10 Celebrities Who Shockingly Disgraced Themselves On Video

10 Celebrities Who Shockingly Disgraced Themselves On Video

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When you look at celebrities, it may be easy to start to get jealous of their life. They make tons of money, they’re often ridiculously good looking and they know for a fact that their profession has had a positive impact on people in the world. There are also some significant downfalls that also come with being a celebrity, especially when you consider the advancement of technology.

Every mistake or drunken rant now gets captured on video and can quickly go viral. In an instant, your image can be altered completely. Sure, you might enjoy my singing of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” (who wouldn’t?) when you’re drunk now, but imagine if you were famous. That would go viral and your sweet singing talent would possibly be mocked by the world! While this can sometimes happen in a positive way, there are far more examples of actors or entertainers that have been caught doing some awful things, and this can have a significant impact on their career.

While some of the individuals on this list were able to rebound from their once damaging moment in Hollywood, there is no doubt that there is still not a toll that comes on the celebrities every time their name comes up in the tabloids.

It’s one thing if what they are saying about you is not true, but it is another entirely when you know you have severely made a mistake that was filmed and you now you may never live that moment down. Talk about pressure to make sure you are always on your best behavior whenever you are out in public!

There is no shortage of influential people that have had their public perception change as a result of something that was caught on video. Here are 10 of them.

10. Ashlee Simpson Gets Caught Lip Synching On SNL



If we’re going to be honest, Ashlee Simpson probably would never have had a career if not for being the younger sister of Jessica Simpson. What doesn’t help your career is when you get caught lip syncing on a television show, that literally opens with “LIVE from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” When Simpson’s music started unexpectedly revealing her fraudulent performance, she proceeded to do a little dance and then run off the stage. It was reported that it was her manager’s (also her father) decision to use the pre-recorded music because Simpson was suffering from acid reflux disease which had swollen her vocal cords and made it impossible to perform, but that hardly saves your image.

9. Tom Cruise Jumping On Oprah’s Couch 

In May of 2005, Tom Cruise was really in love with Katie Holmes. That’s all well and good, Tom, but you know what was not good? When you went on the Oprah show, and literally started jumping up and down on the couch shouting how much you were in love with her. That wouldn’t look good if you were an average joe, it really doesn’t look good if you’re literally in front of millions of people. I suppose Cruise had every reason to be excited, as they did get married in 2006. Unfortunately, they also got divorced in 2012 which may make Tom slightly less likely to go jumping up and down on couches for her.

8. Brian Williams Gets Caught Lying About Iraq 

If you are a news reporter there might not be anything that is more important then your reputation (and your hair). When Brian Williams was caught lying about his involvement in an incident that occurred in the 2003 Iraq war, it significantly hindered his career. Williams was immediately suspended without pay in February, 2015 and then reassigned to breaking news coverage. Williams’ old job, as the lead anchor, was taken over by Lester Holt. One of the downfalls of being a newscaster? There is no shortage of video interviews of you, so you better make sure you have your story straight if you are going to misrepresent the truth.

7. Rob Lowe’s Threeway Sex Tape 

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Rob Lowe has had a tremendous career with success in both television series (such as The West Wing) and films (such as Stand By Me). One film that Lowe wished he had not been in, was his 1988 sex tape. Lowe’s image got shattered after a video emerged of him having intercourse with two women he met at a nightclub, one of whom was 16. While 16 was the legal age of where they were, the girl was not of legal age to be videotaped. While Lowe has since been able to rebound on his career, there were definitely a time where it looked like this incident was going to completely derail what was looking to be an incredibly promising career.

6. Jason Russell Has A Naked Meltdown

Do you remember Kony 2012? The video which talked about the Ugandan war criminal had over 82 million views and created a huge buzz in society. One of the ways to lose that buzz is to have a video emerge of you naked. Not only naked, but having a public meltdown on camera while yelling things about Satan. It was also reported thatRussell may have been masturbating. When asked about the breakdown, his wife claimed it was partly because of the success and attention that the film got. Don’t worry, I promise if 82 million people read this, I won’t start running naked down the street.

5. Alec Baldwin Calls Daughter A Thoughtless Little Pig

There was a time in Alec Baldwin’s life where he thought he and fellow actress Kim Basinger were always going to be together. Unfortunately, divorce happens and it led to an incredibly nasty custody battle over their daughter, Ireland. This came to a head when a voicemail emerged of Baldwin yelling obscenities at his then, ELEVEN-year-old daughter. Baldwin said several awful things including “I don’t give a damn that you’re 12 years old, or 11 years old, or that you’re a child….you are a rude, thoughtless little pig.” Hardly the conduct you want from your father, and while Alec Baldwin is incredibly talented, it is very evident that from this phone call that you don’t want to get on his bad side. It was reported that this outburst led to the actor being court-ordered from seeing his daughter.

4. David Hasselhoff (Drunken Cheeseburger Video)

Who doesn’t love the Hoff! Whether it was his role on Baywatch, or his iconic Knight Rider, Hasselhoff has had himself a great career. You know what was not great, Hasselhoff? When your daughter recorded you drunk on the floor as she begged you to please stop drinking. Now to his credit, Hasselhoff asked his daughter to record the tape if he was to ever relapse from his lengthy battle with alcohol addiction, but I don’t know if having it go online was ever part of the plan! Unfortunately, Hasselhoff has continued his battles with alcohol, including a stint in November 2009 in which he was hospitalized following a 3-day drinking binge

3. Michael Jackson Dangles His Baby

Michael Jackson might be the most talented musician to have ever come along, but that talent will always be tarnished by the scandals that were always linked to Michael. One of the more infamous ones occurred in 2002 when he dangled his son off of a 4th floor hotel balcony. Jackson was just trying to connect with the horde of fans below and show off his child, but it was clearly an irresponsible move for any parent and an accident on Jackson’s part could have caused significant damage had the child fallen from MJ’s one-armed grip.

2. Justin Bieber Pees In Restaurant Mop Bucket 

Justin Bieber might not be an awful person, but man are there some great examples out there that help prove that he is. One of the strongest pieces of evidence came in 2013 when he decided to pee in a restaurant mop bucket. I can’t even imagine how much of an asshole you would have to be to see that and think “yeah, I’m going to pee in that.” Another incident emerged where it looked like Bieber was spitting on his fans. While he claims that the story was fabricated, when you already have a reputation for being a little shit, it’s a lot harder for people to give you credit for being a good guy, Biebs.

1. Michael Richards Goes On A Racist Rant

Michael Richards could have been one of the premier faces in Hollywood. Richards was coming off of Seinfeld, where his role of Cosmo Kramer was loved by nearly everyone. A gifted comic, perhaps it was only natural that he attempt stand up comedy. Word of advice though? Maybe don’t go on an incredibly racist rant while on stage. Definitely make sure that the racist rant isn’t recorded and then publicized absolutely everywhere. There was no saving Richards’ career, and even his role on Seinfeld can be hindered at times when you think of the vile things that he yelled including “that’s what happens when you interrupt the white man!”





10 Celebrities Who Shockingly Disgraced Themselves On Video

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