10 Brutal Mistakes That Ruined Mad Max: Fury Road

Back in 1979, a film hit cinemas called Mad Max. The futuristic, apocalyptic violent world that Max lived in became a cult classic and Mel Gibson’s character then returned in two sequels in 1981 and 1985; the 1985 film, Beyond Thunderdome, featuring a strong female character played by Tina Turner.

Thirty years later and another installment of the classic trilogy has been released. In Mad Max: Fury Road, the minimal role of Max is undertaken by British actor Tom Hardy, with Charlize Theron taking on the role of the independent renegade, Furiosa. This role has been applauded as a strong representation of independent lead female roles, whilst the film was met with a wide variety of acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Fury Road is not a reboot of the original, nor is it a follow on from the 1985 film. Fury Road is a re-imagining and update of the universe with an original story that has not been told before. The film definitely has its own ‘style’ and ‘feel’, yet there are a number of errors within it that may make you rethink your opinions on one of the most popular films of 2015.

10. Miraculous Changing Guns

Mad Max

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There are a lot of guns in this film and there is also a lot of gunfire. Mad Max: Fury Road has a lot of fire power within it, and for the most part the guns stay the same, but in one scene the guns seem to magically transform. Within the film there is a character known as the ‘Bullet Farmer’. In one night-time scene he is firing off his SMG’s after being blinded. He shoots at the war rig however the weapons appear to transform from shot to shot. In one shot he is standing firing dual SMG’s to then sitting, firing dual Assault Rifles. In the next shot he has returned to using the SMG’s again.

9. Bad Math

Mad Max

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Fury Road has become synonymous with strong female characters with the main one being Charlize Theron’s Furiosa, a fiercely independent outlaw. The females that she carries to freedom are also strong, yet their education may be questionable. When Furiosa asks Toast to do a count of the ammunition that they have remaining (given how much gets fired it must be hard to keep track), Toast replies that there are four rounds left for the ‘Big Boy’. Shortly afterwards when Max fires the gun he shoots a single shot. Toast then tells him he has two rounds left. If her previous counting was correct, he should have three. Unless math changes with the apocalypse.

8. Hot Hands!


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The War Rig that Furiosa drives has vertical exhaust pipes that pump out hot gases from the engine. In a number of scenes various characters’ grab onto these pipes to steady themselves when maneuvering around the outside of the cab. If these pipes were really being used, they could reach temperatures of 350 degrees. There is no way the characters could hold onto the pipes if the War Rig was actually being driven. If they did their hands would burn to a crisp, and judging by their reactions this is not happening. This suggests that the pipes are not actually in use during the scenes.

7. Multiplying Wires

Mad Max

Given how much of the film is based around driving vehicles and transportation it is hardly surprising that there is a chase scene or two. In the final chase scene, Max is on the front of the Doof Wagon. In this scene there are wires hanging from the speakers, and initially we see a single black wire coming from the speakers. This then changes in the next shot to a tangle of coloured wires and back again in another shot. This happens more than once within the film. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

6. Dissipating Bodies

Mad Max

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In one scene we see the character Immortan Joe’s body being thrown from a car by the films namesake Max. If you look closely when the crowds move in, you can see it is just a costume. There is no body visible within the costume. Unless the characters in Fury Road can dissipate, or turn into dust like the vampires in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it is safe to say this is a goof. Even a model or fake body would have worked better than nothing at all. It looked like the Wicked Witch of the West had melted into the sand.

5. Disappearing Blood


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Furiosa isn’t one to suffer fools gladly, and when she and Max come to blows she is capable of holding her own. During the fight you can see her face becomes bloodied yet when she gets hit to the floor the blood has largely disappeared, and by the end of the sequence it is practically non-existent. The magical disappearing blood has no explanation other than a goof in the production department. Unless the blood in the post-apocalyptic world disappears, which would be a handy bonus in terms of stains and cleaning. It would reduce sales of washing powder and facial wipes though. Swings and roundabouts.

4. Guitar Playing Determination

Mad Max

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As the film reaches its conclusion, we see Max embroiled in a tussle with the guitar-playing doof warrior on top of the Doof Wagon. During the ‘scrap’ the doof warrior loses his guitar, however, in the following shot that shows the vehicles in front of the Doof Wagon we can still see the doof warrior playing the guitar atop the Doof Wagon. We then cut back to him and Max mid struggle on top of the Doof Wagon sans guitar. Now unless Max popped off for a mid-fight cup of tea (Tom Hardy is British after all) there is some continuity gibberish going on here.

4. Super-Drying Tattoo’s

Mad Max

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During the opening scenes of Fury Road, Max is seen being captured. During his capture, the audience sees Max getting a large tattoo on his back that compromises a variety of words and phrases. It becomes apparent that these words and phrases add up to Max’s medical chart. He is going to regret that when he is 70. However, when Max then puts on a shirt and makes his attempt to escape from his captors, the shirt remains clean. If Max had a true fresh tattoo that had no cover or dressing on it, it would be seeping both ink and blood as it is an open wound. This would be evident on his shirt.

2. Safety Flares

Mad Max

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As we are all taught in school, petrol is highly flammable. In the future, however, this may change if Mad Max’s view of the future is anything to go by. The character of Nux fills the bottom of his car with petrol and then lights a flare. Nothing happens. In reality, the fumes from the petrol would have caused the petrol to ignite and cause a world of problems for Nux. The area is enclosed and when we see the driver sat in the driving position and the petrol moving around in the bottom of the car, it is obvious that the fumes would be rising and when the flare is ignited a fire and explosion should have occurred. Health and Safety would have had a field day.

1. Varying Facial Adornments

Mad Max

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At one point in the film Nux, played by Nicholas Hoult, sprays his mouth with silver car paint. Each to their own, it may catch on with the kids. During the following sequences and shots, however, the amount of spray paint around Nux’s mouth varies. If this was actual car paint that he had sprayed onto his mouth, it would be very difficult to remove and it would last longer around his mouth.

A similar issue arises with Furiosa when she applies axle grease to her face. The amount of grease varies throughout the film, yet axel grease is incredibly difficult to remove so it would remain on her face.

Fury Road has been widely voted as the best film of 2015.  Now we dare you to watch it again and look out for the goofs, and see if that changes your opinion of the film and let us know!

Sources: www.imdb.com ; www.moviemistakes.com

10 Brutal Mistakes That Ruined Mad Max: Fury Road


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