10 Inexpensive Military Vehicles You Could Actually Buy

10 Inexpensive Military Vehicles You Could Actually Buy

So you like vehicles, especially cool ones that get people’s attention. Maybe you even collect them, and have a garage filled with classic cars. Maybe you even like military vehicles and have your eye on something to really impress your friends and neighbors. Well look no further. Are you interested in armored vehicles, cannons, or even a submarine? Well here you go. Buy one of these vehicles and get ready to be the envy of all. Or maybe everyone will think you are crazy. There is no accounting for taste after all.

I mean, sure technically you aren’t supposed to drive to the mall and fire some tactical nukes at anyone who cuts you off in traffic, but hey the cops probably won’t pull you over anyway because they are going to think that you are actually with the military.

So check them out. Maybe you want a tank, a plane, a snocat, a missile launcher, a submarine. Who knows?  The only thing that is really holding you back here is your wallet. While these vehicles have always been used for war, now they are going to be used for pleasure. Whose pleasure you may ask? Well yours of course. Just bring your wallet and it better be fat, because these babies are not cheap.

Here is TheRichest’s list of 10 Inexpensive Military Vehicles You Could Actually Buy.

10. Alvis CRT Stormer


Okay, look at this thing. I mean your very own armored personnel carrier? The Alvis Stormer is really a better deal than you might think. Sure it might take you a while to get to work, but imagine how cool you are going to feel when you are getting there? This thing seats 12 inside, which makes it perfect for bachelor parties, and even has two seats on top if you want to use the machine guns. Best of all, this thing is only going to set you back around $30,000. So what are you waiting for?

9. Scud Missile Launcher


Recently an old school scud missile launcher from Russia was put up for auction. The auction site says it is in good condition but needs a little paint. I mean come on! What is a little time spent painting something to make it look a little better when it is a Scud Missile Launcher! It also said that the missile launcher runs, but they aren’t sure if the radio works. It was sold for $345,000, which seems like a lot until you realize that you are going to be the only guy on your block with a Scud Missile Launcher.

8. WWII Sherman Tank


Well if a Scud Missile isn’t your thing, maybe you would be happy with a Sherman Tank from WWII? These things may be a tad expensive but you never know if a Nazi is going to come knocking on your door. A Sherman Tank in really good shape can cost around $250,00; a fixer upper might cost you around $60,000, and you can even find some for $20,000 that need to be totally restored. There seems to be a Sherman Tank for any kind of budget, and these things are undeniably hardcore, so buy one today!

7. Chieftan MK-10


Believe it or not, tanks of this sort are not all that hard to find. There a a few companies that specialize in selling used ones. While Chieftan tanks are still active today, the marker for older models is surprisingly vibrant. Fully functional tanks, meaning with guns that blaze, go for around $80,000, tanks that need some work go for around $50,000, and ones that need a total overhaul cost around $20,000. That may seem like a lot, but once again, not really, because you’re going to own a tank. There is no price tag on how cool that is.

6. F-16 Fighting Falcon


So this would be cool right? Flying an F-16 Falcon to work every day? Well that isn’t going to happen because the United States wouldn’t allow you to fly it in our air space. But they would sell you one and let you fly it someplace else. The United States has a surplus of these and are selling them. They aren’t that bad as far as price goes, you can get a decent jet for around $150,000, but getting spare parts is a pain, as replacement parts are not being made anymore, which is one reason they are for sale in the first place.

5. Oshkosh L-ATV


So you you thought the Humvee was tough? Well, maybe a little, but this vehicle from Oshkosh defense is kind of a combination of the MRAP, which stands for Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicle, and the Humvee. Apparently civilians will be able to buy one soon, so you can buy this and be the envy of everyone at the supermarket when you roll up to get some milk and eggs. When it does come out for civilians, it will probably set you back around $250,000, but in reality that is a small price to pay for something so cool.

4. Tucker Sno cat


Tucker has been a well known name in all-terrain vehicles for a while now and one of the coolest, if not the coolest thing they roll out, is the cold war era Sno Cat. This vehicle was originally made for reconnaissance missions in the North Pole. This thing can make it over 8 foot chasms in the ice that a smart driver would not try in another vehicle. If you need to look for missiles, or if you just want to show off on the slopes, this will only set you back $15,000, which is a small price to pay for a little snow fun..

3. OT-64-Skot


These things used to freak people out back in the day. If things went bad, all the way from the 60’s through the rest of the cold war, this armored vehicle was what the bad guys were going to use to invade Europe from Russia. This was made in the former Czechoslovakia and now you can get one cheap. Check out this website in which you are told that although they have been out in the rain for a bit and need some work, you can buy one for around $15,000. That price is without new tires though, those cost around $600 a piece. Anyway, buy your SKOT today and be the envy of your neighborhood.

2. Saab J35 Draken Interceptor



So this is cool. No doubt about it. For around $175,000 you can have one of these bad boys to fly around in. Bad news though. Even though I hate to break it to you, these things are disarmed, although if you have the knowledge, skills and abilities you can mount your own missiles on it. We at TheRichest are not going to tell you where you can buy these awesome jets. That could get us in trouble. This fighter jet was made in Sweden, hence the Saab name, and was used heavily from the 50’s through the 70’s.

1. Whiskey Class Submarine


All right, this is truly the cream of the crop. This baby was made in 1958 and was decommissioned in 1991. It can go down to a maximum depth of 650 feet and has 56 torpedo launchers. As you can see here on the website, this submarine is for sale for $497,000. The site says “This submarine is open to many possibilities, including adventure, tourism, or active military service. Many of these submarines and navy vessels are still in active service in: Albania, North Korea, Syria, Poland, Bulgaria and Indonesia,” So there you go, you can either use this for fun and take a wild vacation, or if you want you can use for your very own personal military. The whole thing really depends on what you are into.


10 Inexpensive Military Vehicles You Could Actually Buy


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Perhaps the ‘Whiskey’ class submarine should be renamed the ‘Heroin’ class.

Or the “South American Cocaine” drug runners class submarine.

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