10 Crazy Campers & RVs

10 Crazy Campers & RVs


A NASA architect builds a space-saving camper

Combining his childhood love of houseboats and adult work on habitat modules for NASA and the International Space Station, one architect has applied all of his learning to a unique space-saving (and space-age) trailer right here on Earth.

The Cricket is a made-to-order, modular, miniature trailer home. They come in different variations, but the most decked-out version features a kitchen, eating, sleeping and lounge spaces, as well as a hand shower, toilet, a flexible awning, a heating furnace and air conditioning—all somehow stored within a 15′ by 6.5′ trailer box with an (optional) pop-up, tent-like top.



A mid-century trailer is given a second life

This lime green 1953 Vagabond trailer sat untouched for several decades and still has all of its original birch paneling, appliances, and furniture.

After the trailer was purchased in the early 50s, the buying couple lived in the space for a few years and then put it into storage for decades. There it sat until a new buyer finally got a hold of this perfect time capsule and polished it up. Everything inside still works, and with a little cleaning and some new tires, this 8,000-pound work of retro art came back to life. To see inside, check out the video below!


A U.S. tech company builds the ultimate luxury RV

U.S. tech company Furrion outdid themselves with their new concept RV camper called Elysium, which they introduced at the 2017 International CES in January.

The camper’s roof features a hot tub, lounge area, and a two-passenger helicopter—the Robinson R22 helicopter. (Whenever the RV is on the move, the helicopter is lowered into the bedroom to ensure its safety.) Inside, the cabin is equipped with high-end Furrion appliances, including a refrigerator, oven, wine fridge, three 75 inch TVs, a fireplace, and “smart” bathroom toilets and showers. It’s not for sale, however. It’s just a “vehicle” for the company to showcase their top new products to customers, but you can still take a look inside.(Source)


A mid-century trailer that doubled as a houseboat

Only 35 Aqua-Trail Terra Marina Boat Campers were ever manufactured. This self-contained camping trailer was only in production for one year, from 1959-1960, and doubled as a houseboat. It had pontoons concealed behind access panels for buoyancy and was the perfect choice for camping and boating getaways. (Source)


A plane/boat/camper hybrid is about to hit the market

This airplane/boat/camper, the MVP by MVP Aero, takes being in the great outdoors to a whole new level. Billed as “the world’s most versatile plane,” the MVP is a “triphibious” airplane first and camper second, and it can land on earth, snow or water depending on gear. Certified as a Light Sport (S-LSA) airplane, it will cost about $189,00 when it finally hits the market.


A man recovering from surgery builds his dream camper

Builder Bill Guernsey was sidelined by surgery and channeled his frustration into creating this steampunk-esque “Rocket Camper” which is almost entirely of wood. To see how he did it, click the source link below or follow his adventures here. (Source)


A French family takes to the open road in a modified fire truck

In 2012, Anthony Rigo and his wife Benedicte purchased this old Mercedes fire truck and turned it into a family-friendly RV that could go anywhere in the world. This French family transported the vehicle from France to North America and hit the road without speaking a word of English.

Anthony had the self-contained, solar-powered home on wheels painted green because it reflects the couple’s love of nature and the outdoors, while Benedicte crafted a contemporary interior that’s as stylish as an Ikea floor display. It features a full kitchen, dining area, wet bath, two bunks on the main level for the kids’ beds, and a loft over the living area where the couple sleeps. (Source)


A Dutch designer creates a trailer which can triple in size

Designer Eduard Bohtlingk created the De Markies trailer thirty years ago and it still more than holds up. On the outside, it’s a plain-looking, unassuming camper, but when it gets to its camping destination, something wonderful happens. Each side of the trailer folds down to become a floor nearly triple the size of the original footprint.

In the center (over the main floor’s platform), the camper features a full kitchenette with a four-person dinette table. A spacious lounge space inhabits the outer portion, which can be indoors or outdoors, depending on the adjustable awning. When the other wall of the trailer is lowered, it becomes a sleeping dorm with a double bed and two single beds stemming outward from the main room.



A mechanic creates a Deco masterpiece with a rooftop steering

The “Decoliner,” created by master craftsman Randy Grubb, is a 26 ft aluminum beauty which features a flying bridge, complete with driving station and room for five passengers on the roof! It was built on the chassis of a 1973 GMC motorhome, and a cab from a 1955 White COE, and the entire body was hand-fabricated from aluminum by the talented team over at Blastolene Cars.


A ’50s station wagon morphs into the ultimate camping accessory

This prototype Push Button Camper was presented in The Ford Treasury of Station Wagon Living, Volume 2. Written in 1958, the booklet shows the extras pop out with the push of a few buttons, to reveal a boat, a tent and a portable kitchen complete with canopy.(Source)

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