10 Celebs You Didn’t Know Have Sex Tapes

10 Celebs You Didn’t Know Have Sex Tapes

As time goes by, a lot of things change. Perceptions that society has of relationships are altered, and over time we end up with what we can only describe as the “new normal.” There was a time when having a sex tape was considered taboo. In fact, the mere mention of it would be frowned upon by everyone. This was the time when sex tapes would end careers, break families and so forth. Welcome to the 21st century, where sex tapes are the new normal.

Instead of killing careers, careers have been created from sex tapes. Don’t believe us? See what a sex tape did to Kim Kardashian. For that reason, we will not feature her tape on this list. Pretty much everyone knows about it, and if you don’t, you’re probably new to the Internet.

While we are not glorifying sex tapes, or anyone else who needs to try their hand at the “adult entertainment” industry without actually being considered an “adult star,” it is a free world. What these celebrities choose to do with their private lives is their own business, at least until a clip goes viral online and the blame game kicks into action. Here are some celebrities you might never have known to have sex tapes:

10. Nikko Smith & Mimi Faust


What’s there not to say about these two? Nikko and Mimi’s tape features top of this list because of the unconventional manner in which it was released in the first place. While most of the sex tapes that we come across today are normally released after someone’s email or phone library has been hacked (or because a jilted lover is trying to get revenge on their former flame), this one is different. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars had their sex tape, and expressly allowed Vivid Entertainment to release it to the public. Whatever their reasons were, controversy has surrounded the tape, but it got people talking…so it was a win-win situation for them.

9. Justin Edwards & Tulisa


For normal people, the first thing that comes to mind when you learn of someone having released a tape or even photos of your most intimate moments, is that it can rip your life into pieces. Everything turns up-side down. We might have thought celebrities had it different, going by the number of them who have managed to move on with their lives upon such revelations like nothing happened. For Tulisa, she was devastated, and referred to it as the beginning of the end. She finally took back control, having Justin banned from ever appearing on Celebrity Big Brother for leaking the tape.

8. Pamela Anderson

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When we mention “sex tapes” and “Pamela Anderson,” some who are new to the Internet perhaps, might wonder how, when and lots of other questions. However, if you have been around long enough, and probably know Pamela as much as we do, it’s not even a matter of why, but with who? Pamela starred in Playboy andBaywatch, so she doesn’t seem to have a problem with revealing content of her…in action. Her most prolific tapes were the ones with Bret Michaels, which were actually pretty boring considering they seemed to be too stoned to know what was going on. Oh, and there was the one with Tommy Lee.

7. Jennifer Lopez

shutterstock_Jennifer Lopez (3)

While Jenny from the Block has been on the Internet for all sorts of ludicrous reasons other than her music, not so many know of or even think the prospect of a sex tape is possible. Of course we are aware she has one of the most famous bums in the world, insured for $27 million, but having that bum on a sex tape is the stuff of legend. Rumor has it that her first husband Ojani Noa has several hours of intimate videos of her. While these have never surfaced online, apparently this was one of the reasons behind their divorce. With jilted lovers, perhaps it’s only a matter of time before these show up on some trashy website.

6. Hulk Hogan

Terry Bollea, Hulk Hogan,

Who would dare release a sex tape of Hulk Hogan? That would be someone who has some serious guts, or a death wish. Not ever would we wish to be on the wrong end of an argument with The Hulkster, let alone a dispute over a sex tape. Wrestlers have a way of turning normal people into pulp, and irrespective of the lawsuit that you might file against them, the damage will have already been done. Hulk has a video with Heather Clem. It gets interesting because Heather is his best friend’s wife. Even crazier, the best friend, DJ Bubba the Sponge, was the man behind the camera!

5. Gene Simmons

shutterstock_Gene Simmons

The situation in Gene Simmons‘ case was a good example of not crying over spilt milk. Once the damage has been done, you be the bigger person and choose to move on. The lead singer of Kiss was not only surprised to realize that there was a sex tape circulating, but the attention it got was even more shocking. There was a dedicated website put up just for that video. Later on it turned out that the tape had been shot and leaked by one of his fellow co-stars. Being the calm and collected person he is, he just moved on.

4. Usher & Tameka Foster


The story of Usher and his ex-wife Tameka is one that has twists and turns that we might never understand. Such is the case with most failed marriages, but the stories are more intriguing when celebrities are involved. With respect to the sex tape, it is alleged that it was stolen when someone broke into Usher’s belongings and made away with his laptop. Word has it that the tape is already doing rounds on the black market, being sold to the highest bidder. With Google refining their algorithms these days, if you cannot find it online today, you might never.

3. Eve & Stevie J


Those who are not fans of hip hop might not be privy to this. However, going by the rate at which sex tapes get dished out these days, you do not need to be into hip hop to come across it. Having done lots of rounds on the Internet already, there’s no surprise that the Eve and Stevie J sex tape might have passed you by. People like Eve probably have their careers in their sunset years, and anything that can keep them relevant is an opportunity worth taking. Whether this was a career-saving tactic or a mistake gone really bad, we might never know.

2. Kanye West

shutterstock_Kanye West (2)

No, we are not going to go on about Kim or Ray J here, this is all about Kanye. Strange enough Kim still has a role to play in this one, or at least that’s how Kanye wants it to be. This tape has been around since sometime in 2012, when a video emerged of Kanye and a Kim lookalike. While the allegations of there even being a tape in the first place have been denied, a cease and desist court order written and sent to a number of people who might have been involved in the distribution of the tape seems to confirm the contrary.

1. Farrah Abraham

shutterstock_Farrah Abraham (2)

Early 2013, there was confirmation that Farah Abraham, the former Teen Mom star, had a sex tape. At least, we all thought it was just a sex tape. However, considering the fact that it featured adult film star James Deen, the intentions behind the tape were rather obvious. This was no ordinary sex tape, this was an adult entertainment film, and it would go on to be put up for bidding. With controversy all over the tape, since they posed as a couple, most of us soon forgot about it, as we always do with celebrities, but Farah wasn’t done. Early 2014, she released another sex tape!




10 Celebs You Didn’t Know Have Sex Tapes

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I am sure there are lots of sex tapes out there, but unless they are scandalous or sexy in their own right, they won’t spread and don’t deserve our attention.

J Lo maybe.. as for the rest, no thanks. oh, and btw I’m pretty sure everyone and the horse they rode in on has one by now.

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