Thanks to GoPro, you can bring a video camera just about anywhere. And people do, taking them to giant towers, high above Mont Blanc, and on tightropes between two hot air balloons. Seriously.

To make your acrophobic friend happy to be planted firmly on the ground, we’ve collected 10 videos that presumably exist solely to torture people who are afraid of heights. Take a look, and try not pass out on your keyboard.

1. Parkour jumps between pillars of Dubai building

2. First-person view of climbing a 1,786 foot tower (taller than WTC)

3. Window cleaning on Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building

4. Alex Honnold free soloing a 5.12b route in Mexico

5. Jumping onto a really tall crane and climbing it

6. Zipline + BASE jump = Terrifying

7. That Ukrainian dude ‘Mustang Wanted’ climbing stuff without ropes

8. Just a tightrope walk between two hot-air balloons

9. Just a casual helicopter skydive

10. Proposing at 10,000 feet