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The 10 Most Evil Geniuses Ever


When we think of villains or evil geniuses the majority of us immediately let our minds drift to the vast array of fictional characters we have read about and watched in movies over the years. Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, Doc Ock from Spiderman, Lex Luther from Superman, Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars and the Joker from Batman – These are all examples of figures that you may classify as being evil geniuses. What makes them that? Well, to begin with they get a check in the “evil” box for trying to subjugate and kill people, defeat the good guys and get their way at the expense of everyone else. However, being evil isn’t enough and these guys are all pretty smart – they just use their intelligence and abilities for bad things which gives us our checkmark in the “genius” box.
Unfortunately, there are real evil geniuses that have lived or continue to live among us. These individuals aren’t as extreme as the super villains of fiction. After all, no real-life evil genius has eight arms or has tried to build a death star to blow up the galaxy – yet. The following people are generally classified as evil geniuses because they were not only smart but showed a high degree of capability in manipulating others, avoiding capture and maintaining a position of power for some time. They’re evil because they used their smarts to do things the vast majority of us label as ‘bad.’ Some are definitely worse than others but they all qualify, in one way or another, for evil genius status.

The 10 Most Evil Geniuses Ever

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