10 Celebrity Instagram Posts That Were Quickly Deleted


The thing about the internet is, once you put something on it, you’ll never really be able to delete it, no matter how hard you try. We all have probably had one too many cocktails and posted a picture that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Sure, we might wake up a bit embarrassed, and perhaps a few people from your friend’s list have already seen the photo. But if a celebrity posts something that they maybe shouldn’t have, chances are a couple hundred thousand people will have already seen it before they get a chance to take it down.

Celebs are more scrutinized than any of the rest of us, so when they post something embarrassing or scandalous and try to erase it, fans are still going to see it and will make sure that celebrity gets called out for it.

Perhaps a young celeb posted a picture that is a bit too revealing to be sharing with millions of people at such a young age, or maybe a celeb accidentally posted something highly offensive because they hadn’t checked the accuracy of their post. How about incidents of nudity or of committing illegal acts? These are only a few of the regrets that some of the celebrities below have experienced.

No matter what you think is the worst one on here, these ten celebrities certainly had something that they instantly regretted sharing and tried to keep their fans from seeing! Check out the full list below.

10. Cody Simpson



The bleach blonde singer posted a revealing photo on his Instagram account in May of 2014, but one look at the image and it should be clear as to why the photo did not stay up on social media for very long!

Cody shared a snap of his bare bum flashing his goods for the entire city to see below. This was right around the time when his relationship with now supermodel Gigi Hadid had ended. Maybe he was trying to show her what she was missing? Simpson simply claimed he was just having some fun on Sunday afternoon and that he intended for the photo to be taken in a joking manner.

9. Austin Mahone



The singer-songwriter posted this steamy photo of himself fresh out the shower. Mahone must have decided that he might be showing a bit too much skin, as the singer was rather swift to erase the photo from his account. Luckily, a few fans have this photo saved to their phones.

The singer is currently signed to Young Money Records after a previous run with Universal Republic Records. The singer has been involved with quite a few brand strategy advertisements and campaign initiatives so perhaps they wouldn’t have been too happy with this revealing photograph  was left up for the whole world to see. Nobody would be shocked if the photo led to some modeling contracts though!

8. Justin Bieber


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Whether you love or hate him, there is no doubting that the world definitely takes notice of everything Justin does – especially when he does something wrong. As a result, you can imagine that he’d have to be crazy to think he could post something and take it down without at least a couple thousand “Beliebers” screen-shotting it first.

The infamous singer posted a pic of him flashing his rear on what appears to be his own red carpet. Bieber deleted the post within minutes, but his fans still saved the picture. Perhaps not shockingly, this is far from the only time that Bieber has shown off too much skin for anyone’s liking.

We would have posted the pic above, but we just ate. So you can check it out here.

7. Kendall Jenner




Surprisingly, supermodel Kendall Jenner makes the list for sharing a photo with fans of her goofing around at Coachella this past year. While nobody would blame her for having a fun time at the festival, Jenner quickly changed her mind and deleted the post. The model was sporting a high ponytail, duck-face, and a sweatshirt that said “I Have No Tits.” The model posted the image in good fun, but apparently did not want to share her scandalous sweatshirt after all!

The model stars in E! Network’s hit series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Although sexy and confident while strutting the runways of New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion Week, many would describe Jenner as the shy, more reserved sister compared to her loudly outspoken and provocative sisters. So, perhaps she just got embarrassed and deleted the post.

6. Selena Gomez




This singer and actress has been known to have previously had an exhausting on again, off again relationship with another individual on this list – Mr. Justin Bieber – that has lasted over 6 years.

Gomez posted this photo on her Instagram during a time when the couple claimed that they had called it quits. Although just an image of her legs intertwined with another male’s, fans were quick to jump to conclusions that it was, in fact, Bieber. Selena was fast to delete the post and continued to deny that the two were together.

5. Kylie Jenner


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The youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner Klan, Kylie is not so innocent nowadays, and we really can’t be shocked by much that the 18-year-old wears (or doesn’t wear). Prior to the lip injections, hair extensions, and rapper boyfriends, little Kylie was just a 15-year-old girl with four crazy sisters, freckles, and her family’s own hit reality TV series.

Viewers were not used to seeing young Kylie in the adult manner that she was about to portray herself in. The teenager posted a sultry photo to her Instagram when she was only 15 years old, but deleted the post shortly after sharing it. Maybe Kris was a bit more on top of her daughter’s social media sharing those days? We wouldn’t be surprised if Mama Kardashian was behind this photo.

4. Harry Styles


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Infamous bad boy and One Direction band member Harry Styles was perhaps not in the clearest state of mind when he shared this photo on Instagram with his millions of fans. Judging by the speed at which he took the post down, he may have experienced a slight lapse of judgement.

The singer captioned the photo, “Had an accident.” We have to hope that was just a joke! The singer has been known to party hard, so let’s hope that’s a spilled drink on his jeans and not…something else.

3. Vanessa Hudgens


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Actress Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler shared a sweet post of their initials carved into a heart on a rock near Sedona. Nothing too scandalous, right?

Well, turns out, the rock was a part of US Forest Service Land. Apparently, damaging a natural feature on US Forest Service land is a crime punishable by up to six months in jail and a maximum $5,000 fine. Hudgens pretty munch incriminated herself, sharing the evidence with the world to see! Surely, she was not aware that she was damaging government property. Hudgens deleted the photo, but had to pay a $1,000 fine. Don’t worry, that’s equivalent to a $5 fine for the average person.

2. Lindsay Lohan


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It is not Lindsay Lohan‘s fault that she does not know how to read Arabic. It is probably Lindsay Lohan’s fault if she doesn’t at least check to verify the meaning of an Arabic word before posting it to her millions of followers though.

Lohan posted a photo of Arabic letters with, “You’re Beautiful,” written below. In actuality, what the actress had posted read, “You’re a Donkey,” and was used as an insult in Arabic. Surely, Lohan intended for the post to be inspiring. However, she probably should have done a quick Google search before posting that.

Li-Lo received a lot of hate online for the post, but in the end she’s the only one who ended up looking like a donkey. Let’s just hope that it was a lesson learned for next time!

1. Anne Hathaway




Actress Anne Hathaway posted this photo earlier this year that said, “In a world of Kardashians, be a Helena Bonham Carter.” Well, while Hathaway probably intended for the post to be a positive message aimed toward unique and quirky individuals, and give a shout-out to Alice Through The Looking Glass co-star, Helena Bonham Carter, she ended pissing off the Kardashians’ hoard of raging fans.

The Kardashian’s loyal fan base unleashed the flames of hell on poor Anne Hathaway, tormenting her on social media for hating on America’s most famous family. Hathaway did not hit back at the Kardashian internet trolls. The actress deleted the Instagram post, replacing it with one that was captioned, “Post removed for unintentional shade thrown.” Let that be a message to you, Anne, the Kardashians are not to be messed with…

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