10 First-Look Images From Upcoming Movies

10 First-Look Images From Upcoming Movies –



Although 2018 is winding down into its final months, the film industry is gearing up for its most frantic release window yet.

It’s hard to image that there’s anything yet to come after a year boasting more giant movies than seemingly ever before, but with Oscar season coming sooner than usual and a streak of end-of-year blockbusters vying to dethrone Infinity War as the biggest success of the past 12 months (good luck), your favourite movie might still be yet to hit theatres.

Fortunately, the first glimpses of these tantalising projects are finally starting to trickle in, showing off fresh looks at reinvented iconic characters as well as actor transformations you won’t believe. Throw in a couple trailers, and these are the films you’ll be structuring your social life around in the coming weeks and even into 2019…

11. Honorable Mention: The Mandalorian


Okay so it’s technically not an “upcoming movie”, but the first ever live-action Star Wars TV show is undoubtedly a big deal. Announced a little while ago, Jon Favreau’s series has just dropped its official synopsis and slate of episode directors (including Taiki Waititi), alongside the first image of the titular gunslinger in action.

Set three years after Return of the Jedi, in the time before the rise of The First Order, the Disney streaming service exclusive is set to chronicle a lone gunfighter operating in a role similar to Jango and Boba Fett (a connection made immediately apparent by the armour). It sounds promising, and the first image has already captured the sci-fi western feel of the project perfectly.

10. Joker

Warner Bros.

After a couple of unofficial set photos leaked showing Joaquin Phoenix in costume as DC’s new Joker, Warner Bros. wasted no time in giving the world a better look at the project, releasing a moody makeup test that teased the film’s tone, as well as a slew of official on-set images.

Considering the spin-off has only just started filming, it’s a little surprising that the production company has given fans so much to chew on, especially jumping straight in and showing Phoenix in full makeup. His incarnation of the Clown Prince of Crime is no doubt going to make waves, and just going off these early photos, it could scrub away the bad taste of Jared Leto’s portrayal altogether.

9. The Kid Who Would Be King

20th Century Fox

Despite helming Attack the Block in 2011 (and launching John Boyega’s career in the process) writer-director Joe Cornish has been surprisingly absent from the big screen. That’s all set to change with 2019’s The Kid Who Would Be King though, which once again aims to blend blistering children’s fantasy influences with a real mean genre streak.

About Alex, a young school kid who finds himself in control of excalibur, the teen and his friends are forced into battle with Morgana, a Medieval tyrant hellbent on destroying the world. Courtesy of Empire magazine we now have our first look of the villain in action. The first poster, this time focusing on hero Alex, has also just dropped.

8. The Night Clerk

Highland Film Group

Of all the movies on this list, The Night Clerk is probably the most mysterious. With no release date set, a vague synopsis that promises a paranoia-fuelled drama as a hotel clerk is suspected of a murder that occurs on his shift, and a director who hasn’t made a movie since 2001, the project could go either way.

Still, the premise is compelling, and the project has nailed a solid cast, comprised of Tye Sheridan as the titular character, Helen Hunt, Ana de Armas and John Leguizamo. The first official image highlights a pensive Sheridan holding a gun, no doubt preparing for the bloodshed to come.

7. Hobbs & Shaw


While audiences sadly won’t get another entry in the world-dominating Fast and Furious franchise for a little while yet, the upcoming Hobbs & Shaw should keep fans happy in the meantime. The two titular characters have both become breakout stars of the series despite not being there from the beginning, thanks in no small part to the effortless charisma of actors Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.

The latest image from the project highlights the two characters looking how they always do, that being like they’re about to take each other’s head off. Though they’ve always been able to shine in the ensemble of the Fast films, it’s going to be exciting to see the two carry their own flick.

If it can retain the same heart and unbridled anarchy of the mainline instalments, then it could be one of the biggest box-office successes of 2019.

6. Ad Astra

20th Century Fox

Despite it only being a couple of months away, James Gray’s Ad Astra has enjoyed surprisingly little fanfare so far. Coming off his underrated epic The Lost City of Z, the director has turned his attention to space, spinning a story about Brad Pitt’s Roy McBride searching for his father after he disappeared on a one-way trip to Neptune.

