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The 10 Greatest Nicktoon Characters

The 10 Greatest Nicktoon Characters

Since every Nicktoon is perfect (even when they’re terrifying), this was a hard article to write. It was no great feat choosing the greatest. But I did it. Here are the all-time best Nicktoon characters!


Chuckie Finster


He is a very cowardly baby and that makes him unbelievably sweet. Chuckie makes this list complete with his very adorable presence.




Ickis is a monster who is also a coward, and because of this he has made the list. (I’m big on cowards.)


Ren and Stimpy

Ren & Stimpy remain a key part of animation history, and also one of them once pretended a fart was a baby. That alone should grant them a spot on this list.



Meltman is a hideous melting man from Kablam’s “Action League Now”. Although many have forgotten him, I didn’t. How could I? He is the Meltman.


Roger Klotz


Roger is a complex bully man whose leather jacket is amazing. Roger will grow up to be awful, but at least he lived, damn it! Unlike that dipsh*t Doug… oh, don’t get me started on Doug.



He is a beaver who yells. A classic of the animation genre.


Invader Zim

Zim is the most complex of the Nicktoons — he lives in an amoral universe where children cheer for him to destroy the world. Bless you, Zim, you nihilistic cartoon bug man.




Did you know Shriek the Greaser from CatDog was one of the first roles of legendary comedian Maria Bamford? That’s more than enough reason to put her on this list, right? I think so.




Helga liked Arnold, but could not help being a giant jerk, and for that she is a queen. These complex jerks — they’re the lifeblood of this amazing world.


2 replies on “The 10 Greatest Nicktoon Characters”

invader zim should be number one! one of my favourite quotes by zim i use on a regular basis is, “WHY DOES IT HURT?” i have a bad back, im only 25.

Been lucky enough to meet Ren (who was also later Stimpy.)

Or was it the other way round?

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