10 Interesting Celebrity Scar Stories

10 Interesting Celebrity Scar Stories

Terry Crews


Though often barely noticeable thanks to makeup and editing, most people are aware of the strange looking scar on Terry’s lower lip. In his 2014 book “Manhood: How to be a better man or just live with one” Terry begins by telling the story of how he obtained his scar. At the age of 2, while his parents were fighting as they often did, Terry bit into an extension cord that connected a nearby lamp to the wall socket. It blew up, leaving a smokey bloody hunk of flesh hanging from his face. He claims his grand-aunt “Mama Z” kept the piece of his lip in a mason jar on her mantle until his mother finally convinced her to throw it out.

Michael K. Williams


Williams of “Boardwalk Empire” fame, is well known for his large facial scar, which he received during a bar fight. On his 25th birthday, Williams was involved in a bar fight between his friends and another group of men. His face and neck were sliced with a razor, and nearly killed him.

Padma Lakshmi


Men with zero interest in cooking will still watch the show “Top Chef” of which she is the host ’cause let’s face it, she’s looks more delicious than any of the food the chefs are cooking. She got her very prominent scar after her arm was shattered in a car accident, requiring extensive surgery.

Tommy Flanagan


Most remember first seeing Flanagan in the movie Braveheart, when his character’s new bride was taken by an English lord. His very noticeable facial scars are the result of an attack that occurred when he was living in his hometown of Glasgow Scotland. After leaving a pub where he was DJ’ing, a group of guy tried to rob him, and when he fought back they cut him mouth to ear on both sides, an injury known as the “Glasgow Smile”.

Catherine Zeta-Jones


When she was a little girl, Catherine contracted a virus that required her to have a tracheotomy. She says she could have the scar removed, but prefers not to, as it is a reminder of the life changing event.

Joaquin Phoenix


Many people assume that Joaquin Phoenix’s scar resulted from the surgical correction of a cleft palate, but that’s only partially true. Phoenix was actually born this way. The scar that I myself could NOT stop staring at every time he was on screen in Gladiator, was a mild form of cleft palate that never formed into a full cleft palate, so it never needed to be corrected. He simply considers it a birth mark.

Sharon Stone


Notice my super pro circling job. Many people don’t even know she has a scar on her neck since it was carefully concealed any time she was on screen. Her scar on her neck is from a childhood accident. She was riding a horse and she ran into a taut clothes line which ripped her neck open (holy shit). There was actually a website (now no longer in existence) dedicated to her scar.

Tina Fey


Sorry if you can’t find the scar in this picture. When Fey was just 5 years old, she was playing in the front yard of her Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, home when she was attacked by a stranger and violently slashed across the face with a knife. Pretty hardcore. They never caught the guy that attacked her, sadly.

Harrison Ford


Ford’s scar, which he always preferred be explained away in his on screen roles rather than concealed with makeup, was the result of a car accident in 1964. He said he was trying to put on his seatbelt WHILE driving, and lost control, striking his chin on the steering wheel. He says he stood on the side of the road bleeding for hours before someone finally showed up and took him to the hospital.

Jonah Hill


Look at the scar, not Katy Perry’s tits. Why didn’t I just cut her out of the image? Fuck you, that’s why. She’s a smudge with a head now, deal with it. When he was in middle school, his mom was battling cancer. Convinced that she was going to die, he started acting out. He and a friend snuck out one night in an SUV. Hill stuck his elbow out the open window, and his friend started turning the wheel back and forth, joking around. The car flipped over, skidded along the road and dragged Hill’s arm with it. When discussing his scar: “I said to myself, ‘I’ll never let [my parents] down ever again. I’m going to be successful. I’m going to resurrect what I put these people through by being a little asshole.’ So I look at this scar every day. That reminds me to work hard.”

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