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10 Frightening Ouija Board Tales

10 Frightening Ouija Board Tales

Ouija boards. Witchboards.  Whatever you want to call them, they’re boards used in contacting the dead.  We’re all aware of Ouijas, yet not all are believers.  Many who haven’t used them think it’s nonsense, and even some of those who have still don’t deduce it “works,” so to speak.

Communicating with the unseen does sound crazy as is, and the plethora of bad horror movies surrounding the subject make it look phonier.  Please understand these films are an immense exaggeration.  Experiencing an actual Ouija session is far more low-key, but not necessarily less eerie.

I hold a frightening amount of insight into these boards, which I’m not proud to admit.  When I was 15 my mom took me to a little oasis known as Jake’s Flea Market.  It’s essentially an open gravel pit, lined with wooden stands where fleas and vendors sell everything from dogs to rusty tools.  On this particular day my mom and I came across an alluring board game known as “The Psychic Circle.”

My mom explained what Ouija boards were, and shared her adventures with them back in nursing school in the late 60s.  We bought it without hesitation and brought it back home, much to my dad’s dismay.  He wanted it out of the house immediately.  Maybe he was onto something.  We didn’t listen though.

It was then I had my first clairvoyant episode.  Following that I was off to the races.  I became engrossed in communicating with entities, and turned all my friends onto this sinister hobby.  Over the course of several years we got together and had Ouija sessions almost biweekly.

From age 12 to 19 I couldn’t tell you how many times I fooled around with the witch boards.  I used The Psychic Circle, classic Parker Brothers Ouijas, and even made my own on a sheet of paper from time to time.  There are 2 things I can tell you for certain:  First, The Psychic Circle was superior to all other channels.  It came with a book of prayers; you could always get in contact with someone, and the planchette moved rather quickly.  Second, and more importantly, Ouija boards are not to be taken as a joke.  I know pretentious people like to pride themselves on what they don’t believe in, but you should probably immerse yourself in something before writing it off as phony or silly.

Reaching spirits through boards is a shockingly real thing, and I’ve had enough experience myself to compile a list of terrifying true stories.  The following 10 stories are 100 per cent genuine.  Most of are from my personal experience.  The rest are others’ experiences, though also very true.  I hope you get something out of these, whether it be proof or a warning.  If for whatever reason they entice you to indulge, I ask that you please be careful.

10. Cindy & Jake



The following isn’t from my experience, but from a young girl named Cindy. She was 13, from a strict Christian family. After school she would sneak up to her room and use her sister’s Ouija board. It became quite a fascination of hers.

One day she asked who was speaking, and the board said “Jake.” Jake was Cindy’s friend who died in a car accident several years prior. She asked if it was really him, to which he replied “Yes.”

Cindy rushed to her room every day after school to contact Jake. After a few days, however, the discussions grew darker and more aggressive. Cindy started getting the idea it wasn’t Jake she was speaking with.

After another week, the entity revealed itself as a demon, or evil being, and it threatened to kill Cindy if she mentioned their conversation to anyone. When her sisters arrived home one Friday evening they found Cindy curled up in a corner crying. It took a short stay in a treatment facility for Cindy to recover from the trauma this demon brought her. Frightening, I know, and not far off from the experiences I’ve had.

9. “I Can See You Through the Window”



Here’s another one not from me. I stumbled upon it on a Reddit thread and found it intriguing. The post is titled “I Can See You Through the Window.”

The poster was about 12 staying over at a friend’s house, where they were fooling around with a Ouija. He claims they were getting all sorts of “gibberish” responses until the entity spelled out “I can see you through the window.” Followed by, “I can see you through his eyes.”

There was only one small window in the basement looking out to the backyard and a section of woods past the driveway. The group continued asking questions until they received the message “I’m under the car.” They grabbed a flashlight and worked up the courage to head outside and check. They peered under the car to see a stray black cat, hissing violently. In terror they sprinted inside at the same moment the power went out and all the lights shut off. Needless to say they never messed with the board again.

8. The First Time



This, ladies and gentleman, is my go-to Ouija board story. When someone wants to know about them or inquires, this is the experience I relay to them. My very first Ouija expedition, in fact.

