10 Harrowing (And Hilarious) Reddit Video Game Confessions

Not all video gaming experiences are created equal. Some of us devour every game we can get our hands on. Others can barely find the time outside of AAA releases or indie sleepers. Whatever your preference may be, every gamer has some embarrassing and hilarious stories hiding in their proverbial closet.

Some people may have thought they’d be taking these to the grave (or at the very least to a Discord chat), but here they are; some of Reddit’s best video game confessions.

1. Hookie Lord Supreme Teamemb99

When I was 15 I hid under the bed, so my mum though I left for school. then spent the whole day playing runescape.

2. I hope the breakup was worth it, qitjch

In high school I lied to a girl I was dating and told her I was going on a family trip to visit relatives for a week. In reality, I had just hit level 60 in WoW and wanted to get in on a week of uninterupted raiding.

3. Bet you slept with one eyes open for a couple weeks after that one, billbapapa

There was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer game for the original X-Box. My wife (girlfriend then) loved Buffy and the game. One day she was away at class, and I was hanging out and playing with her roommates (playing the game, you sickos) and we discovered if you plugged controllers into ports 2-4, you could control the bad guys(!). So we set it up, she came home, we didn’t tell her our findings. She was playing and we were doing stupid and crazy shit with the Vampires and other bad guys. She was too into the game to notice us playing too, especially when the players in her “only player” game were doing stupid shit like fighting each other and committing suicide by jumping off ‘cliffs’ and other things. Oh my god it was hilarious to watch her lose her shit. My confession is that it was the most fun I ever had in a video game at her expense.

4. This is a No More Bagged Goodies level offense, Oppaisama

When I was a kid and LAN was done with those huge-ass monitors and desktop PCS, my friend and I would play Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. We’d setup after school friday and pretend to go to bed at 11 pm, then sneak out of bed, rip open some bagged goodies and play until the sun came up and go to bed before our parents woke up. This was shortly before our internet was good enough to play online, so we played locally. I was hosting the server and we had played for a couple of weeks at which point I was getting bored with not getting enough loot. While setting up one weekend, I went online and found a so called “trainer” that could be used to change drop-rates, rarity, and XP gain. I feigned server problems at some point during the evening, re-opened local server with hax enabled, and denied having done anything when we started getting runes, weapons and armor we’d never seen drop in Act 3, nightmare before. It was fun, but I realised we couldn’t keep playing like that so I disabled them after only a few minutes but it was too late for it not to become “that one time we got super lucky with the loot in Act 3”. My friend told all our other friends, and I had to play along and lie until we eventually moved on to other games. No one ever doubted me/us after the initial confusion from my friend.

5. That Metapod fell so that your Butterfree could fly, linkrules2

When I was like 5 or 6, I got Pokemon Yellow. I went to Viridian Forest and only had my Pikachu at this point whose health was down to like 1 or 2. I was so scared of dying. I got into a battle and handed my gameboy to my friend and pleaded for him to win so I wouldn’t die. He did and I thought it was amazing. The battle was against a Metapod.

6. Sniping in Battlefield 2 >>>  _Squirrel_Fucker

After a long day I like to relax and snipe people. I get happy how pissed it makes them. I then move positions and over look the old one waiting for the angry gamer to come try to find me.

7. V savage, my friend JethroC

I’ve never told anybody this. Whilst playing league of legends one of my friends said they were going to get a name change, I knew it wouldn’t last as their names never do. They always go back to their original one.

So I made a new account with their original username, a couple of weeks later they were complaining about the fact they couldn’t change it back. I stayed quiet.

8. Progress is progress. Glad you were able to find a balance Dejamza


Incoming wall of text:

I was addicted to World of Warcraft. And when I say addicted, I don’t mean I made a point to play it whenever I could. I’m talking full-on hurtful longing for my PC when I was away. From the end of the Lich King expansion to the second raid tier in Mists of Pandaria, nothing stopped me from playing. It took a force of nature to get me out of my room for something other than a bathroom break.

