10 Gruesome Murders Powered By The Internet


caffey-four10. MySpace parricide – A terrible combination of star-crossed teenage lovers and parricide.  Erin Caffey’s parents’ murders were instigated by Caffey and her boyfriend, Charles Wilkinson. Caffey’s family was extremely religious and when she began seeing Wilkinson, aged sixteen, her parents weren’t pleased. Their disapproval of the relationship was intensified by their allegedly finding derogatory messages toward Caffey written on Wilkinson’s MySpace profile, at which time Caffey’s parents told Caffey to split up with Wilkinson. Caffey was so devastated at the idea of their break-up that she instead devised a plan with Wilkinson to kill her parents and, ultimately, her brothers. Wilkinson, along with his best friend and his girlfriend, snuck into Caffey’s house one night, killed her mother and brothers with a gun and a sword and left her father for dead, although he survived. All involved in the killings, carried out in 2008, were sentenced to life in prison.



9. Suicide by murder– A 14-year-old UK boy identified only as “John” arranged for his own attempted murder online by impersonating several different people, including a secret service agent. John met an older schoolmate named Mark in a chat room, and over a period of weeks pretended to be a host of different people whose goal was to persuade Mark that he needed to kill John to be accepted into the secret service and meet the queen.Mark was told to meet and kill John in a specially-designated location John had chosen. Mark stabbed John repeatedly, but wasn’t able to kill him. John was convicted of inciting his own murder.


8.MySpace suicide threat-turned-murder – Fifteen year old Hughstan Schlicker, who murdered his father over his not being allowed to use the Internet. Schlicker told detectives that his fathers decision and his consequent lack of access to the Internet, specifically the social networking site MySpace, left him depressed. After his father imposed the ban, Schlicker threatened to commit suicide in front of him, but ultimately decided instead to first murder his father and planned to then commit suicide. After the murder, which happened in 2008, Schlicker was arrested under the charge of first-degree murder.


7.Twitter gang war murder – The alleged murder of Joseph Coleman by rival Chicago gang members. Coleman (or Lil JoJo, his rap alias) had been involved in a public row with the The Black Disciples gang via Twitter. Its believed that Coleman’s death was fuelled and possibly instigated by the Twitter-based war. Coleman tweeted his location just hours before he was fatally shot. Twitter was further intertwined with the murder when rapper and rival Chief Keef took to the social networking site with a message poking fun at the deceased (signing off with #LMAO) although he later claimed his account was hacked….


6. Murder Over Facebook Relationship Status –Back in 2007,Brian Lewis murdered his girlfriend Hayley Jones for changing her Facebook relationship status to single. Brian initially denied strangling Hayley, but the evidence coming from his friends and children had proved otherwise, leading to life sentence.


5. Craigslist Murder of a Pregnant Woman –The horrifying case of the murders committed by Oregon-based Korena Roberts in 2009. Roberts, twenty-nine at the time of the killing, met her victim Heather Snively, then twenty-one, on Craigslist, where Roberts had placed an advert looking for baby clothes. Snively was pregnant at the time, and Roberts claimed to be pregnant also, although this was later proven untrue. Snively responded to Roberts ad and the two became friends. After they had known each other a few weeks, Roberts and her boyfriend were found at Roberts home attempting to revive a baby which was ultimately discovered to have been cut out of Snively’s womb, the process of which neither Snively nor her baby survived. It is assumed that Roberts had hoped to pass the baby off as her own. She was sentenced to life imprisonment without possibility of parole in 2010.



4. 15-year-old Girl Kills 9-Year-Old Girl In 2009, troubled 15-year-old Alyssa Bustamante murdered her neighbor, 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten by strangling and stabbing her. She was initially sentenced to life with possibility of parole, but had the sentence changed to 35 years.




3. Craigslist Satanic Murder –Luring their 16-year-old victim Troy LaFerrara with a sex ad on Craigslist, 19-year-old Miranda Barbour and her husband Elyett stabbed the misfortunate teenager to death. They await trial and claim to have committed a series of vile murders in a satanic-related spree.



2. MySpace Love Triangle Murder –In 2009, three teenagers were involved in a fatal love triangle Josh Camacho was cheating on his 18-year-old girlfriend Sarah Ludemann with his ex-girlfriend Rachel Wade. Ludemann drove over to Wades house, but was greeted with a knife, as Rachel had stabbed her to death. Wade was sentenced to 27 years behind bars.



1. Slender Man Murder Attempt –Taking place in 2014, the disturbing case saw two 12-year-old girls stabbing their friend to show their loyalty to the Slender Man, the fictional horror character from the web. The misfortunate girl was stabbed 19 times and left to die in the woods, but had miraculously managed to survive. Technically not a murder, but a gruesome story nevertheless.





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