Let’s bring it back to the day my mom and I picked up the Psychic Circle at Jake’s. At the time I was very into collecting sports cards, which Jake’s was a haven for. There used to be card vendors who would sell you a stack of miscellaneous cards for cheap. I bought one of those stacks along with the Psychic Circle.

My mom and I arrived home and set up the board. We chanted an opening prayer to start. Then we placed our fingers on the planchette to get it going. We asked if we were speaking with anyone. We were. My mom peered over at the stack of sports cards beside us and asked, “how many cards are in that stack?” Clearly we had no idea, so this was a good test of authenticity. The planchette crept to “6-7.” Sixty seven cards. I had to check.

I thumbed through the cards counting aloud. “65…66…” My face turned white, eyes widened, and I looked over at my mom. Her face went pale as well. “…67.” We were horrified. Awestruck, but more horrified.

How the unseen knew how many cards were in that stack, I don’t know, but this is what spurred my interest in the hobby. I remember this moment so vividly, and I’ll never stop sharing it with people. If you’re ever doubting Ouija boards, or believing them to be bogus, just think back to my first Psychic Circle session. I can’t make stuff like this up.

7. The Woodchipper



A gruesome one also from a Reddit thread. This terrifying, true tale is titled “Woodchipper Accident.”

The author of the post states their great aunt has never been married. Their dad finally explained the reasoning for this. When the aunt was 16 she was in a very serious relationship. One day she used a board to find answers to her future with the man.

When she asked if they were getting married it responded, “no.” She asked if they would break up. Same response. She then inquired if one of them was going to die. It answered “Yes.” When she asked which one, it said “goodbye.” Exactly one week later, her boyfriend died in a wood chipper accident at the mill where he worked.

6. The Cold and Smell



One evening the neighborhood gang and I gathered at Ty and Collin’s house.  During our “Ouija phase” we often broke out the Psychic Circle, dimmed the lights, and got to witchboardin’.  That night was no different.  We got set up in the tv room and began our session.

Per usual we grew tired of being unsure about how authentic our experience really was.  I blurted the question, “Can you give us a sign you’re here.”  We waited a few seconds for a light flicker, noise, or something.  Silence.  Nothing.  Then a strange cold suddenly swept the room.  We couldn’t ignore the change, nor the smell that came with it.  Like farts, eggs, sulfur, or any similar rank scent.  It lasted no longer than 15 seconds but it scared the hell out of us.  Following that we said goodbye to the spirit, shared a closing prayer, and packed it in for the night.  I don’t think we actually wanted that request granted.

5.  XYZU



Occasionally, in our escapades we’d reach a spirit with an odd name.  Unusual assortments of letters.  We typically believed those to be the “bad spirits.”  One night we started talking to a guy who said his name was “Xyzu.”  We inquired more about his life and weren’t happy with what he shared.

Xyzu claimed to have murdered 2 people.  He didn’t provide great detail beyond that and frankly we weren’t prepared to know more.  Aside from the murder, this guy wouldn’t give us any genuine answers to basic questions.  He mostly just spelled out vulgar words and said mean stuff to us (the neighborhood gang.)  We checked out and hoped to never be contacted by him again.

Unfortunately over the next week we couldn’t use the board without reaching Xyzu.  Every time we set it up and asked who we were speaking to it was him.  This presumably evil presence wouldn’t leave us alone, and we were feeding right into it.  We finally took this as a sign to lay off the Ouija for awhile.  In fact, I’m sure most of the group hasn’t done it since.  It was a couple years for me.

4. The Feeling


via google images

It was another fairly routine night of screwing with the Psychic Circle in Ty’s house.  This particular time we were kind of instigating the spirit with whom we were speaking.  Asking if it was a “bad spirit;” inquiring if it had possessed people. It was the sort of stuff knowledgeable folks would advise you not to do.

The planchette began circling the board wildly. The entity was agitated, understandably.  Rapid circling of the board was something I’d seen before therefore I didn’t think anything of it.  We called an end to the session and put the board away.

