‘Radium Girls’ who worked in a factory where they worked with luminescent radium. Not knowing it was dangerous, they often painted it on their lips and teeth for fun. They began to develop radium necrosis, causing their jaws to rot and develop disfiguring tumors, and eventually died

The Radium Girls were so contaminated that if you stood over their graves today with a Geiger counter, the radiation levels would still cause the needles to jump more than 80 years later. They were small-town girls from New Jersey who had been hired by a local factory to paint the clock faces of luminous watches, the latest new army gadget used by American soldiers. The women were told that the glow-in-the-dark radioactive paint was harmless, and so they painted 250 dials a day, licking their brushes every few strokes with their lips and tongue to give them a fine point.


A soldier’s face after four years of war, 1941-1945

These two pictures are shown side by side in the Andrei Pozdeev museum. The museum caption reads: “(Left) The artist Eugen Stepanovich Kobytev the day he went to the front in 1941. (Right) In 1945 when he returned”. This the human face after four years of war. The first picture looks at you, the second one looks through you.


Mary Mallon aka ‘Typhoid Mary’ is the first person in the United States identified as an asymptomatic carrier of the pathogen associated with typhoid fever. She refused to believe she was a typhoid carrier, despite the fact that each family she worked for suffered an outbreak.

Bamse, a Saint Bernard, was inducted as an official crew member of a Norwegian fighting ship during World War 2. The canine was known for breaking up fights amongst his crew-mates by putting his paws on their shoulders and calming them down.

Shell shocked soldier hiding at a fireworks show

Could You Pass The Literacy Test Given To Black Voters In The 1960s?

The ‘Face Mask Exemption’ Cards With a Federal Seal on Them Are a Total Fraud

Recently, face mask exemption “cards” and “flyers” have been circulating on social media that have a Department of Justice seal and say that the cardholder is exempt from wearing a face mask in public. The cards state the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) does not require that the individual in question reveal their medical condition to businesses or organizations and threatens fines of tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A letter Eminem wrote to Tupac’s mother

Pokémon Go Grandpa has evolved, now uses 64 smartphones

Back in 2018, Pokémon Go Grandpa was discovered and shared by a user on Reddit that instantly blew up in popularity. The 72 year old person was discovered playing the game with 6 smartphones attached to his bike. The man named Chen San-yuan is a retired Feng Shui master and an avid Pokémon Go fan, with his nickname being derived from his love for the game.

MMA figther Max Rohskopf pleads with his coach 9 times before he agrees to end the fight

Rohskopf’s coach, Robert Drysdale defended his decision to urge his fighter to push through. That’s because the renowned trainer knew that come Monday morning, Rohskopf would regret quitting … which he already does.




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