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10 Former Child Stars Who’ve Played Racy Movie Roles

10 Former Child Stars Who’ve Played Racy Movie Roles

It is always strange to see child stars that we have grown up watching, suddenly embrace their inner sexy side and strip off for the cameras. You would never have imagined back then that somebody like Lindsay Lohan would star in movies so raunchy, you wouldn’t know whether to finish watching the movie or just turn it off completely. Nonetheless, these 10 celebrities have shown that their former child star images have somewhat been scrapped to the side as they embarked on more challenging roles, placing them out of their comfort zone. Every child star in this list has considered their raunchy scenes in these films their breakout scenes; simply because they had never stripped down in front of the cameras before. And I say all of this to say that these films aren’t Oscar-worthy performances from actors, but when you see one of your childhood idols suddenly portray characters in nude, your mind begins to work both ways and the performance to you does not come across as believable. At least in most cases, that is. Someone from the Disney Channel to suddenly play a naughty character in a film is hard to pull off for that particular actor and harder for the spectator to be convinced by.

10. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt literally grew up in front of the big cameras, right? Well, that innocent image he left us with somewhat disappeared when the actor took on the role to direct, write and star in his well-received movie Don Jon, starring Scarlett Johansson. The character which Joseph plays is quite the opposite of how we were used to seeing him almost two decades ago, but it seemed as if the raunchy storyline and explicit scenes helped the film’s overall exposure. After all, Scarlett and Joseph are huge draws at the box-office.

9. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was probably tired of being considered the good girl from Disney Channel when she agreed to star in Spring Breakers, starring alongside her best pal, Vanessa Hudgens. The film, which was more or less a commercial flop, saw Selena embrace a sexier side of herself, stripping all the way down to just pants and a bra. The storyline wasn’t that compelling, but it most definitely showed Gomez in a whole new light. The daring move to star in such a role showed that she had matured from her Disney days.

8. Jake Gyllenhaal

Who didn’t love Jake Gyllenhaal growing up? We all did, right? Well, who would’ve thought that Jake would end up starring in a movie all about nudity — or better yet, revolves all around nudity. If you remember the movie Love & Other Drugs, you will instantly know where this is going. Though Jake has had more challenging roles than this one, Love & Other Drugs was the first film where the actor didn’t mind being naked in front of the camera. He’s certainly come a long way from the shows many would remember him having starred in from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

7. Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet was already a well-known actress before she reached her teen years. Having starred in several television shows and theater plays in England, she was often considered to be the one to watch out for in years to come. Long and behold, Kate ends up receiving a film offer that would change her movie career forever: playing a lead role in James Cameron’s Titanic. The role was raunchy in some ways since Kate had to agree on going completely naked for certain parts of the film, which she was totally fine with. After all, this was a life-changing offer.

6. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan choosing to go naked in a movie doesn’t really shock anybody. The one-time credible actress, who is mainly known for her role in Mean Girls, ended up signing on to star in The Canyons, an independent film that saw her earn a measly $200,000 paycheck for her role in the project. The movie in itself bombed, nobody really cared to watch it. Even with Lindsay being naked in the movie, the film could not draw any sort of interest. Although, does that really surprise anybody?

5. Kristen Stewart

Following the success of the Twilight franchise, Kristen Stewart began work on The Runaways, starring Dakota Fanning. Some may consider this the furthest Stewart has gone to really portray the role of the character, especially when one considers the fact that Kristen often goes topless in the film. This was the first time Kristen had embarked on such a big role. But fans were relatively happy with the outcome; her acting came across as believable, and the nudity in the film only helped show that Kristen isn’t scared to show a little skin if it helps the portrayal of the character.

4. Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts has come a long way from her Nickelodeon days. Many fans, who grew up watching the actress on television, might be overwhelmed by the thought of suddenly seeing Emma strip down to her underwear in movies such as, one of the biggest independent British films of 2010. The role was totally different to what Roberts had done prior to her involvement in the film, focusing its attention on drugs, alcohol, stealing, raunchiness, and wearing little to no clothes.

3. Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff was always looked at as the sweet and innocent girl throughout most of her career. Her music career was very bubblegum pop-ish, while the movie roles she usually signed on for were never really challenging enough to show a new side of her. That was until she decided to partake in War Inc., where Duff played the sexy character of Yonica Babyyeah. Yonica was a very flirtatious character, who would often charm men with her looks and raunchy dance moves. To date, this has most definitely been the naughtiest role Hilary Duff has done.

2. Shia Labeouf

Shia Labeouf loves taking his acting skills to the extreme. According to the actor himself, in order for him to land a part in Nymphomaniac, he sent his own “love making” tape to the director in the hopes that they could squeeze him in for a role. But that shouldn’t be considered weird when one actually looks at the film itself; a bunch of actors making love to one another. The storyline is very bland, and it gives the impression that one is just there to watch people make out. Nonetheless, Shia embarked on naked, raunchy scenes in the film that included lots of nudity.

1. Ryan Gosling

While Ryan Gosling has never really starred in a raunchy movie before, the actor did show a lot of skin when he took on the role to star in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Many female fans will remember the nude scene that Ryan had in the film, which took many people by surprise. Some users on Twitter were joking over the fact that they had grown up watching Gosling on The Mickey Mouse Club program, and now he is showing off his body in featured films. It was a tasteful scene, meaning that the director didn’t put it in there just for the sake of things, but more because it actually fit the story of the comedy plot.



10 Former Child Stars Who’ve Played Racy Movie Roles


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I never saw Gomez as a kid. I’ve not seen her sing or act or whatever. The only thing I’ve seen with her in it is a clip from Bieber’s phone. Google it.

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