Super Bowl victories and riots seem to go hand in hand these days almost as much as Johnny Manziel and poor decision-making. And the craziest thing about it is that the drunkest and most destructive riots seem to come courtesy of the fans whose team won the game.

We suggest you grab yourself a few brewskies and a crappy plate to throw against the wall as we take you through the wild ride that is the 10 drunkest Super Bowl fan riots of all time.

Steelers fans rip up the streets of Pittsburgh after Super Bowl 40

On February 5, 2006, the Steelers beat the Seahawks 21-10 in one of the dullest Super Bowls ever played. Making things even worse? You guessed it: They played the game in Detroit.

It marked Pittsburgh’s fifth Super Bowl win and its first in 26 years. That meant for many fans, it was the first time they got to see their beloved team hoist the Lombardi Trophy, and maybe that’s why they took to the streets afterward and flipped cars, lit shit on fire and destroyed parking meters.

The next morning sucked for several local businesses whose signs were shredded or ripped down in the chaos and for those car owners who, well, no longer had a working automobile. But you’ll soon find out that Steelers fans were just getting warmed up.

Broncos fans celebrate the franchise’s first Super Bowl title by destroying Denver

Before January 25, 1998, the Denver Broncos had appeared in four Super Bowls, and they were nothing short of huge piles of cow shit in all of them. But that all changed in Super Bowl 32 when they defeated the defending champion Green Bay Packers 31-24 despite the fact that they entered the game as an 11-point underdog.

More than 10,000 drunk fans took to the streets to “celebrate” afterward by flipping cars, hanging from guide wires, lighting bonfires in the middle of the road and looting. The police eventually broke up their precious little field trip by releasing tear gas. Great times.

Drunk Seahawks fans rip up Pioneer Square after Super Bowl 48

Nothing says team spirit like going to Pioneer Square and causing roughly $25,000 of damage to a 100-year-old glass archway known as the Pergola. Or at least that’s the way the “12th Man” saw things after their beloved team curb stomped the Broncos 43-8 on February 2, 2014. So many drunk fans climbed on top of the structure that at least 20 glass panes valued at more than $900 each were damaged.

Other Seahawks fans near the University of Washington campus burned couches in the street and threw beer bottles at responding police officers. Another moron fired a gun in the air and then tried to ditch it as cops chased after him. And it was all because a team that calls Seattle home won a football game.

Patriots fans riot on UMass Amherst campus following Super Bowl 46

More than 1,500 students “gathered in the main residential part of campus” to fight, throw beer cans and toilet paper rolls and chant “USA! USA!” on February 5, 2012, but what really made this riot different than the others is that it came after the Patriots lost to the Giants.

13 students were arrested, and police were forced to use smoke bombs to get the rest of them out of there. One student said the last time she witnessed something like that was the day Osama bin Laden was killed. America.

Ravens fans riot in Fells Point after Baltimore wins Super Bowl 47

After living near Baltimore for almost a year, I learned two important things about Fells Point. First, it is the best place in town to watch a Ravens game, and second, women there enjoy having unprotected sex.

Well, after their beloved team upset the 49ers on February 3, 2013, thousands of drunk fans left their favorite drinking establishments and flooded the streets of Fells Point, and it didn’t take long for cheering and hugging to turn into ripping down street signs and lights.

Hell, this video was taken by some drunk asshole who decided to climb a tree and take it all in. And yes, it it confirmed at the 5:02 mark that he is indeed an asshole when he yells “Tear that shit down!” to the douchebag on the street trying to rip down a streetlight.

In other parts of Baltimore, a 7-Eleven was looted and cars were tipped over. And things got even crazier two days later at the parade when a 15-year-old kid was stabbed. No word if Ray Lewis was ever considered a suspect.

Dallas Cowboys parade after winning Super Bowl 27 turns into absolute chaos

Nearly 400,000 Cowboys fans, some of whom had to be absolutely hammered, packed the streets of Dallas days after the Cowboys beat the piss out of the Buffalo Bills 52-17 in Super Bowl 27. But after the parade ended at City Hall, Dallas fans started beating the piss out of each other “for no apparent reason.”

A WFAA reporter said that in his 30 years in the business, he had never been in more fear of his life than on that day, as people vandalized and looted stores, threw bottles at other fans as well as police officers, mugged innocent bystanders, fired guns and stabbed human beings.

Based on that, it sounds like Jerry Jones has done everybody a huge favor by running that team into the ground over the last 20 years.

Out of control Patriots fans riot in Boston after their team wins Super Bowl 38
Patriots fans riot after Super Bowl 38
The New England Patriots had won the franchise’s first Super Bowl just two years earlier, but you wouldn’t have guessed it based on the way their fans lit garbage fires all over the Boston after Tom Brady and Pats edged the Carolina Panthers 32-29.

Thousands of people swarmed the streets, and firefighters were forced to use their firehoses on a number of them in subfreezing temperatures just to get to the fires. Several cars were overturned, but unfortunately one of them wasn’t an SUV with a drunk driver behind the wheel. That dude wound up killing another dude when he backed into him and then sped off. Wicked awesome times, brah.

Raiders fans riot after team gets blown out in Super Bowl 37
Raiders fans riot after losing Super Bowl 37
Of course, a list about rioting and crime wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Raiders fans, although they surprisingly only make one appearance on this one.

Former Raiders head coach Jon Gruden really threw it in his old team’s ass on January 26, 2003 when he destroyed them to the tune of 48-21. Oakland Police Chief Richard Word told reporters when it became evident the Raiders were going to lose, he didn’t anticipate people would fill the streets to “celebrate,” but he must have briefly forgotten that these were Raiders fans he was talking about.

Hundreds of people took to the streets and taunted police by yelling, “Raiders rule. Fuck the police.” And it was probably right around that time when police decided it was a good idea to use rubber bullets, flash-stun grenades and tear gas to get them the hell out of there.

In all, about 80 Raiders fans were arrested that night for public drunkeness and other fun stuff like burning out an auto-repair shop, destroying a McDonald’s and lighting fires in the street and then posing in front of them for the media.

The Steelers win their sixth Super Bowl and fans take their riot game to the next level
Steelers fans riot after Super Bowl 43
Thousands of people littered the streets of Pittsburgh again after their beloved team knocked off the Arizona Cardinals in stunning fashion in Super Bowl 43. When the sun rose the next morning, Steelers fans had turned many parts of their great city into a giant shithole thanks to fires, vandalism, overturning cars, fighting, looting and other stupid shit you do when you get hammered.

City officials said law enforcement had to respond to more than 400 emergency calls and arrested more than 100 people, and they estimated the riots caused more than $150,000 worth of damages, making it the second-most costly Super Bowl riot in history.

Broncos win their second consecutive Super Bowl and fans once again destroy Denver
Broncos fans riot after winning Super Bowl 33
The costliest Super Bowl riot of all time came courtesy of drunk Broncos fans who apparently lit fires and then ran through them and somehow considered that a form of celebration after Denver won their second consecutive Super Bowl on January 31, 1999.

Roughly 1,000 drunk fans left downtown bars to rip shit up with their comrades in the streets. There they collected early editions of local newspapers, but instead of saving them as souvenirs, they used them to start bonfires. They also overturned cars, broke windows and ripped down street signs. By the time police broke it up with tear gas, the riot had caused more than $160,000 worth of damages.

The moral of the story after reading this? You guessed it: Don’t park your car on the street when your local team is playing in the Super Bowl unless you really need that insurance money to pay for rent.





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