10 Dumb Shark Tank Ideas That Became A Successful Reality

10 Dumb Shark Tank Ideas That Became A Successful Reality

ABC’s Shark Tank has kept us glued to the couch for seven seasons as we’ve watched sharks make deals with some truly amazing entrepreneurs. However, what tends to keep us hooked is the likeness of catching a glimpse at those quirky and outright dumb ideas that make us wonder how they ever got a spot on the show in the first place. Even more remarkable, some of these ideas actually receive deals!

Not familiar with the show? Well here’s the breakdown. Entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to pitch their business or product to a panel full of experts referred to as The Sharks in hopes of snagging a deal. Sharks invest in these companies for a negotiated percentage of profits or stake in the company. Some of the most popular products to come out of the show are the Scrub Daddy kitchen sponge, and the Drop Stop which prevents small items like cellphones or wallets falling beneath a car’s seat.

But there are still a few of those oddball pitches we were sure would fail which have proven to go on and become successful, many having to do with how we spend our time in the bathroom. Here is a list of 10 dumb Shark Tank ideas which have gone on to become a success.

10. CitiKitty – Litter Training For Cats



A toilet training kit for your cat, the CitiKitty is advertised as ideal for old cats, young cats, large cats andeven multiple cats! Seriously. That’s exactly how it’s described on their website. Inspired by a smelly city apartment (hence the name CitiKitty), season two of Shark Tank introduced a product that has us all giggling at the thought of our pets hopping up on the toilet to relieve themselves. Some may be hesitant to share their toilet with a cat, but as serial entrepreneur Rebecca Rescate points out, keeping a box full of poop in your home is pretty disgusting as well.

With two offers on the table, after long debate, she decided to go with Kevin Harrington’s offer of $100,000 for a 20% stake in the company and now makes over a million dollars a year from this product alone. Perhaps they’ll expand their brand and offer toilet training seats for our other household pets!

9. UroClub – Pee In Your Golf Club



Apparently there aren’t any bathrooms on a golf course, which has posed a problem for men all over the country for decades. That is, until Dr. Floyd Seskin created the UroClub. A replica golf club which allows you to not only pee as you go, but will also safely store your urine for the remainder of the day. Designed to replicate a golf club, this product saves golfers from the anxiety and embarrassment of frequent urination out on the course while also pushing the boundaries of public urination laws.

Once again, Kevin Harrington invested $25,000 for a 70% stake in the company. Pretty steep for something designed to prevent embarrassment yet will likely cause more after men start missing the opening of this fancy urine receptacle after a few drinks. Even though there’s no explanation on their website as to how to empty this 7-iron after the day is complete, Shark Tanks blog has labeled their sales as “reasonably strong.”

8. 180 Cup – Shot Glass Inserted In Party Cup



Ever been at a keg party, sipping on some cheap beer out of one of those infamous red cups and find yourself without a shot glass? Well Solomon Falls apparently did. After going to a college party with his brother, he designed the 180 Cup which allows one to simply flip over the cup to have access to a shot glass. The only downfall is that you’ll have to finish your beer or grab a new cup before indulging yourself in that tequila shot.

He almost screwed up when he denied Daymond John’s original offer of $300,000 for 20%, an offer only on the table if he responded immediately, mid-pitch, without hearing what the other sharks had to say. Unfortunately for Falls, no one else was interested and he ended up having to offer Daymond an additional 5% to stay interested.

Guaranteed to not interfere with your flip cup or beer pong skills, these things might actually become a party staple. Since appearing on Shark Tank, their website claims “sales have continued to grow like the mysterious odor in a frat house.”

7. I Want To Draw A Cat For You – Enough Said


This product is literally a guy named Steve drawing incredibly basic illustrations of cats. They sell for about $10 if you don’t mind a crease or two across the paper and can be customized so that your cats are shown playing soccer, on a picnic, or pretty much whatever you want. That costs extra though. It also costs extra if you want to receive a flat, unfolded drawing.

Mark Cuban not only offered this guy $25,000 for 33%, but agrees to pitch in and draw one in every thousand-or-so cats. Steve’s website also offers cat t-shirt, and a permanent Etch A Sketch portrait of your cat. He even launched another website after appearing on the show, I Want To Write a Song For You, where he writes customized theme songs for just under $100. How the hell he’s actually making a profit from this, who knows. But he’s rolling in the money.

