10 Of The Hottest Sorority Girls Who Dominate Instagram


Let’s get straight to the point – Instagram is the platform where women go to post “artistic” pictures of their tits and ass. These girls get advertisement deals if their goods attract enough followers and we get to look at their pictures, it’s a win for everyone.

Sorority girls are in an interesting place. They want the attention and benefits that come with a popular Instagram account. These girls run the risk of losing their letters if they post pictures that are too scandalous. This list has several ladies who decided to hide their sorority affiliation after they were initially “exposed.”

Whether we are talking about Kristen, Serena, or Mary, there are so sexy many girls on this list that you need to see.

Click forward, my friends.

#10 Amber Davis

Amber Davis is a proud member of the Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) sorority, but we can ignore that for now. Her letters don’t mean a great deal when you have an ass and smile combination like Amber. This smoking hot sorority girl has gone on to become a top model for an agency in Los Angeles. Amber has over 200k followers on her Instagram @amberrdavis.

#9 Ashleigh

Ashleigh attends the University of North Florida, and her backside is as thick as a basketball. Her Instagram @ashleighg704 has over 14.5k followers. Ashleigh is known to show off her basketball-sized booty in pictures. If you need a little T&A in your life, head over to Ashleigh’s page.

#8 Kristen

Kristen attends Florida State University, but this sexy tattooed sorority girl doesn’t flash her letters on Instagram @kristen_pry. Take a look at several of her pictures and you will see why. There’s no doubting that Kristen likes to have a bit of fun. If you like your girls with tight bodies, then Kristen is your girl.

#7 Serena Muniz

Serena Muniz was a member of Alpha Phi at Arizona State University. Since graduating, Serena has become a personal trainer. Her Instagram @SerenaaMuniz is full of pictures of her showing off her lean muscular body while she exercises. If you are in need of some motivation (or other things) go check Serena out and help her reach 10k followers.

#6 Isabella Kolosa

They know how to make ’em at Alpha Phi. Isabella Kolosa attends Arizona State University and has nearly 4k followers on her Instagram @isabellakolosa, where guests will see numerous pictures of her billion dollar smile. However, Isabella frequently posts pictures of her boyfriend as well, so take it easy friends.

#5 Mary Katherine

From her lips to her thighs, all the way to her humanitarian efforts, there’s nothing to not love about Mary Katherine from Drexel. While keeping her sorority under close guard, she has a modest 1,445 followers on Instagram @_marykatherine which is far too low a number for a girl this amazingly sexy. Mary by far offers the most on this list.

#4 Summer Lynn

In between her religious posts on Instagram @summerlynnpenny you will find a lot of T&A on Summer’s page. It’s not surprising that she now keeps her sorority affiliation private. This girl is sexy and has a smokin’ body that you usually can’t find outside of Hollywood. She must be doing something right – she has over 14k followers and a boyfriend to match.

#3 Emily

With the commentary on her Instagram @emilyrudes it’s amazing Emily is upfront about her Delta Gamma affiliation. Emily is incredibly sexy, and regularly puts out more than enough grams to prove it. She has over 21k followers and commonly posts pictures of her boyfriend and carefully orchestrated photos of herself in lingerie. This Loyola Marymount hottie is something to see.

#2 Taylor Johnson

Taylor Johnson @taylorjohnson98 of Texas Tech has a huge social media following with over 237k followers on Instagram alone. She keeps her sorority affiliation quiet on Instagram, and most of her posts are obvious advertisements. Taylor is obviously sexy but is never seen without way too much makeup on. She gets a spot on this list for trying so damn hard.

#1 Cassi

Princess Cassi @princesscassi is by far the best “model” on this list as she takes professional pictures. She was a sorority girl at the University of Nevada. Cassi has over 10k followers on her Instagram and is rising on the platform.

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