10 Celebs Caught Staring At Famous Female Nasty Bits

10 Celebs Caught Staring At Famous Female Nasty Bits


Some Hollywood celebrities are definitely well-endowed in the chest department. Just think about stars like Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, and Christina Hendricks. Of course, there are many other examples out there, but we saved the best for our list of 10 Male Celebs Caught Red Handed Staring at Their Female Counterparts. This list is actually pretty humorous, and it reminds us that boys will be boys no matter where they are. Of course, we also came across some photos of female celebs eyeing other female celebs’ assets, but the ones featuring the men were the funniest of them all. So we are going to mostly focus on these hilarious photos of actors, singers, and television personalities sneaking peeks at some of the hottest female stars in Hollywood.

We should thank the paparazzi for snapping their pictures because without them we wouldn’t have such clear photo evidence of some guys leaning in for a closer look. Yes, these photos may anger some feminists and social justice warriors, and we aren’t saying that it’s perfectly okay for guys to stare at a woman’s boobs. In fact, it is not okay, but we are using this list to just poke some fun at the whole thing and remember that everyone is human. Just sit back and relax while you see how some of your favorite male celebrities managed to photobomb some female celebs by glancing in the direction of their assets. We imagine that celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Katy Perry are faced with this dilemma a lot, which leads us to ask wonder why they don’t wear turtlenecks more often.

10. Ellen Degeneres


Okay, so this one is pretty much a joke, but we’re sure that Ellen was genuinely interested in getting a good hard look at Katy Perry’s knockers. We all know that the pop star is seriously well endowed, and if anyone was going to call attention to it (other than the singer herself) it would be Ellen Degeneres. The really funny part of this picture is that Ellen was attending a Hollywood party with her own main squeeze, Portia DeRossi, and while the two of them were clinging to each other, Ellen made an exaggerated glance at Katy’s chest. The result is funny and adorable; just three ladies poking fun at female anatomy.

9. Bradley Cooper


You can’t go wrong with Jennifer Lawrence, are we right or what? J-Law and Bradley Cooper have worked on several movies together, and the two celebs have a pretty tight bond. In fact, some people were totally hoping that a Jennifer and Bradley pairing was in the making. Yet as it turned out, the two are just really good friends (plus they work so well together on the big screen). Anyway, while at a movie premiere, Bradley was seen sneaking a glimpse down Jennifer’s V-neck dress. We can’t really blame him, and knowing Jennifer, she probably found a way to poke fun at the whole situation.

8. Woody Allen


Unfortunately, Woody Allen has been in hot water on numerous occasions for his inappropriate treatment of young girls and female co-stars. Woody has worked with countless female celebrities, and even members of his own family have stepped forward to say that he had touched or treated them inappropriately. One prime example of his love for the female figure is in a photograph of himself with actress Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett is one of the bustiest women in Hollywood, so perhaps it is not shocking that Woody was giving a not so subtle glance down the neckline of her dress. Classy? No way! Funny? Probably not, given his history.

7. Justin Bieber


Oh, the Biebs. On countless occasions, the paparazzi have snapped photos of him sneaking peeks down the shirts and dresses of many girls. A few examples are Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez (his high-profile ex-girlfriend) and even one of the Laker Girls cheerleaders at a basketball game. Yes, the Biebs certainly has wandering eyes, which leads us to believe that maybe those sneak peeks have caused some of his romantic relationships to fray at the edges. We’re just thinking out loud here! One thing is certain: Justin Bieber definitely likes to date women who are curvy in all the right places and shockingly, he especially has a thing for models.

6. Brad Pitt


This one may come across as more sweet than creepy. After all, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are happily married (and they are also pretty much taking over Hollywood and the world). Anyway, Brad Pitt was snapped by the paparazzi while admiring his wife’s assets on the red carpet. So, could we take this as an action of endearment, or was it just plain rude and tasteless of him? In his defense, he is a dude, and Angelina is one very hot woman indeed. The way we see it, it is better that Brad eyes Angelina’s chest, instead of some other guys doing it for him!

5. Sean Diddy Combs


All’s fair in love and hip-hop, right? A while ago, Jessica Biel was the apple of Sean Combs’ eye…or maybe he was just feeling a bit on the horny side that day. Who knows? We don’t see Justin Timberlake anywhere in this photo, but if he were there, we would be interested in seeing his expression. That is because Sean Combs is seriously eyeing Justin’s lady! To be fair, Jessica Biel is one gorgeous actress, and we have been huge fans of hers since her 7th Heaven days. Now that she is a full-fledged celebrity, we can kind of understand the allure of seeing this beautiful woman in person.

4. Daniel Radcliffe


This is a very funny photo from Daniel and Emma’s younger days. They were probably only in their early teens in this photo, but it looked as though Emma Watson was developing into a lovely young lady, and Daniel was definitely taking notice of it. In fact, it may have been photos like this that made so many people wish for a Harry Potter and Hermione Granger pairing. Alas, Hermione ended up with Ron (which was still awesome) and the trio made a big splash with their camaraderie and talent on the big screen. Emma is now one of the sexiest and brightest female celebs in Hollywood and Daniel is rocking it in theater and occasional films.

3. Howie Mandel


Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum have been fellow judges and compatriots on the hit show America’s Got Talent for a few years now. We must say, their chemistry and banter on the show is great, and along with the zany and bewildering acts that they judge, the show is one that can’t be missed. As most of us already know, Heidi Klum solidified herself as an international sex symbol and one of the iconic Victoria’s Secret Angels. Although now she spends most of her time working on AGT and her entrepreneurial endeavors, she is still a sexy lady. Howie certainly noticed!

2. Will Smith


Actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith never cease to amaze us…and confound us. But we aren’t here to talk about their strange children, bizarre parenting tactics, or their connections with the Church of Scientology. We are here to poke fun at Will Smith for getting an up-close and personal bird’s eye view of Jada’s chest while they were posing on the red carpet during the premier for his film Concussion. Sure, he could stare at his wife’s chest pretty much whenever, but maybe he just couldn’t help himself that night. We must say, despite how odd Jada may come across, she is one very alluring and seductive actress.

1. Ryan Seacrest


Our Number One spot definitely goes to Ryan Seacrest, the king of celebrity interviews and professional emceeing. While he was speaking to singer Katy Perry at an awards show, he was bewildered by the sheer size of her chest. Now, we spoke earlier about how big Katy’s assets are, and maybe this was Ryan’s first time seeing them in person. Whatever the case, he was certainly amazed at her figure, and hopefully, Katy took it as a compliment! The singer comes across as a fun-loving gal who is not afraid to poke jokes at herself. We would love to meet her, too!


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