10 Halloween Costumes You’re already Tired Of Seeing (Weeks In Advance)

10 Halloween Costumes You’re already Tired Of Seeing (Weeks In Advance)


Halloween is still far away, but we’re already sick of seeing these costumes. You see, the scariest thing about Halloween is not monsters, ghouls or ghosts…it is hoards of unoriginal people all wearing the same tired thing. AHHHH!

If you were planning on dressing up as one of the things below, feel free to get offended in the comments section of this post.

1. Hugh Hefner

Now that Hefner is gone, you better bet that dudes everywhere looking for a last minute Halloween costume are going to grab their bath robes and emulate the late Playboy creator. But hey, if you happen to have several attractive female friends with bunny costumes at your disposal, this costume could be legendary.

2. Pennywise the clown

If you’re afraid of clowns, bad news. Thanks to the popularity of the new Itmovie, you can probably expect to see many iterations of Pennywise the Dancing Clown this Halloween. Sexy Pennywise, scary Pennywise, Tim Curry Pennywise, sewer Pennywise, bloody Pennywise…


3. Anything Trump & Co.

Nothing sounds scarier than hoards of drunk Donald Trumps wandering around on Halloween night. Look, one is enough. That is all I’m going to say.

[Blood curdling scream]

4. Hillary Clinton anything.

While we are at it, let’s not do anything HRC related. Either you miss her terribly or hate her guts, but how about you leave the pantsuit and pearls in the closet this Halloween, okay?

5. Sexy Wonder Woman

Hey—there is nothing wrong with dressing sexy or with being Wonder Woman this Halloween. But let’s be real…it’s not exactly original. We get it! The movie was cool and Wonder Woman is a total BAMF…but the thought of crowds of Wonder Women hobbling around on a chilly autumn night in tiny body suits and 6″ heels is enough to make us want to dress up as Ares.

6. Fidget Spinner

Seriously, there already is one.

7. Jon Snow and Daenerys

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will probably be the go-to couple costume of 2017…but remember: incest. Ew. Yeah, not so cute now, is it?

Okay, It is still kinda cute.

8. Kendall Jenner plus Pepsi.

Another couples costume that you might see around this year is Kendall Jenner plus a can of Pepsi. It will make people just as uncomfortable as the Jon/Daeny incest costume.

9. A future Kardashian baby.

Now that three separate Kardashians are expecting, there is a good chance that people are going to dress up as Khloe, Kylie or Kim’s future offspring. You know what that means? Adults in diapers with overdrawn lips and butt pads. If you are looking for something scary to be for Halloween, this is it.

10. Colin Kaepernick

If you are one of the several thinking of dressing up as Colin Kaepernickthis Halloween, don’t just take a knee— take several seats.

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