10 Images That Prove You Are Definitely Suffering From Pareidolia

10 Images That Prove You Are Definitely Suffering From Pareidolia

Do you suffer from the psychological affliction known as pareidolia? “Of course not!” you say. “I am perfectly sane! Also, what even is pareidolia?!”. And yeah, I’m sure you’re fine, but I should warn you that many people do in fact suffer from pareidolia, where the mind perceives a familiar pattern where no pattern actually exists. In layman’s terms, it means you see faces in things that don’t have faces. If you were recently self-diagnosed with pareidolia after reading those last two sentences, here’s a helpful guide to the process of learning to deal with your condition…

At First You’re Pretty Skeptical That You Have Pareidolia

face things squint


Then You’re Shocked How Common It Seems To Be

face things brick


You Start Believing It Is A Conspiracy Against You

face things alien


It Starts Affecting Your Ability To Enjoy Time With Your Pets

face things muffin


It Turns Mundane Activities Like Drinking A Cup of Coffee Into Nightmare Activities Where You Slurp The Soul From Some Poor Cup

face things coffee


It Begins To Haunt You Everywhere You Go

face things thomas


Then You Realize That The Last Picture Was What A Skeleton of Thomas The Tank Engine Would Look Like And Your Day Is Ruined

face things house


You Finally Just Come To Terms With It And Realize You Might As Well Live In This Magical World Where Everyday Objects Look Like Some Sh*t Out of Beauty and The Beast

face things mixer


You Actually Begin To Enjoy Your Pareidolia

face things stoned


You Realize You’re Part of The Blessed And Chosen Few And You Must Share The Good News Of Pareidolia With The Entire World

face things jesus


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