The Hands


According to Dr. Shannon Chavez, “If a partner sucks on a finger and massages it with the tongue, it sends the signal to the reward center of the brain similar to sex.”

The hands and fingers are particularly sensitive, and even the lightest touch or lick could send you into another universe of eroticism.


The Clitoris


Research has shown us what everyone already knows, the clitoris is the most sensitive erogenous zone on the female body. As far as ‘the best way to stimulate’ this area, pressure and vibration are key words to live by.


The Stomach


The stomach, like virtually every other body pat on this list, is extremely sensitive to touch. Light touches in particular. Running your fingers or tongue along the stomach is a great way to enhance any sexual experience. Tristan Weedmark, sexual expert, says “Not only is this area very sensitive, but light stimulation of it promotes blood flow to other erogenous zones.”


The Feet


Despite the fact that a ton of people are ticklish when it comes to the feet, it is apparently a place that can be very pleasurable if played with in bed. Shallon Lester, sex vlogger and author, says that using a firm hand on her feet during sex can be an incredible turn on. She even suggests that, when in reverse cowgirl, you should dig your nails lightly into the bottoms of her feet, even grabbing her big toes.


The lips


The lips are the most commonly exposed area of all erogenous zones. Extremely sensitive, the lips have nearly 100 times more nerve endings than the fingers do. Doing things like licking, sucking, and nibbling on your partners lips is a great way to keep things interesting in bed.


The Ears


There are a ton of sensory receptors in and around the ears, making it the perfect place for some ‘play time’ during sex. A gentle kiss of the ear lobe just might make your partner jump right onto you. Sexologist Emily Morse says to “gently kiss the earlobe, or hold it lightly in your mouth and massage it with your lips. If they seem to be enjoying this, you can take it as a green light to start to nibble or suck on the lobe.”


The pubic mound


Okay, so, despite the name, this does not mean that there has to be actual pubes there. The pubic mound is an area above the pubic bone that is incredibly cushioned and extremely erogenous. Shannon Chavez, sexual therapist says that this area is one that will emit pheromones when stimulated, which triggers sexual responses in our bodies.


Inner Thighs


The inner thighs are extremely sensitive to touch. little kisses, nips, and licks. Jane Greer, a sex and relationship expert, suggests ‘spicing things up’ by bringing ice cubes into the equation and tracing them up and down her inner thighs.


Nape of the neck


The nape of the neck contains a ton of nerve endings that are extremely sensitive to touch. This goes for both male and females. Running your fingers, lips, and tongue across this area is a great way to get you guys ‘going’.


The armpits


Although this is an area that most people try to stay away from, Cory Beth Honickman, a relationship expert, is adamant that some light play in this area can really turn someone on. Start slow, using the tips of your fingers to gently play with the armpits- if you’re brave enough, use a little tongue. Apparently, for those who aren’t ticklish, it’s pretty exciting.



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