The following cases remain conundrums to this day. And the truth is, many of them will never be solved. From menacing humanoids disturbing small towns to inexplicable earthly phenomena, you can bet there’s a team of jaded investigators assigned to each of them. And they’ll probably retire before making good headway.

The Windsor Hum
intriguing mysteries happening right now, intriguing mysteries 2015, windsor hum
Across the river from Detroit, Windsor, Canada has been dealing with a mysterious hum that has flummoxed locals for years. It’s been described as a “deep, rumbling pulse” that starts and stops randomly. Many locals have been driven mad by it, often disrupting sleep and even rattling buildings. While the case is still under investigation, a recent development points to an industrial island on the Detroit River called Zug Island as the likely culprit. The sound hasn’t ceased, however, and Canadians are still pissed off.

Severed feet of Salish Sea
intriguing mysteries happening right now, intriguing mysteries 2015, salish sea severed feet
In August 2007, strange happenings gripped the morbid fascination of Canadians living in British Columbia when human feet began to wash up onto the beaches of the Salish Sea. As of 2014, a grand total of 10 feet had made it to the shores, belonging to five men, one woman and three others of unknown sex. While there are multiple theories bouncing around the talkative jowls of locals, an interesting one suggests that the feet belonged to those who died in the Asian Tsunami of 2004.

Town smells like cat piss, and no one knows why
intriguing mysteries happening right now, intriguing mysteries 2015, cat pee town pennsylvania
Residents of New Castle, Pennsylvania recently made noise in the news due to their town smelling uncannily of cat urine. Imagine for a second that your city suddenly fell under an stench that no one could locate. Now imagine that that stench is feline piss. Can you empathize now? The mystery is yet to be solved.

Sinister figure haunts the woods of Switzerland
intriguing mysteries happening right now, intriguing mysteries 2015, switzerland sinister figure
Kids in Maules, Switzerland are afraid to go into the woods. For the past 10 years, a strange man donning a gas mask, a boiler suit and a cloak wanders the same route, and acknowledges nobody. In September 2013, “it” was photographed for the first time (above). While not aggressive or outwardly menacing, the 6′ 6″ figure simply looks at you and walks away, which is probably more terrifying than anything it could utter. The locals have dubbed the figure Le Loyon.

Some say he or she is a survivalist, preparing for impending doom in his mask and cloak, while others believe the person (or humanoid) suffers from a debilitating skin condition. Either way, Le Loyon is one freaky bastard. The people of Maules continue to shiver in their K-Swiss shoes.

China‘s dwarf village
intriguing mysteries happening right now, intriguing mysteries 2015, china dwarf village
The probability of being born a dwarf is one in 20,000. In the remote village of Yangsi, China, however, the odds are two in five. Forty percent of the inhabitants are dwarves, with the tallest being 3′ 10″ and the shortest being 2′ 1″. While Western scientists are entirely mystified, one clue points to a strange disease in 1951 that afflicted the young, which stopped them from growing. The theoretical disease, which remains an enigma to this day, has apparently been passed down from generation to generation without cause.

Scores of whales beach themselves right before massive earthquakes
intriguing mysteries happening right now, intriguing mysteries 2015, earthquake beached whales
On February 21, 2011, 107 pilot whales beached themselves in New Zealand. A day later, an earthquake registering 6.3 on the Richter scale struck the country. In March of the same year, 50 melon-headed whales washed up on the beach in Japan six days before the catastrophic 9.0 quake that rocked the nation, killing 18,000. While it may just be a coincidence, in April 2015, 160 melon-headed whales beached themselves just two weeks before the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Draw your own conclusions from there.

The Long Island Serial Killer
intriguing mysteries happening right now, intriguing mysteries 2015, long island serial killer
Police in Long Island believe that one man is responsible for 10 to 17 murders spanning from 1996 to 2013. The cases are unsolved, but the killer has been dubbed the Craigslist Ripper. His modus operandi involves meeting female prostitutes (six of them were in “the biz”), killing them and dumping their remains along the Ocean Parkway. Behavioral profiling suggests the man is “likely a white male in his late 30s or 40s, likely married or has a girlfriend, is well educated, technological adept and well spoken.”

Sinkholes of Siberia
intriguing mysteries happening right now, intriguing mysteries 2015, siberian sinkholes
In the small mining town of Solikamsk, Russia, a massive 400-foot-wide sinkhole began literally eating the town alive. This wasn’t the first to strike Siberia, as over the past two years others have appeared without solid explanation. One Russian scientist believes there may be “20 or 30 more.” The marquee explanation seems to be that global warming is playing a role by melting permafrost under the ground. But I’m going with aliens.

Elisa Lam
intriguing mysteries happening right now, intriguing mysteries 2015, elisa lam
The water at the Cecil Hotel in downtown L.A. began tasting funny. One tenant described it thusly: “The tap water tasted horrible. It had a very funny, sweet, disgusting taste.” That’s because someone was dead and decaying in the rooftop water tank. Yummy.

Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old Canadian traveling the West Coast, had been missing for days. They found videoof her inside an elevator at the Cecil Hotel acting strange, peering in and out of the doors frantically as if someone were following her. No drugs were found in her system during the autopsy. Since Lam’s murder in February 2013, investigators haven’t come close to unraveling the mystery.

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
intriguing mysteries happening right now, intriguing mysteries 2015, malaysian airlines flight 370
On March 8, 2014, a Boeing 777 took off from Kuala Lumpur headed to Beijing. Hours later, it disappeared from the radar. With 239 onboard, it quickly became one of the most talked about stories of the year, mesmerizing many. After more than a year and a half, questions have still been left unanswered.

Search costs ranging from $33 to $44 million have resulted in nothing but a wing flap found on a remote island in the Indian Ocean in July. More than 27,000 square miles have been covered, but since the Indian Ocean is more than 28 million square miles, odds of discovering clues at the wreckage are slim.

Last words from the cockpit: “Good night, Malaysian seven three zero.”





Why would MH370 sign off as “Good night, Malaysian seven three zero”. Seems suspicious to have gotten their own flight number wrong.

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