10 Most Famous Bigfoot Sightings Captured On Film In The Last 50 Years


The first reported sighting of Bigfoot, or Sasquatch as he is often known, was in 1811 in Alberta, Canada, near what is now the town of Jasper. Matching the description found in many Native American legends, the creature was described as a towering, hairy beast that stalked the great forests. In recent times, much to the continued frustration of cryptozoologists around the world, sightings are often accompanied by shaky, low-quality videos filmed by hunters and hikers. However, no matter the quality, there are some videos that are hard to simply explain away.

Here, in chronological order, are the 10 most famous Bigfoot sightings that have been captured on film in the last 50 years.

10. Lettuce Lake Park Florida Sighting (2015)

Location: Lettuce Lake Park, Florida, United States

Starting our list is this incredible sighting from the USA, which was submitted to Bigfoot evidence by Matt, who had just returned from a trip canoeing around the swamps of Lettuce Lake Park. At first, Matt thought he saw a bear in the distance making its way through the wetlands. Only after high-tailing it out of there and reviewing the footage at home did he begin to suspect the large, slow-moving creature was none other than Bigfoot.

9. Ketchikan Sasquatch Footage (2011)

Location: Ketchikan, Alaska

This footage, uploaded to YouTube in 2011, shows another recent Bigfoot sighting that has piqued the interests of crypto researchers. Here’s the description that accompanied the video:

“I was on a logging road in Ketchikan hiking with my friend when I saw it! Boy did my heart start racing!! It was about 40 yards from the road! Not sure if it knew I was there or not, because the noise of flowing water from the stream. It seemed to travel fast. You see it jump and after that point it just seems to disappear.

“We went to search for tracks but the river bed where we thought it was walking was full of perfect skipping rocks, we found no prints! If there is a BigFoot, Sasquatch, or Kushtaka I swear I saw him!”


8. Bigfoot Hunted By Helicopter (2011)

Location: United States.

This is probably one of the more contentious videos on this list. It was uploaded to YouTube in February 2011 with no location or date, just this simple description:

“My husband and I took our kids target shooting. A helicopter was over our heads the entire time annoying us. We thought at first they were curious of why and what we were shooting. Later when we watched the video we noticed something that looked like Bigfoot running in the trees. We assume now the helicopter was hunting the Bigfoot.”

Sound bizarre? Well conspiracy theories have been circulating in Bigfoot research circles for years about Government agencies hiding evidence and exterminating these creatures on the quiet.

7. Utah Bigfoot Family (2011)

Location: Utah, United States

On a family trip in 2011, YouTube user johnnny11 captured much more than his children having fun in the snow. Here’s what he has to say about his videos:

“I took my kids and their friends hiking and sledding high up in the Utah Mountains. A few weeks later as I was watching the video clips, I spotted three different cases with unexplained creatures that appeared to be a family of Sasquatch. In the first clip, a Bigfoot is seen walking away into the trees. The second clip shows a different Bigfoot watching us and then disappearing. The third clip appears to be another Bigfoot struggling to get away. We returned to the hills to look for prints, but the snow had melted.”

Go here to watch the second and third clips.

6. Tatri Mountain Yeti (2009)

Location: Tatra Mountains, Poland

While hiking in the Tatra Mountain range in Poland in summer 2009, rock climber, Piotr Kowalski, stumbled across a Yeti. Piotr said of his surprising encounter: “I saw the huge ape-like form hiding behind the rocks. When I saw it, it was like being struck with a thunderbolt.”

Regardless of the shaky camera work, the footage, which we assume was taken on a mobile device, clearly shows a large human-like creature slowly maneuvering around boulders and rocks, making its way down the mountainside.

5. Prince Edward Island Sasquatch (2005)

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

In 2005, student, Nathan Wiley, and his friends headed into woods on Prince Edward Island to shoot a movie for a school project. While shooting a scene of someone running through the trees, the filmakers got the surprise of their lives when a Sasquatch emerged from the other side, running at high speed in the opposite direction as if startled by the group’s activity.

After reviewing the footage, Bigfoot researchers have estimated the ape-like creature to be running at an astonishing speed of 25-30mph.

4. Marble Mountain Bigfoot Sighting (2000)

Location: Klamath Mountains, California, United States

In July 2000, a group of hikers filmed their Bigfoot encounter and set the cryptozoology world abuzz. Believed by many to be one of the best pieces of evidence ever captured on tape, the group of 15, many of whom were disabled children on a camping trip, came across bizarre structures in the forests of Marble Mountain, near Fort Jones, California. Believing the structures to be a clumsily made den, the group began filming.

However, one eagle-eyed kid spotted a large humanoid figure standing high up on the mountain-top ridge, watching the group.

3. Memorial Day Bigfoot Footage (1996)

Location: Washington, United States

Filmed with a Hi-8mm by Lori Pate in Washington, USA, in 1996, the Memorial Day footage (as it came to be known) is one of the most analysed and discussed videos in Bigfoot circles. During a hike with her husband Owen, the couple began hearing loud animal vocalisations echoing from the forest. They decided to see if they could film whatever was making the noises and, minutes after turning the camera on, the couple spotted a large, hairy creature running across a grassy area, heading to the forest on the opposite side.

Upon analysis of the video, cryptozoologists claim that the creature is carrying an infant on its back. The child can be seen crawling up the larger creature’s back and standing on its shoulders.


2. The Paul Freeman Footage (1994)

Location: Blue Mountains, Washington, United States

Bigfoot tracks. His plaster-cast molds were used by anthropologists at Idaho State University as evidence of the existence of the mythical creature. Following his discovery, in 1994 Freeman once again gained notoriety by capturing his own encounter with Bigfoot in the Blue Mountain region, USA, on film.

The original film (which at this time is not available online) was taken with a poor-quality video camera, meaning the images were blurry and the camera work shaky, to say the least. The above YouTube video is an edit of the original footage, which has been stabilized.

1. Patterson – Gimlin Bigfoot Footage (1967)

Location: Bluff Creek, California, United States

Now onto the video that started it all: the most famous Bigfoot sighting in existence – the Patterson and Gimlin footage.

On 20 October 1967, Bigfoot hunters, Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin, were out riding their horses in the Bluff Creek area, California, researching recent Sasquatch reports when they came across an overturned tree. To their surprise, walking slowing along the creek bed, approximately 120 feet away from where the men stood, was the very creature they had been looking for: Bigfoot.

Patterson filmed the encounter on his 16mm camera. Jumping down from his horse he ran after the creature, dropping to his knees when the 7-foot tall beast glanced over its shoulder and looked directly at him before continuing on its way, eventually disappearing into the trees.

While many scientists have judged the video to be nothing more than a hoax, there are many cryptozoologists who believe it’s the real deal, making the Patterson and Gimlin footage not only the most famous, but also the most controversial Bigfoot sighting in existence.

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