10 Crazy Jilted Lovers

 1.  Man makes Rubik’s Cube of art to show his love, gets rejected


This is the one example on our list of a rejected lover taking it with grace. Tong Aonan of Shenyang, China had both a love for puzzles and a crush on a cutie. First, he made her portrait using Photoshop and converted her face into different color squares. Then, he re-created these colors by solving 840 Rubik’s Cubes and using them for a giant portrait of her that is 8 ½ feet tall by 4 feet wide. Although she rejected his love declaration, she said she was “moved” by the gesture and accepted the gift, and Tong declared there were “no hard feelings.” (Source 1 |Source 2)

2.  Jilted man stabbed ex-lover and her 83-year-old fiancee


Paul Mallin, 51 of Ilford, England, was once set to marry Karen Reid, 53. However, Reid, who was diagnosed with a muscle-wasting disease, decided to call off their engagement in February 2015. Mallin, who spent most of his life lonely and depressed, was devastated. When he discovered she had turned her affection towards John Down, 83, who she met in an assisted living facility, he became enraged. After Reid and Down became engaged and moved into their own flat, Mallin appeared there several times unannounced; eventually, he stabbed them to death. When police searched his computer, they found in the history “Breaking Bad – ricin” and “so I gotta kill this guy and get away with it.” He pled guilty to two counts of manslaughter “by reason of diminished responsibility,” and was sentenced to 19 years in prison. (Source 1 | Source 2)

3.  Woman stabs former lover in the cock


No words…

British factory worker Tatiana Bastos was upset when her lover Ricardo Morales left her for another woman. Bastos showed up unannounced at Morales’ work, and he was given permission by his boss to take her home. As he was driving, she began to question him about his new girlfriend, then came onto him sexually. When she was rejected, she plunged a knife through three layers of clothing into Ricardo’s groin. He managed to get stitched up at a nearby hospital and save his manhood; she was given 32 months in prison for the grisly deed. (Source)

 4.  Jilted woman ordered hit on dentist, fled to Mexico


Delgado is only the 9th woman ever placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

Brenda Delgado was jealous of Dallas dentist Kendra Hatcher, who was dating her ex-boyfriend. Over several months, she laid the plot. On Sept. 2, 2015, two men shot Hatcher in her underground parking garage; at around the same time, Delgado fled to Mexico. In April 2016, she was found in the city of Torreón, and arrangements are currently being made to extradite her to the U.S. for murder charges. Because of Mexico’s stance against the death penalty, she will likely serve life in prison even if extradited to the US. (Source 1 | Source 2)

5.  Angry ex-lover defaces $130,000 Range Rover


A London man was in for a double shock when he parked his new £90,000 ($130,000 U.S,) Range Rover in front of Harrod’s, an exclusive department store. When he returned to his vehicle, it was covered in red spray paint with words including “cheater” and “I hope she was worth it.” The second shock: for parking across a double yellow line, he received a £130 fine ($180). Red-faced, the man sped away in the vehicle and photos of the incident went viral.

UPDATE: It was later revealed to be a marketing stunt for a auto design shop. (Source)

6.  Man drives truck onto rival’s car

a99708_Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 16.41.06_646x363

If truck size is any indication… this guy is a really big dick

This classy story of revenge comes to us from “Down Under,” where they really know how to dish it out. A bloke who lives in the Northern Territory and goes by the name Renrut ran his giant 4X4 truck over a rival’s regular four passenger vehicle. Next, he had a photo of himself taken standing on its flatbed, uploaded it, tagged the guy on Facebook and wrote: “U dog c I told u I would do it I got the balls come and get yours now f* face I’m here waiting for you.” He was taken away by police in handcuffs before things got uglier. (Source)

7.  Jilted lovers join forces to catch cheater on tape


An Englishman by the name of Simon Reed seemed charming, handsome, and madly in love with his new girlfriend, Andie Nash. However, after 8-weeks of a whirlwind romance, he disappeared, leaving Andie heartbroken. To vent her frustration, she wrote about Reed on her blog, Andypants, calling him “the antichrist,” among other pejoratives. Not to her surprise, she began receiving messages from other women who had also been duped by Reed, one to the tune of $25,000. Along with three other women, including his current girlfriend, Andie confronted him on tape, to merely ask “why.” His videotaped confession led to a conviction of fraud, for which he served 30 months.


8.  Woman keys “WORE” into ex-friend’s car


Shannon Csapilla of Stamford, Connecticut had enough of her man’s cheatin’ ways and the girlfriend that betrayed her. Csapilla vandalized both her ex-boyfriend’s and ex-friend’s cars, puncturing their tires, scratching the paint and, in the case of her former friend, keying the word “WORE” on the hood. Concluding she meant “WHORE,” they deduced a motive for the deed. Shannon was arrested and released on a $10,000 bond. (Source)

9.  Man bites lover for rejecting him


The Jamaica Observer reported that 29-year-old Derrion Harvey of St. Andrew, was arrested after showing up at his ex-girlfriend’s house and biting her on the arm. Harvey had initially promised to fix her rooster pen but instead came in the middle of the night demanding sex. The bite caused the woman to need seven stitches. “I really thought that after Mike Tyson everybody knew that biting is a no-no,” the magistrate was quoted as saying.

10.  Crazed ex-boyfriend smashes through 2 doors to stab woman


In Tipton, England, Cezary Sobiewski, a heavy-drinking Polish man, was convicted to life in prison for the killing of Barbara Baraniecka, his ex-girlfriend. She was found stabbed 13 times in the neck by her daughter while Sobieweski was still sitting in the kitchen. Barbara had tried to break off her relationship with Cezary, who had been acting increasingly violent towards her. Prosecutors called the act “sustained, determined and merciless.” (Source)


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