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10 Cool Summer Food Hacks You Gotta Try

10 Cool Summer Food Hacks You Gotta Try



Summer has definitely arrived (unless you live in a part of the world where it’s technically your winter right now), and that means SPF, mildly dangerous water sports featuring a hose and some plastic, and FOOD — frozen food, grilled food, fruit food, it doesn’t stop. So to celebrate #Fummer (food + summer, get it?!), here are some cool summer food hacks to get you going on your inevitable journey to gluttony…


Put Ice Cream Containers in a Plastic Bag When Re-Freezing


Nothing sucks more than ice cream that’s too damn hard from being re-frozen. Putting the tub in a large plastic bag is guaranteed to keep your ice cream as soft as when you first opened it!


Freeze Coffee Into Coffee Ice Cubes


Iced coffee gets gross and watery pretty quick with ice cubes, but with coffee ice cubes, your iced coffee will be extra strong and stay un-watery the entire time you drink it!


Freeze Fruit as Ice Cubes


Freeze blueberries, grapes, raspberries, and/or any other fruits in an ice cube and put them in Sprite. Your life will be changed.


Fruit-Infused Water


It’s so simple and delicious, and you’ll actually WANT to drink water!! (Because we all know that water on its own is just GROSS.)


Quickly Ripen a Too-Hard Avocado


Put an avocado in a paper bag at room temperature to speed up the ripening process. If that’s not fast enough for you, slice the avocado, top it with a bit of lemon juice, and cook in the oven at 300° for 10 minutes. BOOM. You are on your way to guacamoleville.


Use a Cupcake Tin to Serve Condiments


Hick or hipster? WHO CARES! No one likes doing 10 dishes when they can do one!


Cut Ice Cream Out of Containers for Perfect Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches


No more squishing those perfect chocolate chip cookies and making a huge mess!


Make a Brownie Bowl for Ice Cream Sundaes


Is this a #PinterestFail waiting to happen? Sure! But as messy as yours will turn out, it will still be delicious!


Cut Your Hot Dog Into a Spiral


Infuse that dog with ketchup, chili, mustard, and whatever else you put on your dog!


Make Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries in Your Ice Cube Tray


Step 1: Put melted chocolate into ice cube tray. Step 2: Put strawberries in chocolate. Step 3: Freeze. Step 4: Make sure no one sees you eat them all at once.

One reply on “10 Cool Summer Food Hacks You Gotta Try”

Putting a tub of ice cream in a large plastic bag doesn’t do a damn thing to keep it from freezing hard. I have one in the freezer now in a bag and it’s just as solid as if it wasn’t in a bag.

Using a cupcake tin to serve condiments is stupid. The ketchup, mustard and mayo that doesn’t get used will be wasted washing them down the sink. Just keep them (and the pickles) in the jars they came in.

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