10 Insanely Stupid Reasons People Have Called 911

1. A Cat Being Turned Away From A Strip Club

In 2012, Everett Lages of Florida attempted to bring his cat with him to Emerald City strip club. After his cat was refused entry, he called 911. Lages was eventually arrested for misuse of the number, after he kept calling when cops put him in a taxi home.

2. IKEA Furniture

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Swedish police called to a domestic disturbance after neighbors reported hearing “banging and crying in the early hours of the morning”, found a young couple *attempting* to assemble flat pack Ikea furniture.

3. McNuggets

Latreasa Goodman, a South Florida woman, called 911 three times after McDonald’s ran out ofnuggets and offered her a McDouble instead. The cashier allegedly refused a refund and said that Latreasa would need to pick something else of equal value. After being arrested, she was refunded.

4. Kitten Bombs

An office in Florida called 911 to report a strange noise coming from a suspicious unmarked package. The bomb squad was called in and found that the sound wasn’t a tick, but a meow, and that the box actually contained two kittens. One suspect made an escape while the other was taken to a shelter.

5. Scary Stars

After a massive power outage in Los Angeles, many residents called 911 and reported seeing strange clouds overhead. It wasn’t an alien invasion, though – they were actually seeing the Milky Way for the first time, which light pollution usually blocked.

6. Burglars Being Spooked By Cats

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A Romanian man called police to report a terrifying noise in the house he was burgling. Police arrested him, searched the house and found only the household cat.

7. Hitting The Gym

Eduardo “Edward ” Garcia, a Florida man, was arrested after he called 911 twice to brag about hisbig muscles and ask the dispatcher on a date.

8. Facebook Going Down

East Bay Dispatchers had to “kindly ask” the general public to stop phoning emergency services every time Facebook goes down. The last time the site had an outage, five people called them asking for help. Maybe try turning it off and on again next time.

9. Bad Manicures

Cynthia Colston called the police four times to complain about a bad manicure she’d gotten. Cynthia claimed the fake nails were too short and refused to pay. She was finally arrested after calling 911 after police were already on the scene.

10. Missing Jell-O

A Pennsylvania man called the police after his Jell-O was stolen from the refrigerator of the break room of his work. As of October 2013, the investigation is ongoing.




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