Your smartphone has given you more computing skills than an Apollo astronaut. So load that bad boy up with some completely pointless, can’t-stop-playing apps whose sole purpose is to waste time and distract you from more important things, like work. Or friends. Or becoming an astronaut.

Super Hexagon

Who it’s for: People who like a good challenge
iOS: $2.99
Android: $2.99

Funny how the most simple distractions manage to capture and keep our full attention. Super Hexagon is a prime example; it’s minimalist, but so well-designed and challenging that you’ll quickly forget about all those other fancy things your phone can do.


Who it’s for: Fans of fast-paced puzzles
iOS: Free
Android: Free

This is one of those Tetris-style games, in that it seems way too easy, before kicking your fight-or-flight response into high gear when the game starts to speed up. We’d say it’s perfect for your commute, but you’d be risking scaring your fellow passengers by screaming “NO NO NO!” at the screen.


Who it’s for: Folks who miss a good ol’ first-person shooter
iOS: Free
Android: Unavailable

Fact: N64’s Goldeneye was responsible for more blown minds than all the mushrooms in the Mushroom Kingdom. The first-person shooter genre showed kids that video games could be way more complex and action-packed than just “Make the Italian-American stereotype jump on top of the Italian-American slur.”

Now you can carry a pretty badass first-person shooter in your phone. If only our 13-year-old selves knew what the future held…


Who it’s for: Sudoku nuts
iOS: Free
Android: Free

Marketed as “the next Sudoku,” this disturbingly addictive puzzle may seem complicated at first, but after a few minutes (and a glance at the tutorial), you’ll figure it out. Letting it go when your lunch break is over, however, will take considerably longer.

Doug dug.

Who it’s for: Anyone who likes a pointless but oh-so-addictive game
iOS: $1.99
Android: $0.99

Doug dug. is the epitome of the addictive time-waster. It’s pretty pointless, it never really ends, but it’s ridiculously enjoyable anyway. It won’t do much more than help you pass the time, but it delivers on that potential better than most competitors.


Who it’s for: Vocab nerds
iOS: Free
Android: Free

Word puzzles are like roller coasters for your mind. They’re filled with ups and downs, loop-de-loops, and you might throw up at the end. Definitionado brings these cerebral thrill rides straight to your smartphone.

Tap Titans

Who it’s for: People who had too much coffee this morning
iOS: Free
Android: Free

It’s a game you win by tapping the screen. Really quickly. And yeah, that’s about it, but when it comes to smartphone gaming, sometimes we don’t need much else. Perfect for the Red Bull addict and Morse code expert.


Who it’s for: Trivia geeks
iOS: Free
Android: Free

Unleash your inner Ken Jennings in this massively popular trivia app, which lets you play against users across the world, tackling topics ranging from general knowledge to niche interests. Justify any time wasted by telling yourself you’re training for Jeopardy!

Powder – Alpine Simulator

Who it’s for: Skiers, people who miss Atari
iOS: Free
Android: Free

The little dot drops down the mountain. You make sure the little dot doesn’t hit the trees along the way. Gravity makes the little dot go faster.

Simple? Sure. But this relaxing little game is a reminder that simplicity can be a lot of fun.

Clash of Clans
Who it’s for: RPG enthusiasts
iOS: Free
Android: FreeSmartphone RPGs are as common as those Game of War commercials advertising Kate Upton’s terrible acting. Clash of Clans doesn’t need to resort to those cheap marketing tactics. It’s built up a following simply by being the best in the genre.Which is another way of saying it will completely absorb your entire life if you’re not careful. Play responsibly.




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