After we wrapped up for the night is when things got dark.  We all described having a lingering, ominous feeling in the subsequent days.  None of us felt right, myself especially.  I started having sadistic thoughts that were foreign to me.  I became angrier and more impulsive. I even found myself shouting at my dogs which I had never done. My friends wrote it off as “in my head.”  I prayed on it, something I wouldn’t resort to ordinarily.

After a week or so the feeling went away.  Recently, though, I spoke with someone who also has background in Ouija.  I told them about this, to which they responded, “you’re lucky.”  He explained this happening may very well have been the beginnings of a demonic possession.  At the time I wanted to believe my friends, but looking back it seemed far too extreme and out of my control to be played up.

3.  The Darker Feeling



Twice in my life I used a Ouija alone.  The first time was an unsuccessful attempt.  The second you’ll soon hear about.  Either way this is something you should absolutely never do.

I was at a very scary time in life, isolated, and trying to find answers.  The Psychic Circle was no more, so I drew up my own.  I used the top of an eyeshadow case as the planchette, found some opening and closing prayers online, and was ready for action.  As I mentioned the first try was unsuccessful.  I wasn’t focused and the piece wasn’t moving.

A few days later I had another go, this time more in the mindset to speak with someone.  I made contact, but I wasn’t getting any coherent answers.  Just random assortments of letters.  Then “it” worked up the ability to spell out “D…I…E.”  That became the only answer to my next couple of questions, and apparently the only thing it wanted to share with me.  I said goodbye, pale as a sheet of printer paper.  I followed with several closing prayers, and a few more cries for help to whatever higher power may be out there.

The next day I had the same dark feeling described earlier, but more urgent.  Put simply, I never sensed doom quite like that.  My head was in immense pain and I felt drained.  A unique, awful kind of sickness.  As if death were approaching.  I prayed like I never prayed before, pulling out everything I learned from my years in the Catholic church, and continuously asking for help.

After roughly a day the sick feeling went away.  For weeks, however, a darkness unlike any other hung over me.  The world seemed darker.  People seemed darker.  Everything was.  To this day I still feel it has some effect on me, though it’s mostly in my mind of course.  I haven’t touched a Ouija board since then.

2. The Girl



Our most prominent years of using the Psychic Circle were in our teens –  14 through 16.  So you can understand the kind of questions we would ask, as teenage boys.  We always wanted to know who we would date next, if any girls liked us, and those sorts of concerns.

On one occasion during a session I asked it if any girls liked me.  Now, when we asked such questions the planchette usually just moved to spell out whatever we were thinking.  This time it spelled out a unique girl’s name.  I only knew one girl by this name, and I certainly wouldn’t have expected her to have feelings for me.  We weren’t overly close so it was never addressed.  We never had any real conversation.  There was no way of ever knowing or finding out.

Years down the line, however, I received a Facebook message from her, a friendly hello and checking in to see how things were.  She then admitted something that affected me on too many emotional levels – she used to really like me back in early high school.  She couldn’t share it then and of course we could never pursue anything.  But the Ouija knew.  At the time I never would have guessed, but the spirit did.  Years later I find out it’s true.  Uncanny.

1. The Psychic Circle No More



This event isn’t actually using the Psychic Circle, but it does deal with the Psychic Circle.  I used to just leave it at Ty and Collin’s house because that’s primarily where we toyed with it.  At all times it was sitting around in the basement or living room.

Well, we all eventually grew up, went to college, and our families moved.  The Psychic Circle wasn’t in my house, which I can state firmly considering I cleaned our place out during the moving process.  Ty’s folks moved out as well.  In cleaning out their house they never found it either.  I spoke with Ty’s dad, who cleared the basement, and he didn’t see it at all.  He would have told me if he did.

And that’s how the legend of The Psychic Circle came to an end.  The thing just vanished. Gone from Ty’s house never to be seen again.  As you’ve undoubtedly gathered I have some standout memories with that thing.  We all do.  It worked like no other Ouija board could.  I may not have been mutilated in any wood chippers, but I believe we all had some horrifying supernatural times.  The eeriest memory of all is how the Psychic Circle legacy ended.  Perhaps as it should have? Outright blood-curdling to think about.  If any of you own, have owned, or have used a Psychic Circle please let me know.  I’d love to hear of your experience.



10 Frightening Ouija Board Tales

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