I remember waking up at 7 AM on a Friday and not moving from my chair besides to use the restroom until 3 Saturday. I then slept for about 4 hours and repeated this process for about 5 days and only broke when I had to work, because I needed to pay my sub. When I did eat it was hot pockets, pop tarts, etc. that could be easily grabbed and consumed without taking away precious WoW time. Bathing was nearly forgotten as I worked part time and mostly in the back stocking on my own. When I did go to work all I did was complain I wasn’t home raiding or leveling or farming. I would call off semi-frequently when a new tier came out, a new dungeon, hell even when I was just “in a groove” of playing I’d call in sick.

I had hardly any friends. Even the guild I main tanked for I only regularly talked with maybe 3-4 of them. Kuga, our resto Druid, and Duubb, our disc priest, were the only ones who would actively seek me out to see how I was doing and eventually became my best and basically only friend. Real life ties such as school friends I graduated with, romances, anything besides immediate family and guild mates suffered. I was nearly alone in the world, save for my Druid and priest friends.

Over time I became more and more unhealthy. Chugging mtn dew and Dr Pepper by the can, sometimes half a case a day. My diet was almost strictly hot pockets and tortilla chips for a long while. Kuga and Duubb saw me fall deeper and deeper into this gross pit of addiction, until finally, one day, they said they were both going out of town on the same day. So I thought “well I don’t want to be alone all day” and didn’t log on that day. And the next. And the next. And after waking up on that third day I sat back and took a long look at myself in the mirror. Sunken in, sleep deprived eyes. Disgustingly dirty, greasy hair and skin. Any signs of the physically fit body I had had in high school two years prior was gone. I was disgusted by myself.

And so, I stopped. I didn’t say good bye, I didn’t log on, nobody knew what had happened to me for about three months. I let my WoW sub lapse, and eventually popped into Ventrilo to say hello/explain myself. None of them were angry, to my great surprise, and each one of them wished me well on my future endeavors. I was so happy with the people of , our guild, that I sat there and cried like a child. I had no idea these people who were nearly strangers cared so much about me and my well being. It truly felt like a fresh start.

Fast forward to today, 6 years-ish later. I’m in a happy, healthy, loving relationship, I’m full time in school for I.T. and have a part time job that I’m using to save money for an apartment with my girlfriend later this year. I still play WoW, after coming back for the newest expansion, but nowhere near the level of commitment I was once at. If addicted me could see where I’m at now, he would scoff and call me a sell out probably. But I couldn’t care less, because I know that I’m now far better off thanks to my family for assisting me once I recognized my problem, Kuga, Duubb, and all of my friends in .

TL;DR: Anything, even video games, can destroy your life if you let it.

9. Gotta break a few Laz-E-Boys to truly be able to relax, scijior

I once broke a Laz-E-Boy from being frustrated by a game. To unlock something (I want to say) in Soul Blade (yeah: not Soul Caliber, fucking Soul Blade), you had to play on the hardest level. I wanted it. I played it on the hardest level. Over and over. No matter my skills, timing, choices in any regard the computer would always barely win.

Inexplicably I took it out on my chair. Then I beat the level. And now, almost two decades later, I’m admitting it online and feeling like an asshole.

Thanks Reddit!

10. Cherish this device for always. There will never be another like it, valiegirl


This is more of a console confession instead of a specific gaming confession, but when I was growing up I really wanted a Gameboy when they came out. Unfortunately my mom was raising two kids alone at the time and couldn’t afford it, so obviously I was heartbroken. Years later, my mom could finally afford a GameboySP and I must confess that to this day, it is one of my most prized possessions and I still have it in the body armour that my mom bought for it to prevent scratches. My husband laughed at me the first time he saw it in all its plastic armoured glory, but I don’t care. That thing will last the test of time!

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