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10 Internet Ass Wipes Who Will Infuriate You

10 Internet Ass Wipes Who Will Infuriate You –



There are some people who post obnoxious stuff on the internet, and then there’s the people who post shit that transforms you into a raging beast hellbent on destroying social media. They range anywhere from aunt who keeps posting pro-Trump memes with misinformation (No, Carol, Donald Trump did not beat Obama in a test of strength) to the weird guy you knew in middle school who lives on his parent’s couch and posts about how the Rolex watch his bitch mom bought for him isn’t good enough.

Or maybe, they’re the type of person who brags about their accomplishments in a way that makes it sound like God Himself personally gifted them an autographed copy of his memoir (uh, you know, a little thing called the BIBLE).

Whichever way it manifests, these guys have the amazing superpower to make most of the population want to beat in their face with the closest object to them.


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