They say that during the act of love, anything can happen. Well, the lunatics in this article definitely prove that axiom. We’re here to present ten cases of people getting up to no good while doing the nasty and actually breaking the law because of it. Here are ten crimes that happened during sex.

Threesome Stabbing

When Ashley Hunter and Orlando DeWitt got out of prison, the bond that the duo had made behind bars continued on the street. It was so close, in fact, that the pair picked up a lady at a Fargo-area bar and took her back to Hunter’s apartment for some group sex. DeWitt was first to spring into action, but midway through the experience, Hunter (who was receiving oral sex) demanded that DeWitt switch places with him. When DeWitt refused, Hunter pulled out a foot-long butcher knife from the couch cushions and stabbed Orlando in the left arm with it before chasing him and the woman out the front door.


Premature Orgasm Assault

As a man, you know that willpower is an essential part of good sex. It may be difficult to hold back your release until the lady is satisfied, but it’s worth it — especially if you’re Esric Davis. The Florida man was having sex with his girlfriend Racquel Gonzalez in 2012 when he couldn’t hold back any longer and orgasmed prematurely. Needless to say, Gonzalez didn’t take this well, and she started punching and scratching him in the face in anger. Davis extricated himself from the situation and called the cops, who busted his unsatisfied ladyfriend for battery.


Breaking and Entering for Sex

When you need to get your swerve on, sometimes you have to take desperate measures. An unidentified couple in the English town of Hackney were out on the town when they felt the burning desire for sex. Instead of heading home to their own house, they broke into a shared apartment, found an empty bedroom and started fornicating. Unfortunately for them, the residents of the home came back, heard the noise and caught the two sex burglars in the act. They videotaped the whole thing, and the footage went viral, but no charges were pressed against the randy pair, as public humiliation was bad enough.


Drunk Driving During Sex

Who out there has done the nasty in a car? OK, hands down. How about in a moving car — while you’re driving? Luis Briones has. The 25-year-old man from Albuquerque, New Mexico, was engaged in a drunken tryst with an unnamed woman while driving his Ford Explorer late one May night. Understandably distracted, Briones ran a red light and crashed into another vehicle, throwing his sex partner through the windshield. He fled the scene when police arrived but was found hiding behind a cactus.


Break In Sex Tape

Danger is a powerful aphrodisiac, so it’s not surprising that couples who are looking to spice up their sex life start to take some unusual risks. A couple in Elma, Washington broke into a woman’s house to rob the place, but when they found a video camera, they decided to strip off and get busy while filming the whole thing. Unfortunately for them, the homeowner walked in while they were in the middle of things and they fled the scene. Even worse, the pair forgot that the camera was running, and when the victim turned the tape into the police, it enabled them to identify and arrest both horny criminals.


Shot In The Head During Kinky Sex

When regular old vanilla intercourse doesn’t cut it anymore, many couples turn to fantasy to spike the punch a bit. Arthur Sedille probably had a tough time getting it up for his wife Rebecca, as she was 27 years older than him, so the pair would often make things a little more interesting by introducing a gun to the mix in the interests of role-playing. On an otherwise ordinary night in 2010, Arthur was doing the do with Rebecca when he pulled out their favorite prop and held it to her head. Unfortunately, a bullet was chambered in the pistol and the gun discharged into her brain, killing her instantly and landing Arthur a murder rap before he even got to finish.


Vehicular Homicide Sex

Most of the other vehicle-related sex crimes on this list have ended reasonably well for the involved parties, but this one is the exception. Mark Chalin was a young Minnesota man who was carrying on an illicit affair with a married woman named Amber Menezes. Hopped up on adulterous thrills, Menezes straddled Chalin as he drove down County Road 90 outside of Mankato. Unfortunately, her body blocked his vision and he plowed his car straight into another vehicle. The resultant crash broke 26 bones in Chalin’s body, but he got off easy – Menezes was killed, as well as the driver of the other vehicle, a mother of four


House Robbery Sex With Pepper Spray

Here’s a third entry in the series of robbers who decided to break, enter, and then get their sex on. This story, however, ends pretty badly for all concerned. A criminal team of a man and a woman broke into a home in Hillsboro, Missouri in June of 2011 with the intent of robbing the place while the owner was asleep. While they were swiping power tools and a portable DVD player, they got so excited that they started to have sex in the home’s garage. The woman was less into it than the man and she pulled a canister of pepper spray and blasted her robber boyfriend in the face with it. He screamed, she ran off with the car and the homeowner woke up to discover the whole scene. The man was arrested running half-clothed down the street.


Armed Robbery During Sex In A Car

Most of the “sex in a car” crimes happen as a result of a distracted male driver. This one is a little different. When Amanda Linscott and a friend took a Florida man home from a bar in September of 2012, they hit the dude up for sex and cash. Linscott’s friend convinced him to give her $120 and left, but Amanda stayed behind and the pair went for a literal joyride, with her performing sex on him as he drove through Port Charlotte. In mid-coitus, Linscott again requested money, and when her beau said he didn’t have any more she pulled a pistol from her bag and held it to his head. He instinctively punched her in the face and swerved into a tree. The female perp fled the scene but cops picked her up the next day.


Attempted Murder With Vagina Poison

We have a couple incidents of murder during sex on this list, but this is the only one that actually uses the sex as the method for the murder. An unnamed woman in Brazil was arrested in 2013 in Sao de Jose Rio Puerto for attempting to kill her husband with oral sex. One evening, she lured him to bed and begged him to go down on her. When he got in the vicinity of her private parts, he noticed a weird smell coming from down there and took her to the hospital. Doctors discovered that she’d doused her vagina in enough poison to kill them both after asking for a divorce. Needless to say, that divorce was granted.


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