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Towards the beginning of the movie, Jack can be seen reading a Playgirl magazine. The fact that the magazine contains an article on incest has fueled fan theories about Jack potentially abusing his son Danny

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Wendy is horrified to find Jack’s “work” with pages and pages of the same line — but some of the words actually vary. Sometimes it’s “All work and no play makes Jack a dull bog” or “a dull bot.” It works as both a typo and an intentional tweak

One of the more interesting recurring differences is “All work and no play makes Jack adult boy.” That lines up, alright

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Early in the movie, Jack walks past a teddy bear on the floor

As it so happens, that’s where Jack kills Halloran with an axe near the end of the film

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Jack’s necktie in the beginning of the movie strongly resembles the hedge maze where he will die


Speaking of the maze — every time it is shown, the layout is different

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Heck, in the first sweeping shot of the Overlook, the hedge maze isn’t ANYWHERE to be found

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If you’ve been on the internet long enough, you may have seen that Sid’s house in Toy Story has the same carpet as the Overlook

There are numerous Shining references in Toy Story throughout the series. In TS3, someone with a username “Velocistar237” appears — “237” being a reference to the infamous room in The Shining

237 shows up yet again in the Toy Story series, on the back of a garbage truck

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A Shining reference also popped up in Pixar’s Coco, as the infamous twins can be seen on a painting in the background

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The layout of the sets are often physically impossible, and Kubrick + Co. designed it that way to unsettle the audience. One of the biggest instances is early in the film, where Jack is walking into the interview:


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That window in the office should not exist — it’s known as the “impossible window”



The Overlook Hotel has a TV that works while not plugged in. This would be an oversight, if it weren’t Stanley Kubrick we were talking about

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For the first part of the movie, Jack wears green pretty much exclusively

Once Jack has the dream about Danny and Wendy, he wears nothing but red

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