seems as though as Japan is trying to be less serious and more fun these days. Perhaps it’s to balance out the serious and strict nature of their academic studies and work environments? Or maybe these toy manufacturers are trying to expose the children to disturbing materials so that they aren’t phased when face with bad things in life? Like, when are you ever going to feed a terrifying square face your money? And what is that training you for? The world may never know.
But one thing is certain is that Japan is certainly scarring a new generation of kids with their bizarre toys. If these toys are selling so well in the country, one has to wonder what these kids are exposed to on a daily basis. From playing with roadkill cats to microwaving babies, you would think that these toy manufacturers are trying to raise up the next generation of serial killers and necromancers.

10 Bizarre Japanese Kids Toys

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