10 Dangerous Positions That Can Lead To Disaster In The Bedroom


Trying out new positions is one of the best means of spicing up your bedroom life a bit. Honestly, engaging in the same stuff over and over again can get pretty boring, which is why sexually active couples switch things up every now and then. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that trying out new positions allows you to experience a whole different level of pleasure which makes it all so much worth it.

However, sex is best enjoyed when it remains on the ‘fun’ side – and doesn’t swing towards the ‘dangerous’ side. Yes, those positions that make you feel like a yoga master are best avoided while you make love for the simple reason that they may end up giving you and your partner a few pulled muscles the next morning. To make it more interesting, even a few of the most commonly used sex positions are dangerous to the point that they risk making your penis go ‘crack’.

With that, here are 10 sex positions that are best avoided to ensure yours and your partner’s safety and well-being:

10. Doggy Style


A research study carried out in Brazil found that about 29% of all penis fractures are caused by having sex in the doggy style position, which makes it an extremely dangerous position for men. But it isn’t just men who can get hurt while having sex in this position – women can experience vaginal tearing if their partners penetrate them too forcefully!

Women are more prone to having vaginal tears if they are forcefully penetrated at the wrong angle while having sex in the doggy style position. Depending on the severity of the tears, these can cause heavy bleeding and may even interfere with one’s everyday life. Having sex with a vaginal laceration can also prove to be rather painful and may additionally trigger significant burning during urination. All of these dangers are reason enough for you to refrain from having sex this way.

9. The Eager Chef


For those who don’t know, this position involves the woman sitting on a counter while her man stands on his toes right in front of her to get things going. The sex that couples have in this position is usually very – how do I put it? – spontaneous, which is why it is best avoided.

The reason why this position has made it to this list is because it has the potential to lead to penile fracture. Yes, sex in the eager chef position can rupture those sensitive tubes full of blood, thereby fracturing your manhood. This incident is particularly prone to occur if you have vigorous sex. That’s because you may miss your target in your enthusiasm and with your partner sitting on a countertop, your unlucky penis will either hit her pubic bone or the counter – that’s sure to hurt!

8. The Pogo Stick



In this position, the man gets to bear all the weight of the woman – that too while standing. Consider it as the standing missionary as the man gets to lift his partner (who will be facing him) so she can wrap her legs around him as they get it on. I’m sure this description in itself is enough to make anyone understand why the pogo stick is such a dangerous position.

If things get even the smallest bit out of hand while your man flexes his knees, and bounces you up and down, there is a good chance that the two of you may lose your balance and fall down – and in this case, your man is more than likely to fall on top of you. The position can place a lot of strain on the guy’s arms and back and falling down can lead to serious injuries. In case you are overly interested in having sex this way, it is best for you to refrain from doing it for more than a few seconds at a time – change position the moment any of you starts feeling shaky.

7. The Standing Wheelbarrow


This is an extremely skilled rear-entry position that is best tried ONLY by strong (literally!) partners. In this skilled sexual position, the woman bends over and backs the man’s front. Once in position, the man lifts and wraps her legs around his waist as she rests her forearms on a pillow for comfort. Now, her partner kneels slightly and lifts her feet by the ankle while penetrating from behind. What this means is that he has to balance not just himself, but her body as well while controlling his own movements – that alone proves why this position has made it to our list of the most dangerous sex positions!

Considering how sensitive a position the woman is in, even a single wrong move can end up making her suffer from serious back or spinal injuries. On top of it all, her cervix could get hurt as well in case the angle is wrong. It is because of this that both partners should have strong balance during the act!

6. 69 – Classic and Standing


Yes, a position as innocent and pleasurable as 69 can get extremely risky in the heat of the moment. If a man pleases his partner to the point that she comes close to climax, there is a fair chance that he will get brutally attacked on his penis by her mouth.

How come? See, when a woman gets close to climax, her body starts to tense up a bit – this includes her lips and/or teeth getting a little clenched. This clearly explains why it isn’t recommended for a man to have his manhood in his partner’s mouth when she’s about to have an orgasm – you really don’t want to have to deal with a ‘biting’ incident!

5. Reverse Cowgirl


Although the position may seem really sexy and adventurous, doing it this way can get extremely dangerous. This is because things may not really ‘fit’ the way that you imagined or want them to.

In the reverse cowgirl position, the curvature of a man’s penis may not coincide well with the angle of his partner. To put it in simple words, bending his thing that far at the base can prove to be really risky for him, and to make things worse, she may not enjoy it as much too due to being uncomfortable.

4. Pearl Necklace


You thought boobs were soft and completely inoffensive, right? Well, not so much! If truth be told, most people think of the pearl necklace as adventurous and really pleasing, but things can take a nasty turn here too – when penis meets breasts, you can expect a lot of trouble!

According to experts, the pearl necklace position can actually lead to a penile fracture. This particularly holds true in cases where the guy is in the process of ‘trying’ to give a pearl necklace to his partner. The reason for this is rather simple – at times, guys exert excessive pressure against their partner’s sternum, which has the potential to cause a penile fracture. Oh and those who don’t use any lube are particularly at risk of facing problems such as these, so if you’re really in the mood, it’s best for you to use a lot of lube.

3. In the Shower


When sex is combined with water, bathroom tiles and a slippery ground, things can get really nasty. There’s always the chance that both the man and the woman will slip and fall, and in case care is not taken, there can be serious accidents.

To begin with, if you and your partner have different heights, then the entire anti-climaxing ordeal of mismatched sex organs is going to get rather painful. To reach for your partner, you’re going to have to either bend in a really awkward position or lift her up – which in itself is extremely dangerous in the shower. Not only will you be standing in an immensely awkward position, there will be soap everywhere too. If you slip over the side of the tub, both you and your partner can break a hip or damage your faces against the sink, tile floor or even the toilet!

2. Missionary


Didn’t think the missionary position would make it to this list, right? Well, I don’t really blame you guys considering that this traditional sex position is clearly very safe. To tell you the truth, the ‘man on top’ position is still relatively safe in terms of keeping a penis intact. So what’s it doing on our list of the most dangerous sex positions?

Well, as experts suggest, it is possible for a woman with a short vaginal canal to end up suffering from abrasions or severe cervical bruising if her partner thrusts deep within her. Most importantly, any position in which the penis is known to rub up against the urethra (which obviously includes missionary), has the potential to trigger urinary tract infections. This is because the friction that takes place during sex pushes up more and more bacteria into the urethra, thereby causing infection.

1. Girl on Top or Cow Girl


When it comes to dangerous sex positions, the cow girl or girl on top position has been proven through research to be the MOST dangerous. Believe it or not, but this seemingly innocent sex position was found to be the leading cause of penile fractures in a Brazilian study.

According to results of the study, nearly 50% of all penile fractures in a 13-year time period were caused during sex when the girl was on top. The reason for this is rather simple. When a woman is on top, she has complete control over her movements and her entire body weight lands on the man’s erection. If she goes a little too extreme in terms of the angle she rides her man on, his penis can definitely go ‘crack’ in an instant without her even realizing it.


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