With a stacked cast, including Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Jamie Kennedy, Donald Sutherland and the previously-mentioned Pitt, there’s a ridiculous amount of talent on board, and the first look at Pitt in costume also brilliantly shows off Hoyte van Hoytema’s gritty sci-fi aesthetic. He’s no stranger to the genre, after filming Chris Nolan’s Interstellar, and it seems as though he’s brought a similar style over to this new project.

The January release date is a little worrying, but considering the sheer talent of everyone both on camera and off, Ad Astra has the potential to be one of the first breakout hits of 2019.

5. Rocketman

Paramount Pictures

A trailer for the upcoming Elton John biopic has been released now, but Paramount Pictures have also dropper another exclusive image from the fantasy-musical film. Though it didn’t initially seem like a good fit, Taron Egerton looks incredibly convincing as John, and the latest photo sees him all dressed up in a suitably garish outfit.

Though Bohemian Rhapsody is currently stealing all the headlines when it comes to the musical biography films you have to see, Rocketman looks like it’s going to be a far cry from your regular run-of-the mill genre instalments. It’s leaning far heavier into fantasy territory, capturing John’s maddest years through a surrealist lens, rather than prioritising authenticity above all else.

While director Dexter Fletcher took over from Bryan Singer on this year’s Queen biopic, Rocketman is entirely the filmmaker’s own beast, and it looks all the better for it.

4. Charlie Says

Epic Level Entertainment

Considering it’s the 50th anniversary of the Manson murders next year, it’s not surprising that Hollywood is trying to cash in on it as much as possible, lining up plenty of projects focusing on the infamous killer.

Though most of the focus has been on Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Charlie Says is one of the other high-profile flicks in the works, and it’s just released the first image of Matt Smith as the cult leader.

Unfortunately, while director Mary Harron is a perfect match for this kind of material, the reception to the film on the festival circuit hasn’t been all that great. It’s still yet to receive a proper theatrical release though, so it’ll probably be better to make your own mind up rather than be scared off by a handful of reviews.

3. Skin


He’s always been a great actor, but Jamie Bell has never really been given the role he deserves. Despite attempting to throw off his boyish charm by tackling darker characters The Thing in Fantastic 4, the films he’s starred in have never quite done the actor justice.

Once again attempting to push himself out of his comfort zone, Bell is starring as Byron Widner – a skinhead thug covered head to toe in terrifying tattoos – in A24’s upcoming drama Skin.

The studio are yet to release a trailer, but they have finally shown off the actor in full makeup, which has set a suitably menacing tone. It’s probably not going to be much fun, but A24 rarely puts a foot wrong, and this could be the movie that finally breaks Jamie Bell into awards consideration.

2. At Eternity’s Gate


No doubt set to be one of the biggest contenders come 2019’s Academy Awards, we’ve already had a few glimpses at the upcoming Vincent Van Gogh biopic, but the latest official photo has given us a closer look at Willem Defoe in character.

The actor has courted the big awards for the past few years now – being criminally overlooked for his turn in The Florida Project in 2017 – but his portrayal of the troubled artist is already gaining buzz, and the film itself is shaping up to be a serious critical darling.

It’ll have stiff competition, but everything released so far looks incredible, and the latest image has only reinforced just how perfect Defoe is for the role.

1. Child’s Play


It’s a good time to be developing a horror remake. Following on from the smash success of IT in 2017, the ridiculous buzz surrounding both Halloween (okay, technically more of a reboot that full-on remake) and the upcoming Suspiria, filmmakers seem to be treating these iconic properties with respect, rather than cashing in on basic brand recognition.

It was only announced back in July for a release next year, but MGM has now unveiled the first look at the killer doll. Unlike the later movies in the franchise, the style of Chucky is returning to the original flicks, swapping out the crazy-haired scarred version for something that looks far more innocuous.

Apparently the plot is aiming for a Stranger Things-inspired vibe, following a group of kids rather than a family, also no doubt taking a page out of IT’s book.

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