6. Squatty Potty – Stool Device For Better Pooping



We’ve all seen the commercial depicting a unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream for a group of children who appear far too eager to chow down on a mythological creature’s feces. As the most expensive stools on the market, it’s proven to release the natural kink in the muscle around our colons which are tightened by sitting naturally on a toilet. This device is literally a stool to put your feet on, slightly shifting the angle of your butt. Advertised as ideal for those suffering from constipation, I suppose customers don’t feel just any stool will do. No, they must spend the $40 on the Squatty Potty, which conveniently comes in several shades and an inflatable portable model.

Lori Greiner offered the mother-son duo $350,000 for a 10% stake in the company, which is far less than they asked for, and they’ve since gone on to entertain us with the Squatty Potty humor and that infamous rainbow-pooping unicorn.

5. First Defense Nasal Screen – No More Allergies!


We all hate getting the sniffles but would you go as far as blocking your nasal passages to possibly ensure a healthy spring? The First Defense Nasal Screen is the most expensive sticker on the market, designed to be placed over your nostrils in order to filter out pollen and germs. Isn’t that what nose hairs are for?

Entrepreneur Joe Moore was looking for $500,000 for a 10% stake in the company, and was actually offered four million for the entire business from Robert Herjevic, making it one of the highest offers of Shark Tank history. While Moore didn’t end up selling, we’ve got to stop and think…really? Are people really going to wear these outside? In public?

4. Liquid Money – Smell Like Money!


This Donald Trump look-alike comes strolling in on Shark Tank with two dolled up wheel-a-fortune-looking models who use cash as confetti in his parade of arrogance. Great for television. Not so great for business. This guy is selling both his and hers money-scented fragrances, so now we can all smell like we’ve been down a stripper’s panty.

Daymond John offers $100,000 for an 80% stake, which he ends up passing up. But have no fear! Liquid Money is still on sale on their website and increasing numbers of retailers across the country, so now we can all smell like the thing our mother’s warned us was dirty and not to touch as children. At least their website offers a warning:

“CAUTION: Smelling like money can be dangerously sexy!”

3. LoliWare – Edible Cups

The perfect addition to any gathering you’re hosting where you expect guests to not only be thirsty, but be hungry as well. Why waste money on chips and dip when you can simply purchase a set of LoliWare edible cups which can be eaten during or after you’ve finished your drink. It comes in five flavors: cherry, citrus, matcha, vanilla bean, and natural clear. Not only are these cups edible, but at the small price of $15.99 for a pack of four, these biodegradable glass can save the planet’s waste disposal problems! Imagine a future of an entire kitchen full of edible plates, utensils, and sugar bowls.

The sharks must have seen some kind of potential as both Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran made a deal for $600,000 and 25% equity stake in the business. Picture a future of children’s themed edible plates birthday parties – it’ll be quite charming.

2. Foot Cardigan – Monthly Sock Subscription


Socks. They’re literally just socks. There’s nothing even different or special about them other than they mail them to your house each month without you getting to choose what they look like. For only $9 a month, you can dress up your feet in a brand new pair you may or may not like. Even better, you can gift a friend with this awful gift which will remind them each month how much you care about them.

But what if you don’t like them? According to the FAQ section of their website, it’s “Not possible. Never going to happen. You will love them, and you will wear them, and your life will be better because of them.” These guys asked the sharks for $250,000.00 for 10% of the custom sock of the month club, and eventually make a deal with Mark Cuban and Guest Shark Troy Carter for $250,000 and 20% of the Monthly Sock Subscription Business. Not bad for some ugly socks.

1. Dude Wipes – Wipe Your Bum


Why should dudes suffer from using feminine-scented wipes when doing their business in the bathroom? Problem solved. Dude Wipes can be used on a dude’s face, armpits, hands, and bottom! They’re flushable and guaranteed not to smell like lilac. Throw a pack by the toilet or purchase some singles to throw in your wallet when you’re on the go. There’s nothing frilly about this packaging, in fact everything about this product screams “DUDE.”

After asking for a $300,000 investment for a 10% stake in their company, they agreed to a deal with Mark Cuban for $300,000 for a 25% stake in this lovely baby wipe alternative and have gone on to achieve success ever since. Taking a dump just got a whole lot manlier.


10 Dumb Shark Tank Ideas That Became A Successful Reality

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