The 10 Most Discreet Adult Toys

When it comes to pleasures of the body, sometimes discretion is key. This is especially true when it comes to living with parents, roommates, friends, etc. Think about it; when you die and your loved ones go through your stuff, you don’t want them to be blushing and shocked at what they find. There have been joke articles written about adult toys comparing them to dog toys and even children’s toys. So where does one turn if they are looking for a toy that is both efficient and discreet? Well, with the sex industry booming as much as it is, it can be both complex and confusing to find something that isn’t obviously a toy for unmentionable acts.

Some of the most popular adult toys have included the rabbit, but it’s also one of the least discreet toys that have ever been invented. So what is a person to do for pleasure on the down low?

Here is a list of the ten most discreet adult toys on the market today. These toys aren’t just there to cater to women, but to men as well. Some of the toys on this list may even shock and surprise you. And who knows, maybe you’ve actually seen some of these toys carried in the open public in broad daylight and your innocent mind didn’t really know any better. Well, as you read this article, realize that you’ve now bitten into the apple and you know things now. There’s no turning back and the innocence is gone.


10. Fairy Baby Massage Wand

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This adult toy is so small and so discreet that it comes with its own key chain. This means that you can carry around a small vibrator and the design makes it so that people won’t be able to pick up on the fact that it’s an adult toy. If you decide to hang it on your keys, then you might want to wash the toy before each use. But if you are desiring some sort of pleasure no matter what time of day, all you need to do is find your keys.

9. Vibrating Knickers

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These knickers not only come with a vibrator, but they also pulsate to club music. So if you’re one of those people who needs to get their jollies out on the dance floor, you can do so discreetly by wearing these knickers. Luckily, they don’t look like granny panties, and in fact look pretty sexy. So if a lady were to wear these and then meet someone special, she won’t have to worry about not having matching undies. Many different companies make these in various forms for lots of variety.

8. The Clip

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At first glance, this clip looks like it could be a jewelry item or some sort of paper clip for a more creative and fun way to keep your papers together at the office. What makes this toy discreet is that it just slides on, the woman puts on her underwear and the rest of her outfit, and no one knows the wiser that they have a toy inside their panties. Perhaps it can add a level of mystique and stimulation when it comes to sitting down or standing in certain ways. Obviously use this with discretion and be careful how much you enjoy this clip in public.

7. Eve Pebble Massager

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The Eve Pebble Massager is a small pebble-shaped vibrator that almost looks like a perfume bottle. However, you’re probably not going to want to stick your nose anywhere near this little toy. The design of the massager is made so that it is smooth on the sides, and the edges deliver an intense vibration that any person would be thrilled to experience. This product is especially marketed towards couples as the device has enough power and juice to be a full body massager. But if a stranger were to look at it, it wouldn’t be completely obvious that it was an adult toy.

6. USB Vibrations

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USB drives are probably one of the most common pieces of technology that the majority of the human population owns today. Crave realized this and decided to add something else to their design: a vibrator. On one end, there is a battery powered vibrator with a split tip for maximum pleasure. And on the other end, an 8GB USB drive. Because you totally want to store your files with your vibrator. We suppose that users don’t mind that they’re likely masturbating to vacation photos and essays in this case.

5. Lipstick Vibrations

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There is nothing more discreet than adult toys that are disguised as makeup. This little vibrator is so discreet that people will look at it and think it is a simple tube of lipstick. The lipstick vibrator has just a setting for on and off, so you probably shouldn’t expect a lot of variety when it comes to different speeds. Instead of a tube of lipstick, there is a pink stick meant to look like lipstick, just in case someone decides to really go through your purse and actually open up your makeup.

4. Compact Bullet

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This little gadget almost looks like something one would see in a spy film where they sexy heroine pulls out a weapon from her compact of lipstick. Well, in this case, the weapon is a bullet-sized vibrator. From the outside, the case looks like a simple compact, and many will assume that there is only press powder with a brush inside.  It’s small enough to fit into a woman’s purse, and maybe even a back pocket of a sexy pair of jeans.

3. The Vesper

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Crave recently came out with a necklace called the Vesper that doubles both as jewelry and as a vibrator. The vibrator is silver and has a long sleek design that makes it look like it was meant to elongate the neck instead of pleasuring someone beneath the belt. Both beautiful and pleasurable, sex toy manufacturers are getting more creative at inventing sex toys that can be flaunted right in front of someone and they would never know the wiser.

2. I Rub My Duckie

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If you like bath toys and a waterproof massage, then the “I Rub My Duckie” is the toy for you. It comes in a small size like any typical rubber ducky, but it also vibrates with three different speeds. All you got to do is let the ducky hang out in your private area and use it like you would any regular vibrator that isn’t going inside of you. The rubber won’t irritate your skin either, as it is made to be softer than the traditional ducky. So you don’t have to worry about the maid judging you while she’s cleaning your hotel room.

1. fifi

via userexp.net

fifi is a brand new product that sells discreet sex toys for men. At first glance, these things honestly look like a rolled up yoga mat or towel. But upon further examination, this is a discreet sex toy for men that has a no mess clean-up and disposable sleeves (which are for one time uses). The fifi can even adjust so the male can make their discreet adult toy as tight as they need it to be. From camouflage to black to red, the fifi comes in many different colors and can be transported in the open air with no worries of being caught.





The 10 Most Discreet Adult Toys

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